Sunday, May 9, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a man of firsts and unconventionality. Creating and writing things yet seen or thought he is a master at his genre. He is not the first openly gay Science Fiction writer, but the first prominent African American SciFi writer. Today's Out Spotlight is Samuel R. Delany. Author, professor and literary critic. His work includes science fiction but memoirs, literary criticisms, and essays on sexuality and society as well.

Samuel R. Delany, also known as "Chip", was born on April 1, 1942,to a prominent African American family in Harlem. His mother, Margaret Carey Boyd Delany, was a library clerk in the New York Public Library system. His father, his namesake, was a successful undertaker at Levy & Delany Funeral Home. Delany was the grandson of a freed slave, a cousin to someone killed by the Klan. His famous aunts Sadie and Bessie Delany's (who lived to over 100, wrote their own book, and organized a picket line at a movie theater showing Birth Of A Nation in 1924 ) adventures were the basis for the adventures of his characters Elsie and Corry in the opening novella "Atlantis: Model 1924" in his book of semi-autobiographical stories Atlantis: Three Tales.

Delany attended the Dalton School and the Bronx High School of Science. Delany and poet Marilyn Hacker met on their first day together in high school in September, 1956, and although Delany who identified himself as gay as a teenager, were married five years later in August, 1961. Their marriage lasted twelve years, having a daughter, Iva Hacker-Delany.

Delany was a published science fiction author by the age of 20, while attending City College of New York. His first novel, The Jewels of Aptor, was was written when he was nineteen and published in 1962. His subsequent trilogy, The Fall of the Towers, was completed while he was still twenty-one. The Ballad of Beta-2 was published in 1965. Babel-17 , which established his reputation, has an artist as the protagonist and explores the nature of language and its ability to give structure to experience. It also established a female protagonist long before Sigourney Weaver was in Alien.

He won the science-fiction Nebula Award for Babel-17, as he did for The Einstein Intersection, which features another artist-outsider and addresses issues of cultural development and sexual identity, a theme he continued to developed in his later works. More Nebula Awards came for his short fiction in both 1967 for Aye, and Gomorrah… and Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-precious Stones. In 1970 and 1971, still married to Hacker, co-edited a quarterly, QUARK, of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction.

Five years into their marriage, with Hacker remaining in New York, Delany took an extended trip to Europe, and spent several months in Turkey and Greece. That trip found their way into several pieces of his work at that time, including the novel Nova and the short stories "Aye, and Gomorrah" and "Dog in a Fisherman's Net".

After returning from Europe, Delany and Hacker moved to San Francisco, and then to London, before returning to New York. It was during that time that he began working with sexual themes and wrote two pornographic works, one of which,Hogg, was considered to be completely unpublishable due to the nature of its content. It would, in fact, be twenty years from the time he finished the book before it was ever printed.

Neither he or Hacker believed in monogamy. In the documentary of his life, he recalled being 19, living in New York's lower East Side, and indulging in anonymous sex with multiple partners during the day while still having dinner ready for his wife when she came home from work.

Sporting the trademark long white beard that he has worn since the 1970s, and looking more like Santa Claus, than the sexual rancanteur talks about being.

His unapologetic candor is could be disarming, but at the same time almost folksy when he manages to make anecdotes about having sex in the back of trucks with a half a dozen men sound nostalgic. He freely confesses that he's enjoyed thousands of sex partners during his life.

He seems, at times, like he would be the antithesis of the safe sex campaign, he does address his rather cavalier attitude towards sex. Considering his history, it is a minor miracle that he never contracted AIDS, but he explains that he rarely engaged in sexual behavior that involved penetration. "I would not or could not advise anyone to follow my lead or example," he admits about his unconventional life.

In Delany's case, his sexuality is so entwined in his writings that a difference can be barely be drawn between the two. His science fiction probably features the most frank and adult treatments of sex, in all its manifestations, to ever appear in the genre.

His work offers "not only the beauty of well-turned phrases and the spark of provocative ideas, but an illumination won from the exacting exploration of self and society." In science fiction, literary criticism, comic books, memoir, or pornography, to read Delany is to discover. He show what as readers didn't already know, and freshens eyes for what has always been accepted as familiar.

Dhalgren, until recently, was considered Delany's most controversial novel. It is the story of a young bisexual man searching for identity in a large, decaying city. The main character of his novel Triton, written in 1976, undergoes a sex-change operation, and examines bias against women and homosexuals.

His critical writings, such as The Jewel-Hinged Jaw: Notes on the Language of Science Fiction and The American Shore earned him the Science Fiction Research Association's Pilgrim Award.

His Neveryon series Tales of Neveryon; Neveryona; The Tale of Signs and Cities; Flight from Neveryon ; and The Bridge of Lost Desire; is set in a magical past at the beginning of civilization. These tales concern power and its abuse, while taking up contemporary themes which included topics such as AIDS. His complex Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand is regarded as his stylistic breakthrough.

In Heavenly Breakfast he writes of his adventures in the 1960s Greenwich Village. In 1988, he published a memoir, The Motion of Light in Water which was one of the several autobiographical/semi-autobiographical accounts of his life as a black, gay, and highly dyslexic writer. He won for the Hugo award winning autobiography. He continues with the novels They Fly at Ciron and The Mad Man, and Silent Interviews: On Language,Race, Sex, Science Fiction, and Some Comics, a collection of written interviews as well as, Bread and Wine : An Erotic Tale of New York City.

Since 1988, Delany has been a professor at several universities. He continues to publish criticisms, interviews, and essays in addition to the SciFi writing. In one of his non-fiction books, Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, which can be enjoyed as both a sociological dissertation and as out-and-out porn, he draws on personal experience to examine the relationship between the effort to redevelop Times Square and the public sex lives of working-class men, gay and straight, in New York City. In 2007, his novel Dark Reflections was a winner of the Stonewall Book Award.

Also in 2007 Delany was the subject of a documentary film, The Polymath, or, The Life and Opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman, directed by Fred Barney Taylor. The film debuted on April 25 at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. The following year, it tied for Jury Award for Best Documentary at the International Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Also in 2007, Delany was the April "calendar boy" in the "Legends of the Village" calendar put out by Village Care of New York.

Since January 2001 he has been a professor of English and Creative Writing at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he is Director of the Graduate Creative Writing Program.

After winning four Nebula awards and two Hugo awards over the course of his career, Delany was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2002.

"My ideal sex life has always been where I've always had one central person, who one really cherishes and one is really committed to. To have several sexual partners above and beyond that, and a public sex life, and a good solid masturbatory life as well. I think that, for me, that's when I'm generally the most happy."
- Samuel R. Delany

The Royal Tour

May 9th, 2010
'Prince of Persia' - UK Premiere

Date: May 9th, 2010
Where: Westfield London
Watch Live Online at

The world premiere of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time takes place in London from 5pm UK time. That's 12 NOON EDT, 9AM Pacific in the US. Here’s how the schedule looks…

5.00pm: Cast and crew of the film arrive and walk the red carpet

5.40pm: Parkour demonstration

5.50pm: On-stage introduction of Jake Gyllenhaal, Sir Ben Kingsley, Mike Newell, Jerry Bruckheimer and Gemma Arterton. This will be hosted by Alex Zane

6pm: The on-stage introduction ends, and off they all go to watch the film

May 17th, 2010

'Prince of Persia' - Los Angeles Premiere
Date: May 17th, 2010
Where: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

May 20th, 2010
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Date:May 20th, 2010
Channel: ABC
Kimmel is not official confirmed but tweets are saying he will be back to talk to Jimmy on the 20th.

Sometime in May:
Regis & Kelly
Check your local listings for station and time.

There will be plenty more chances to catch Jake. Stay tuned for updates.

Happy Mother's Day to All.


Cirrus said...

What a fascinating man and Out Spotlight, wonderful titles of his books and stories. I could only do a quick read, I have to run out and will read this thoroughly again later.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! :)

Special K said...

HeyUGuys is another place you can catch the live stream of the PoP premiere. Little bigger window than It is the same Ustream.

PoP World Premiere on HeyUGuys

prairiegirl said...

Geeesh. That guy's just all about sex, isn't he? It's amazing he has time to write.

Really not a good role model but interesting to read, anyway. I might have to check out one of his books, lol.

I liked a series of science fiction books: the Dragon series by Anne McCaffrey. That's my only extent into science fiction.

I don't know how much I'll get to see the London premiere festivities. My mom is due here soon and well, it's Mother's Day and my time will be with my mom.

Best wishes to Jake and what surely has to be a case of nerves. This is huge. Bigger than anything he has ever done, professionally.

Happy Mother's Day again to all mothers, aunts, grandmothers and female role model to anyone in need of comfort or guidance. There's mothering in all of us. And we also remember all the moms who have passed and gone before us. They are still and always be sorely missed, particularly on days like this. My thoughts and love are with those people as well.

prairiegirl said...

One more thing before I go. This is kinda funny.

I was in the shower this morning and (no, no, no, no!! This is not going to be explicit!) what comes on my Ipod as it is playing (on Volume 28 no less, which is pretty loud) but.....Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey!!! LOLLLLLLLLLL!!

In May. Dominick. And it is still the happiest of songs and I was shaking my head back & forth to the music la la la la lala...

Because on the Ipod, you can't control what comes on sometimes, especially if you're in the shower. You just have to listen. So I did and I enjoyed anyway.

I'm sure my neighbors above my head appreciated that.

Cirrus said...


That was a very sweet Mother's Day wish, PrairieGirl.

See you all later,

prairiegirl said...

Ah man, I can't believe this! I had it and then the volume went off. I can see the red carpet and the in - never mind, aaargh! Here it comes back!

This is awesome.

prairiegirl said...

They lost their feed there for awhile. When I got on, there were only about 80 + viewers and you should've seen the numbers climb like a skyrocket in a minute or so.

If I were a tweeting, I would say this is.....amazing!

eonline said...

"I wish I could go back and tell that eight-year-old kid who was playing the game that, one day, twentysome odd years later, he would be playing the lead in a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster movie based on that video game, and just see how his eyes would pop out of his head and how excited he would be," Gyllenhaal mused. "For me, that's kind of how I felt while I was making the movie; I felt like I was unlocking that piece of my childhood again. It was fun every day, running and jumping and fighting bad guys."

Jake's Prince-ly Secret: Playing Video Games

Special K said...

Jake looked great at the premiere and he just seems to the energy of the crowd around him. Love that he got crowd going and how much fun he looked like he was having.

He looked great, suit was great and that ring looks good back on the red carpet.

And he totally loves telling the ostrich story.

I really can't wait to see the movie. Like I have been saying the more I see of it the more I see how amazing and how much fun it's going to be.

ihj said...

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: UK Premiere

Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of England! said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton are perfection on the red carpet as they premiere Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at the Vue Westfield in London, England on Sunday (May 9).

Gemma, 24, and Jake, 29, were both joined by director Jerry Bruckheimer. In the film, Jake plays a street urchin in Persia and after a courageous battle - gets adopted by the king as his heir.

Just Jared

destiny said...

Interesting Spotlight as always, but I especially enjoyed reading about someone with an unconventional, rooted in the 60s kind of life.

I agree with everything DL said about DL. You just never know. Old-timers over there say it's not like the old days when you would get a lot of inside gossip. And it is easy as pie to make things up.

I have no idea whether the bit about Henry are true, could go either way. But two things strike me, the private jet bit just seems too far-fetched, the cost would be incredible, and just don't see Jake having that kind of money that he'd do something like that. Also not one sighting of him in Ireland. then throw in the timing--one and half years after he finished filming POP.

Just makes me very suspicious all around.

On the other hand, kind of funny coincidence for me, because yesterday I was thinking Austin in those new photos was kind of trying to go for a Bomer look and vibe with that suit and those glasses, and the way his hair was done. For those of you who don't read the Bomer posts on ONTD, there are a fair number of posters who always say they think Bomer looks like Henry C.

Special K said...

Hmmmm Is that a knit tie Jake's wearing?
Yes it is.

Looks like he has a little bit of Austin right there with him.

Just a little (or it that a long) bit phallic. ; )

Dublin said...

the private jet bit just seems too far-fetched, the cost would be incredible
It would be very cheap for someone like Jake - the distance is only 460 kilometers.

Also not one sighting of him in Ireland.
If true, Jake wasn't there because he wanted to see Dublin. And there was only one sighting from London if you don't count work and Jake visiting a popular restaurant.

Gossip Boy said...

Gossip Boy,
What is going on with Reese and her new boyfriend? How hilarious is it that his last name is Tooth.

Actually sweetie, his name is Jim Toth. But you do know that he is a Hollywood Agent, right? So take from that what you will. Reese looks happier than when she was "dating" Jakey. You have to give Reese credit though. Rumor is that she couldn't handle lying to her friends and kids, causing her to end her showmance.

^^^ said...

LOL, what a joke!

Cirrus said...

Wow, this is fantastic - the London premiere. Everyone looks great. I really enjoyed the 3Run group, especially the woman in turquoise whose moves looked almost like yoga or a Balinese dancer, and the simulated fight scene. I love the guy from HeyUGuys on the live feed, he looks like a mod or one of the Beatles. Jake is doing great, I love to here Jerry, Sir Ben, Mike and Gemma too. I did notice the knit tie, and I love the shirt and waistcoat. :)

I don't know if the Dublin rumor is true, but it's certainly a lovely thought. :)

typo said...

^^oops make that hear

m said...

Great spotlight today. I am always amazed at people who are so free and unapologetic for their actions despite the normal rules.

Look how quickly the troll jumps in to call information drivel. Mention Ted and he's immediately inaccurate, mention DL and its bunk. Mention any Jake gay rumor and it's drivel. I'll be the first to agree that one needs to be suspicious of any information, but the troll immediately discounts what it does not like without even giving it consideration or allowing the facts to unfold over a couple of days. Wont even entertain the thought.

Ted did mention Jake needing confidentiality agreements during POP. I don't see why one would not be required for another actor. Jake has an A-list career he is trying to build and needs to protect that, regardless of his sexual partner's rank. There is a growing list of men being linked to him. Hard to keep things quiet forever.

The Ireland story sounds plausible to me. He was not flying from the US to Ireland but from London. A private plane for that distance would be much cheaper. It fits the story of the trailer incident when he visited Austin and they holed up for an entire day. Men are creatures of habit and tend to repeat behaviors.

I watched the live feed of the red carpet this AM but the damned thing stopped with about 3 minutes left to go. I cant be bothered to play it again for those 3 minutes. I did wonder how Jake enjoyed all those men running and bouncing around. At least one had a very noticeable package. Very nice.

PoP tweets said...

RT @JamesHoste: Already walked past bruckheimer already.
17 minutes ago via Echofon

Playing Tensnake to Movie Stars
30 minutes ago via Echofon

I just elbowed that dude from Donnie Darko. Jake something or other.
about 1 hour ago via Echofon

DJing at the 'Prince Of Persia' Premiere afterparty in London tonight with @JamesHoste
about 2 hours ago via Echofon


prairiegirl said...

Well, the first time I read it, m, it did come out of nowhere and I thought it sounded too detailed not to be true.

But how on earth he could do that while most likely having BT with him is beyond my comprehension. I just cannot imagine anyone doing that. I would be devestated to hear of it.

I look at that guy Cavill, though, and he looks so much like Austin at first glance with the dark hair and all. But he is totally hot; I could imagine Jake following his dick; I mean, let's face it. He was overseas for how long? It's too much to expect. There are already all kinds of stories following him since he was in college and it sounds like he still has a hyperactive eye.

But I could not possibly be happy about it; it hits me right in the gut. I hope to pete it isn't true. But the bad part about is we'll never know.

The other thing that nags at me is I don't know how he could come back and there be no signs of either him nor Austin looking distressed. How they could both put on a front hiding something like that is beyond me as well. How do you go from that to wearing rings again? That makes no sense.

Cirrus, I'm not sure I get how one can be happy about the idea of Jake, Austin & BT and yet also think it's lovely that Jake would cheat on them? How could one look at that little blond tot and think it would be lovely to cheat on that family? I think it's a hot idea for about 5 seconds and then it makes me sick.

If anything more comes of it and there turns up good cause to believe it's true, I really don't know one iota about Jake and I don't think I'll want to know anymore. That would about do it for me.

prairiegirl said...

I also did not think DL sounded like a troll - far from it.

If they were, it totally fooled me.

bs said...

Like Special said early this morning, they're too boring and people want to make stuff up, like they do with other celebs. It's drama junkies. Don't believe it. Don't believe in BT. Believe J&A are real and Jake couldn't screw around on him. Austin bearding with Sophia as payback is the stupidest thing ever heard.

bs said...

I also did not think DL sounded like a troll - far from it

you don't read DL much

trolls hate gay forums said...

There is nothing problematic about DL, DL is a great forum, the only problem are trolls.

One example - there is DL troll who claims that Luke MacFarlane isn't gay, that his coming out never happened because that helps him claim that Wentworth Miller isn't gay either. Yes, trolls can be transparent idiots like that.

Special K said...

There have just been so many times that people have tried to link Jake with other guys, and it never turns out to be anything. Look at all the mentions of violinists, models, etc. When would he have time to do all them still be with Austin, have a kids, and yeah that other thing he does makes movies.

Sorry not buying the whole co-star thing. Didn't buy it with the other times either. Not saying he doesn't look or doesn't flirt, he would risk losing everything he has with Austin.

Cirrus said...

I thought the idea of it was lovely by itself; I'm not sure it's true and it may not be. We also don't know positively that there's a BT and/or that Jake and Austin are either married, a couple, a family, or even still together. And it might not be cheating - some here have discussed that Austin and Jake maybe do have an open relationship. People have different relationships, not all of them are traditional. It was a fling according to the rumor. It will be interesting if Ted discusses it.

Special K said...

Both Jake and Austin have their little nods to the other this week.

Not sure but almost think that Austin's tie that he wore for the MS was one that Jake has worn before. But don't quote me on that, that's going to take some looking around. It just looks familiar to me.

Jake wanted to make sure that silver band was seen. It makes me wonder if after GQ only mentioned the one ring on the necklace(from editing) he made a point of showing the other ring when he could. There were none of his people around at the airport and there wasn't really any way for them to edit it out. And just the way he made sure that ring was seen and now you see the chain around his neck the rest of the time he's been in London that he slipped back on the the necklace.

The other thing I thought about was that the ring maybe wasn't Austin's but Jake's but for his left ring finger and not his right.

Jake has been seen wearing both necklaces and his gold band has been a constant fixture.

sceptic said...

I believe Jake is gay because I could conclude that myself based on photographs, interviews and PR fiction.

I don't believe Jake and Austin are together or that there is BT because there is nothing to support it - people who are desperate to have kids enough to have them in secret make sure to spend as much time as possible with the kids and partner and that is not the case with Jake and Austin.

world cup said...

But, as a kid, the star of new swashbuckler Prince Of Persia only wanted to shine on the football pitch.

He still has that burning love for the beautiful game and is excited about the World Cup kicking off in South Africa next month.

He told the Sunday Mail: "There is a very early entry in my diary, from when I was six, and it says 'soccer is my life!' "I played school soccer and it became my obsession.

"Of cour se , I ' l l be watching the games. I would really like to go to the World Cup finals."

The USA are in the same group as England, Algeria and Slovenia, and the 29-year-old is rooting for his nation to make the next stage of the competition.source

He said: "For the first time I can say that America is my team and not have people roll their eyes or nod in a kind of pitying way.

"I think we have a great team and real potential to definitely show something for the first time." Sports-mad Jake - he regularly goes for 12-mile runs or works up a sweat on demanding cycling circuits - is in London for tonight's world premiere of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time.

prairiegirl said...

None of us knows how much time Jake and Austin are together

prairiegirl said...

Bs, I said that I have never been on DL. I was merely giving my feeling about DL's comments this morning. I didn't say that about the website itself.

sceptic said...

None of us knows how much time Jake and Austin are together

We know when they spend months or weeks on different continents or different coasts. That is no way to raise a kid.

destiny said...

I went and looked at the DL post, it's actually part of a long post with about half a dozen different gossip stories. Some people seemed to find the poster credible, others not. Saw a couple of people saying they'd never heard any gossip about Cavill being gay.

Jake and Austin spend a lot of time apart. We know that because they are often working in very different locations. It's not unusual in HW for actors to have hookups while they're away filming, it's one reason so many marriages fail in HW. And I know the politically correct police will descend on me, but men are just different than women when it comes to sleeping around, and when you get two in a relationship.....And as someone above said, it's not cheating if you have an open relationship and you stay within the bounds of whatever is agreed to. Then throw in the closet, which probably makes it impossible for them to spend much time together.

Ted may refer to them as married, but honestly, I just don't think they spend that much time together. A day here, a week there, maybe a month in the summer if Jake isn't off filming somewhere, before OTH starts filming.

As PG says, we don't really know how much time they are together, but my belief is that since the heavy duty closeting began, I don't think they spend that much time together. For example, I just don't think it is realistic to think Austin would go to London for POP. For what--so that he can go off on his own all day? Just so Jake can have a warm body to come back to after a night of promotion and partying? And with Disney and Bruckheimer and their minions all over the place, not to mention fans who know where he is staying????

Unless it causes problems in the relationship, causes you to spend less time with your child than you would, or the child finds out, I don't see how it could hurt BT. If this really happened, who knows where BT was at the time. IF BT was with Jake, I kind of doubt he was running off for weekends. Who knows, maybe Jake flew Henry to London, and the gossip on that point is wrong, Again, if it even happened.

Cirrus said...

I also don't think someone's sexuality or number of partners has anything whatsoever to do with their parenting capabilities. If this rumor is true, it was a short, set of 48-hour romps over two months, meaning he barely got out of bed with Henry for the entire weekend whenever they got together. No sightseeing in Dublin outside of treasure trails in the bedroom. Not much could be hotter than that. But that said, it's probably not true, and there's a lot that says Jake is a settled down family man. Not sure if that means they have an open relationship or not.

prairiegirl said...

I can see what you're saying Destiny and commonl sense says you could be right but I have yet to see any of the predicted doom and gloom for Jake mentioned on here come to fruition.So I will hope for the best.

prairiegirl said...

Lol, I see a typo. I'm typing on my phone and it takes forever.

Special K said...

Think that Jake and Austin are married do have a family and are committed to spending as much time as they can with each other and their family. And it not just a warm body there but wanting to be there and be supportive of the other. There wouldn't be such longevity to their relationship if it was self centered and shallow.

What said...

and there's a lot that says Jake is a settled down family man.

State 1 FACT that supports this.
Not what you want to be.
I would ask for 2 facts, but I will not because I know it will be too taxing.
Give me One Fact that supports your theory. 1 Real FACT

Special K said...

Congratulations to Kate at WDW! She got to meet Jake and Gemma today at the premiere.

Check it out at WDW

Jersey Tom said...

When you think about it it seems like a nearly impossible thing to pull off. How can you have mate and a family and the under the microscope type of career that actors do and be able maintain a personal life that is so secret. For one thing you would have to have a lot of help. Everyday would have to be planned so precisely. You could not afford to make one mistake.

I think the guys made that one mistake last April and since then have lived by stringent rules. If J and A are partners and they stay together it will be a real accomplishment.

m said...

I think Jake and Austin can hide under the radar when they want to. How many times has Jake turned up in a city yet was not spotted getting there. His time is unaccounted for quite often.

Sex is definitely different for men than women. It's been said they treat it like a bodily function. Personally, it does not bother me that much that they may have sex outside the relationship. Maybe it's my age, been there, done that. Lust is a powerful thing and I see it as separate and distinct from love. It's nice when you have both at the same time, but that does not always happen. The guys are young,horny, just barely 30, apart a great deal of time. As long as they value their relationship, it can survive sex outside the marriage. Regular, frequent sex outside the marriage/relationship of course is another matter. I am curious as to whether Ted will address this topic at all in the week to come.

So critic reviews should start showing up now that we had the UK premiere. I'm anxious to see their reaction.

prairiegirl said...

LOL - Tom, your avatar!

I am pretty down today about the guys I have to admit. This Henry Cavill thing and Austin spending the weekend in LA. Don't know what to believe anymore.

Cirrus said...

Regular, frequent sex outside the marriage/relationship of course is another matter.

ITA, also as Destiny said, if it takes too much time away from the primary relationship and family. But if not, and if both partners are ok with it ...

prairiegirl said...

I will admit I don't know enough I guess.

But for me, whether they are 2 guys, 2 girls, 2 aliens or whatever, if you're having an affair while you've got a bun in the oven or in a booster seat or crib, it doesn't matter to me.

It's unthinkable and inexcusable. But apparently, that's just me. Oh well.

I hope for the best and I hope Ted has it brought up but like someone said, Ted may not know anything about it so how could he say something?

So I still feel pretty down and not as excited about the movie as I once did.

It might be a good time to return to my writing for awhile. I'm all done returning my comments and so now I am free to write, write, write. I am feeling excited about that and seeing what I can do with my continuation.

prairiegirl said...

And can anything be more annoying than that row of icons at the bottom of Just Jared's page now?

That thing drives me nuts. Between that and all the advertising, that website is about to drive me nuts.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Sorry for the multiple posts but lol, no one else is talking.

A musical legend has passed, though - Lena Horne.

crap said...

Henry has had GF's, one a actress from New Zealand, I don't know if this is her:

DL said...

Prairegirl, I don’t get why you are so obsessed with this Henry Cavill story. Even if it’s true, it happened in 2008, 2 years ago, in a complete different setting when Reeke was in full bloom and it was very brief. Datalounge rumors hooked up Jake with a thousand different guys through the years. According to them Jake dated Neil Patrick Harris, Dave Annable, Jamie Bell, a violinist player, a soap actor, a model, etc etc. Just because some people find this pairing of Jake and Henry hot and if Henry is gay, it doesn’t make this rumor real. It’s just another of thousand (probably made up) Datalounge rumors about Jake. I don’t understand why you are making a mountain from a grain of salt with this particular rumor.

geez said...


if you bothered to read prairiegirl's post you would know the answer to your question.

so? said...

Henry has had GF's

Almost all gay actors have "GF's".

busy said...

Gemma Arterton didn't get to hang out with Jake Gyllenhaal while making "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time", because he was always in the gym. The 24-year-old actress, who plays Princess Tamina in the action adventure movie, admits there was little time to get to know the Oscar-nominated star because he was so busy bulking up to play the titular character Prince Dastan.

"We didn't have time to socialize. He was too busy in the gym, although we did go to dinner. It was all very civilized, source

uk gamer said...

I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had with the movie. It felt like the love child of Aladdin and Pirates of the Carribean filtered through glorious Bruckheimer production values and over use of CGI, I'd say it's slightly better than the first Mummy movie.

Story: This is where I think the movie could surprise people; it's surprisely good and has some cool callbacks to the last gen trilogy and this generation's entry. There's a nice emotional core of the bond of the Prince and his brothers and the movie romance of the Prince and the Princess.

Acting: The cast all did pretty well but Gyllenhaal really came through as the Prince imho; struck the right balance of charming slightly arrogant Prince with a heart of gold. Arterton wasn't as successful but had a reasonable character arc and looked beautiful throughout the film. Kingsley plays a good foil to the heroes but I'll say no more on that. The comic relief from Molina fell a bit flat but I feel like that was the script's fault. The other Princely brothers also played their parts well and their chemistry with Dastan worked.

SFX/Sets/Costumes: The movie looks beautiful and some of the sets are really impressive and the later parts of the movie at the capital look magical. However some of the snake effects look a bit too cartoony.

Action: I'd say the action is on a par with the first Pirates even though the trademark Bruckheimer quick cuts are all over the film, Newell manages to create some thrilling action set pieces. I'm a little disappointed that the series now trademark Parkour gameplay wasn't serviced as well as I'd like in the movie though Gyllenhaal and the kid that played the young prince did well with what they had.

Overall I'd give the movie a 7.5/10 at the moment, maybe an 8 tomorrow if if I wake up as impressed with the movie as I am now. source

not so fast said...

I completely agree with DL. PG, you're making too much out of the Cavill rumor.

Personally, I doubt it's true. IMO the person from Datalounge picked up on Jake and Henry both having shoots in Montreal and gave them a "history" because they wanted to start a rumor hence "things may start to heat up again now that Henry is in Keram's home country of Canada filming his latest picture". What they didn't realize though is that Jake finished filming his movie by the time Henry's shot began. Rumors like these are not a first and won't be a last on Datalounge, like DL pointed out. No need to freak out.

really? said...

PG, you're making too much out of the Cavill rumor.

If the gossip is true, I'm sure Jake and Austin are history.

not so fast said...

If the gossip is true, I'm sure Jake and Austin are history.

It's probably not true, and you can't be sure of anything unless you know them.

really? said...

Yes, I can.

not so smart said...

you can't be sure of anything unless you know them.

The same statement applies to everything Ted C has ever written.

DL gossip said...

Datalounge gossip that turned out to be true

It was revealed here that Lance Bass was gay and dating Reichen before any "mainstream" media outlet reported that fact

I read in one of the theater threads here that NPH was gay and dating a guy named David Burtka. This was a long time before he came out.

I read in one of the country music threads that Chely Wright was gay. This was at least a couple years ago.

Melissa Etheridge's split had a long run up (of several months) on DL before it was finally announced last month.

hair bear bunch said...

Prince of Persia star Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed the hardest part of preparation for the new flick was growing his hair long.
The 29-year-old actor plays the lead role in the new movie, which is based on the hit video game.
He admitted that growing his hair long for the role was a hard task.
He said to UK newspaper Metro: "It took me six months to grow [long hair], which was the hardest part of it all. It was harder to grow the hair than do the accent or to swordfight.
"It's almost harder than acting! It was shampoo and conditioner – not a two-in-one – because the physique was developed by vigorous scrubbing and rubbing of the scalp with shampoo."

Mama Mia

ted said...

Dear Ted:
I have been reading your column for two years, and I think it's great. So my question is: Are any of Blind Vices obvious and people have correctly guessed who the person behind a Vice is but you lie and say: "No s/he is not her/him", because of a lawsuit or something?

Dear Liar Liar:
I would never lie to you, darling. I love my designer pants too much for them to ever be on fire, trust.

Dear Ted:
When a high-profile couple breaks up—namely Reese and Jake, Halle and Gabriel—the women were pictured out and about with their new fellas very quickly after the breakup was announced. My question is, were these guys just waiting in the wings for the relationship to be over, or are these women trying to send a message that they are still desirable, in-demand and totally dateable babes?

Dear Babe In Demand:
The latter, definitely.

Bitch Back

people said...

Jake & Gemma

Meg said...

I would imagine that gossip on datalounge is probably as 'truthful' as anywhere else, and that there just might be some truth in the Henry story. But if it happened, it happened a few years ago so Jake and Austin are still together everything must have been forgiven if not forgotten (or should that be the other way round). Ted has always implied that Austin has alot to put up with.

tweet said...

arthurnicholls: RT: "When Jake Gyllenhaal uses Herbal Essences, the shampoo has an orgasm." (via @yoyoel) I love it!
3 minutes ago from Tweetie · Reply · View Tweet

just two things said...

1. DL is forum for gays, no just another gossip forum

2. we have no idea if Jake and Austin are still dating. I'm not saying that Ted is lying, I'm saying that we have zero info about them except how rarely they have a chance to be together.

prairiegirl said...

Advice heeded. Thanks guys, I know. I'm a worrier and an obssessor; hence, see Saturday morning like at 3 in the morning. Oh yeah, DL, you were up with me, lol.

Meg, you are right, too.

Special, you made exact points on top of everything else as well.

Is it usually ever still enough for me? no. lol!!!

No, really, I am calmed down.

**sigh** It's embarrassing when everyone has to hold one's hand sometimes.

Thanks, DL. Sometimes one needs a slap and a "snap out of it".

PoP behind the scenes said...




desesperate said...

"1. DL is forum for gays, no just another gossip forum"

I fear it's just another gossip forum, but gossip for gays.

Sad thinking before it was more easy to believe in jaustin couple , now not so much: no sighting, no twitter, nothing. just few interpretations about rings,necklace...ok don't know what to do with that.
Besides I find Ted behaviour more and more suspect with his "Kiki's back thing"!

reads DL 5 years said...

I fear it's just another gossip forum, but gossip for gays.

You are wrong.

Vanity Fair said...

Even if the fling with Cavill happened, it doesn't automatically mean that Jake and Austin are not together. The fact that someone is shipping that big-time just makes me more suspicious about the whole tale.

I wouldn't put it past someone who obviously writes up pages of posts about Heath so that they can cut and past posts one minute after the next on WFT2 in an effort to bury topics they don't like to make up the DL post, which has more than just the Jake story.

ok said...

Even if the fling with Cavill happened, it doesn't automatically mean that Jake and Austin are not together.

Forget Cavill. Why should we believe that Jake and Austin are still together? Just because Ted said so?

run away said...

the 24-year-old actress - who plays Princess Tamina - told BANG Showbiz: "Jake is scared of ostriches. He ran away and the look on his face is not acting, it's real!" source

porcine said...
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ok said...

Fair enough :)

peegee said...
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"('Θ')"~ said...
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I agree said...

Forget Cavill. Why should we believe that Jake and Austin are still together? Just because Ted said so?

I agree can't be sure of anything unless you know them.

The same statement applies to everything Ted C has ever written.

This is all so obvious.

No different than saying DL posters make up stuff all the time

I deffinately don't believe Jake and Austin are married. Sophia is on Austin's arm too much.

I agree said...

Forget Cavill. Why should we believe that Jake and Austin are still together? Just because Ted said so?

^ I agree can't be sure of anything unless you know them.

The same statement applies to everything Ted C has ever written.

^ This is all so obvious.

No different than saying DL posters make up stuff all the time

I deffinately don't believe Jake and Austin are married. Sophia is on Austin's arm too much.

PoP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal buffs up and goes British - nice video

Jake Gyllenhaal runs for the President, takes pictures with kids

about thinking said...

"When you think about it it seems like a nearly impossible thing to pull off. How can you have mate and a family and the under the microscope type of career that actors do and be able maintain a personal life that is so secret. For one thing you would have to have a lot of help. Everyday would have to be planned so precisely. You could not afford to make one mistake."

you make the point, but alas in favour of the non believers.