Sunday, May 16, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is doctor, psychologist, sex researcher and writer Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte Wolff was born on September 30, 1897 in the small West Prussian town of Riesenburg. Her father was a Jewish merchant. Wolff attended exclusive undergraduate schools before earning a scholarship to study philosophy and medicine at the University of Freiburg in 1918. She completed her medical doctorate at the University of Berlin in 1928, and completing her residency in Berlin's Rudolf Virchow Hospital (now Charite) she became deputy director of the clinic for family planning and pregnancy prevention. at the hospital.

Wolff was openly attracted to other women and frequently choose to wear men's clothing, explaining that they were much more practical and comfortable for her to practice medicine. Berlin at the time (1920s and early 1930's) was a center of gay and lesbian culture, and many nightclubs, salons, and cafes allowed German gays and lesbians to be out publicly and socialize. While Wolff didn't hide her relationships with women, she wasn't in the social scene and seldom went to lesbian nightclubs. Rather she was devoted to her work, helping poor women gain access to family planning.

In January 1933 Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany and soon afterward, Wolff was arrested for espionage and for wearing men's clothes. She was released when a prison guard, the husband of one of her patients, spoke up for her, but she received continued harassment from Gestapo. She also had to resign her directorship of the family planning clinic because she was Jewish. Recognizing that as a Jew, a strong woman, and a lesbian, her future in Germany was bleak, she fled to Paris. That was in May 1933.

Unable to practice medicine in France, Wolff fell back on one of her more unique medical specialties, chirology, the study of the hand. She developed her own theories of physical and psychological diagnosis using observation of the features of the hand.
In Paris she met writers Thomas Mann and Aldous Huxley. Their work inspired her to study scientifically the methods of hand interpretation and gestures.

In 1936, Wolff fled Paris for London, at the instance of Huxley and his wife Maria.
As she had in Paris, Wolff earned her living by reading hands in London. She read the hands and collected palm prints of such celebrities as Virginia Woolf, Marcel Duchamp, T. S. Eliot, George Bernard Shaw, and her friends the Huxleys.

Huxley had introduced her to the Surrealist clique in Paris and later in London, he introduced her to the London literary set and promised he would write the preface for her first book. He had written to his publishers on behalf of her and suggested the idea of a book of handprints of well-known people with short interpretations of their hands. 'Studies in Handreading' was then published in 1936.

The book itself gives only a brief explanation of chirological methodology and is more noteworthy for the collection of famous handprints that it contains, including the prints of Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Ravel, TS Eliot, Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw, and Aldous Huxley himself. She presented the prints of a comparative study of the hands of 'materialists' and 'spiritualists', to demonstrate how different orientations in life produce radically different chirological features.

Up to this point, her work was much more psychoanalytical than psychological. She had been undergoing Jungian analysis in Germany and Paris, though later became more impressed by the writings of Freud and the neo-Freudians, and her first book shows rather more psychoanalytical and palmistic influences than her later works. Her more serious research into the psychological significance of the hand began in Paris through the permission and influence of the eminent French psychiatrist Professor Henri Wallon, who enabled her to research in the hospitals and clinics of Paris allowing her to study mental deficiencies and illness and endocrinological imbalance as manifested in the hand.

(Something of note: Jake's grandmother Dr. Ruth Achs did studies of the palm of babies "born to mothers who had German measles early in their pregnancy during the epidemic that swept the U.S. in 1964-65" to look for clues in the palm that could linked to developmental abnormalities. Check out Time Magazine January 28, 1966.)

From the mid 1930s to the 1950s, she published several books on the study of the hand, including The Hand in Psychological Diagnosis. In 1941, in recognition of her work in chirology, she was made an honorary member of the British Psychological Association.

After moving to London, Huxley introduced Wolff to his brother Julian Huxley, the then secretary of the Royal Zoological Society, and he gave her permission to take the handprints of the apes at London Zoo for her comparative studies of the hands of apes and humans. She also got to know Dr William Stephenson of University College London and he was able to provide her with research facilities and access to mental colonies and hospitals for her to continue her researches into mental illness and the hand.

To earn a living, she was worked as a handreader, but grew tired of this and considered it secondary to her main aim of presenting psychological chirology on ascientific basis, than a social amusement of intellectual circles. Her investigations into the abnormal psychology of the hand was founded on the basic axiom of psychologyas a science that it is the study of the abnormal that provides the best evidence for the nature of the normal.

Wolff received her British citizenship in 1947. She often described herself as a "international Jewish woman with a British passport". It was after receiving citizenship Wolff gained her licensed to practice medicine in England.

Wolff worked for twenty years in the field of chirology, in which she had learned from Julius Spier. She and Spier wrote four books on the subject together

Her analysis of hands had awakened her interest in psychology, and she began an in-depth study of homosexuality, especially lesbianism in 1968. In 1971, she published the first comprehensive study of lesbianism, Love between Women. In it, Wolff examined the lives of 100 lesbians as compared to those of a control group. Her observations led to conclude that lesbians often have problematic relationships with their fathers, which causes them to fixate on their mothers. She also ascertained that bonds between lesbians are more emotional than sexual.

Her second study focused on bisexuality, involved interviewing 150 men and women, from which she published in her 1977 work, Bisexuality: A Study. Her opinions were more progressive. There she stated that "bisexuality is the root of human sexuality."

Wolff went on to publish An Older Love, an autobiographical novel about the passionate lives of women in their 60s, and an actual autobiography entitled Hindsight. Her final book was biography, Magnus Hirschfeld: A Pioneer in Sexology. In 2004, her correspondence with East German essayist and novelist Christa Wolf was published as Ja, unsere Kreise berühren sich: Briefe (Yes, Our Circles Touch Each Other: Letters).

Her writings, most of which were first published in English, then translated into German, were eagerly received by the emerging German lesbian movement of the 1970s, to whom she became something of an icon. In 1978, she returned to Germany for the first time since her emigration to give a reading sponsored by the lesbian group L.74, and in 1979, she lectured in Berlin on "Lesbian Love and the Women's Movement."

Her life spanned nearly a century of almost unimaginable changes in the status of both women and GLTB's. Born in Germany during the Victorian era, she saw the Nazis come to power as a young working woman, fleeing her homeland, and survived to see her own groundbreaking writings about lesbianism and bisexuality inspire a new generation of lesbians in Germany.

Wolff died in London on September 2, 1986.


prairiegirl said...

Well, my curiosity & puzzlement by the quantity of luggage and of the presence of Grandma's quilt trunk has not waned. It doesn't make sense to me either that BT would be along what with Austin being back in the States and all.

But just because something doesn't make perfect sense to me at the time doesn't mean there isn't an explanation that I just don't know about.

Just a little late-night cud chewing, as I said; something to file away and keep at fingertip's reach in case something should pop up later. LOL - pop up later.

m, you might have a point on why Ted is going easy on Jake.

I love the Enquirer sometimes. Especially when they break stories. Interesting reading right now re: Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer is using to issue his statements. National Enquirer is coming back with names and stalking observations. And the ol' proclamation of "We stand by our story".

I love watching the damage control and PR maneuverings. It's fascinating to me more than the stories themselves. The ol' Enquirer probably has Matt by his tongue right now but Matt's just trying to buy some time.

LOLLL - Jake's face as the ostriches are behind him on yesterday's post.

prairiegirl said...

The other thing I wanted to say this morning was in regard to the topic of internet and the thought that there's no way pub. relation representatives/firms do not use it. Because I kind of got off my path of thinking.

The plain fact of the matter is that they have to. They have to be aware & be savvy to what's going on. And it's not going to be the sole source of research and observation. But it's an undeniably major source.

It'd be hard to find anything faster, more broad of spectrum and anything easier. And there's nothing more addictive.

I never said I worked in IT nor that I am completely computer savvy. But I've learned quite a bit already by taking classes, learning short-cuts & tricks from co-workers, friends, and my company's own IT people when they come to town. I certainly hardly ever learn anything from our helpless Help Desk. They're a joke and it's a verbal battle everytime I have to call them because I'm the one in charge of calling on every fax, printer & copier issue.

And just by playing & exploring on one's own is one of the best ways of learning. Sometimes you learn by accident.

But whether one wants to face it or not, the world is moving towards a paperless, computer/elec. gadget society without looking back. All I have to do is look at the company I work for. It's all about computers. And now we're about to all get new ones and I hear that it's a good possibility we'll get laptops. Why? (so we can work at home, LOL?) So we can take them with us to meetings, hook up and type, etc etc. **sigh** spread sheets and Power Point presentations. oh boy.

And it's all about the Outlook calendar. No one uses paper ones anymore or post-its on foreheads. Why, when you can get a pop up on your screen that tells you "You have a meeting in 15 minutes". I even have mine set to tell me to take a pill at a certain time. sad, huh? lol. But I'm telling you, you can't beat it.

Does anybody else use those computer calendars?

There I go again, getting off subject. Anyway, my point is no one is ever too old to learn and the business world is all about change, saving $$$ and keeping current.

The downside of it is that all of these computers & automated systems, etc. are replacing more and more human bodies. If a company can save benefit & salary $$ by using software, they're going to replace a human body every time.

Sorry for the lengthy comment. Part of that was strictly editorial, lol, and an opportunity to rant. Good thing for you guys I'm not going to be home today.

Jersey Tom said...

PG said:

I'll put down a Celebrity's Salmon Burger for Jake's people.

I put it down as another idiotic mistake for Jakes people PG. They seem tohave a knack at making Jake look like an idiot.

M and M said...

The key is that the "Dancing with Girls" video (btw: how gay is that!) was obviously edited for a reason and posted by a Russian paparazzi who participated in the very private affair. In other words, he was an insider, invited to attend the event. No doubt trusted to provide "the right" press coverage.

Google Toolbar Translation of text:

The star of the film "Prince of Persia Jake Gyllenhaal spree in Moscow with a royal scale. 29-year-old actor, who planned on Wednesday at 9 am to go for a walk around Red Square, alas, could not get up after a night march on the clubs of the Russian capital. Jake was the real star of the evening. After dinner with friends went Gyllenhaal for "additive" to a nearby restaurant "Turandot": there the company spent only 15 minutes. We just called a few places worth visiting, but there we no longer wanted - told Life Showbiz Jake. - Therefore, we looked at, had a 50 and left. The son of director and screenwriter, "Prince" did not allow the evening ended just after dinner: he planned a night, which would be to tell my grandchildren. The four machines crew with welcomer party, including translators, interpreters and guards, went to the club on Savvinskaya Embankment - it was leased as a whole, and an input for regular visitors of the night was closed. The club company ordered hookahs and champagne - that was the choice of the female half of the overseas team: Jake himself stopped at the temples. Immediately after the premiere in the cinema "October" Jake in the company's partner Gemma Arterton and 25 other crew members "Prince" went to a restaurant "Pushkin", where previously had been rented the entire second and part third floor. Account for everyone who attended the dinner, was about 10 thousand rubles, - told the waiters institutions - first ordered pancakes with red caviar and vodka. Then we asked that the guests will be on the hot: they chose the fish. For it served white French wine. Half an hour later he [Jake] again ordered a vodka. In total, they stayed with us for two hours. By the way, able to take one guest to the restaurant on a cart - it was the wife of producer. She sprained his ankle when leaving the hotel. First, Gyllenhaal had a long talk with DJ, and then still went out on the dance floor, and there already made a real master class - told the team "Prince of Persia". Moscow - a very, perhaps too friendly town, I'm ecstatic - told Life Showbiz Jake. - Such incendiary people I have not seen even in London, although it is believed that the main hangouts - there.

There must not have been any coffee shops for Jake to promote his manliness in Moscow so he settled for a wild afterparty where he could flirt and be seen with multiple women. The benefit is he gets to kill two birds with one stone: Promote Straight Jake and emphasize that the man is single, just like those repetitious interviews continue to remind us.

Hard to get this kind of press Stateside

M and M said...

Oops! I neglected to post the link to the "Snack, Prince!" (Wednesday, May 12, 2010) article:

From Russia With Love

cfkef said...

"Jake himself stopped at the temples." Whiskey, not temples :)

M and M said...

Whiskey, not temples :)

Thanks! That google translator wasn't too bad, but I hoped someone would know what drink the writer was referring to.

prairiegirl said...

If that wasn't interesting, m&m.

LOL, I knew it. I was hoping he'd have a splitting headache hangover after that deal. LOL - rather fitting, I think.

Of course it was exclusive. And very controlled. And how were those women handpicked, anyway??? Did they have a "You Can Meet & Dance with the Prince Contest!!" in Moscow???"

It is kind of interesting too that the video, for coming out of Moscow and at a very private affair no less, immediately hit the net how quickly? Did anyone notice? Was it less than 24 hrs?

And spread like a wildfire because I saw it in Google quite a few times and it is now on YouTube.

That's some pretty fast travel for a rented out room, exclusive private party. In Moscow.

I am sorry. lol. I just don't know about that. It's starting to look more suspicious to me.

prairiegirl said...

Interesting couple of pictures to go with that story, M&M.

In the first one, he looks so handsome - like he's a political figure approaching the podium.

The second one he's serious, too. And he must know that girl who is hanging over him. Wonder what picture he's showing to her? His hotel? His time in London?

Or something else? hmmmmm..

And look at the other gal at the table. LOLLL. She's on her phone.

That must be the dinner before he cut loose, lol.

Still, it had to be an experience over there, anyway. The food, the customs, the wonderful languages he must have heard. The culture.

The drinks. lol.

As the writer said, it's a story to tell the grandchildren.

Grandchildren that Jake will also have someday. Someday after he gets married because right now he's single. But when he does get married and have children. And then they grow up, he'll have grandchildren to tell.

I'm sorry....I can't help it. It's compulsive. It's probably about that time to go over to Mom's, I think. lol.

EastCoastFan said...

What's the big deal with Jake unwinding in this Moscow club with women and drink. Even if the whole thing was set up, What's the big deal. What big movie release don't do these types of things or have bigger parties?

The girls may be staged, but, so waht? Jake may be drunk, but so what. No need for losing sleep over this.

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe we are the only ones who she this stuff as embarrassing to Jake. I actually felt bad for him. But maybe something is happening I cant see. Something in that video that works for Jake and portays him as someone his people want him to be.

Jersey Tom said...

^^see this stuff

m said...

Morning all. Both Just Jared and ONTD have a new picture of Henry Cavill and he is nuclear hot. Ripped as all get out but not overly full of muscles. I think Jake would have looked better as the Prince with less bulk, more like Henry in these pictures. Anyway, we are forgetting that the rumor about Jake and Cavill's affair hit the web around the same time so may have spurred the new Jake is straight effort. Regardless of who was behind it or the intent, I think the leaked video was not flattering to Jake.

Obvious said...

The girls may be staged, but, so waht? Jake may be drunk, but so what.

It's not the party, the drink or the women. It's the very, very private affair being immediately "leaked" so it will go viral on the Internet and every gossip site, oh so publicly. Mr. Jake, whom we never see going out, or with anyone, who tells Jonathan Ross that he has no friends, who says he only hangs out with his immediate family, is suddenly "glimpsed" as a uber heterosexual man who is single, single, single.

M and M said...

No need for losing sleep over this.

Thanks for being so concerned. I slept extremely well last night. How about you?

monk said...

I disagree with obvious, the party was a showcase of Russian hospitality for a young Hollywood star, and that's all, I'd say.

cfkef said...

Maybe it was done for Russia. We are known to be a homophobic country, and Jake is known best for his BBM role here. I saw in the news parts of this vid with the voice saying "...Brokeback Mountain star...", to me it looked like they tried to neutralize the words by the video.
OTOH when a star comes to Russia we always get stories of drinking and wild partying...

prairiegirl said...

Then perhaps the video should have been leaked to the United Nations first instead of YouTube.

prairiegirl said...

Just a suggestion, just a suggestion, lol.

M and M said...

...the party was a showcase of Russian hospitality for a young Hollywood star...

Well, monk, I would agree with you normally, except for one teeny, itsy-bitsy sticking point. The immediate leak, on the Internet, of this oh so private affair to make sure that all the gossip sites could pick it up. Remember, that's why Hollywood types call this kind of thing an afterparty. Participants are able to cut loose, behind closed doors, separate from the official celebration, which is organized and papped for public consumption. The open party is where everyone has to be on their best behavior because they know they are being watched. By using this indirect method to spoonfeed viewers a certain image of Jake, folks are able to say, "Well, this must be what really happened because Jake doesn't appear to know he's even on camera. It's a candid moment. This must be the real Jake. Oh, my god, we were all wrong! He's not only a regular heterosexual guy, he's single and still looking." No hubby or glitter here. Move along, folks! Some may think Disney would never allow this but, actually, I think they would. It's the perfect takeaway for his European Tour. The perfect pitch right before the LA Premiere. After all, he's not falling down drunk, or doing anything lewd. Jake doesn't have a beard so sometimes you just have to go with what you've got.

In fact, I agree with Tom. It's kind of embarrassing how pathetic this all looks.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

OTH said...

AliGraysAnatomy: It's interesting that Hiliarie Burton was at Danneel's wedding but Sophia bush wasn't there. Cool friendships revealed.
about 3 hours ago

Cirrus said...

Fascinating Out Spotlight - I love the study of hands. Thanks, OMG! :)

Special K said...

Yesterday, Jake Gyllenhaal waved at me. Yes, it is true! I was driving to an audition in the Hollywood Hills when I came around the corner and an SUV was blocking the road. The passenger was putting something in the trunk.

I sighed and put the car in reverse so the driver could get around me when he was ready to pass, but I wasn’t angry because the driver gave me one of those little sorry-I’ll-be-gone-in-a-minute waves. I waved one of the no-problem-buddy waves back. And good thing I did! Because when he finally was ready to pass me, I looked at the window and saw that it was Jake Gyllenhaal himself!

Life of a Start up Actress

So Jake's up in the Hills, which may mean he still has his house up there despite the visitors we've had insisting that he sold it. And driving an SUV, don't hear much about him driving one of those.

Sophia was seen on flying to Vegas on Friday by someone from a host for the Playboy radio show. But no mention that Austin was with her. Interesting that she was not at the wedding, maybe she got out of town because she wasn't going to the wedding and Austin was way too busy with a welcome home.

Hey monk. Its been a while since you've been around.

jake lives under my bed said...

I thought that he was in SF according to you SK? Just because he mentioned being in SF during that interview about the video. You speculated that the rumors from a few years ago may be true.

Everytime he appears somewhere people thinks he lives there, how stupid. If that's the case he lives in Venice, Ca. LOL!!!

He has been spotted driving a SUV, recently check out IHJ.

If she was such a good friend she would attend the wedding sans, Austin, apprently she isn't.

Special K said...

Hi Jack. Missed me?

M and M said...

Hmm. A few interesting facts from a woman's unexpected encounter with Mr G. Let's see. Driving an SUV and observed in the Hollywood Hills straight from his return from Europe. Good to know.

Thanks for the great post today, Special. I'm familiar with Charlotte Wolff and enjoyed your overview of her career. Well done. As a scientist, sociologist and humanist she was a groundbreaker in so many ways. A true freethinker in the best possible definition of that word:

“Women have always been the guardians of wisdom and humanity which makes them natural, but usually secret, rulers. the time has come for them to rule openly, but together with and not against men.” -Charlotte Wolff

Cirrus said...

^^Nicely said. :)

destiny said...

I hear what you're saying Monk about Russian hospitality, but I've got to agree with everything M and M said.

cfkef, are you in/from Russia? If so, that is cool, didn't know we had any posters here from that neck of the woods.

Tellme said...

Well M & M, Jake was also seen over in Silver Lake early Saturday morning getting coffee. So what do we make of that?

prairiegirl said...

That he needed his java fix, apparently. And wanted to get some coffee.

Can you give a link to the photo op, Tellme?

prairiegirl said...

From Wikipedia since I wanted to learn a bit about Silve Lake, guys:

Silver Lake is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California east of Hollywood and northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Silver Lake is inhabited by a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, but it is best known as an eclectic gathering of hipsters, the creative class and a noticeable presence of LGBT people.

Thanks, Tellme!! You get the Big Tip of the Day!

prairiegirl said...

lol. Silve Lake.

I didn't hit preview, obviously.

prairiegirl said...

Miles from Silver Lake to Hollywood Hills:

5.3 miles

Interesting the state of California. I know absolutely nothing about it; have never been there. All I know is that it's got a big bend at the ankle and you guys have earthquakes!
And terrible traffic. And great weather.

I have no idea, though, about the sprawl and how it relates to like where I live. We have tremendous sprawl, too, where cities blend right into the other with no distinction between them. Just one suburb right into the other. We have no real impressive mass transit system except for the Jo system and the KCATA bus system, but those are really limited and used primarily by people just going to & from work. Otherwise, we all drive absolutely everywhere.

Oh oh, just realized Jakey better get his sleep tonight. Big night tomorrow.

eastcoastfan said...

Thanks for being so concerned. I slept extremely well last night.

You're Welcome. Somehow I don't believe you.

eastcoastfan said...

In fact, I agree with Tom. It's kind of embarrassing how pathetic this all looks.

It's pathetic of you to complain about everything he does just because it does not fit your planned script for him.

Pathetic? You don't find your over the top analytical judgement of this young actor Pathetic?

M and M said...

Pathetic? You don't find your over the top analytical judgement of this young actor Pathetic?


DL Comment said...

Okay you guys - I have always said that I had no idea if Jake was gay of not. I know the Reese romance was a fake PR stunt from people who work for him. Now I know for a fact they are working overtime (again) to promote the new Persia movie. A big part of this effort is to make Jake more 'macho' and dampen the gay rumors - this staged video is a part of this effort.

There is great fear from marketing that the gay rumors are going to explode again and chase away the young male audience for the film.

I can promise you that the person who keeps posting the "Jake is straight" stuff in here is a PR hack. I was even given the names of a few of these people.

Independent. said...

"I don't know if that's true," he says when asked if a film like this brings more prying eyes. "There is a bigger crew, a bigger movie, more journalists, more interviews, but answering questions about my personal life is still my choice, no matter how many questions come I still have an opportunity to decide whether I'm going to answer them."

Gyllenhaal's apparent contentment could be born of many things. He tries to meditate every day and seems to have resolved some of the issues he had surrounding his work.

"In my life right now I feel much more open and for the first time I feel like, 'This is my job.' It's what I do and it's what I love. My job requires certain things of me and there's no complaining involved. Previously I had ideas of what I thought an actor was supposed to do.

"At a certain point I went, 'Wait a second, I'm not really listening to myself. I'm doing something that I think people are supposed to do but what do I really enjoy?' Let me experience it and decide for myself before I start assuming one thing is cool and another thing is not.

"One of the things which got me into this movie was I went, 'This is really fun.' The younger version of me would have been, 'Oh no, I'm only going to do this movie with that person' or 'It's going to be about that and it's going to be tortured.' As I get a little older I'm like, 'You know what? I want to have fun.' I don't really take myself as seriously anymore and as I've opened myself up to those things I've realised this is an amazing job."

"I feel honoured because I think life is precious and the more years you get you actually begin to learn. I feel that at 29 going into 30 I now have perspective behind me and in front of me. Whereas before I could only see in front of me. Now I'm like 'Oh, wow. Regret!'

"It feels like a big thing. They say in Ouarzazate [one of the Moroccan locations for Prince of Persia] it is the Gate of the Sahara. It feels a little bit like that in my life, like I'm entering a new gate."

So, as he approaches his fourth decade, does he feel he has achieved the things he thought he would achieve when he was 20? "I didn't ever think I was going to be 30 when I was 20."

What about 10 years from now? What are his aims for then? "I'm never going to be 40."


DL Comment Reposted said...

Okay you guys - I have always said that I had no idea if Jake was gay of not. I know the Reese romance was a fake PR stunt from people who work for him. Now I know for a fact they are working overtime (again) to promote the new Persia movie. A big part of this effort is to make Jake more 'macho' and dampen the gay rumors - this staged video is a part of this effort.

There is great fear from marketing that the gay rumors are going to explode again and chase away the young male audience for the film.

I can promise you that the person who keeps posting the "Jake is straight" stuff in here is a PR hack. I was even given the names of a few of these people.

m said...

Man, I wish Jake did not say I'll never be 40. I am extremely superstitious and those words are bad karma to me.

PG, if you were reading Where the Allegheny Meets the ... (next word too hard to spell) she updated after so long I barely remember the plot, except that it was a very good story. I am going to reread it from the beginning since it is slated to end shortly.

Not much to add tonight. I feel like everything has already been said. Glad that Jake is back in LA and hopefully the premiere pictures will show up tomorrow evening.

cfkef said...

Destiny, yes, I'm from Russia. But I've always had a feeling I wasn't the only one Russian here. Maybe they lurk, like me.

Hot 100 said...

1. Neil Patrick Harris
2. Scott Evans
3. John Barrowman
4. Luke Macfarlane
5. Adam Lambert
6. Ricky Martin
7. Cheyenne Jackson
8. Jake Gyllenhaal (Rank last year: 4)
9. Van Hansis
10. Chris Evans

Presenting The 2010 AfterElton Hot 100!

prairiegirl said...

So I take it that is a comment that was posted on Data Lounge?

The essence of it is nothing that I don't believe already. I just don't know if that person is for real or not.

But if that is a comment from DL, then regardless it's so not the kind of comment Jake's people want to know is out there, lol.

I was going to tell you the other day, m, that Allegro Meets...had been updated. Tessa had posted several days ago that she would be updating soon. Also, a favorite of yours TGB was updated, too. I'm not reading either one but seeing a couple of other new posts, I wonder if any authors weren't inspired to write again (even a one-shot) based on Jake's comments regarding Heath. Not those two mentioned stories in particular but I'm thinking of one particular instance where I had reason to wonder.

I thought I would get into reading a few new stories but I've resumed my writing again so I haven't done anything about that. My only intent is to go back & re-read Meant To Be and finish it because she did complete that one. I really liked that story.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, that dew or fog out there is so thick that I felt like it had been sprinkling when I came back inside. I noticed yesterday when I was walking that some of the Bradford Pears' leaves are turning fall colors because they're so confused by the temperatures.

I've got to go get ready for work; it's going to be a hectic, hectic day already, I know; can't be dinking around.

wft2 said...

Life of a Start up Actress

Dear Start-up Actress:

Cute story and the little sorry-I’ll-be-gone-in-a-minute wave was nice and all, but you left out the most important things: Who was the passenger? What were they putting in the trunk? lol.

Haha, I wish I could tell you! I have no idea who the other guy was, nor what he was putting in the trunk.

saw it said...

wft2 that was posted here yesterday

wft2 said...

No, that question and answer wasn't posted.

prairiegirl said...

^^ lol, kudos to whoever sent in that question to the bloghost. That's excellent. Didn't get an answer but hey, you never know.

Welcome to you, cfkef! It's wonderful to meet you. I participate in LiveJournal and I have someone who reads a story that I write who lives in Moscow as well.

trolly said...

"kudos to whoever sent in that question to the bloghost"


cfkef said...

Thank you PrairieGirl :)

Special K said...

Thanks WFT2.

It didn't say who the other guy in the car was, but we all have our theories who could be in the Hills with Jake. And who has been in SUVs with him before. ; )

At least we know it wasn't a SUV of Russian models on tour with him.

Pinto said...

Silver Lake is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California east of Hollywood and northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Silver Lake is inhabited by a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, but it is best known as an eclectic gathering of hipsters, the creative class and a noticeable presence of LGBT people.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto live in Silver Lake. :)

destiny said...

I looked at DL,the dancing Jake thread I think had around 60 cooments, and at least half of them were of the Jake is straight variety, which is probably what prompted the comment about the pr campaign. I tend to believe it more than a lot opf things posted over there.

Thanks for answeing cfkef. It's cool knowing we have people from all over posting here.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Has Sophia Bush ever been the subject of Blind Vice? I'm pretty sure her boyfriend has.

Dear On-Target:
No, she hasn't, and yes, you are correct.

Bitch-Back! Is Leo Ready to Pop the Question?

destiny said...

I'm glad to see that gay men who are out take up the first 7 slots of the After Elton Hot 100 list.