Monday, May 3, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut


Congratulations the film is done. Open your present.
What are you looking out at?

Hey look here it says that PoP is Memorial Day weekend. I want to see that so bad.

Why? Jake G as the prince. Ha! What does he have that I don't? I'm Brooke Davis(TM) fashion designer mogul.


You're just distracted. You need to focus on me.

I'm telling you you gotta fight back this tape thing back with another tape to distract away from it. So Tada! I will make a tape with you.

Uhhhh.... I don't think we need another tape out there. It will just take the emphasis away about the movie.

Julian, Eyes up here. Don't you like my bow? Why aren't you unwrapping me?

Those shoes just remind me of someone.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree.
Learning to Fall - Nathan and the Real Housewife of Tree Hill Haley struggle with the aftermath of her mother's death. Brooke Davis(TM) deals with Mama and Alexander hooking up or is more disturbing Victoria proclaiming her "cougarility". Alex discovers a secret about her leading man Josh, a secret? A leading man in HW likings guys is a secret? or shocking? Could it derail Julian's film? And Feats of Clay deals with the unhinged, and don't mean the cast and crew off screen.

In all seriousness what do you think OTH is going to do with this storyline of an actor who is having a same sex relationship. Will it make a statement that is shouldn't matter? (Kind of ironic with The CW's propensity of "coupling " up some of their co-stars) Or that it's up to him and what he wants to do ? Or will they keep to the status quo ?

And how is Julian go you be voiced in all of this, as the director? Is this giving Austin a chance to say something through his character?

Then again it is OTH and they will probably just throw the chance out the window like a donor heart eaten by a dog.

Pictures of Jake arriving at Heathrow Airport on Sat.

There's a familiar ring to them, and I don't mean his favorite bodyguard is back for the trip.

By the way, what the heck is in the big black trunk. Is Jake traveling with a steamer on hop over the pond?


Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I have 5 rescue cats. I'm a sucker for those little balls of fur that need me. Anyway, I recently watched The Day After Tomorrow for the first time in many years. I knew Jake G was in the movie and Dennis Quaid. But didn't realize Austin Nichols and Emmy Rossum were supporting players. I thought Phantom was Emmy's debut. Which makes me wonder, did Jake, Austin and Emmy become friends during filming? Have they (or any combination of them) stayed friends?

Dear Bromance:
Haven't you heard—Jakey and Sophia Bush's beau Austin are totally BFF.

Bitch-Back! Selena's Gleeming New Beau?

m said...

A reply today from Ted. "Dear Bromance: Haven't you heard—Jakey and Sophia Bush's beau Austin are totally BFF." I took a short cut and did not bother to copy the question, but you all know where to find it. Oh, and Ted also brings up Toothy and doing coke again in the day's blind vice.

Also on Nikke Finke, she says the proposed story for OTH's next season will be pitched this week and a decision re its fate made. I guess we'll know pretty soon.

Late for work, have to run. See you all tonight.

Ted said...

Bonus Blind Vice: Which Young Star's X-tra Naughty?

You know what a lot of celebs do when they're trapped in the closet? Drugs. And lots of 'em.

A young Toothy Tile had to do line after line just to get through sex with a chick (you know, in an attempt to prove to himself he was straight) and now we're hearing another young homolicious babe is going through similar motions.

Anyone remember cutie Jackie Bouffant?

Jackie, the ├╝ber-yum young-ish star who has a red-hot career (and bod, just FYI), seems to be dabbling in the hard stuff. But it's not coke.

While out on the town recently Jackie the stud was rolling—and we don't mean in some pimped-out caddy. He was superhigh on ecstasy.

J.B. was hitting a celeb-infested soiree filled with cameras, paparazzi and reporters, so natch that meant his beard was in tow for the photo ops.

And how did Bouffant get through the evening? By popping a few of those teeny colored pills in his mouth so his adorable smile wouldn't fade throughout the event.

Totally sad. Or not?

Thing is, Jackie really does enjoy his gal-pal (they've known each other for a while), but he hardly wants to rip off her stylish clothes off. And yes, Jackie's PR candy is most certainly aware of both of her man's habits—the drugs and dudes. But Missus Bouffant doesn't mind all that much. Jackie certainly is the bigger name out of the pretty pair, so she won't be letting her golden ticket to the tabloids go anywhere.

Ironic, though, how Jack's audience might be more shocked about the whole ecstasy thing than gay thing, which may not stay hidden for too much longer since J.B.'s pals can't stop blabbing about his way fun rolling ways around town.

Wonder which secret will come out—pun intended—first?

And it ain't: Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake

Bonus Blind Vice: Which Young Star's X-tra Naughty?

Special K said...

Ted does say a young Toothy, and the Kiki mention last week seems like it was then, even more so with all the rumors of Kiki and drugs, being it was right there in the middle of it.

All the J's that are in that BV, do kind of point to Joe Jonas, which a lot of readers pointed out on Ted's. Another link is that Jake and Joe were both in the Vampire Weekend Video.

I really want to see what kind of storyline they would pitch for a season 8. Maybe they are going for a surrogate who wants to keep Julian and Brooke's baby or that Haley is going to give them a baby because Brooke deserves it, or maybe Sam will come back pregnant and Brooke will be a grandma.

prairiegirl said...

Thank goodness Ted says a young Toothy. Gosh, that's awful. They say that stuff is so addictive, Jake would be very, very fortunate to be clean. Look at how many people in general try to quit that stuff and just can't.

Yuck. That's an awful BV.

Hey!!!!! What's with the big red bow? It's supposed to be Blues Clues Blue and on Jake!! lol.

Heaven forbid should Brooke get pregnant.

Oh, and I may not have phrased it right on that US Weekly blurb about Reese and mothering.

It does reference that the insider said she had to "mother" both Ryan and Jake. And of course, for the 222nd time, that she finally has a mature beau in mr. Toth.

lol. What a bunch of bull. You know her people are feeding that because that's the exact same stuff that's appearing everywhere. This is just the first time I've seen "mothering".

She makes it absolutely impossible to like her.

prairiegirl said...

Uh oh. My Sonic cherry limeade is still my avatar. I'll have to change it when I get home.

Now off to go write a little bit.

Special K said...

Updated the post. New Pictures of Jake arriving in London.

Looks like a ring around a finger.

Check out the rest of the pics at IHJ.

Jake at Heathrow in London May 1

prairiegirl said...

Yesssss! It sure does. I can't see it that close, though; will have to wait til I get home and see it on IHJ.

And on the right hand, too, not the pinky. Okay, I'm excited - hopefully not for nothing, lol.

OhMyGosh said...

Ohmygosh. :)

OhMyGosh said...

Forgot to say, I love Jake's jacket - and I'm curious now about OTH! :)

destiny said...

I've never heard of Chely Wright. It's nice to have someone in another field--country music--come out, and it will be interesting to see how it is received since country has a conservative fan base (although I know lots of liberals who love country to). I'm a bit disappointed though that it isn't someone bigger, and I feel like the hype certainly played it up like it would be someone far better known.

Regarding the blind item, most people think J.B. is Zac Efron, making the beard Vanessa Hudgens.

I think there were plenty of times when Jake was Reeking that he was on something, I don't think it was isolated to that one incident. Drug and alcohol abuse is far more common in the gay population, and in HW--and you put the two together along with the closet, it'd be more of a shock to me that someone never took or drank anything.

destiny said...

So after 7 seasons of a show fulled of artsy people, including a fasion designer, OTH is finally getting a gay story line? Welcome to the 21st century OTH.

crap said...

Not the same rings but in these pics from 2004 he is wearing a silver ring on his right finger and a gold one on his left pinky:

Special K said...

Maybe it's the silver band you argue that Austin has in addition to the gold band Austin has been photographed in. Somehow with these two one band is not enough, but each is just as symbolic to them.

Crap said...

Maybe the big black trunk belongs to the BG! From 9/07, Jake and BG arriving in London:

magic trunk said...

Maybe it's car seats or a stroller.

Crap said...

Why did he have what looks like the same trunk or at least size in September '07?

crap said...

That should be 10/07, not 9.

A stroller and a carseat for a newborn? I would think the few weeks old babe would have stayed home!

The BG and Rep/PA are all staying at the same hotel in London I would magine, for the whole week.

Would think that it's their stuff along with Jake's for a press junket.

Didn't Jake go from London, NY and then Rome for Rendition when the 10/07 pics were taken?

Special K said...

Jack Borousa, funny how you are now focusing on the big black box, and not the ring anymore. Guess you can't find a picture with Jake wearing a ring like that before, just Austin.

Gotta say that ring looks little big like it's someone else (Austin's) or it's new and hasn't been sized yet.

Ted - Vote, vote, vote! said...

Who's the Last Real Man in Hollywood? Vote Now!

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So, get ready to meet our 64 candidates for the top spot. Vote for your fave actor and the top 32 guys with the most votes will keep battling it out for the crown.

Did we forget your fave leading man? We'll check the comment section for write-ins, and—if other readers agree that we dissed the dude by leaving him off the list—he'll be totally eligible to move on to the next round. Also, tweet us @theawfultruth and use the hashtag #lastrealman.

Hope you can stop drooling long enough to vote!

Who's the Last Real Man in Hollywood? Vote Now!

Lay's Potato Chips said...

Do I hafta choose just one? ;)

Jake said...


destiny said...

I suspect my definition of a real man is a lot different than what they have in mind with that poll.

Jersey Tom said...

destiny said...
I suspect my definition of a real man is a lot different than what they have in mind with that poll.

Colin Farrell gets my vote Destiny. The way that he has supported his brother has been amazing. As was his performance in "A Home at hte End of the World" Colin is a real man.

Jersey Tom said...

destiny said...
I suspect my definition of a real man is a lot different than what they have in mind with that poll.

Colin Farrell gets my vote Destiny. The way that he has supported his brother has been amazing. As was his performance in "A Home at the End of the World" Colin indeed is a real man.

destiny said...

I haven't decided who to vote for yet; wish you could vote for more than one in these early rounds, with so many choices. Colin is definetely up there; I also gave thought to voting for Taylor Lautner since he is supposedly the answer to the blind item about the actor telling the studio to basically f*ck themselves when they wanted to fix him up again with a woman (after the Taylor Swift business). Plus there is the sighting of him at one of Bryan Singer's wild parties. Acutally, he'll probably get lots of votes on his own, so probably will vote for Colin.

Ted said...

Caught! Sophia & Austin Take a Hike

ted said...

Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols, who haven't exactly been sly in hiding their "romance" over the last year or so, were out and about together again this weekend.

Nichols, who totally loves being outdoorsy (bike rides with bestie Jake Gyllenhaal, anyone?) took his ladylove to Runyon Canyon Saturday....

"They didn't look lovey-dovey at all," blabs our female workout spy. "They were just walking side by side, not really talking. [Sophia] definitely gave me the staredown when I spotted them though."

Caught! Sophia & Austin take a Hike

Special K said...

Lots of mentions of Jake, Austin, Toothy and Goose all in one day from Ted.

Wonder if the canyon run is cover for Austin, as if he needs to be known to be in LA, while he might be somewhere else this week.

Favorite comment over at Ted's about it. If they tried to marry, I imagine Toothy crashing the wedding and pulling a Dustin-Hoffman-in-the-Graduate moment, screaming "AUSTIN! AUUUUUSTIN!" then riding off together on the city bus.

Either that or Jake will do the Bubble Boy variation, and get his man, wearing his Underoos.

prairiegirl said...


"blabs" - female workout spy.

Good job, Ted. Finally - an AT sighting.

Not really talking, huh? **sigh** Sometimes, there's just no need for words, is there?

prairiegirl said...

Hey, that version @ 20:20 is pretty condensed.

At the end, Ted talks about a wedding - a Supernatural wedding on May 15.

I wonder where Jake is supposed to be on May 15. Have these 2 boys lined up a babysitter for that weekend???? hmmmm??

prairiegirl said...

Hey, just noticed something else in Ted's complete version.

The gingerbread is back!!! Check it out, m. "gorge" "bestie"
"two babes" "the new ivy?" I love the way he writes when he talks like that. That had kind of disappeared for awhile on Toothy writings. Not that this is a Toothy writing, though, but it's close enough.

I wonder if Ted is merely wondering out loud if Sophia & Austin are brave enough to go to the wedding together.

And look at the awful picture they chose for that thing.

bling said...

He wants people to see it. No hands in his pockets. Can't miss it.

Cute said...

Favorite comment over at Ted's about it. If they tried to marry, I imagine Toothy crashing the wedding and pulling a Dustin-Hoffman-in-the-Graduate moment, screaming "AUSTIN! AUUUUUSTIN!" then riding off together on the city bus.

Either that or Jake will do the Bubble Boy variation, and get his man, wearing his Underoos.


prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

bling said...
He wants people to see it. No hands in his pockets. Can't miss it.

Better believe you can't miss it. I swear in that last picture, he has his hand abnormally flat palmed so that you can't help but see the thing.

I tell you what.

He's got a drab color jacket but there is no mistaking the guy is fit as a fiddle and he's proud of it. Why do I say that? Because he's wearing form-fitting clothes now. For 2 1/2 years, we had nothing but baggy jeans, loose-fitting cargo shorts @ Cockroachella, just really Hefty-Gladbag style stuff.

Body-wise, I don't think Jake has ever looked as tight, compact & fit as he does right now.
I'm surprised he doesn't give plenty of sideviews for his now-rounded booty. He ought to be proud of that thing.

Heck, I'm proud of that thing and it ain't even mine.


Kudos to Jake for all that yoga and the lunges & the squats. That's what it takes, buddy, to get that gluteus max "back up there". And you did all the work and it shows. As a fellow workout-er, I applaud you loudly. Always nice to see the fruit of our toiling. if we could just maybe get you to wear some of those other colors on the palette like you used to wear long ago.......

Alright, alright!!! One thing at a

prairiegirl said...

I mean, he is pretty chiseled looking. Austin is probably wondering what he's doing at Paul Bunyan canyon or whatever. With Sophia. Man, Austin. What is up with you?

Okay, well, I need to turn in.

What is in that trunk, anyway?? Good grief. Body pillow? A set of Calphalon pans so he can cook in his extended stay? An AB-Rocker and a Total Gym? BT's booster seat and Giant Elmo doll?


Okay, now I gotta turn in. Eyes are starting to droop.

destiny said...

I agree PG, the Sophin post sounds like the old Ted. And ditto what you said about some of the more interesting bits not being posted above, particularly this:

sceney as in the beautiful views and the crowd. Runyon Canyon isn't exactly a grueling workout, folks, but is totally gorge. It's basically become the new Ivy with all the celebs who frequent it.

That is exactly what I thought when I read the first little bit posted above by "Ted". They went to a spot where celebs are constantly sighted, and on a busy Saturday, so they could be seen. They think they're soooo smart, they think if they don't get papped every other day like Reeke people will think they are real. Well the laugh is on them, and Ted busted them.

Special K said...

Spoiler alert

Alex sees Jordan kissing his bf/assistant in the elevator. He tells Alex that he's gay and begs her not to tell anyone. She tells Julian and his Dad. Later Julian's dad tells Alex that they can't let it out that Jordan is gay because it will kill the movie, and asked her to name a big name star who's out. She says no one will care, and he says it shouldn't be a big deal but it is.

Julian confronts Jordan about the tape and tells him to return the money to his father.

Brooke finds out that the second biggest scandal of the week on the internet is that she was caught having sex with Alexander. Horrified more that people thought she was her mother than the scandal of having sex with Alexander. But the number one scandal of the week was...Alex and Jordan's sex tape.

Brooke goes to see Julian tell him about the scandal about her, he laughs about her being mistaken for her mother. She then tells him about sex tape released. Julian goes to see his dad upset that they got screwed over, when his dad tells him he released the tape. Julian upset about why and what it will do to Alex and his dad said she agreed to it.

Julian goes to see Alex, who tells him that she did it for him and the movie. Later the gossips are slamming Alex about the sex tape and basically her whoring it up and she heads over to see Jordan and says fine that's it we're dating. It's not as bad if the tape is between me and my bf. So they beard up.

What do you think they were trying to say? hmmmmm.

Oh yeah Clay has that stalker that looks like his dead wife. Grubs asked the record chick to marry him. Haley is losing it after losing her mama, including doing a Jerry Lee Lewis, accidentally setting her piano on fire. Skills and Mouth are trying to patch things up. Millie shows up clean and sober. Oh and Brooke and Julian tried to pull off some forced romantic moments that Brooke orchestrated for them.

Special K said...

Oh yeah Jake wanted that ring to be seen. And its a pretty hefty ring on that finger, you can't mistake that for anything else.

Notice how his middle and pinky finger are pressed against it here?

Jake at Heathrow ring

You wonder if he feels it slip down toward his knuckle and afraid it will slide off, or just likes the feeling the ring back on his finger in public.

destiny said...

Oh, just noticed Ted's title for the Sophin post:

Austin and Sophia Take a Hike

I second that Ted.

m said...

Wow. What an eventful day. Toothy doing coke, "romance" in quotes, Austin and Sophia and all the sly words, OTH dealing with bearding and an in the closet actor. My head is spinning. I am glad to see Ted getting his snark back. Sometimes people just get weary and need a breather. Maybe he was a bit burned out but he seems his old self today. Austin's bearding is making him angry, so Ted's energy level ramped up. Adrenaline will do that.

Not sure why but Sophia annoyed the hell out of me in tonight's OTH. It was bad enough some of the plot points, but she kept screwing her face up trying to look sexy. The plot twists remind me of the original Melrose Place back at the end of that show. When it jumps the shark, there is no getting off.

Agree, Jake looked great at the airport. Trim, handsome, the jacket showed off his butt very nicely. He is looking good for his man.

Jake probably has many interviews and parties lined up, all of which require wardrobe. We usually see him travel light but this is a big budget movie, hence the trunks and all that luggage. Maybe he will not return to the US till the POP event here. I think its mid May.

m said...

I forgot to add, I loved that comment re Jake pulling a Dustin Hoffman at the church. Hilarious. I can so picture that.

Seaweed said...

I'm still laughing out loud here in my office over the comments at Ted's...

" If they tried to marry, I imagine Toothy crashing the wedding and pulling a Dustin-Hoffman-in-the-Graduate moment, screaming "AUSTIN! AUUUUUSTIN!" then riding off together on the city bus."

And Special, I just love the connection you made... "Either that or Jake will do the Bubble Boy variation, and get his man, wearing his Underoos."

Not sure if it's common knowledge but that scene in Bubble Boy was filmed at the same church where Dustin Hoffman was filmed for the 'Graduate' trying to stop the wedding.

Now I'll have an image of Bubble boy in his underoos in my head the rest of the day. LOL

Awwww said...

Wossy tomorrow night said...

what do you have to dress like for jonathan ross?
about 1 hour ago

wht do we think for tomorrow? too dressy/too casual? D:
32 minutes ago

@wossy you have no idea how LOUD im gonna be tomorrow night!!!