Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am Sam

Sam I am

Here I interviewed a married man

And the man who has his hand.

(Now why would Austin be so fond of pregnant women in July 2007? Hmmmm.)

I am Sam.
Sam I am.
And when they flirt I am a fan.

Nothing does Jake justice like when he is front of the camera. So here's some of the best of Jake PoPping and doing his own version of a PoP up videos.

Bulking Up

Building the Physique

Language lessons. Perfecting the accent.

and finally Best of Show

Your name again?


Vanity Fair said...

First gagging over kisses and now recoiling from a hug. What's next, punching someone?

Special K said...

Mom of twins out with husband and twins for Mom's Day at LA Farmer's Market sees Sophia Jana and Austin.

Our finds for the day: two beautiful grass-fed bison tenderloins, some cubed lamb meat (for a Moroccan dish I've been wanting to make), purple asparagus, giant spring onions that remind me of the ones we used to grow in England, eggplant hummus, some rolls, strawberries, blueberries, and a gorgeous big zucchini. We also got some good people-watching, from the other parents with eager kids, to older couples, to the One Tree Hill stars (Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, Jana Kramer) bumping into Busy Phillips (Cougar Town) while Jeanne Trippelhorn (Big Love) walked by with Leland Orser (ER). Liam got really unhappy right at that point, and Austin Nichols seemed sort of stressed out by it. Well, that's not fair -- maybe he felt sorry for him, or was fascinated by the twins, but either way, he kept glancing over at my poor crying boy (he was hungry and we were waiting in line). Liam obviously didn't appreciate the fact that I needed to eavesdrop on their conversation, which did initially appear to be about work, because he kept me busy enough that I couldn't hear even though they were standing four feet from me. Actually, I think he was just helping me mind my manners. Eavesdropping is so rude.

dancing brave

Sounds like his daddy instincts were kicking in.

Special K said...

Here's part of the international press conference for PoP from last Friday.

PoP Press Conference London

how nice! said...

Sounds like his daddy instincts were kicking in.

Shouldn't daddy spend some time with his kid(s) while other daddy is away?

Special K said...

Sure that he has been spending lots of time with them. This might have been catching up with Jana since she has been in Nashville since they wrapped, or for the charity lunch that Daphne Zuniga donated for the LA River project.

Still no peeps about the status of the show, and only one show left for the season. The word is that they shot two endings. One if the show got renewed and one if it was done. So they will have to what the status

how nice! said...

Catching up with Jana and hiking with Sophia ... I'm glad that Jake can afford a full time nanny.

Special K said...

Peter is ahead in the great forehead race. Austin's 5 head's got nothing on this.

Peter as Hector Hammond on set of Green Lantern

Supreme Court said...

What Andrew Sullivan + American Family Association Both Want to Know: Elena Kagan's Lez Factor

Jersey Tom said...

Spesh I want you to know how sorry I am for what I said on the blog over the weekend. I was way out of line. Jake and Austin had me so upset over the weekend and I decided to take it out on you. I really wanted you to be as mad as I was. I am not sure why I need to have others see the way I see them at times. I had no right to do that to you or the blog. It was WRONG. You have the patience and faith of a saint.

Your blog is wonderful and I love it. I also love you and all the regs at OMG. I apologise to them also. We all see things differently and react differently. I certainly didnt make you or OMG look bad. I made myself look like a fool.

not a saint said...


funny said...

The last video is hysterical love Ben Kingsley's "I can't spell" and Jake pronouncing his name.

ihj gallery said...

PoP: Moscow Premiere

prairiegirl said...

I've certainly had more than my share of blowhole spouts on here.

If we can grow from that day, then it will not have been for naught. No movie, no actor is ever worth losing what some of us have developed and that is very good friendships.

Love you, Tom.

Special K said...

Home from the monthly night of working with my crew of ladies on crafts for our Christmas Fair.

Thank you ((Tom)) I know that comes with genuine candor. Thank you again.

Here's to not letting the bumps along the way to take us down but for us to move forward and find and remember the good things that are in each of us and what we can bring together and how we can help each other.

m said...

I'm sneaking in some time here. All these Jake videos are certainly making up for the drought we suffered through. Some of the spiel is repetitive. Can't blame him for that. Being asked the same questions over and over it all runs together in a big blur.

I got a real kick out of the Snickers mention. I don't care for them myself but they were my mothers favorite candy bar. She ate one every day.

The recoil from the hug is interesting. Jake was not bothered by the man touching his head, which I don't think any straight guy would tolerate for a second, but does not react until the attempted hug. I almost think Jake felt like that move showed the guy was taking advantage of him, maybe coming on to him.

The are you single comment, which I saw elsewhere got attention too. Jake actually dodges the question about what he is looking for in a woman and just says he is looking with no mention of the sex he is looking for. Its the interviewer who pushes that it is a female.

Once last thought before I go back to entertaining company, I realized that there were not many stars at the premiere besides the POP actors. Premieres usually have a roster of celebrities. Maybe they do it differently in the UK.

destiny said...

(((Tom))). Ditto what PG said about we've all had our moments, and J&A not being worthy of affecting our friendships.

nicholai said...

Did anybody know about the premiere in Russia? Jake and Gemma have amazing chemistry.

Special K said...

The whole thing about Elena Kagan just irks me as woman. A man who has such success, who is so accomplished and has been nominated for such a position would never be questioned about why he was single.

(( ? )) said...

Jake was not bothered by the man touching his head, which I don't think any straight guy would tolerate for a second,

I don't agree with this statement, I saw it differently

I realized that there were not many stars at the premiere besides the POP actors. Premieres usually have a roster of celebrities. Maybe they do it differently in the UK.

they do

more PoP said...

Disney had 6 cameras to capture everything at the premiere. Them arriving, talking, the parkour thing.

PoP Premiere highlight

Meg said...

about the lack of 'celebs' at the UK premiere. I thought the same thing, seems like the only one who turned up was Kerry Katona, which is about as low down the aspirational glamour list you could possibly imagine.

UK premieres do normally attract a fair number of 'turn out for the opening of an envelope' celebs.

Maybe the combination of the PoP premiere taking place in a shopping centre (not the west end) and it being a very cold day kept people away, although maybe they were all too busy catching up on post-election analysis (which as Kerry Katona probably can't read would explain her appearance).

when closet isn't acceptable said...

A man who has such success, who is so accomplished and has been nominated for such a position would never be questioned about why he was single.

There are rumors that Elena Kagan is gay. If she is closeted then she shouldn't be nominated for such a position.

Moscow said...

DisneyMoviesUK: Jake Gyllenhaal sgning autographs for fans at teh Russian premiere of #PrinceofPersia http://twitpic.com/1n4ltz
4 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, Moscow. Nice picture. What a learning experience he's getting visiting. I wonder if he's ever been there before.

I watched the Top 10 video several times, the first time from beginning to end and I honestly didn't see anything that alarmed me. Jake was congenial the entire time with the exception of when the guy tried to full out bodyhug him.

And even then, Jake just protectively put his hands up against the guy. #1, as someone on WFT2 said, to me that's an invasion of personal space. Someone I don't know or has only met in a couple of interviews at best tries to not just put one arm around my shoulder, which wouldn't be all that startling. But this guy comes face on, with both arms like eagle wings. That would make me uncomfortable too. And Jake's demeanor really didn't change all that dramatically. In fact, he was slightly smiling as the guy walked away.

Actually, it struck me as a rather virtuous move for someone who is so allegedly uninhibited. I know alot of people may laugh, but the guy is married/committed and it almost looked to me as a "hey, hey, hey - What're you doing." It just wasn't a real professional move by that TV interviewer.

And frankly, their leading up conversation was already getting into intriguing territory anyway with this guy talking to Jake about being on the Most Beautiful List and how hard it is to be that sexy, blah blah blah.

If I see Jake talk again about how hard it is to be that sexy, I think he'll need a "snap out of it" finger snap in front of his face and I'll volunteer to be the first in line to do it. Geesh.

prairiegirl said...

LOL - I had to make a correction:

. I know alot of people may laugh, but the guy is married/committed and it almost looked to me as a "hey, hey, hey - What're you doing."

Make that: Most people may laugh, but.

No, wait! Make that: Nearly all will laugh, but.

Prince Jake said...

"A lot of things threaten us, all the time, and we tend to not listen to our own hearts, to make choices that are about you what other people think is cool or what other people say is cool.

"The moral lesson of this movie, for Dastan, is to follow his own heart and influence other peoples around him, like his brothers and his family, to follow theirs too. "When you do, and when he does, and he helps the other people around him, it all works out for the best.

"Ultimately, it’s not painless, but it’s for the best. And, I hope that kids and families can take away that, if they listen to their heart, they’ll never really go wrong.

Jake Gyllenhaal Has Positive Message

a ben kingsley fan said...

Speaking of Ben Kingsley did you know he was born Krishna Pandit Banjhi. His mother was English and white, and his dad was Indian.
It's just interesting in the light of some discussion over whether Jake was the right person to play a prince of Persia, when Ben had always slipped between playing roles of Indian, English, and even Middle Eastern and Jewish origins.
I guess he thought if he kept his birth name he wouldn't be allowed to slip between ethnic identities in that way, as viewers would see him as Indian rather than mixed-race. (A lot of people don't even know he is mixed-race.)
Shame, I love the name Krishna. Maybe he uses it with his family.

parenthood said...

That's interesting about Austin's reaction to the kid crying. As a mother of two I know I have am immediate physical response to an unknown child in distress/bored/hungry/whatever. I have to urge to soothe them myself.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
What's up with Jake Gyllenhaal? I used to really enjoy his interviews, I thought they were funny and genuine, but I'm finding his interviews for Prince of Persia kind of robotic, not to mention reserved despite all the attempts to be funny. I'm also not finding the frat boy humor funny. Making gagging gestures when Jonathan Ross jokes about kissing his male guests while interviewing Adam Lambert? Recoiling when your colleague on The Daily 10 tried to give him a comforting hug during a joking routine that included tissue and fake tears? By the way, the contrast between Jake and Adam on Jonathan Ross was like night and day. Where's that "it" factor, the star quality that Jake used to have gone to?
—Worried Jake Fan

Dear Great Pretender:
That's exactly what I've been saying, babe. I thought after Gyllenspoon was no more, the real Jake might stand up, but that so hasn't been happening—for now, at least. Don't know if that's his choice or Disney's, but I'm not buying the ├╝ber-man that's being shoved down our throats.

Dear Ted:
I'm a big Awful Truth fan- it helps me cope between classes—but this is my first time writing in. I totally loved your take on the Newsweek incident. I get that they want to drum up readership by having something scandalous, but seriously? The fact that Jonathan Groff is gay has zero effect on me at all. I love Glee and that guy is talented and hot, being gay doesn't change either opinion I have on him. I have no problem with gay playing straight or vice versa. That's why they're actors. They act. I support your and Kristin Chenoweth's shaming of this homophobic gimmick. On a lighter note, I'm a huge Blind Vice fanatic. In exchange for my rant, do you have any more dirt/hints on Nelly Fang? Anything and everything would be much appreciated. Stay awesome Ted!

Dear Preach On:
Articles like that are exactly why Toothy, Nelly or any of our BV faves don't have a shot at setting precedent and coming out. Not that Nelly really needs to come out. Just needs to fess up that he's a sexual being and swings both ways in his private life. No biggie.

Dear Ted:
Back to the Shafterella Shostein Blind Vice, how would you describe Shafterella's preferences? Gay or Bi? A corollary to this question is when did her ex-husband find about her activities which involved sweaty thighs and short skirts?

Dear Vintage Vice:
Don't think her ex-hubby minded it all that much. They both tend to go the Bi-Bi-Bi route. Tres chic!

Bitch-Back! Jake Gyllenhaal is No Prince

Cirrus said...

((((Tom)))) Count me in for a hug - we all have our moments. I'm actually a reg from waaaaay back, but no longer use my old name.

Spesh, it irks me as well about Elena Kagan both sides are focusing so much on her being single. I like her, and her stand on the First Amendment, specifically that if the harm to society outweights the benefits, the speech should not receive protection; one example the latest ruling on animal cruelty depicted on video.

Cirrus said...

Also, she states that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a "profound wrong", and I believe she will be a strong supporter of gay marriage, and the far right seems to think so, too.

You never know how a Supreme Court Justice will vote - you can try to stack the deck, but it's no guarantee. The most beautiful example of this is the Warren court and the landmark civil rights rulings and other progressive societal decisions. Warren had been a Republican governor of CA, and also the latest dissenting opinion of Justice Alito on the depiction of animal cruelty on video. I'm always happy when a politician or legal scholar whose views I would have assumed to be different from my own, find common ground.

JMHO, as always. :)

destiny said...

Kagan hardly strikes me as a progressive, so I'm not too happy about the nomination. COnservatives have no problem appointing people with extreme right wing views, I don't see why progressives can't do the same thing.

It doesn't matter if someone is single. However, I don't want a closet case on the Supreme Court. So many closet cases have a habit of doing the wrong thing to prove they are not gay.

destiny said...

The moral lesson of this movie, for Dastan, is to follow his own heart . . . . Ultimately, it’s not painless, but it’s for the best.

Jake should follow his own advice instead of spouting empty platitudes.

sam said...

"Jake was not bothered by the man touching his head, which I don't think any straight guy would tolerate for a second"

I have respect for what you say but I disagree like a post above. I saw straight friends having such affective touch between them. It's not so incredible.
This gesture seems to me almost brotherly than anything seductive.

really? said...

I saw straight friends having such affective touch between them.

Where do you live?

Special K said...

Souter was bachelor for years and it was never questioned when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. It is in the double standard of the whole thing that is so unfair.

closet said...

Special, this isn't about being single, this is about gay rumors.

m said...

What follows if very long but this article was posted on dc forum magazine this am and I thought it worth sharing.

"Hey all you famous people that are gay and hiding:

How's it going? Good? Still totally rich and privileged? Great. We're pretty happy for you about that one. But we have some things to tell you that you might not know. It's about how to stop being annoying, which we're sure you're interested in hearing.
It's not like ye olden Rock Hudson times anymore. Your peers are casually talking about their gayness all around you. It's a trickle, right, we know. But still, it's happening. And the shocker is that no one really cares that much except for the stupid people. Except -- dilemma -- we know that you have a lot of stupid people as fans.

So let's say you insist on staying in. Here's how not to go to hell...

Keep the pretendy games to a minimum: Let's say you're Jake Gyllenhaal or Hugh Jackman, two guys everyone already thinks are total gays. If you're one of those men and you're truly a homosexual -- not saying you are, just that the stories are out there, however false they may be -- the fact is that Hollywood is still vile and stupid enough that exposure might actually put a dent in your ability to be a romantic leading man in high profile summer movies. Maybe. It's not like anyone's ever tested the waters on that one. Neil Patrick Harris got away with it because everyone loves Doogie Howser and he's funny and can sing and dance and be "himself" in the Harold & Kumar movies and basically is a special case for whom no rules apply because he's from space. And even he's still not salivated over like Mr. Brokeback or Wolverine. It's that saliva that makes the difference here.

Anyway, if you're superfamous there's always pressure to have a public romance with another actor that you can talk about so you can promote your movie on the cover of US Weekly. Resist this if you can. It's somewhat gross. And it's not the same as acting. It's actual lying, which we hear is bad for you. Look at how Jodie Foster always played it. She just kept it on lockdown. Never pretended to love the pole. Walked around with her girlfriend. Cut that hair short. Didn't annoy anyone. Kept it classy the whole time."

2nd part to follow

m said...

2nd part
"More rules after the jump:

Quit workin' it: Being coy is cute to you and your entourage only. No one else thinks you're that adorable when you wink at the question and get all, "Oh, I don't like to put labels on myself." You may like how it sounds to lift post-everything jargon from academia and misappropriate it for your un-thought-out game. But in fact, for the rest of us in the developed world, getting over it and just saying the words counts as a retro exercise, one that exists about 15 items down the list of important to-do activities, far behind the monumentally important task of finding some decent barbecue. You may think you're blowing people's minds with your radically unclassifiable special snowflakery, but it's actually just cracking us up.

Close your mouth. Now keep it closed: We're remembering a quote from a well-known closeted actor who once told the press that he loved how people thought he was gay because it got him chicks, man. That guy is an asshole. It's actually worse than just arranging for a fake opposite-sex romance because you're saying out loud that you aren't gay and that you wouldn't ever want to be gay. It's the difference between simply choosing vanilla (when you'd rather have chocolate) and choosing vanilla and then calling a press conference to say, "People who like chocolate rape all the stuff in the world."

3rd part to follow

m said...

3rd part

"You might not be quite as terrible as closeted politicians who vote down things like employment non-discrimination laws -- thank God you don't have that kind of power -- but you're spiritually connected to them. You and the wide-stance guy, sittin' in a tree, etc.

Give us all your money: If you're staying in because the money is too good, then you have too much money. Which means you should be single-handedly supporting things like homeless shelters for runaway gay teenagers. Services for fixed-income gay seniors who weathered the Baddest of the Bad Old Days so that you could live in the kind of freedom that allows you to choose your own comfort level. Whatever that stuff costs, you should be footing the bill. Set up a foundation if you want to be anonymous, whatever it takes. You'd be helping the world inch closer to sanity if you spoke up but since you won't do that then you've got to take us all to dinner, figuratively speaking. Or actual dinner. We could get with that too.

"Love" us from over there... no, farther over there...: We really appreciate that you appreciate us so much and like to talk about how your close friends are part of "the GLBT community." That's swell. Why don't you go on and on about it for a while? It's great when you do that.

If you charm us we'll give you a pass: The press loves to be loved. It's our weakness. So when the interviewer asks the question, and they will, don't turn it on them like they're being regressive for asking, like you're above this sort of thing, like patronizing your fans is all you have to do besides shop all day. Just say, "Oh I need to keep my private life to myself. Is that OK? Would you like another chocolate chip cookie? I just baked them myself."

Don't like answering personal questions? Then don't agree to interviews: Or be like Sarah Palin and demand a pre-screen. The journalist is asking primarily because it's his job to do so and because there are rumors about you. And there are rumors because that's how history gets written in Hollywood, with gossip as a primary source. Your job is to confirm the rumor now or let the biographer do it after your corpse withers into dust. Pick one.

When you're outed, even if it's totally not true, your job is to remain a real chill bro: Look at James Franco. Suddenly people are talking about him being one. Is he? Is he not? The answer is "Who cares?" But the better answer is how he doesn't seem to give a shit what the answer is. Like he seems perpetually amused by everything, like he's happy that people are thinking of him at all. This may be weed-based. And see? Now we just outed him as a stoner, and we have no evidence for that either. It's a vicious circle.

Being gracious is almost as good as the whole you-baking-us-cookies scenario mentioned above: We got along without you as a "role model" for all these years. It wasn't like our self-esteem depended on you or anything (although we totally remember where we were when M*A*S*H's David Ogden Stiers dropped his homo bombshell on the world). So when it comes time to say the words that everyone already knows you've been possibly going to say eventually, try not to be petulant or in need of a trophy for your bravery.

Exhibit A: Ricky Martin, who just issued a statement on his website. To the point. No complaining. Got called a "faggot" on Puerto Rican television for his trouble. Seems at peace about it all.

Exhibit B: Sean Hayes, who whined to a gay magazine about feeling pressured. Acted like he was doing everyone a favor. He wasn't. "

destiny said...

I have a lot of single friends who are women, and I am sensitive to that issue. This isn't about her unaatached status, and I don't think the different treatment has anything to do with Souter being a man and Kagan a woman.

Souter was appointed by a Republican, so he didn't have the wingnuts stirring up stories about his his sexuality. He was also appointed at a time when gay issues were not known to be heading for the Supreme Court, nor was it a time when people talked so much about hypocritical closeted public figures. I seem to recall there were some vague whispers about him, but again, different times.

destiny said...

ONe more thing, if it was Souter who was up today, he'd get the same speculation.

Also, with Kagan, there is just so little known about her, not just her views, but her personal life in general. I had a pretty good idea of who Sotamayor was when she was nominated, but I'm kind of clueless when it comes to Kagan. I know conservatives like to pretend it doesn't matter (except when it comes to things they don't like), but I think who a person is matters when it comes to the Supreme Court.

vodka said...

Jake dancing and hiting on Russian chicks last night at the after party in Moscow:


Cirrus said...

I don't know, there have always been gay issues,and they are always in the courts. The victories in the lower courts have led to what's happening today. There were vague whispers about him, yes. The trouble is, just the fact that Ms. Kagen is single is leading to speculation about her sex life, and then froom there accusing her of hiding it and being closeted. It's overshadowing the fact that if she is a lesbian, it's a wonderful thing for her to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Just because she hasn't declared it to the entire world, doesn't mean she's ashamed, or that it would affect how she votes. Supreme Court justices interpret the law, nothing less, and to question her like that calls into question her integrity and professionalism, without anything substantial to back it up, which is unfair.

YouTube said...

Jake Gyllenhaal dancing and hitting on girls in Moscow

closet said...

It's overshadowing the fact that if she is a lesbian, it's a wonderful thing for her to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

That would be a bad thing - if she is a lesbian then she shouldn't be nominated because she's in the closet.

Cirrus said...

Oops, that should read victories and non-victories in the courts have led up to what's happening today for Gay rights. And during Souter's time, he was one of the six-person majority who struck down Lawrence v. Texas, so I'd say that was a pretty big decision.

destiny said...

I don't think it was a certainty that Souter would deal with gay rights the way it is now, with all the challenges to DOMA around the country, and to DADT as well. There is no way the case in California brought by Bois and Olsen won't end up in the Supreme Court.

And the wingnuts weren't worked up about sodomy laws the way they are about gay marriage.

By the way, in her questionaire for the S.G. job she has now, she did state that she thinks there isn't a federal right to gay marriage. Now, that can be parsed a number of different ways, but it does raise questions.

If she's gay and not out, it's a problem. It calls into question her honesty, integrity, and yes, courage to do the right thing when confronted with tough cases, whether they involve gay issues or not.

And if she is gay (something we still don't know), and she's not open about it, then why do you think that is the case???

she just didn’t find the right person said...

Elena Kagan's Friends Out Her. As Straight

Cirrus said...

It does raise questions. I hope she means that as it stands now, with DOMA in place, that the constitutional right need to be restored. Or if in her view, there isn't a constitutional right to marriage - that it applies to straight couples as well, and that it is addressed fairly, and ultimately everyone can marry whoever they choose if they want, as when the laws were changed that prevented interracial marriage. Lots of questions.

If she hasn't not completely open about it, she may have been afraid that there were and are those who might use it against her, and it might have stopped her from her life's work. Not saying that that's the best decision, but it may have been the only practical one and coming out not been an option for her, nor to be completely open. She's also a woman, with all of the roadblocks that might have presented her with as well. Changing that kind of climate takes time, and I think she'd be in a good position to make change. It's the height of unfairness to disqualify her because of her sexuality. Race, religion, sexual orientation should not be considered, only her qualifications to do the job. To reject all that she could bring to the Supreme Court because she's believed to be closeted is not productive. JMO

closet said...

It's the height of unfairness to disqualify her because of her sexuality.

Not because of her sexuality - if she's in the closet then she's lacking honesty, integrity and courage.

Cirrus said...

It should not be an issue in hiring.

closet said...

It should and it is.

destiny said...

Great article M. I especially liked this part:

You might not be quite as terrible as closeted politicians who vote down things like employment non-discrimination laws -- thank God you don't have that kind of power -- but you're spiritually connected to them. You and the wide-stance guy, sittin' in a tree, etc.

Agree with that 1000 percent, and that is why everything in the suggestions for behavior is spot on.

she just didn’t find the right person

If that is true, then that should be the end of the story. I might add, a single person doesn't have to be looking for the "right person" if that is not what they want, and that should be accepted too.

And notice how the friend used the word "person" not man. Somebody didn't feel the need to use "man" for emphasis.

Andrew Sullivan said...

To put it another way: Is Obama actually going to use a Supreme Court nominee to advance the cause of the closet (as well as kill any court imposition of marriage equality)? And can we have a clear, factual statement as to the truth? In a free society in the 21st Century, it is not illegitimate to ask. And it is cowardly not to tell.

So Is She Gay?

destiny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
destiny said...

Kagan's sexuality should not be an issue in her (or anyone else) being hired.

However, her honesty and integrity should be, and that includes being honest about who she is.

Kagan looks like her whole life was planned with the hopes of being on a high court. The fact that she was a tenured professor, but has written practically nothing. The fact that she has not been vocal on anything, let alone any controversial issues.

This is not how it should be.

Stealth candidates are not good. Luckily for the liberals Souter turned out the way he did--but that was certainly not what Bush Senior had in mind when he appointed him. Didn't work out for them, and who is to say Kagan will turn out right for the Dems. I hope she does! But her nomination does not give me any comfort.

The Dems should grow some balls and stand up for an openly progressive candidate, and not try to hide as if being progressive--or gay--is a dirty word.

Cirrus said...

A Supreme Court Justice is in an entirely different category. There's no evidence to suggest that they wouldn't do their job or their decisions influenced - just the opposite, in fact. The conservative politions who have voted down laws hypocritcally are not the same, and they should be called on it. The fact remains that unless it's a fact, rumor shouldn't influence a decision. And we do have anti-discrimination laws.

closet said...

A Supreme Court Justice is in an entirely different category.

Honesty, integrity and courage isn't required for a Supreme Court Justice?

destiny said...

It's not often that I agree with Andrew Sullivan (although in the past couple of years he's been pretty good on gay rights). His article is dead on as to why this matters.

And he's right about having the courage, and Obama needing to stand up for everyone. Who he really should be nominating is Kathleen Sullivan, but our "fierce advocate" obviously can't deal with a candidate who is openly gay.

I'm not sure what you mean Cirrus about anti-discrimination laws and how that ties into Kagan, especially since there isn't a federal law against discrimination on the basis of your sexuality.

Cirrus said...

That's very true about Bush's appointment of Souter, and the Eisenhower appointment of Earl Warren too, as I mentioned above. There's no guarantee how a so-called liberal judge might vote either. They make decisions with intellect and reason, not by political party. It's not "lucky", it's doing their job with fairness.

Anyway, I love a good discussion. :)

Cirrus said...

I don't have all the answers, I'm just stating my opinion, and not saying I'm right. There are federal laws and orders, and state laws against discrimination bases on sexual orientation and gender, and certainly there is recourse.

I don't have anything else to say on it, but I like a good discussion. Talk with you all later.

destiny said...

Yes, it's nice to have a good discussion on something besides Jake's behavior. And boy, is he acting out again, sigh....

Jake said...

Macho, macho man
I've got to be, a macho man
Macho, macho man
I've got to be a macho!

destiny said...