Friday, May 7, 2010

Two as One?

There were tweets a couple days ago about Jake being wanted as Dean Moriarty for the movie adaptation of the book On the Road.

Dean "was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Colorado with an alcoholic and hobo for a father for whom he searches on many occasions. Dean races from journey to journey and pulls other people along. His various fixations include drugs, women, intellectualism and finally, his father and family life. His marriages to and divorces from Camille and Mary Lou as well as his affair with Inez are a few examples of his romantic entanglements."

The book, the seminal work of beat writer Jack Kerouac, is semi-autobiographical, Dean Moriarty was inspired by a close friend of Jack Kerouac, Beat hero Neal Cassady.

Why are we talking about Jake on Austin Friday? Because Austin portrayed Neal Cassady in Luz Del Mundo and if Jake does sign on for Dean, they will be essentially play the same man.

Austin has said that Jake has taught him about acting, the business, work. He has said "I have had three incredible teachers along the way; Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Bettany, and Markus Flanagan." (One Less Bitter Actor)

Do you think that Austin will get to return the favor if Jake does Dean? Is it easier for two people who are so close to play the same person? Can see that both would want to make the part their own, but also see how they would find similarity too.

Austin and Jake have their own ways of creating connections in their lives over the years and have the personal ways down pat. But can see that playing the same man as an ultimate way as two actors to connect professionally.

A little about Neal:
Raised by an alcoholic father in the skid row hotels of Denver's Larimer Street, Cassady was a car thief that could charm strangers. He spent time in reform schools and juvie and developed the "suave instincts of a con artist, although he never seemed to want to con anybody out of more than a ten-dollar bill, a roll in the hay or a good conversation."

Cassady traveled to New York to visit a friend at Columbia University in December 1946. It was then that he met Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg. Ginsberg immediately fell in love with him, and Cassady, who had a hustler's instinct to be whatever the person he's with wants him to be, began a sexual relationship, balancing it with the numerous heterosexual relationships he enjoyed more. At the same time, he persuaded Kerouac to teach him how to write fiction.

Soon he and Kerouac began the series of cross-country adventures that would later become 'On The Road'. They raced aimlessly across the U.S.A. and Mexico, with Cassady setting the agenda. Kerouac began writing about their adventures even as they were taking place, but he could not find a style that fit the content, and put the project away in frustration.

He picked the project up again later, after a series of letters from Cassady gave Kerouac the idea to write the book the way Cassady talked, in a rush of mad ecstasy, without self-consciousness or mental hesitation. Dean Moriarty was born. It worked: 'On The Road' became a sensation by capturing Cassady's voice.

The Royal Tour UPDATED

There will be a Live Stream Prince of Persia Cast Chat TOMORROW at 12:30AM EDT, 9:30AM PDT

You can catch online at

You can watch the premiere Sunday night streaming live there too.

May 7th, 2010
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (UK)
Date: May 7th, 2010
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Channel: BBC One

May 9th, 2010
'Prince of Persia' - UK Premiere
Date: May 9th, 2010
Where: Westfield London

May 17th, 2010
'Prince of Persia' - Los Angeles Premiere
Date: May 17th, 2010
Where: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

May 20th, 2010
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Date:May 20th, 2010
Channel: ABC
Kimmel is not official confirmed but tweets are saying he will be back to talk to Jimmy on the 20th.

Sometime in May:
Regis & Kelly
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There will be plenty more chances to catch Jake. Stay tuned for updates


Thanks said...

Thans for this - that group photo makes my day. Can't wait to see Howl. I should see Austin's portrayal too. I hope the rumor about Jake playing Dean is true. A treasure of a performance. :)

Special K said...

Sorry about the troll attack. Hard to monitor when you are struggling with a computer and trying to do a post.

You know we haven't had that many people on this morning for all comment.

I see the regulars trolls jumped into the mix again. Jack you have a lot of time on your hands. ECF I've seen you've been back too. Hack Bourasa haven't heard if there is a script out their for On the Road yet.

Special K said...

I will find it really fascinating if Jake and Austin do end up basically playing the same man.

I can really seeing the kind of mystical connection of them being to be able as one. I can see the romantic appeal of that. Two as One.

Special K said...

Jake leaving for today's press conference

I like the light grey suit, it reminds me of ... uhh ...who likes light grey suits....hmmm... oh yeah.. Austin.

Jake out for dinner with Bruck and others at J Sheekey last night

Sorry but this sign with the arrow and the way this picture was shot, just cracks me up.


Noclue said...

It's interesting that your basis for this rumour is one wacked out Twilight fan's tweet. Other film sites seem to say that Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley are already in line fir the leads in On The Road. So thankfully we won't have to endure Jake in this role. But, if by some chance that does come to pass, it will be fun to compare how Jake is a much better actor than Austin.

Special K said...

Have you seen Austin do Cassady?

Here is a tiny clip form Luz Del Mundo, I think he really got the frenetic banter of Neal, and the quirkiness. Much better than Tate Donovan IMO.

Here he is in Luz Del Mundo

Here is a snip behind the scenes of making the movie too.
The Making of Luz Del Mundo

It would be interesting to see Jake's interpretation. Think Austin is a great actor, but OTH is not the right vehicle for him. JFC was one of the best things Austin's done for his career. Why? Because working with Milch brought out the true talent Austin has full force. Can't wait for Austin to find more opportunities like that.

m said...

My dream has long been that Jake and Austin do On the Road together. How cool would that be. I'll settle for one of them, if it comes to that.

At least we are keeping the troll occupied. They vary their attacks between here and WFT2 so will probably move along soon enough. All their ranting and raving does not change Jake's sexual preferences.

Thanks said...

^^ITA - No, I haven't seen Austin do Cassady. :) I'll check it out.

Once I got caught up in the quagmire, I realized it was trolls. No need to apologize, Spesh. :)

destiny said...

Austin's best work has been as a character actor. But between OTH and playing the bearding game, he could hurt his chances to get those kind of roles. Sophin are selling "hey, we are Brulian in real life too".

If he becomes so identified with a particular role and image, casting directors won't want to put him in a character-type role because that image becomes too distracting. I know I've read articles that have touched on that when it comes to actors.

As for the talk about the on the Road movie, I don't know about Austin, but if it was me who'd really wanted to do a movie about someone, and then my partner got offered the chance to do it and then actually took it, I'd probably be seeing red for weeks.

Thanks said...

...the "suave instincts of a con artist, although he never seemed to want to con anybody out of more than a ten-dollar bill, a roll in the hay or a good conversation."

Jake would make a great charming rogue. You know you can't believe a word they say, but they are so charming saying it, you can't help but love them and you want to take care of them. :)

Special K said...

Austin has already played him Destiny, well the real life inspiration of the character. I just wonder if he would be the teacher to Jake for this one and be the one giving the pointers. Jake seem to fall under Austin's lead when they are out. But professionally that's totally different thing. Just something to think about.

Thanks said...

I can really seeing the kind of mystical connection of them being to be able as one. I can see the romantic appeal of that. Two as One.

I like this idea, thinking about them discussing the role of Dean/Neal together. We should all be so lucky. There might be some professional jealousy, but I like to think J&A are above that. :)

destiny said...

I thought that short movie Austin did was just a teaser for hopefully doing something longer?? Did it ever really get finished or shown anywhere?? I could be all wrong on this, I've never had a handle on what was up with that project.

Jake has pretty much been in roles that I couldn't quite see Austin in. I think if Jake did something that Austin could theoretically be up for if he was better known or had better connections, then I would think it would only be human to be envious, particularly if you don't have anything on the horizon, or nothing better than a show like OTH. But this truly is speculation on my part when it comes to J&A. It just makes me uneasy to think about.

I think in an ego-driven business like HW it may be difficult for some to see their partner doing so much better, even if you're proud and happy for them at the same time. I think it is one reason celebrity couples don't seem to last as long as marriages with "civilians".

c said...

Jake name was attached to On The Road several years ago along with every other actor in HW including Heath.

According to USA Today, some orher actor is in talks to play Dean, that tweet was based on old news.

Special K said...

Destiny the movie is finished being filmed last I looked at the website for Luz Del Mundo they were looking for financing for distribution.

ted said...

Would You Do…John Mayer Sweatin' His Skank Out?
Though the prep attire may look ridiculous on the tatted fellow (and he certainly doesn't have the Jake Gyllenhaal thighs to rock those itty-bitty shorts), kudos to Mayer for actually making some changes in his life.

Truth Lies and Ted: Jake & Kiki

destiny said...

Thanks Special.

I'm guessing Jake is going to be taking a break for a while after he's done promoting POP. Probably disappear until LAOD comes out.

oth said...

Despite "One Tree Hill's" uncertain future -- it's one of only 3 scripted shows that The CW hasn't yet picked up for the 2010-2011 season -- Grubbs has high hopes that he'll be reunited with his cast mates. "I have a feeling that Grubbs has become a pretty solid presence around Tree Hill and you would probably see him back. I can't guarantee that, but if the network picks up the show, I have a pretty good feeling about it."

Before we worry about next season, fans of "One Tree Hill" have two more Season 7 episodes to fret about. "When I read the finale the first time, I literally was like 'What?!'" Grubbs says enthusiastically. "I was on the plane flying to Wilmington and I yelled, 'No way!' out loud on the flight. Get ready. It's really, really good."

Earlier this month, James Lafferty revealed to Zap2it that two finale endings were shot. The one that airs on May 17 will depend on whether the network picks up the show -- if they've made a decision before then.

"If there's another season, we'll hit you with a crazy twist," Grubbs tells us. "Look, the ending we'll use if we get another season is just so insane. We could never use it as the series finale, with these twists and turns, because we could never do that to the fans and not wrap it up. It would just be evil."

Special K said...

There will be a Live Stream Prince of Persia Cast Chat TOMORROW at 12:30AM EDT, 9:30AM PDT

You can catch online at

You can watch the premiere Sunday night streaming live there too.

Adam said...

UPDATE: Looks like it's been delayed by 15 mins because of election coverage.
New times 23:00 UK, 15:00 LA, 18:00 NY, 07:00 Tokyo

Adam on Jonathan Ross - Live Stream

Out Magazine said...

At least we are keeping the troll occupied. They vary their attacks between here and WFT2 so will probably move along soon enough. All their ranting and raving does not change Jake's sexual preferences.

What's missing out of your comments is your failure to deal with reality M. Some may consider Following every word of a gossip columnist word puzzles as facts and truths, but some are able to distinguish the non sense and light hearted humor of it.
You can't.

You're not keeping anyone occupied, you're just naive and it's very amusing and sometimes out right silly.

What's in it for you with Jake being Gay? It's not an issue with me. The issue is you stating Ted's word puzzles as the Godspell Truth.

that is an opinion?! said...

6:41 PM - get lost!

hey there said...

Out = East Coast Fan

prairiegirl said...

Does sound like just like ecf.

Just hits rewind and plays the same tune everytime.

porcine said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
m said...

I watched the recording of Craig with Sophia. I thought she handled herself well. She is getting a bit too much cellulite for those short skirts though. She said she was in Europe filming a movie. So much for the vacation story. I did notice that no one clapped for the mention of OTH in her intro. I guess they never heard of it. Her voice was less husky, her skin was phenomenal, but her hair was a bit weird.

Lots of Jake stuff to catch up on tomorrow. Hopefully his interviews will start showing up on youtube.

M and M said...

Did anyone watch Jake live streamed on Adam's site this afternoon?

Adam and Jake said...


M and M said...

What did you think? On one hand, he was definitely gorgeous and, not surprisingly, his typical funny self, but...

Cirrus said...

I have to watch the entire thing. I've only seen a snippet.

Adam and Jake said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Johnathan Ross
Adam Lambert GlamRockGodUK Wossy Pt1
Adam Lambert GlamRockGodUK Wossy Pt2.

Adam and Jake said...

On one hand, he was definitely gorgeous and, not surprisingly, his typical funny self, but somehow reserved?

M and M said...

Okay, then. I'll wait to discuss once everyone's had a chance to view the whole program. I actually got to see it, in real time, because Adam graciously live streamed it on his website this afternoon. Thanks!

M and M said...

Thanks, Adam and Jake. I see you've referred us to the entire interview on You Tube. Good show. Can't wait to see what other's think.

Cirrus said...

Yes, I can't get the audio on Jake's clip, so I'll wait to comment until I have? I like that he brought the Legos, and the PoP clip they chose. There's no denying Jake's beautiful face and eyes, and he's got an intensity, but he's a more private guy. He and Adam are two entirely different personalities. Adam is very impressive too.

M and M said...

Yes, I thought the Legos were adorable and J. Ross was hilarious when he spoke about how Jake looked compared to the two "ugly" brothers in the film. Too funny.

M and M said...

Adam is very impressive too.

I couldn't agree with you more. Adam held his own, and then some. Truly a star. Charming, relaxed, engaging...and effortlessly candid. How refreshing to hear pure honesty on display. Wonder what Jake was thinking when Adam started talking about his adolescence as a gay teenager, and later when he openly talked about his AMA kiss with Tommy and how he was the lucky one because his keyboardist is so cute? Bet his body language go even more constricted.

Cirrus said...

Very true - plus I'm floored by his talent. His voice has great range. He's not just good looking. I loved the song Feelin' Good he did. I'm glad he had such supportive parents too. :)

Cirrus said...

I thought his AMA kiss was beautiful. JR made a good point about how it's not made such a big deal out of when it's two women.

M and M said...

^^^Agree completely. The exchange about the kiss was terrific. Adam's voice is absolutely incredible. I have all the AI shows recorded and play them back, periodically. "Feelin' Good" was one of my favorite performances. Along with "Tracks of My Tears." The way Adam swaggered down those stairs in all his glory was mesmerizing. I probably would have fallen on step two! LOL. Never mind being able to pull that entrance off and still sing like a force of nature.

there's more said...

The live stream cut off before Jake did his cooking segment with Wossy and the pickled onion eating contest.

Jake uses Wossy's Ipad to cook with and wraps it in bacon.

M and M said...

I heard about Jake's culinary creation from a friend over in England who watched the show last night. Sounds like the irrepressible, facetious Jake of old. Can't wait to see that segment.

prairiegirl said...

Shoot, is it just me or is the audio just terrible on those videos? I can't hardly hear it and that's with my laptop turned all the way up. I don't want to blast the next thing that comes on my computer so I had to turn my volume down. I couldn't hear the first one on Adam either.

I'll have to just count on you guys and what you have to say about it.

I already have an opinion on how I see Jake acting but I probably ought to watch the whole thing before I leap to conclusions so I'll leave it alone for now.

I'll just say this - he looks very good and like the near-30 year old husband and father that he is now.

M and M said...

You'll love the Legos segment, PG.

sheesh said...

"near-30 year old husband and father"

ffs, there's no hard evidence that he is married - and don't bring Ted's bs into it.

cooking said...

Can't wait to see that segment.

With good audio:

Jake Gyllenhaal cooking an Apple iPad on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (7th April 2010)

It's Obvious said...

^^ Jake and Austin are married?

Yeah right. With Austin attached at Sophia's hip on a daily basis.

Jake in the UK without Austin by his side? And who are watching the children while Jake is overseas.

Maybe this juicy tidbit Ted will be dropping that M speaks about so often IS: Austin showing up on the show with Sophia, (supporting her) and being seen in the audience while Jake is in London.
It's obvious Austin wants to be seen with her and wants everyone to know.

Now this Marriage? When did this happen?

M and M said...

Thanks so much. That bacon was a nice touch. You can see why Jake is such a good chef! Bet that iPad tasted so much more flavorable and juicer after that special ingredient was added to the mix! *wink*