Sunday, May 23, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a rock musician and radio presenter Tom Robinson. In the late 1970 he was embraced by the gay rights movement when he sang "Glad to Be Gay", but later in the 1990's found himself the subject of controversy when he chose to live and later marry a woman and have children together.

Tom Robinson was born into a middle-class family in Cambridge, England on June 1, 1950. His first musical experience was as a choirboy growing up. In 1963, as just shy of the British invasion a thirteen year old teenager realized he was gay. And progressive as the music in British was becoming it was not so for gay rights. At the time penalties in England for same-sex sexual activity included prison terms. Pretty frightening for a young boy coming of age and into the understanding of his sexuality. At 16, Robinson had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide. An understanding head teacher got him transferred to a pioneering therapeutic community for disturbed adolescents in Kent.

There at Finchden Manor, he was inspired by John Peel's Perfumed Garden on pirate Radio London, and a visit from musician Alexis Korner. The legendary bluesman and broadcaster transfixed a roomful of people with nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar. The whole direction of future life and career became suddenly clear.

Robinson moved to London when he was 23 and founded the trio Café Society. The Kink's Ray Davies helped the group with their first album, but it sold only six hundred copies. While in London he became involved in the gay rights movement and in combating sexism and racism, causes that he continues to champion to this day. In 1976, inspired by an early Sex Pistols gig he left Café Society and founded the more political Tom Robinson Band. The following year the group put out the hit single "2-4-6-8 Motorway," which alludes obliquely to a gay truck driver, and "Glad to Be Gay," which was embraced by gay audiences and banned by the BBC.

The band had success with their album Power in the Darkness (1978), but their sophomore outing was a failure, after which the group split.

He later organized a new band, Sector 27, that produced a well-reviewed but not particularly successful album. The band nevertheless received an enthusiastic reception at a Madison Square Garden concert with The Police. But trouble befell the group their management company went bankrupt, the band disintegrated, and Robinson suffered another nervous breakdown. Desolate and in debt, Robinson moved to Germany, doing music in East Berlin.

In 1982 he wrote "War Baby" about divisions between East and West. It spent nine weeks on the Top Ten charts in the UK and revived his career. Returning to Great Britian, he started performing in cabarets in Scotland. A producer from the BBC saw him and tapped him to become the host of a BBC World Service radio show.

A longtime supporter of and former volunteer for London's Gay Switchboard help-line, was attending a 1982 benefit for the organization when he met the woman with whom he would eventually marry and have two children.

When Robinson became a first time father, the Brit tabloid press had a field day, blaring the news with the headline "Britain's Number One Gay in Love with Girl Biker!" The gay press reviled him, but he continued to identify as a gay man, telling an interviewer for the Manchester Guardian, "I have much more sympathy with bisexuals now, but I am absolutely not one." He added that "our enemies do not draw the distinction between gay and bisexual."

In a 1994 interview with the Boston Globe, he said, "We've been fighting for tolerance for the last 20 years, and I've campaigned for people to be able to love whoever the hell they want. That's what we're talking about: tolerance and freedom and liberty—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So if somebody won't grant me the same tolerance I've been fighting for for them, hey, they've got a problem, not me."

He has become an advocate for a wider sexuality than his earlier potrayal as only a homosexual campaigner allowed. Starting with his musical career with "Glad To Be Gay", he rounded it off twenty years later with an album cheerfully titled "Having It Both Ways" in 1996. In 1998 his bisexual epic "Blood Brother" won in three categories at the Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards in New York.

Over the past twenty years Robinson has become better known as a broadcaster than as a musician. In 1986 a radio producer offered him his own series on the BBC World Service. Highly unusual, Robinson has presented programs on all the BBC's national stations: Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5Live. He fronted The Locker Room, a series about men and masculinity, for Radio 4 in the early nineties and later hosted the Home Truths tribute program to John Peel a year after the musician's death. He also produced a show in 1994 that came from his personal experience, writing and presenting it himself called Surviving Suicide.

With producer by Matthew Linfoot he won a Sony Radio Award in 1997 with the gay music documentary You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, and currently hosts his own show on BBC 6, and freelances on Radio 2 (Mark Radcliffe show) and Radio 4 (Something Understood, Pick Of The Week).

In addition to doing radio work, he continues to tour. He has moved to a more mellow sound, playing acoustic guitar in his concerts, and even includes some spoken-word pieces in his performances. He knows, however, that his fans turn out to hear his classic songs, and so his signature tune, "Glad to Be Gay," remains in his repertoire, although he updates it to reflect current events.

He is also an active supporter of Amnesty International, The National Assembly Against Racism and The Samaritans along with Peter Tatchell's Outrage! campaign among others.

A Sunday addition to the Out Spotlight, this past week on a show called "What Would You Do" , which creates social experiments and videos how people react when they don't know they're being watched.

This past week the presented a situation where gay parents were refused a meal in a restaurant. What would you do?

(For those outside of the US not sure if you can watch it because of broadcasting rights here's hoping you can watch this video)
(Thanks Wicked for passing this on to be a part of the Spotlight)


m said...

That's the first time I ever heard that song. I'm surprised it does not get more play as a gay anthem.

Cool that Jake sent his hubby a signal.

One more week of heavy promo and things will be back to normal. I've been thinking about it and I most definitely do not want a POP2. Jake would have to bulk up again and film in Morocco. The next time it would be 3D and take much longer to film. We would not see Jake out and about for a long time. Right now is probably overkill, but I don't want to see him tied up for years.

Cirrus said...

Great Out Spotlight as always! :)

How terrible that the family would not be served. My partner and I are inter-racial; so I've experienced questionable behaviour like that also. :( No excuse for not treating all families as families.

M and M said...

Thank you Special and Wicked for that powerful video reminder of why it is so important to speak out against intolerance. Only 11 out of 100 diners willing to stand up when flagrantly confronted with virulent discrimination? *shakes head and sighs*

That young man who was ready to punch out the waiter was fascinating. I wish we could have learned more about why he reacted as viscerally as he did. He made a joke about being on edge because he was trying to quit smoking, but that was only to deflect the interviewer. And, the man at the end gets it completely. Too many people do not stand up/remain silent when they need to walk the walk. I wonder how many of those 100 people just turned they heads, and hearts away because they convinced themselves that it just wasn't their business? All I can say is this:

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

and by that time no one was left to speak up." Reinhold Niebur

destiny said...

I think it is hilarious that Jack, who is always telling us Austin is not part of Jake's life because there haven't been any photos in a year, is now trying to tell us he's most certainly still friends with McBongo and Lance even though they haven't been seen together in three years.

One more maple story. Yesterday at the farmers market the maple syrup guys were selling cotton candy made out of maple sugar! If you're a fan of cotton candy and maple, can I just say, this combo is to die for.

destiny said...

Nice to see Jake and Chris out and having a good time.

Too bad Austin and BT can't enjoy the same. I'd hardly consider throwing the horns, if directed at Austin, compensation.

M and M said...

I'd hardly consider throwing the horns, if directed at Austin, compensation.

Who knows, Destiny, it may have been the best compensation if the two have been "celebrating" their reunion this past week and Jake just wanted a quick reconnection with his tall drink of water! *wink*

M and M said...

Destiny: Did you see Adam on Leno Friday night? I do think I'm still drooling from the performance.

destiny said...

That video about the gay families in the diner was fascinating.

Some observations. First, Sheepshead Bay is quite far out into Brooklyn, it's not one of the trendy neighborhoods close to Manhattan. It is a somewhat conservative neighborhood, at one time it had a lot of Italian immigrants, but in recent years a lot of Russians and Russian Jews.

It's not surprising that the ones who came to their defense included an interracial couple --as you pointed out Cirrus, I think they also get their, unfortunately, share of nasty looks, unlike say, the black couple--and the child of Holocaust survivors.

I think it would have been more interesting to have a control family to compare it with--a black family, say, to see if more people would have reacted. I think a lot of people are afraid to get involved in conflicts, and that some may not been motivated by homophobia to do nothing. But there certainly was plenty of that from the one couple--until told what was going on.

destiny said...

Oh my, totally agree M and M. Adam was on fire on Leno, and just about the hottest I've ever seen him. I'm smiling and drooling just thinking about it again. Loved the new hair, with it kind of short on one side.

I also got a kick out of the fact Leno genuinely seems to like him. Don't know if you caught the monologue, (and for those who didn't see it) Leno had this little dream sequence where it turned out he was the band member that Adam was kissing.

destiny said...

LOL, I'm sure you're all going to think I"m talking to myself, but lots to catch up on since I really haven't had time to even read the posts here the past couple of days.

I think it is very interesting that the NY Post did that article on Jake's fans, and talked to Stephanie. Glad they found people with different viewpoints. And boy, if they weren't dropping hints all over the place about his sexuality.

destiny said...

Last one for now, I promise. :-D

I found it very interesting to hear those two women talk about the difficulties of having gay parents. But it just got me to thinking about BT again, and what damage being hidden does. I doubt these women were hidden away when they were growing up, but they obviously found it hard at time to accept their family situation. Now they looked to be in their 20s, so I'm sure it was a lot lot harder when they were kids than it would be now.

But just imagine how much harder it would be to feel comfortable with your family and yourself if on top of not coming from a "normal" family" you also have parents who are hiding you, running around with beards and pretending to be straight. How anyone can watch that video, and listen to those women talk, and think that Jake and Austin hiding BT is an acceptable thing to do is just beyond me.

I remember one or more people telling me Bomer wasn't any better because he wasn't seen with his kids. Well, nobody else here seems to have anything to say now that he has been seen with one of them--and according to a DL post I saw on WFT2, that kid at the Shrek premiere is Simon's, and that the DL poster sees the whole family together all the time around WeHo.

Bommer isn't as well known as Jake, and yet people are seeing him around with his family. Just convinces me more than ever that J&A never go out with BT anywhere.

honestly said...

Just convince me more than ever that J/A have no kid!

Sorry if my opinion isn't popular.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

Destiny it was adoreable and awesome seeing Bomer out with his stepson. I am gonna need to see more def signs of BT soon. Either J and A are horrible horrible parents or BT does not exist. Yeah there is some interesting things that I have seen but those are not def proof of BT. It is time we see BT. Where is this kid in the unspecified location Cheney use to hide in. Cmon now enough is enough.

destiny said...

I can understand why people do not believe BT exists. Do I believe it one hundred perecent? No. But
I think it is highly likely, and if true, very troubled.

M and M said...

Oh my, totally agree M and M. Adam was on fire on Leno, and just about the hottest I've ever seen him. I'm smiling and drooling just thinking about it again. Loved the new hair, with it kind of short on one side.

I also got a kick out of the fact Leno genuinely seems to like him. Don't know if you caught the monologue, (and for those who didn't see it) Leno had this little dream sequence where it turned out he was the band member that Adam was kissing.

Sorry, I disappeared for a bit after asking a question. Not very good Net etiquette! Yes, I saw the opening monologue. Leno definitely likes Adam. And, boy or boy was Adam smokin' Friday night. His haircut is terrific. He's a shapeshifter for certain so there's no telling what he's going to look like next. Definitely can't get bored with Adam around.

zb said...

I have no clue whatsoever what would make BT "highly likely". As a matter of fact, I personally think is pure fiction

Special K said...

The video,it was really fascinating to see the reaction and see not only who stood up for the family, but how and the why too.

Being an advocate for people with disabilities in one of my old jobs, I learned that you can't wait to see if anyone else is going to speak up it's up to you to do it.

prairiegirl said...

I can understand why people do not believe BT exists.

I do, too.

Either J and A are horrible horrible parents or BT does not exist.

Totally disagree. One does not negate the other. We have absolutely no idea unless one of us has a video camera hook up into their house. And I don't think that's likely.

Sorry if my opinion isn't popular.

That's not true. Exhibit A: Today's comments. Wherever this notion came that everyone on OMG believes in BT, must believe in BT, requires everyone who comments to believe in BT is beyond my vision of what I have seen on here since talk of BT started. Pure projection.

Well, nobody else here seems to have anything to say now that he has been seen with one of them-

I haven't commented because frankly, I haven't cared about Bomer. The guy does nothing for me. He's attractive at times to me but it depends on the picture. I don't watch his show. Perhaps if instead of Bomer it was Malcolm Gets I would pay more attention. Just because someone doesn't comment about something does not mean they're intimidated or feel they've been proved wrong about something. For myself, it's basically just the simple reason that I'm not into him.

closet said...

We have absolutely no idea

Keeping kids in the closet is not good parenting. Spin all you want, you can't change life facts and turn closet into something good and desirable.

Special K said...

Jake in NYC and seeing the Dalai Lama?

So (besides the Dalai Lama) I also saw Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, who were both about 3ft away from me walking up an aisle. Surreal. about 1 hour ago via Echofon

At Radio City waiting for the @DalaiLama to give his talk! about 6 hours ago via Echofon


prairiegirl said...

How anyone can watch that video, and listen to those women talk, and think that Jake and Austin hiding BT is an acceptable thing to do is just beyond me.

Well, for one, I guess I can be one that statement is aimed at.

I won't apologize for how I feel although I haven't specifically said I have found it "acceptable". Well, maybe I do since I "accept" their decision and have to respect it. Respect it meaning it is not for me to question it and try to tell them what to do. I can get on here and rant & rave all I want about Jake bragging on his body or Austin bearding with Sophia. But do they give a flip? No. Are they going to listen & drop whatever they're doing so they can by gosh follow PG's self-righteous tirade? No. Would I like them to? LOLLL, of course. Should I expect it? No.

I have my reasons for accepting their decision for now. I find it disheartening, Destiny, to have my acceptance stated that it is beyond human comprehension when I don't see similar criticism directed at you or Tom for feeling the way you guys do. I haven't said one stinkin' word on the blog about it. I don't mind arguments for why one doesn't believe BT exists or that the way BT is being brought up is not the best of situations. I'm still trying to figure out how it is that because I accept the decision for now is cause to believe I "approve" of it. That one I don't get. But anyway. What I don't like is to have my right to have a conflicting opinion be shot down as being inhuman.

And if it sounds like I'm getting pissed, it's become I am.

Jersey Tom said...

PG I dont think Destiny was pointing directly at u buddy. U know how we have different opinions here. Destiny has strong opinions. We do have a huge difference of opinions here and at times it will divide us. I didnt see the video. I couldnt get it to work. Seeing Bomer with the kid was sweet and I was wishing it was Jake. If BT exists I dont know how much longer anybody cant support Jake hiding that fact. I think the safety issue is a bunch of Bull. Jodie is out with her kids now Bomer is out with his. Do you think Ellen would be hiding her kid if either her or Portia had one. I can understand giving Jake a little slack but got to admit I will have a hard time understaning anyones approval of this situation after the PoP hype is over. Its time. I got a feeling there will be no sequel. Just a hunch unless this movie surprises and make a load of money.

We will evntually know the truth and if Ted has sucker bunched us then he will look really really bad and I dont think anyone will ever believe him again.

prairiegirl said...

I would love to see the same thing you do. You don't think I'm dying to? I am.

Tom, I don't know how Ellen D. would react. I do know that she as good as endorsed Reeke when she was interviewing Reese.

I don't think hiding BT revolves around PoP. And you probably better get ready to have a hard time understanding me after PoP is over because I don't anticipate my view changing this year. I could be wrong because who knows what is around the corner, but for now that's what I see.

If we all truly have friendships, a true friendship communicates through differences like this. Friendships don't hinge on having to share all beliefs. Talking doesn't stop just because there's a disagreement on a single subject. When it does, there doesn't seem to be sufficient grounds for a true friendship in every since of the word.

And yeah, that sentence would include me because I have stated that I accept their decision for what they feel they need to do at this time.

Special K said...

Highlights of a good article on MSNBC

Such an eclectic palate is admirable, but one curious by-product is that it prevents the Hollywood establishment and movie audiences from getting a handle on who Jake Gyllenhaal is, at least as a bankable actor. Is he an independent character actor? A leading man? An action figure? A love interest, or a second banana? Is he rough and tough, or vulnerable and sensitive?

Can someone like Gyllenhaal have a long career even though he may defy categorization in a town where even its pigeons are pigeonholed?

“Gyllenhaal’s a real 21st century leading man — the guy who doesn’t play it safe,” said Mary Elizabeth Williams, film critic and contributor to

“In a lot of ways,” she added, “he’s like Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr., or to name one of his peers, Christian Bale. They’re all charismatic, handsome stars, and they can carry a big action movie whenever they want to — but they know the key to longevity is to keep challenging audience expectations of them. To look at the guy, he’s made to be on movie posters.”


Even director Nicole Holofcener, who cast Gyllenhaal in her 2001 film “Lovely & Amazing” fresh off his breakthrough in “Donnie Darko,” said she did a double take.

“I said, ‘Who’s that?! Jake?!’ But he probably sees that poster and thinks the same thing,” Holofcener said. “But who can blame him for taking that part? He probably had a blast doing it.”

She said she chose Gyllenhaal for the part of Jordan in “Lovely” because “he had innocence and sexiness, a great sense of humor and an earnestness. And he was just so damn cute. That’s what it boiled down to. Everybody in the room during casting was blushing, so I figured that was a good sign.

"What Gyllenhaal brings to fare like ‘Prince of Persia’ is his light, funny touch. He’s not just sword-wielding beefcake, nor does he appear to want to be. There’s nothing wrong with a little popcorn in any career, but he’s not making a steady diet of it.

“And he’s one of the few stars, like Matt Damon, who can do action, drama, comedy, and weirdo indie. I don’t think it’s just about getting the fattest paycheck — it’s about doing what he hasn’t done before.”

David Kagen is one of the top acting teachers in Hollywood. He said Gyllenhaal possesses rare qualities for an actor, and as a result his career options are many.

“There are a lot of actors I’ve worked with where you talk to them and they open up and this wonderful personality comes out,” Kagen said. “All this stuff that’s particular to them that’s interesting. Then you hand them a script and a lot of that goes away. And that’s really bad. One of the things they need to learn is to use themselves, and then get out of the way.

“When I see Jake doing interviews, and then watch him in something like ‘Brothers,’ there’s no change. It’s like this wonderful seamless transition into whatever role he’s playing. Everything seems to be available to him, his sense of humor, his toughness. There is a sort of an ease. … There are just some people who have that.”


That was also apparent to cinematographer Steven Poster, who shot “Donnie Darko” in 2001, featuring a 20-year-old Gyllenhaal. “There was such intelligence with his characterization of Donnie,” Poster said. “You knew from the beginning he would be big. Plus, he was a gentleman. There wasn’t a moment of ego or narcissism.”

Poster believes the actor’s presence in “Prince of Persia” represents an opportunity for him to have some fun rather than signal a dubious step down an unfortunate career path. “I think Jake is very smart that way,” he said. “Everybody’s got to do one of these pictures on the way up. … I think he’s very grounded.”

Special K said...

Gooberballs reminder

Jake on Good Morning America tomorrow morning and on David Letterman tomorrow night.

Jake's got a busy week ahead and it looks like day tripping to Toronto on Tues to do some press and taping there, then back to NYC. Wed and maybe Thursday.

oth said...

Will Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Return to OTH?

We went straight to the source to find out—or rather the first castmember we ran into, but still a vitally important part of OTH and a man we hope to see alive and kickin' next season, Mr. Robert Buckley. Here's what he tells us:

"I'm not ruling anything out," he says with a little grin. "Knowing the way Mark Schwahn works…that guy is always pulling stuff out of his hat. Anything can happen

Sir Ben said...

"Jake is a great leading man to work with - he's wonderful to work with because he makes himself vulnerable," he said.

"For a strong young guy like that, not many of his American counterparts are vulnerable. They don't dare to be vulnerable because they think vulnerable is weak. It is not - to be vulnerable is to be very strong.

Sir Ben Kingsley

M and M said...

Well, I know I’m a neophyte in comparison to all of you, but I just wanted to put my two cents into the mix. First off, I’m a skeptic by nature. Not a cynic or a disparager, but a rationalist, fully at home in the world of ideas and possibilities--hardly gullible or easily duped. Being a doubter by nature, I must admit, the idea of Jake falling in love, marrying his young co-star whom he met on the set of TDAT in 2002, and having children, is an astonishing, almost beyond the imagination sequence of events. Wet, dark and wild, if I may use a RDJ turn of phrase. The reality is that everyone sees their own reality based on their personal experiences, value systems, level of patience living with uncertainty, and their ability to accept someone’s choices that may not agree with theirs.

If what we may think is possibly true, the plain fact is we simply don’t know why Jake has decided to make the choices he has. That’s right. Unless Jake decides to share his personal decision making tree with all of us, all we can do is hope that he and Austin know what they are doing. And, that they both have actually thought about not just the short run, but the long haul. If what Ted says is true, these children are not much older than 2.5 years and maybe 1.5 years of age. That’s right. They are toddlers. I’m not here to judge or lecture Jake or Austin. I’m here to celebrate their careers, wish them the best and, yes, to see if what I think is happening really is. I personally have my views about living in the closet, and they are probably not too far from Destiny’s and Tom’s way of thinking. That said, I like Jake and I’ve come to like Austin too. They seem like intelligent, responsible and passionate young men. Neither saviors nor saints. Just fallible and fragile individuals who probably have learned to live with a bittersweet mixture of regret as well as contentment. Just like all of us have.

A true rationalist said...

First off, I’m a skeptic by nature. Not a cynic or a disparager, but a rationalist, fully at home in the world of ideas and possibilities--hardly gullible or easily duped.

I don't believe in the existence of one baby tile, let alone two. Let me explain my reasoning. Since you are a rationalist too, maybe you can tell me where your thinking differs from mine.

It's a basic tenet of logic and reasoning that, if I postulate the existence of X (whether X be God, or alien life or baby tile) I must present evidence of X's existence.

Good so far?

So, what evidence is there that baby tile exists?

1) Ted has said there is a baby tile. So we have one "eye witness", one voice that says that baby tile is real.

2) Well, what else do we have? A whole lot of nothing. We have comments on Jake having a new maturity, an inner confidence. But that is a subjective interpretation of limited information, and even if we agree that there has been a change, we have no way of knowing what the source of such a change is

M and M, can you see any holes in my logic yet? Because if there aren't any, it follows that my position (that baby tile does not exist) is rational. And if that is true then, by definition, belief in the existence of baby tile must be irrational.

destiny said...

I have very strong opinions when it comes to the closet and what J&A are doing because there is a kid involved. When I express my opinion I don't have a particular poster in mind.

And it just goes to show you PG, either I am totally wrong, or you used to, I think, have a problem with what J&A are doing when it comes to BT, and I completely forgot you felt the way you do. So you're completely wrong when you say my comments were directed at you.

Just because something is incomprehensible to me doesn't mean it is incomprehensible to others. For me personally, there are just certain things I can only see in black and white. Doesn't mean I'm right, it's just how I feel. Tell me why I'm wrong then, or why you disagree, or what you think makes what Jake and Austin are doing okay.

And if you have no interest in talking about Bomer, that's cool too. I don't recall you ever talking about him, and I know you were not the one who argued that he was doing the same thing as Jake and Austin. So it really beats the boots off of me why you took that one personally.

Bottom line, my comments are my feelings and my arguments on various topics and ideas. They are not personal attacks. I never single out people. I'm sorry if you took them personally PG, or anyone else.

And you're wrong about nobody ever saying anything against me. I've been attacked plenty on this blog, with posters singling me out by name and crapping all over me.

I can deal with people who want to crap all over me, and I'll just clean myself off and come back.

What I find hard to deal with is feeling like I have to walk on eggshells or not say what I'm feeling because someone might take it personally, particularly someone I regard as a friend.

destiny said...

I don't believe in BT just because of Ted. I believe in BT because of all that stuff in Paris with the woman, the baby, Ava touching him, the footprint on Jake's sweats, the looking tired and being driven around by someone else around the time BT was supposedly born and Jake holding something that looked like a sonogram.

prairiegirl said...

I never said you had never been crapped on before. We've talked about this before. I was talking about how we all feel about BT and the closet. Everyone up to this point has been able to express how they feel without being jumped on, with the exception of the trolls.

The comment about Bomer? Well, I included myself when I read, "Well, nobody else here seems to have anything to say". It didn't say, "Well, nobody else here with the exception of Prairiegirl" so I must have missed something.

I am supersensitive. I am thin-skinned. I'm not like you. Doesn't make it acceptable but it's just the honest truth. A real fault of mine, I don't deny it. Think that's a well known fact around these parts. I do own up when I know I'm wrong, though. Sorry if you feel you have to walk on eggshells around me.

You know what? Consider there being no further need to worry about it.

Apologies to everyone for having to see dirty laundry aired out. It was bound to happen, though. Just happened a little sooner than I would have thought.

stop beating around the bush said...

I'm still trying to figure out how it is that because I accept the decision for now is cause to believe I "approve" of it.

There is nothing for us to accept or reject, we can only have opinions about what is going on and how we feel about it.
BTW, from your posts it is more than obvious that you approve BT situation.

GMA said...

Jake on GMA this morning!!

fuck said...

I get now why some leave the OMG boat. What's going on for those who don't believe in the wedding with kids theory ??? the discussion is all about that every day.

Special K said...

See Jack and other stirrers are here this morning I see.

Waiting to watch Jake on Good Morning America. Sadly Sam Champion isn't there he's Louisiana again and Robin is out sick. So it's either Elizabeth Vargas or George Stephanopoulos to interview him. If it's George they could talk about last names no one ever gets right.

Also while PoP was the #1 movie in 18 of the 19 European Markets opened in, it didn't generated as much money as they thought at just $18 million.

LA Times

where? said...

See Jack and other stirrers are here this morning I see.


No cigar said...


All I see are regulars having a meltdown about non-existent marriages and babies

Special K said...

Ahhh another old fav is here too. And it's not Jack. Good morning LOL/: )

geez said...

Special K,

what is your problem? Do you expect every TB to share your OPINION about J&A and BT?

trolly collective said...

Hai Special, and good morning to you too :)

prairiegirl said...

Calm yourself, cigar. No one's having a meltdown. And if anyone thinks I'm going to be intimidated, snarked off, or silenced for voicing my opinion on what I believe, well, guess I'll just prepare a few more guest rooms. You better pack a big suitcase.

geez said...


learn to read.

prairiegirl said...

You can bite me, geez.

geez said...


learn to read and stop playing dumb.

Special K said...

Jake looks good and having fun signing autographs for fans in the GMA studio, before his interview.

No black jacket, it's business casual in the light blue summer suit today.

No cigar said...

No one's having a meltdown.

If you say so. Funny, then you do go and have a mini-meltdown:

And if anyone thinks I'm going to be intimidated, snarked off, or silenced for voicing my opinion on what I believe, well, guess I'll just prepare a few more guest rooms. You better pack a big suitcase.

prairiegirl said...

Didn't want to let it rest from next door, did you, geez?

geez said...

No. I still hope that one day you'll read posts before making shit up.

sheesh said...

geez = PR lackey

Special K said...

Jake's interview lots of fun, lots of laughs, and him fist fighting himself. He had Elizabeth Vargas laughing before they even started.

Couple of tweets

BobbyRiversTV: Jake Gyllenhaal, very cool guest on @GMA. Should do comedies. His Dreamgirls sketch was a SNL highlight a few seasons ago. #GMA
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Jake on GMA tweet pic

prairiegirl said...

Unlike you, geez, I don't get paid to sit on here all day. I've got work to get done.

Knock your self out.

Damn said...

Sadly Sam Champion isn't there he's Louisiana again.

Damn that oil spill for effing up things, huh? Believe me, there are many who wish Sam Champion didn't have to be there, and not because he's unable to interview Jake. Nice we have our priorities straight, as it were.

PG, your hyperbole is wearing thin.

Championing said...

Actually, it's nice that Sam Champion is in LA, doing some serious journalism. :)