Monday, May 24, 2010

Ostrich It's a good thing.

Jake is everywhere. He introduced two clips on the Discovery channel on Saturday. Sunday PoP had a spot on WWE wrestling. We will see him PoP up on Lifetime next?

But they all missed boat when they didn't book Jake on Martha Stewart.

Martha and Jake doing crafts with ostrich eggs and feather. A faux Faberge egg for the mantel , or an wonderful ostrich feather wreath for the house.

"With me today is the very handsome Jake Yillenhoolahey, you didn't know I spoke Swedish did you? Who's the Prince of Persia. The movie Prince of Persia, that has the most amazing fabrics and rugs, it reminds of all those beautiful Persian rugs I had my assistants bring back after that party I went to Malcolm Forbes' party years ago. Speaking of glittery sparkles we're going to make this amazing faux Faberge Egg with Jake."

"Hi Jake "

"Hi Martha"

"It's amazing that you've never been here before. You're sister Maggie's been here."

"Yeah, she said she had fun making breadsticks with you. "

"Look at you both there. You like brother and sister."

"Well because we are."

"Well they were most amazingly delicious breadsticks made with extracts from the vegetables and herbs from my garden. Now you're friends with a friend of mine chef Mario Batali who makes the most amazing things every times he comes. You fancy yourself a bit of a cook don't you."

"Well I...."

"Well we're not going to do that, we're going to make this magnificent Faberge egg from a ostrich egg. I read that you were afraid of ostriches because of the movie. Prince of Persia. You are chase by ostriches. You know I am raising 3 ostriches as a part of my aviary on the Hamptons, I've got Coco, Dior and Karl. You can tell which one is Karl he got his neck through that black tube and won't let us take it off. And he doesn't like Coco at all."
Oh look at you there are you running away?

"They were chasing me."

"Oh my ostriches would never do that. Well maybe Karl."

"Do you know what ostriches can do? They can ..."

"While yes I do. One ostrich egg is equivalent to a dozen chicken eggs. Did you know Jake I have my own chickens? I've got Cuckoo Marans, Mottled Cochins, and Porcelains. The marans eggs have these dark brown eggs, and the porcelains lay the most beautiful blue eyes ever. Jake you have a garden don't you? You know you should get some chickens too? Do you have any birds at home?"

"Now we have these most beautiful perfect ostrich eggs here. They are quite strong, so need to be so delicate with them. To make this faux Faberge you will need 70,000 to 80,000 swaroski crystals, fine tip glue, 16mm gold braiding, gold leaf, tweezers, a drummel drill, hammer, blow torch..."

"Whoa Whoa Martha...a blow torch? Really? Isn't that a lot of stuff...."

"Oh Jake, it's never enough. You need to have all tools, all available at Martha Stewart dot com or a Michael's Crafts near you. Now mark the design you want on the egg with one of my Martha Stewart craft pens and just start gluing all this amazing beautiful tiny crystals on one by one......."

"This is going to take awhile. Wow how did you get yours done so fast?"

"You might to start with something a little smaller than an ostrich egg, you want to get it done faster, you can do this with a goose egg. Can you get your hands on some goose eggs Jake?"

"Well I don't sleep more than 2 hours a night and I did it all while baking and decorating this quarter scale replica of the Gates of Alamut cake. " (Rolling back the set to reveal a wall of cake)

"I can't compete with that."

"And I made it with all the ostrich eggs we're using today."

"See Jake. Ostriches are a good thing."

Jake on Good Morning America this Morning

Don't forget Jake's on Martha's good friend Dave tonight.

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ted said...

Blab, Blab,Blab: Wedding Bells for Sophia and Austin?

"I love them together! So we shall see."

—Recently engaged One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer when we asked if her CW costars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols were next to walk down the aisle

Jana dished how thrilled everyone was that their show would be back for one final season, which means S & A have plenty of time to work and play together in the next year.

Isn't that totally presh?

As for what the lovebirds do in their spare time, it seems like outdoor activities are high on their priority list.

Kramer fessed that although she couldn't get the hang of it, Nichols and Bush are big surfers while they film out there in North Carolina. Surely you two make plenty of time for the fun indoor activities too, right babes?

First, Danneel Harris gave her seal of approval for Austin and Sophia to tie the knot, and now babe Jana has, too.

Think these kissing costars are moving toward strutting down that aisle? Yeah, us either. But they both sure are pretty to look at together!


PoP said...

Jake starts his day making everyone laugh at GMA

Special K said...

PoP and co. is running IHJ ragged with all the stuff they have to keep up with, but thanks to them we can keep up on everything. Thanks again IHJ!

Here's PoP Playback#2 that is showing on the Disney Channel.

PoP Playback#2

There's more ostriches and you get so see the stunt guys getting thrown off.

Special K said...

Interesting Ted's timing on the wedding bells for Sophia & Austin. Calling them out one more time for the bearding shenanigans.

The only way Austin will be waiting for a girl at the end of the aisle is if it's written in the script.

Special K said...

Just one more thing. IHJ just put up pics from outside the studios this morning at ABC.

Good crowd and lots of people wanting autographs. He signed both outside and inside the studio.

Looks like he has his go-to bodyguard with him, and there is a #2 man too.

He just seems so much more relaxed doing press than he has been in a long time.

Jake outside GMA

NY said...

Disney rolled out Prince of Persia this weekend in nineteen foreign markets, a week ahead of its U.S. debut, and despite its historically accurate haircuts, it did not do so hot. The movie racked up $18 million, 13 percent less than Iron Man and 24 percent less than Kingdom of Heaven, which for some reason are the two movies to which Disney is comparing Persia. The studio tried to blame it on "unseasonably warm weather" in Western Europe, but we know the real answer: All Germans hate Donnie Darko.

honestly said...

didn't see Iron man but Kingdom of heaven is really shit!

Special K said...

Gotta say Iron Man was good. Haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet.

honestly said...

Yes the productors took risk engaging jake for this role cause he isn't a wide know name yet and most people I know can't buy him in this kind of flick.
But an english friend of mine saw it and was pleasantly surprised by his capacity to pull off the epic charming and charismatic hero part. shit, this crap of Orlando bloom got success for one time because of his presence in Lord of the rings saying just two lines???

No wonder why twilight rise box office!

Special K said...

Jake heading into David Letterman to tape.

Jake Letterman

Amazing suit. He looks really really good.

Phone in hand.
Wondering who's want to keep close contact with? ; )

Trilobyte said...

Having seen PoP last Friday, I can only weep at what has become of Jake's career. It wont be a surprise to anyone that its not a good movie. But I was surprised just how bad it turned out to be.

Jake can do so much better than this dreck.

Meg said...

trib.. I'm planning on seeing it on wednesday, don't think its going to be the cinematic experience of my life but just want to see what 3 years of reeking paid for.

As Dorothy Parker once said, should I take knitting?

movie web said...

Can you discuss the arc of your character and how what his father told him about "trusting himself to know what is right and what is wrong" affected him and guided him through the course of the film?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Yeah, well I think primarily its about trusting your heart.In the beginning of the movie you see the young character of Dastan trust his heart. As a result he does something good for someone else and there are so many things karmically that are good for him that come out of that. I think throughout the story that's what he does and sometimes he veers off because he has a hard time with figuring it out but every time he goes back to listening to himself, things always turn out for the best. So to me I think that what is so great is that it is this big sort of mythological tale. Myths always paint these big, broad strokes and big ideas but we need to remember those things in our everyday life. I think primarily this movie, the lead character of this movie is saying, if you trust your heart and you trust your self you can't really go wrong.

Sir Ben Kingsley has said publicly that he feels that this story is very much influenced by the work of William Shakespeare and that he even sees the relationship between Dastan and Nizam to be a lot like the relationship between Hamlet and Claudius in "Hamlet." Did you make those connections with this film and were those elements that you were playing with while performing your scenes with Kingsley?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Well I think there are definitely issues that they share. I mean the main issue is betrayal. Being loved deeply by someone, putting your trust in someone and then realizing that they are someone that you never expected. I think of those are in terms of broad strokes. I never really looked at it like that. I guess looking back on it now my take was never Shakespearian. I think Sir Ben, obviously his history is in Shakespeare so as a result that is definitely his go to. For me I looked at it like, the scenes were kind of like reading a children's book. When you read a book to a child you're like, "Then the guy jumped off the thing and THE BAD GUY CAME!" There's kind of theatricality to the way we act in the movie, which I think is in telling a storyline that is very important. I never really, nor do I think it is appropriate for me to presume that I know much about Shakespeare. I'll leave that up to Sir Ben.source

Trilobyte said...

Ben Kingsley has a nice little career going for himself combining very serious work with popcorn rubbish. Plus he seems pretty shameless about it.

If only Jake had as coherent a plan as that. It's very, very sad.

trilobyte demasked said...

Trilobyte , sorry I don't understand you. You talk about jake career as if he only made popcorn rubbish !!!! I think we don't live on the same planet.

Trilobyte said...

No, I didnt say that. Chill out. I wish Jake would go back to making good films, that's all. You're reading too much into what I said.

I've followed Jake's career since Donnie Darko, I know exactly what he's capable of and PoP is a waste of his talent.

open eyes said...

"Ben Kingsley has a nice little career going for himself combining very serious work with popcorn rubbish"

Hum it's exactly what jake's doing in fact.

ok said...

"I know exactly what he's capable of and PoP is a waste of his talent."

Ok I agree then. But playing in those movies is a way to become widely famous and having a good paycheck I guess. I forgive him if he plays on in interesting and challenging movies. love and others drugs or source code seem great.

Special K said...

Matt Damon has success bouncing back and forth between mainstream movies and doing more interesting and critically acclaimed roles. Jake has said before he would like to have a career like Matt's.

Jersey Tom said...

Special K said...
Gotta say Iron Man was good. Haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet.

Didnt see I SK but saw II last weekend. It was ridiculous but fun. RDJ is so cool.

prairiegirl said...

Jake was very entertaining & charming on GMA. I think he looked a little tired; not as radiant & energetic as he has been thus far but who could blame him? He has got to be sick of flying by now. You can only be "on" so much.

He looks awesome in that pale blue suit. Whoever suggested that should be given a gold star. Excellent, excellent taste. And what a nice fit.

Special K said...

PG check out the pictures of him going to Letterman.
Jake going to Letterman

So good I had to link it twice. ha!

Now that's one hell of a suit. whoamama

prairiegirl said...

Nice to have you, Trilobyte. I apologize if you've been on here before and I just am in the dark. But I just wanted to say welcome and hope you come again.

I hope PoP does well, well, well in the States. I know it's a popcorn movie but we all need popcorn movies in our life. God bless the people who make songs like "Walking On Sunshine" and "Lazy Day". God bless the people who make fun Disney movies and cartoons like Scooby Doo and Flintstones. God bless the people who created carnivals and theme parks.

There is never anything wrong with escapism and an hour of forgetting troubles or just having a laugh. There is a time, purpose and place for everything. Everyone contributes what gifts they have and we all have been given gifts. No gift is too small or too insignificant.

prairiegirl said...

I can't open it, Special! waaah.


Now, what someone needs to tell our Jakey is that, uh...he needs to keep doing those squats & lunges or else that sassy booty of his is going to go south again. Those muscles don't just magically stay up forever. You have to constantly maintain. Maintain.

Perhaps Austin could help somehow.

ihj said...

tight & shiny

Shallow M and M said...

Now that's one hell of a suit. whoamama

Jake is over the top gorgeous in that ensemble. Can't wait to see him again on Letterman tonight because I haven't fulfilled by Gylliefix, yet. Went cold turkey for far too long so I know I'm probably going to OD this week, but what a way to go!!!!!! Woooohoooooo, baby!

prairiegirl said...

holy crap.

lol. Can I say that again?


Tight and shiny is right.

Look at how narrow his waist has gotten. Where's the secondary's view?

prairiegirl said...

Pinky ring? Check.

Big silver chain? Check.

Phone in hand? Check.

Very sharp, Jake. Lookin' good, buddy.

ihj said...

Jake Leaving Hotel in Tribeca

Jake Outside Ed Sullivan Theater

M and M said...

Blab, Blab, Blab: Wedding Bells for Sophia and Austin?
Interesting Ted's timing on the wedding bells for Sophia & Austin. Calling them out one more time for the bearding shenanigans.

Yeah, Ted is having a lot of wicked, taunting fun with Austin and Jake these days. Both making a lead appearance within a few days of each other in his "Blab, Blab, Blab" column is no coincidence. Tantalizingly, yet awkwardly, pairing them both with their "public babe" of the moment without fully disclosing the tongue and cheek secret he knows many of his readers "get." I loved the way one of the commenters on the AN story today wrote: "He's [Austin's] married to Toothy! LOL.

Special K said...

For me I looked at it like, the scenes were kind of like reading a children's book. When you read a book to a child you're like, "Then the guy jumped off the thing and THE BAD GUY CAME!"

Again Jake gives interesting insight where he's at, through his answers about his projects.

Special K said...

Jake had another #2 man for security at Letterman. You can see the IFB in his ear.

Jake at Letterman Security Guy #2

Jake at Letterman with his go-to security man

M and M said...


Like I've said before, this is very disturbing. Why does Jake need two security men? He use to go everywhere on his own. And, yes, I read that sentence about reading a book to a child. Folks will probably say, "Oh he's referring to Ramona or Matilda or one of his bodyguard's children." Anyone, but his own possible child or children. Jake has emerged from the Reeke bearding years with a real preoccupation/love of family and children. That cannot be denied. While we may disagree on the whys of that reality, the facts are there for all to see.

m said...

All this POP promo is wearing me out. I cant keep up. Jake was fun in the AM segment but I did see a flash of exasperation cross his face re the pronunciation of his name. I think the novelty has worn off on that topic. There was not enough Jake for Brothers, but it's veering on too much for POP.

Ted has to lay off Jake for a bit longer, but there is no moratorium on Austin.

Both suits look great on Jake but the vest/pants showed his body off well. Very well.

common sense said...

And, yes, I read that sentence about reading a book to a child. Folks will probably say, "Oh he's referring to Ramona or Matilda or one of his bodyguard's children." Anyone, but his own possible child or children.

What possible child or children? Some people prefer to use their heads and don't believe everything a gossip columnist has to say.

prairiegirl said...

I never watch David Letterman anymore because I'm either still on my computer or I'm in bed reading. But he does have some funny lines sometimes. The underwater cement job.

Jake looked pretty darn good last night. I find it totally interesting how he is with David than say, with Jon Stewart. While still having moments of ease and no shyness at all, there's still a sense that Jake is on his best behavior. There's a sense of respect or reverence; don't know if reverence is the right word but maybe just simple respect. Let's face it, David Letterman is a big gun. Oprah is a big gun, too, but to me there's a totally different vibe to Oprah. She could possibly put Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden at ease.

Love the 3 piece suit. What a fit that thing is. I'm impressed, lol.

Was it just me or was there a double entedre there when David was talking about Jake's "business" in Moscow. LOL. I think maybe ol' Dave was trying to say something there because Jake paused for a moment. Oh, there was business conducted there alright; Dave was right although I'm not sure what kind of business Dave himself had in mind.

Well, off to work. Got alot going on today.

Special K said...

Dave's been around so long, he is the Carson of a generation and most of his guest have a reverence for him in that respect. That aside Jake had a lot of fun last night. And you could see his quick wit hasn't lost it's edge. You can almost see the glee of excitement as he gets to jump back into the fun. And he looked amazing in that suit.

Just one thing, Jakey - bath house? You little sneak, sneaking in another little entendre there.

Was surprised when Jake said he was in in Russia for 3 days, thought it was a quicker trip.