Friday, May 28, 2010

PoP It

We know that Austin wouldn't mind sharing an Austin Friday with Jake. In fact at home bet it's preferred.

But will Jake let him handle his Dagger?

Guess there will be things PoPping up all over then.
That's one way to celebrate. ; )

Happy Opening Day!


destiny said...

Boy, you should see the giant photo of Jake they used to kind of wrap around the NY Times print edition of the POP review.

And LOL, I kept thinking of my girlfriend's mother when I saw it, because Jake's arm is stretched out and you can see his arm hair. Mom-in-law has a thing against seeing men's armpits, she even complains about it when guys are playing sports, like basketball.

Hope you have fun today Special and PG.

Florida Tom said...

Those sinners PG and SK were txting me as they were standing in line this morning. We should be getting a report soon.

Florida Tom has wheels. Yeah!

destiny said...

Yay Tom. I always live in fear of getting to the airport without id, I always have to check ten times before I leave the house, and then another ten times on the way there.

PrairieGirl said...

It's the sinners!! lol.

Yup, had to text Tom and let him know we were in line. We went to the 10:10 show and there was a scattering of people there. It was the best of circumstances. It was quiet. No one talked and no one got up whatsoever during the entire movie. Stadium seating.
And beautiful theatre. Great train ride there and wonderful lunch afterwards in the Boston Common afterwards.

PrairieGirl said...

Sorry for the repeat of afterwards but Special's mouse is alien-controlled and all I want to do is just get my comment up. lol I cannot be bothered with Preview under these circumstances.

Okay, now for the PG Review:

It was AWESOME!!!!! It was WONDERFUL. I say that with all honesty in my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I tell you what - I am home through Tuesday and I plan on going again to watch it on Tues at my hometown.

I thought it was a good story. There were several twist & turns. I was very impressed by Jake's athletic & acrobatic skills. There was one particular move he did that was reminiscent of figure skaters and I don't know what you call it but it was a 10 on the Impressed Scale. I thought that Jake & Gemma had so-so chemistry at first but as the plot went on, it increased and I found myself rooting for them. And at the end, I found myself getting all teared up during a particular scene. It was very real. As a matter of fact, I think I cried 3 times total. And I don't cry at just any movie, especially summer fluff movies.

I enjoyed the theme of family: Dastan's family. Dastan's relationship with his brothers and uncle are very instrumental in the movie. I liked that. I loved the scenery. I liked all the flowing material, the buildings, the veils.

It's a good story. I figured I would probably like it but I didn't realize just how much I was going to love it. It was pure escapism.

Gemma is truly a natural beauty. I think she could've brought more to the table in terms of feistiness but it was alright. Otherwise, I was rooting for her towards the end.

Jake? If one didn't want to go see the movie just to see the movie, if you're a fan of Jake and eye candy, you could just go to watch him. Because I'm telling you, the guy is just basically beautiful. He's not bulky looking. He's very athletic and strong looking.

There's some funny parts and there's one guy in particular who has the funny lines. Special tells me his real name is Alfred Molina. He was funny. Special says there's a word limit on comments so I'll have to end this. Sorry for the errors.

PrairieGirl said...

When I said flowing material, I was referring to the costumes.

The kids are still in school here so I would be curious as to how the crowds are at home. Sex in the City 2 was playing on alot more screens. PoP only on 3 with 15 shows total, I think. SC2 was on alot more.

I came away with a flash of deja vu during this movie. On second thought, I better not say anything yet in case anyone else maybe, maybe, on an outside chance besides m & m, want to see it. I don't want to spoil anything. Maybe on Sunday or something.

Fun, fun. And I also ended up liking the song by Alanis Morrisette. I didn't like it the first & only time I heard it but when we stayed for the credits, I ended up liking it. I think I'll have to download it.

And that was kind of funny what you were talking about on the poster, Destiny. It's funny because I'm usually not a fan of that either. But on Jake, because I think he grooms himself so, it's rather erotic on him. He had a pretty full mat of chest hair, too, lol. There was not alot of manscaping going on there.

This has been the official PG BodyHair Review of Prince Dastan.


I just told Special what I just wrote & I'm as red as a rotten tomato right now. LOLLLL!

Meg said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the film pg. Enjoy the weekend.

Florida Tom said...

I am also glad you enjoyed the movie PG.. I am sure SK had a good time also. I know Jake worked hard making the movie and promoting the movie. Sounds like a great date flick for sophin.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, Meg! I have had a good time with a lot of chatter and some quite spirited discussion. As you can probably imagine. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie - I was surprised. I think Jake did a fine, fine job.

prairiegirl said...

Actually, Tom, that sounds like a good idea for a Sophin photo op. LOLLL.

Great weather here today. Destiny, I wondered why you didn't like the Paris sighting yesterday. Was it too glitzy or something?

M and M said...

I came away with a flash of deja vu during this movie. On second thought, I better not say anything yet in case anyone else maybe, maybe, on an outside chance besides m & m, want to see it.

Hey, PG. I'll be seeing the movie for a Sunday matinee so please no spoilers. Although, I am intrigued by your suggestive statement. I'm glad you enjoyed the film for other than just the eye candy effect. We all know Jake doesn't need any CGI to look incredibly hot so Jerry saved heaps of money on special effects by simply selecting Jake for the lead role. LOL.

And, I would love to see Sophin attend one of the PoP showings this weekend and have Ted outside with a microphone asking for their raw, uncensored response. Now, that would be entertainment! Say hello to Special and try not to make each other blush too much. I'm hoping Special will share her assessment soon too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies, and thanks for dropping in. Nothing like a little in-the-field reporting.

m said...

I look forward to reading everyone's review. The critics score seems to dropping again on RT, but fans often love a film regardless of what critics say. I don't plan to see POP right away, but only because I seldom see any movie right away. Usually I wait for the crowds to die down, but not so long that there are too many spoilers.

I hope Jake is with Austin this weekend. All the promo and hype he did increases the adrenaline level and when its over a sort of depression sets in for a couple days. Sometimes its good to be alone but more often you need to be hugged and made to feel loved until it passes.

Special K said...

Yep PG and I went to go see PoP and must say, it was great big fun movie. It was almost 2 hours of pure escapism as you are transported into another place and time.

For all the Hollywood big budget movies that have come out in the last couple decades, this one goes back way back to the spectacle of the big Hollywood epic. Cecil B. DeMille would be proud. The major opening sequence had literally thousands and thousands of people and animals, it truly was a city that was needed to make it. The imagery and vistas of the desert were unbelievable. You can see the influence of Lawrence of Arabia there. It was old Hollywood meeting 21st century technology.

Must say this, watching the movie I was struck by how much work and commitment Jake had to have to make movie like PoP. While some will call it a frivolous summer flick, and it is popcorn movie. But you can not do all he that did in the movie and not work hard and give it your all.

Jake is 95% of the scenes and to carry that much of a movie of such epic proportions and not be swallowed up by it shows how much presence he had.

There is one scene when Dastan mounts his horse in this amazingly beautiful sand dune just sculptured by a sandstorm, he mounts his horse and looks over his shoulder a Tamina and says "you don't think I would leave you here, now do you?" and at the moment I saw the Classic Hollywood Leading Man, the Errol Flynn/Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia in Jake. And you realize he is that old school movie star.

There is constant action in the movie, running, jumping, climbing, sword fighting, snakes, knife throwing and every kind of adventure fighting a little boy could think of. And little boys are going to love all the action. (You know they don't care about a script) Even if they have to look at one kiss. And that to was the big old fashion kind of Hollywood screen kiss, with the swell of music and bright glow behind them.

Jake's accent. In the beginning, it seemed odd to hear the accent that came out of his mouth but then somewhere during the movie it was so natural that you forget that he doesn't always speak like that.

Now the dialog, ok it's not Shakespeare by a long shot, and it's not going to win any awards but you know going into a movie based on a video game you are not going to watching Mamet. It's a video game and Disney it supposed to a summer romp and it is.

All the cast did well but Molina steal his scenes as the Sheik with his ostriches. And yes Jake does look terrified running with the ostriches behind him, there wasn't acting there. One scene with Molina and a ostrich and Jake standing right there makes me wonder if Jake didn't wet himself out of fear.

The photography and the lighting of the movie were beautiful, washed it in a warm soft glow.

Even though it is heavy on fighting and violence, it is family kind of movie. Jake is going to have a whole new fanbase, kids.

Special K said...

I agree M, I can see after all the work and push to the finish line, of Jake slipping away with Austin and family and being together decompressing and being loved up by them.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Why did Sophia Bush say that she's been dating Austin Nichols for four years? She forgot that she had two long-term boyfriends during that time, actors Jon Foster and James Lafferty, and that this statement contradicts what she said about Austin in the past. Don't you think it's interesting that she created this particular dating timeline and that she strategically chose E! to talk about it?

Dear Coincidences:
Hey, you're sayin' it, not me! But yes, the timeline is more than fishy.

Bitch Back

tweet said...

I'm driving behind Jake Gyllenhaal. :) about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter
Arlington TX

me said...

Just returned home from viewing "Prince of Persia" and the best I can say is...meh.

While, in places, the film was visually interesting, the plot was reed thin and tired,(and very Hamlet-esque), the dialogue commonplace a pedestrian, the editing reminiscent of Ridley Scott's irritating fight scenes shaky style, with the entire film resting on a story foundation that was never properly laid down.

But, the biggest flaw, what was sorely missing throughout the film was a sense of irreverant FUN. Should have remembered two important words - video game. They weren't making great art, say like Shakespeare, nor changing the film craft itself, a la Avatar or LOTR, but a popcorn movie meant to be sheer escapism. Missing was tongue firmly planted, the cheeky wink towards the audience saying "We know this is all absurd and, in the scheme of life things, inconsequential, but just play along, kay, and we promise to show you a fucking great ride." Pirates was a lark, Raiders a thrill, heck, even The Mummy movies were a blast compared to POP. The difference between them - those successful francises understood their place in the filmdom lexicon, and it wasn't high important drama.

Perhaps a better way to state it - Hey, Bruckheimer, why so serious?

As to acting, well, Alfred Molina shined the brightest, while Ben Kingsley glowered in fancy robes. Gemma was/is beautiful, but I never warmed to her character, and perhaps that goes back to the wispy plot. (Watching Tamina, I missed Marion Ravenwood and Evie something fierce!) The other actors were just sort of there, hiding behind helmets and cheesy makeup.

As to Jake, well, he didn't suck. He didn't capture the hero essence needed to carry an action film - no larger than life bravado, or self deprecating rogue with a sense of justice and a soft heart - but he handled the part adequately. Wish his goofy, geek had been allowed to come out and play, would have given Dastan some much needed warmth.

Jake's best scenes were with other men, and some of his most awkward and stiff with Gemma. Chalk that up to what you will.

All said and done, my ten bucks wasn't misspent on POP, but that will certainly be all I pull from my wallet.

Special K said...

Hey ME, glad to see you again.

Don't think Jake had any problems filming the barechested fight scene in that scrum of men. ; )

Hmm said...

I wonder what Jake would be doing in Texas ?

Hmm said...

I wonder what jake would be doing in Texas?

work out said...

He's relatively new to this action hero business. But Jake Gyllenhaal, who has the title role in "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," has figured out how you make swordfights — or in his case, scimitar fights — work.

"You've got to get across the danger, flirt with potentially getting hurt, actually hurt," he says from London. "Viewers will accept nothing less. When you come right up to the cutting edge with the violence of the fight, you run risks. But anything less than me not risking losing a finger or an eye is just 'weak sauce.' "


Special K said...

Texas yeah does make you wonder. Doesn't it? ; )

Special K said...

JJ has Sophia out shopping for a girls night out thing . SAid Austin stayed home. Well Texas is home. ; )


Anonymous said...
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magis is the word said...

"Well Texas is home."

Dis you see that in your christal ball?

Special K said...

Jack, your morning misspellings grace us again.

I am in love with Jack. said...

What is a Jack troll? Does he have human characteristics and parts. You know he has things on his skin. What does he eat? Does he live indoors or outdoors? Most likely lives on the East Coast. You would think he would have Saturday off. Does he work? Does he go to church? I think he thinks he is doing God's work. Take Sunday off Jack. It is the Lord's day. For sure he watches Gay porno. I wonder if he tortured animals when he was a kid. Does he stand up or walk on all fours. You know he has paid the local male escort to come over when he was on all fours. Jack write a book. I would read it.
Mostly get rid of that Brokeback Mountain DVD. You must stop watching that tent scene. God loves you Jack and most likely loves reading your post.

Special K said...

Talking to yourself Jack?

PoP reviews said...

2 1/2 stars

Prince of Persia is too cozy and safe to excite the senses, though John Seale's location shooting in Morocco is a sight to behold. Gyllenhaal's roguish charm meshes nicely with the spirited sexual teasing of Arterton, who scored as a Bond girl too quickly dispatched in Quantum of Solace. Sadly, nothing pops up to take us by surprise. There's no Johnny Depp around as Jack Sparrow to twist the plot into perversely funny shapes. Director Mike Newell, equally at home with comedy (Four Weddings and a Funeral), drama (Donnie Brasco) and franchise-polishing (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), tries to compensate by staging a rousing series of traps and escapes that keep the blood racing. The retro appeal of the movie is undeniable, recalling the Arabian Nights splendor of 1940's The Thief of Bagdad.

What's missing in Prince of Persia is a sense that all the running, jumping, climbing and fighting is leading to something. The best video games challenge you to reach the next level. Prince of Persia is content to skim the surface.

Rolling Stone

PoP reviews said...

Cut and chiseled, his pumped-up pectorals flashing, Mr. Gyllenhaal offers an updated spin on the mysterious Oriental lover of cinematic yesteryear. More butch than the silent-screen god Valentino (best known for playing the Sheik, an Arab rather than a Persian heartbreaker), Mr. Gyllenhaal instead follows — and runs and leaps — in the robustly muscular and acrobatic tradition of Douglas Fairbanks, the silent-film star whose Middle Eastern exploits were aggressively masculine. Granted, the resurrection of a sexpot Middle Eastern hero (even one played by a non-Persian actor) might not seem like progress. But given the strained relations between the United States and Iran, it’s a representation worth noting, particularly since Dastan’s worth is finally measured by his more peaceable actions.

For the most part this is perfectly painless mush. The movie is irrepressibly silly — what were you expecting? — but a few hours of Mr. Gyllenhaal jumping around in leather and fluttering his long lashes has its dumb-fun appeal, as does the sight of Mr. Molina planting a kiss on an ostrich in a big-screen spectacle that’s as much indebted to newfangled technologies as to old-fashioned Hollywood narrative strategies. If nothing else, it’s entertaining to think about how this mash-up of ancient Persian heroics and headline news might sit with the Iranian powers that be. In March 2009 a spokesman for the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, demanded an apology from Hollywood for “insults and accusations against the Iranian nation” over the last 30 years. Clearly, they had no idea they were about to be Bruckheimer-ed.

NY Times

PoP reviews said...

Grade: B

As sword-and-sandal fantasy movies based on videogames and starring a buffed-up Jake Gyllenhaal go, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time goes pretty well. Gyllenhaal plays the grown-up Prince Dastan, adopted as a resourceful street kid by a sixth-century Persian king. Stained a rich George Hamilton teak in adulthood and bravely committed to a hairstyle reminiscent of Facebook-friendless Kip Drordy on South Park, Dastan has two nobly born stepbrothers: Tus (Richard Coyle as the square-featured and hesitant one) and Garsiv (Toby Kebbell as the toothy and bellicose one). Together, they receive counsel from their wily uncle Nazim (Ben Kingsley wearing eyeliner, so beware). On Nazim's recommendation, the brothers attack the holy city of Alamut, with fateful consequences. Dastan forms an instant rom-com sparring connection with the Alamutian princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton).

To the credit of director Mike Newell (drawing on his Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire wrangling skills), a conclave of screenwriters who keep the dialogue on the sharp side, and the life's-a-game instincts of producer Jerry Bruckheimer, all that Arabian Nights-like stuff unfolds at a brisk, well-paced clip. Also, the producers had the bright idea of encouraging indispensable Alfred Molina (An Education) to cut loose as Sheikh Amar, a vibrant wheeler-dealer reminiscent of Sydney Greenstreet in Casablanca. I wish the movie weren't so visually junky-looking, and that the CGI action sequences (involving sand, and weapons, and the possible destruction of the world) weren't so vacant. But hey, this is what a videogame movie looks like now. I know I can't turn back time.

PoP reviews said...

REVIEW: Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia Delivers Throwback Movie Thrills

Written by Stephanie Zacharek | 27 May 2010, 2:55 PM | 6 comments

princeofpersia_rev_1.jpgPrince of Persia is a maybe-not-so-accurate historical epic based on a video game — and that’s the reason to see it, not stay away from it. By now everyone has seen the pictures of an impossibly buff and buffed Jake Gyllenhaal — his skin looks as if it’s been polished with centuries’ worth of walnut oil — as an ancient Persian warrior. We’ve all laughed derisively at his brooding stare and anachronistic rock-star tresses. But Gyllenhaal gets the last laugh in Prince of Persia: He’s having a great time, he knows he looks awesome and he gets to ride horses. Plus, in the end his character gets the girl, a stunner of a princess named Tamina (though I immediately forgot her name and could henceforth think of her only as Princess Hummina Hummina). If you think you’re above Prince of Persia — and until I saw it, I certainly did — then it’s time to come off your not-so-high horse.

The story, as you can surmise, is pure hokum. But what hokum! Prince of Persia acknowledges its absurdity and runs with it, turning a possible liability into a crazy brand of Saturday-matinee majesty. The director is Mike Newell, the filmmaker behind, among other things, Donnie Brasco and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, one of the better movies of that franchise. Newell is part of an increasingly rare breed: A filmmaker working in the mainstream who knows what he’s doing. Even when his movies aren’t perfect, they at least have a definite vision, and you never get the sense he’s dumbing stuff down to make sure the audience gets it.

Prince of Persia may not be perfect, but this is at least filmmaking with a sense of grandeur. In a moviegoing climate where so many people — out of necessity or preference — end up watching movies at home on DVD, Prince of Persia begs for special consideration. It deserves to be seen on a hot Saturday afternoon in a theater (preferably an air-conditioned one) peopled with other people, the way many of us used to see movies as kids. After all, Gyllenhaal’s ancient prince has traveled thousands of years to come to a theater near you. The least you can do is meet him halfway.

PoP reviews said...

MTV - The Reviews are In!

destiny said...

Hi Me, always good to hear from you.

Glad you had a good time Special and PG. Everyone seems to like Molina, not surprised, he's an amazing actor.

PG, regarding Paris Hilton, it's always fun to see a celeb, if only because in my circle of New York friends we always play a version of 20 questions with "guess who I saw". I just meant that I have no interest in her, so it was not a big deal that way.

destiny said...

I was just reading a profile of this right wing blogger in the New Yorker, forget his name, but part of the interview took place while he was out to dinner with Kurt Loder, who he called a good friend and is apparently like-minded in his politics! Yikes! I mention it only because of the excerpt of his review in the MTV link.