Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dark and Charming

Now down to a dozen episodes left Austin gives a little insight on what this season of The Crazy Tree will be like

The interview was done when Austin was directing episode 7 and talks about what is up with Julian and that this is his favorite season.

But when asked what his plans are for after the Crazy Tree is done check out how he responds.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree (Besides Julian's Coffee Cake Love)"In the Room Where You Sleep" Get the tissues because there's daddy issues. BrookeDavis(TM) discusses launching Baker Man with her dad. Julian's stressing about his soundstage that's not making a sound, since no one is crazy enough to think Tree Hill is Hollywood East. BikiniQuinn convinces Feats of Clay to get help for his Ambien-like zombie walks, while Millie struggles to be honest with Mouth about being a Big Fat Mouth. Meanwhile, "I refer to myself in the third person" Chris Keller makes Alex an offer she can't refuse and Nathan volunteers (aka gets a clue and gets out of this mess) to scout in Europe, leaving the Ultimate Bad Dad Dan with the Real Housewife of Tree Hill Haley and the kids.
And for the Charming ?
Remember Austin's project with Hilarie and Nick at Southern Gothic, True Love Tail of Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Well there are some unofficial trailers for the charming and quirky short.

To get the whole movie you can buy the download here.


Seaweed said...


What a day yesterday was!

It's been more than fun catching all the comments, and watching all the reactions to the Pinkberry sightings. As Tom and others have suggested, it'd be a good time for a picture of the guys out on the go.

Austin in the clips Special has provided is so very engaging. I'm enjoying the show. Thanks.

Seaweed said...

Oops... time to revert to my not so cheeky avatar.

I'll always love this one the most!

destiny said...

Brooklyn Heights is a neighborhood or two over from where he is usually seen, so wouldn't be surprised if the isn't really still in LA.

prairiegirl said...

lol, nothing like the mention of Jake with a stroller to shut down all Production Lines, huh?

Very interesting what's going on right now and just in a matter of several weeks. It almost makes me liken Jake to a man locked in a car trunk, trying to be heard.

Fauxmance Fundamentals said...

@Bob Wilson
I think it's hilarious that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift dated. I mean... Any clearer proof he's gay?

34 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

prairiegirl said...

Thanks for the info on Brooklyn Hghts location, Destiny. I didn't know if that was the actual name of a neighborhood or the housing development. Around where I live, a lot of times people refer to where someone lives by the name of their housing development.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, ol' Austy sure fills out the back of his pants, doesn't he? Always has.

Love it.

Special K said...

^That he does PG. ; )

And it looks like Jake was indeed in LA on Monday.

Here he is leaving the gym.

IHJ: Jake Leaving a Gym in LA January 16

Jason said...

Jake Leaving the Gym in LA January 16

Smart man. Burning up some calories in preparation for that Pinkberry run with Austin that night.

Special K said...

NPH and fiance David Burtka are the cover story for OUT's Love Issue. There are some great pics of the guy that accompany their love story.

OUT also has highlight 25 other love stories. All are a great read. So sweet.

OUT's 26 Love Stories

UsWeekly said...

From the new Us Weekly (printed edition):

Golden Globes Behind the Scenes

6:50 PM Jake Gyllenhaal gives Michelle Williams a huge hug ("I really loved 'The Artist'," he tells her)

prairiegirl said...

Wow, great love stories in that Out Magazine. Really romantic pictures of David and Neil Patrick Harris. Enjoyed alllllll of the pictures.

juicer said...

Jake Gyllenhaal leaves coffee shop in the U.S.
(Photo: Honopix)

On Wednesday, 18, Jake Gyllenhaal clicked out of a coffee shop in Los Angeles, USA. The actor took several bottles of juice and coffee.

Jake Coffee Juice run

prairiegirl said...

Does Mark Wahlberg just not have any brain matter in his head or what? I already am not a fan of the guy after hearing his stupid remarks about why he turned down a role in Brokeback Mountain but now after seeing what he said about almost being on one of the 911 flights that went down, I really can't stand the sight of the guy.

Of course, he has now issued a public apology after being lambasted but the insensitive damage done by his words is already done and apparently in print in Men's Journal.


Special K said...

Hey I just saw another place posting pictures of Jake grabbing coffee. Guess what he's driving? A pickup truck.

Celebrity Stuff

Now who loves trucks?

Shit I love trucks. They are useful. But not for just driving around the city. All clean. For work. For gettin dirty. For haulin stuff. - AUS10
2 Aug 10

prairiegirl said...

lol. I do have to chuckle a bit.

Jake making sure to copy and paste himself all over Los Angeles today after that stroller tweet in Brooklyn Heights yesterday.

LOLLLLLLLL!!!!! That's all right, Jakester, still got the Pinkberry and sushi tweets. We're still good!

lol. Hmm, but I wonder what in the heck that was all about then? I mean, you look at that guy's tweets and profile, he's the real deal. He's really into wine. He's a family man. I went back a ways into his tweets like I always do to get a feel for the person. Looked at followers and following. I didn't see anything that looked funny.

Very, very, very odd. Keep it on the back burner, guys!!

prairiegirl said...

Now where in the heck is that Leaf? Where's the hybrid? And look at alllllll those juices. Poor kids. They're probably having to drink kale juice with their kale pancakes.

tweet said...

KrystinGlass Krystin Glass
"I can just watch Jake Gyllenhaal's butt go all day"- @spencefos
8 minutes ago

destiny said...

Beautiful pictures of NPH and DB.

Pickup?? I can't wait to see the explanations for that one. ;)

prairiegirl said...

Just Jared's gone totally black. He has an online form to use to protest the SOPA act.

Really weird to see all black screen and it was also so strange to see the words "Google" covered by a black box as well.

destiny said...

It's great to see all the sights going black to protest SOPA. I'd already emailed my senators several weeks ago, for all the good it will do because the two from NY are actually co-sponsors of the bill. Sigh.

Ford F10 said...

Now who loves trucks?

^^^ Millions of Americans...

Millions of people around the World.....

Males, females, Masculine guys and girls, feminine women, gay men.

Sooo many people like Trucks.

LOL What are you trying to say Special K????? LMAO

Methodical Muser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Methodical Muser said...

The key is that Jake is not known to drive around in a pickup truck even though Austin has spoken before about loving that mode of transportation. Notice also that the truck is black. Austin's vehicles tend to be that color (e.g. Nissan Leaf). More than likely one of the reasons Jake has two family tricksters, one grey and one black. Previously, Jake used to have two Camrys, with the same grey/black pairing.

lol said...

Every second car in LA is black. What's yer point?

GMC Denali said...

I never had a truck before. I own a car. I now have a truck and a car. Why, humm, I just decided that some trucks are sporty and I like them much more now, thus, I now have a car and a Truck. Change of attitude and interest I would say.

That's how it works.

Even though Jake likes wearing the same pants over and over, he sometimes changes them. LOL

Methodical Muser said...

White is the most popular color, it usually hovers around 25%. Black comes in second with anywhere from 15-18%, which means less than 1 in 5 vehicles are black, whether we are discussing the city of Los Angeles or Miami.

Now, that we've clarified the color breakdown, let's focus on what is most significant regarding Jake's mode of transportation. And, that is Jake is driving a pickup truck that looks just like Austin's truck, which we have seen before. Now, what are the odds of that?

Audi Q7 said...

I think the point the troll is missing is at 31 Jake has never been a truck driver. What gives today?

the real m said...

Troll is staring at the truth and cant hanlde it. Austin taliking aobut a truck and Jake being seen with one and there is no correlation? Give me a break.

I like Variety said...

I think the point the troll is missing is at 31 Jake has never been a truck driver. What gives today?

It's been said, Change of attitude and interest. This happened also with his management co. YOU do know this, Right?
Instead of drinking coffee all thru the day Jake changes his attitude and now eats frozen yogugt.

nothing profoud about that. Human nature!

Austin taliking aobut a truck and Jake being seen with one and there is no correlation? Give me a break.

Don't have to be. Could be a rental. Could be a change of pace for the moment

prairiegirl said...

There's always a reason, isn't there? Always a reason.

Okay, could be a rental. Maybe the Gyllenichols bought a new industrial-sized refrigerator and Jake is on his way to Lowe's.

Maybe he woke up since last Dec 19 and said "Self, I'm 31 now. I feel like a Big Truck."

Okay! Hey, you never know.

prairiegirl said...

And Variety, I wouldn't be basing an argument on the foundation of a big yogurt switch. Jake was seen constantly at that Colombo coffee house while he was in NYC and since he's been back in LA, has been tweeted getting a coffee.

Much, much harder to get a person to give up their coffee. That is a whollllllllle different bag of coffee beans. For those who need their caffeine, yogurt ain't gonna cut it. I think Jake has a tint of a sweet tooth and that's why we see him hitting the yogurt. These yogurt places have become all the rage. Very trendy.

prairiegirl said...

Hey for any Glamberts out there, I think Adam Lambert may be on Ellen today. He tweeted he's going to be on her show "tomorrow" but he tweeted like at midnight so I don't know if he meant today or Friday.

Grasping At Straws said...

The point that is being made and ignored completely (and it's a doosie) is that the truck Jake is driving...repeat for slow learners...that this truck looks just like Austin's. Great eye, Methodical.

What Variety is pushing out there are not reasons, but excuses. The point's been made several times before and that is Jake is very much a creature of habit. Whether it's his choices in restaurants, coffee stopovers, yogurt, grocery stores, clothes, exercise routines, charities, etc., Jake is very much a settled person.

Last Straw said...

What Variety is pushing out there are not reasons, but excuses

and you're not spinning an excuse to Make Jake driving a truck (All About Austin)?

Wether you know it on Not, there are many reasons, but the true reason is Jake's. OK

Yours and mine is nothing but speculative talk. As soon as you realize this it and remove yourself from it emotionally things brighten up and things are clearer.

prairiegirl said...

Yours and mine is nothing but speculative talk. As soon as you realize this it and remove yourself from it emotionally things brighten up and things are clearer.

Here's an idea, why don't you remove yourself, Troll?

Things are plenty bright and clear around here so I don't think you need to worry about it.

Go back to whence you came; you've worn out your welcome with that comment.

prairiegirl said...

I have absolutely no problem with being a bully when what start out to be constructive arguments eventually end up with either a snarky jab at the end or else the Name has snark to it.

Sorry, but that makes you a Troll and you'll be treated as such.

People can badmouth me about how rude I can be but you know what? You ask for it and I will not apologize for the drop kick.