Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome Back...

No you're not dreaming. Even with Austin talking about dreams for days.
Even when they seem out of reach, never stop chasing your dreams. Run at them. Head First. -AUS10

But Austin's got his eyes wide open for this one.

Real Dreamers Dream With Their Eyes Open. -AUS10

It's been while since we've seen them together, but Jake and Austin were back and making sure they everyone knew saw it.

Right back there, the tall Texan
-Did you see him?
Oh yeah you did-
But just in case ...
ohhhh yeah....

One look at the smile on Jake's face you knew who he was looking at, that distinct profile in the window gives it away, and that one little piece of hair that is sticking up makes it even cuter.

After lunch with friends, that included mutual friend Adam Levine, Jake and Austin took a few moments talking to one of the group for cameras to give it there best shot.

Ever the director, Austin knew exactly how to walk just behind Jake and remain in the perfect sight line for the lenses to capture them together.
All the while having his eyes checking out Jake's backfield in motion.

Another thing the video on X17 showed was how Austin made his was to the far side of the family truckster first but then came around to make sure the cameras captured him getting in the car with Jake.

What a better way to celebrate Austin Friday!

Keep it up guys!

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true.


Cloud 9 said...

Wow what a great day!

I'm loving all this dream talk.

Just for the record:

There is nothing to back up most tweets, and yet most of them have been treated as gospel by the likes of you Cloud 9, until they included Austin.

What? How do you even know who is posting? For the record, I couldn't care less about tweeting, it's all a bunch of BS to me, and don't give any credence to the ones where he's linked to women either. I don't believe anything I read unless there's more to it, and over the years, there has been more. Anyone can say anything (and they do.) If there's a pic with it, then it means more. These are the kind of inflammatory comments that I am sure OMG doesn't agree with, maybe it is from a troll trying to stir. But there's nothing you can do, because we can see what's happening for ourselves.

destiny said...

If you don't want to called a troll, pick a name and stick with it so people get to know you.

I am often skeptical (as I was with the Brooklyn tweet, and even expressed reservations about the Austin sightings) and disagree with the things people say here. But people know me, so they know I'm not just trying to stir things up.

But when someone uses a name never seen before, and posts things like "needing proof" to backup tweets, (when yesterday it became clear the tweets we've been getting are probably true), then yes, you're going to be accused of coming here just to stir

Upset and PissedOff said...

can you post the video like the Austin interview video?

the link does not work for me. when I go to x17 there is no video for Jake/Adam meeting.

somehow when I get on OMG the previous video always plays without me prompting it.
the Austin interview. it always plays including that damn commercial. lol

why won't the Jake/Adam/Austin video play damit?

Special K said...

I'm sorry if the video is not working. It is something about X17 page.

IE does not show the video box. But if you use Mozilla/Firefox will be able to see it.

The other video is autostart coded in from E! news. I can see if I can change the code but no promises.

another day, another lunch, sadly no austin said...

Jake out to lunch yesterday

Who do you think the guy is?

Just Jared

Cloud 9 said...

If you don't want to called a troll, pick a name and stick with it so people get to know you.

Fair enough - I'll use this one permanently if it isn't being uses already? My only condition is that I don't want to get into pointless arguments and have a chance to state my views! ;)

Jersey Tom said...

I think that guy was with Jake and Austin and Adam in the other pics. I am thinking he is probably part of Jake's new mgt. team.

Alternative video link said...

For those who can't watch the video on X17, maybe this one will work:

J&A out for dinner with friends

Special K said...

Thanks Video Link. Really appreciate it.

GK said...

Great video. Love the fact that Jake and Austin made it clear what a good friend Adam Levine is to them both. Lots of touches and smiles and hugs directed at him, a deliberate slap to the face to people who like to insult Adam.

the real m said...

I am so happy that you posted the photos. I went to bed hoping to see them here this morning and there they are. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a new Lakers photo. Ideally the kissing camera. Now that would be a cool way to come out.

The J and A timeline starts in 2002 as we know they took one look at each other at casting and fell hard. And yes, there was a breakup. Remember Jake wandering around Manhattan with Chris looking like a street person. Major depression had set in. Jake's liking to do it in public places where he could be caught was causing relationship problems. I think there was just the one breakup. When they got back together, there was closeting for career purposes, but I think they've been a couple all the while since.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cloud 9 said...

Thank you PG! :) The wait between pics is difficult.

I am thinking he [the guy] is probably part of Jake's new mgt. team.

I think so too! :)

Huggs & Kissses said...

Thanks for the video Special K! I really appreciate this.

It Worked!

Special K said...

RIP Etta James.

Etta was one of my favorite blues singers. She was a true Queen of the Blues. I did get to see her live a few times, so glad I did.

PEOPLE said...


Jake Gyllenhaal keeps it casual for a lunch date in Studio City, Calif., on Wednesday.

destiny said...

Ditto what PG said Cloud 9.

That's too bad about Etta James, one of the greats.

destiny said...

There was a picture in the Wall Street Journal this morning of Sophia Bush at a charity auction, she apparently bought a day with Paul Rudd. Wonder if that is another event she attended without her "boyfriend".

destiny said...

LOLLL, there's photos of Henry Caville on ZImbio at LAX and he is identified as Matt Bomer!

destiny said...

Good point Special about Austin coming around to the front of the car.

Special K said...

Tom Saetereie
I used the FoodSwitch App on Iphone on my husband, and Jake Gyllenhaal came up as the healthier choice. Maybe time to switch?
7 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Poor Henry. Well, they're both great looking guys but how could you mistake one for the other?

prairiegirl said...

32 minutes and counting before Fred slides down Dino's back.

It's torture.

Special K said...

It was a really smart move for Austin to get in the car nearest the camera so there could be no confusion about if he came and went to the restaurant with Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Awww, I do miss my Maxwell.

Special K said...

Here are the pictures of Jake having lunch at Angelini Osteria yesterday courtesy of IHJ.


Cloud 9 said...

Thanks Destiny! :)

prairiegirl said...

GK said...
Great video. Love the fact that Jake and Austin made it clear what a good friend Adam Levine is to them both. Lots of touches and smiles and hugs directed at him, a deliberate slap to the face to people who like to insult Adam.

A deliberate slap in the face? Please, give me a break. The last thing on Jake and Austin's mind during this huge stepping out was what people think of Latrine. For whatever reason, they're using Adam to help them out. It doesn't matter to J&A what anyone thinks. I'm so happy about the guys, I don't think most OMG'ers were really paying all that much attention to Latrine anyway, particularly myself.

Sorry to disappoint you.

GK said...

A deliberate slap in the face? Please, give me a break. The last thing on Jake and Austin's mind during this huge stepping out was what people think of Latrine.

As Special K noted, this whole event was deliberately orchestrated. Jake and Austin knew where the camera was and they let the world know that Adam is a close friend of them both. If you watch the video you can see Austin positively beaming at Adam, and he made sure to stand right by Adam the whole time he was there. Jake and Austin could have arranged for this to happen without Adam there, but they didn't. They delivered a ringing smackdown to the people in the back row seats who like to insult their friends, and they made sure to show their feelings for him outside, in the bright sunshine, in full view of the paps.

Don't take it personally.

Special K said...

I don't think the intention was the lesson you are speaking of GD.

While I do think the guys had a plan for what they were doing, ie going out in a group of friends that included Adam, the focus of what they were doing is about them together and not about Adam or some smackdown.

Remember they stayed back after Adam and the two other guys left together and then Jake Austin and the other gentleman stood in front of the restaurant for several minutes making sure they were seen while cameras snapped. They didn't need to do that since all three left chatting got n the same car.

And as they walked to the car it was all about Jake and Austin, that's why Austin made sure be in the sight line and getting in on Jake's side of the car.

It was about Jake and Austin first and foremost. This agenda that you have is just a personal agenda that you have created yourself.

prairiegirl said...

I can honestly say that I didn't. Like I said, I was so ecstatic about Jake & Austin, big deal about Levine.

Why so sensitive about what people are saying about Adam, anyway? What is the big deal? We should be excited about Jake stepping out with his guy.

Does it change how I feel about Latrine? Not a bit. Do J&A even give a flip about that? Heck no. Should it matter? Heck no.

It's apples and oranges, the focus is not on Latrine at all. It's about Jake and Austin.

GK said...

It was about Jake and Austin first and foremost.

That's true, but it obviously wasn't the only thing they were doing, as you can see from the video they spent fully half of the time with Adam and the other two men who left with him, but it was Adam they were most affectionate with. It wasn't an accident that Austin stood next to Adam the whole time he was there, just as it wasn't an accident Austin walked behind Jake perfectly in line with the camera. And Austin was physical with Adam in a way he wasn't with the other men in the party, and Jake gave him a big hug too. Combine all of that with the big smiles that Austin was flashing at Adam and it's clear that Jake and Austin were both showing their feelings for Adam. And they did it all quite deliberately in front of a camera lens.

I like the fact that Jake publicly embraced the friend he's had for decades and that Austin isn't afraid to show the naysayers how much he likes him too.

prairiegirl said...

Whatever, Levine's 1st Grade Teacher. Whatever.

You're wasting your breath now, talk to the hand.

prairiegirl said...

I'm going to have to watch that video again so I can catch the guys in action once more. This is the first video we have of them together, isn't it?

No, no, the wipedown doesn't count. LOLLLL!!!

And yes, the weekend has officially begun!!!

GK said...

Whatever, Levine's 1st Grade Teacher.

I'm so happy at Jake and Austin being out together that even insulting name calling that goes against the rules of this blog aren't going to get me down.

Cloud 9 said...

Just got to watch the video - no, I don't think we ever have seen a video of the guys. I was struck by how relaxed everyone was, and that Austin is such friends with Adam too - obviously Jake and Austin see their friends together, and Adam seems like a close friend of them both. :) Maybe Austin and Adam were talking about music or something because I saw Austin kind of making what looked to be that gesture of bowing in deference to a guru or expert? :)

Jake was busy chatting with a man I think is possibly his new management? Austin hopped in back in deference to the other gentleman who sat in the front seat.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

Wow just got on my laptop and saw the video. That was most definitely a photo op and it was a photo op about Jake and Austin wanting to be seen together.

prairiegirl said...

Nope, I will not dragged into this. I'm suspicious already.

Headed out the door for the night. See ya!!

LOLLLLLLLLL!!!! There's Maxwell!! I LOVE him!
We We We Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Special K said...

That picture of Austin checking out Jake as they walk to the car, reminds me a line Austin had in the Olsen Twin's classic "Holiday in the Sun".

"Check the rear, I think we've got company."

Jersey Tom said...

Guys take a look because I may be crazy but that older guy looks a little like Howard Bragman.

Jersey Tom said...

Guys take a look because I may be crazy but that older guy looks a little like Howard Bragman.

Special K said...

Maybe Austin and Adam were talking about music or something because I saw Austin kind of making what looked to be that gesture of bowing in deference to a guru or expert?

It could be that he was saying good by to Splinter. Remember when Adam and Austin were talking about the Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles and that Adam would be Master Splitter to the heroes on a half shelf

Special K said...

Tom, I think the guy with Jake might be either an agent or a consultant that is working with Jake to plan this new change in direction both on and off screen that we're seeing.

Jersey Tom said...

He looks a little like Bragman. Check it out.

Jersey Tom said...

Nah it is not Howard.

Jersey Tom said...

Nah it is not Howard.

destiny said...

I agree it was all about Jake and Austin, but I think Adam and the others were there to make it "safe." They may be planning on being more open in the future, but I think of what we saw this week as a baby step. Also don't forget Adam was the one who gave that interview in which he said Jake is straight.

Special K said...

This set of Jake and Austin pics have been showing up on a few Tumblr accounts today.

Team Brulian: Austin and Jake

destiny said...

At a glance it looks a little like Bragman, so I can see why you thought that at first Tom.

Jersey Tom said...

Whatever is being planned that photo op yesterday was part of the plan.

Special K said...

Going back through IHJ, I ran across I picture that got added on New Year's Day that I hadn't seen.

It's a picture of from a party in NY

Jke Party NYC

Special K said...

Should we call Jake the Prince of Persia or the King and I?

destiny said...

Awww, haven't seen that picture before.

sass said...

Good Lord, I just watched the X17 video x 3...TY:)
I didn't know Jake had such a hot sexy swinging hipped walk, having only seen him walk out on stages or on red carpets. Who is this young man I like so much?

AUS10 said...

Today is the great Federico Fellini's birthday. Cheers to you, sir. I bet he was waiting for Etta James with a glass of champagne.
44 minutes ago

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe he is the old Jake that i admired so much Sass. I am hoping the last few years Jake was just wearing a mask that he didnt like himself. PoP is a thing of the past so Disney does not own him anymore. OTH is over. Obviously he is making big changes in his life.

prairiegirl said...

Very nice tweet by Austin. And that picture of Jake in the play. LOLLLL!!! Awww, it's cute. His ponytail on top of his head reminds me of that picture of him dancing on a bed with that animal nose on his head.

Shakes Head said...

For whatever reason, they're using Adam to help them out. It doesn't matter to J&A what anyone thinks.


How do you know this PG? How?

Once again, you're ranting and speculating as if what's in your head is the gospel truth, then berating others who have a different opinion than yours or see things differently.

My, your soapbox gets higher and higher as the days and years go by.

peas in a pod said...

Did anyone else notice at 1:25 that Jake starts rocking while staring at Austin until Austin looks up?
It happens really quickly, but they lock gazes for a moment and then both look away, Austin licking his lips and Jake pursing his while looking around. It looks kinda nervous, like he's checking if anyone saw it.

Then before that at 0:45 where Austin moves in just a milli-second after Jake starts to hug Adam. And then he stays there until Jake pulls back too. Almost like they were secretly talking while being hidden by Adams head.

And there's of course Jake just staring at Austin while the older guy is talking to him. He doesn't seem very interested in what the guy is saying and more interested in watching Austin.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Special K said...

Jake does have that sway when he walks that Austin seem to enjoy.

And Peas in a Pod great eye. There seems to be something going on between those two. I can't believe I didn't equate Jake's rocking and Austin lip licking. Wow.

And yes I noticed too how Jake could barely take his eyes off of Austin when it was just the three of them talking.

Good grief said...

I think you guys see what you want to see.

Jake and Austin are friends who had lunch together. Get over it.

An old friend said...

Special K,

Do you ever listen to yourself or read the stuff you write?

"This agenda that you have is just a personal agenda that you have created yourself."

Project much, do we? I hate to break this to you, but you're describing yourself in that sentence.

There is zero evidence that Jake and Austin are together. None. Everything you, and your friends here, ever cite are fantasies and fan fiction. The reason you guys are all excited now is because this is the first time Jake and Austin were even seen together in a very long time. There was another two+ year period before that where they weren't even in the same city at all.

If you want to believe in nonsense then do so, but don't act like everyone else is crazy or lying. You're the one who has lost touch with reality here.

prairiegirl said...

Rocking chairs work too instead of chanting. Or hot water bottles.

Glider rockers are woooonnnnderrrrfullll.

Sooooo soothing.

prairiegirl said...

Jake and Austin are friends who had lunch together. Get over it.

Mmmmm, the glow has worn off just a tad. Until the next time.

Because there will be a next time. And a next. That is your worst fear, isn't it? I see it so clearly now.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Special K said...

Well since Jake and Austin were in Leadville last year, there's that picture that has them at the LA Farmers market in the last two years, and People magazine's crop and blue dot action on the picture of Austin next to Jake in the picture with Maggie and Peter, I am going to have to disagree that there is nothing to prove that these guys haven't been together these last two years.

Methodical Muser said...

That photo op was definitely both about the present and the future of Jake and Austin, as well as past practices. Not only does the video and photos reintroduce the pairing again (hence the importance of Austin getting into the car with Jake and walking around so the pap was sure to capture that the two arrived and left together), but the way it was carefully rolled out, with Adam Levine included, was meant to send the signal about the past as well. Why? Well, because how many times, since the end of Reeking, have we seen or heard about Jake being with Levine, and other unnamed people? Just like with Maroon 5, Adam’s a classic frontman. The headlines may focus on Levine and Jake and their so-called bromance, while the real pairing (without the “b”) lurks in the shadows of the closet. That’s why Wednesday’s reunion between the three men was so significant. It’s a step forward into a new kind of honesty. Slow but sure:

June 10, 2010 Jake and Adam Out on the Town with others at the Las Palmas Club
June 17, 2010 Jake and Adam and Friends at Dan Tana's in W. Hollywood after the Lakers Game
March 26, 2011 Jake and Adam and Friends - The Spare Room in LA
May 29, 2011 Jake and Adam and Friends Movie Night Arclight Cinemas
Dec 2011 Mustard Seed Cafe Los Feliz (Would explain that extra coffee cup)
etc., etc., etc.,

Methodical Muser said...

Oops! I forgot the most important bromatic sighting of all. The one that sort of set everything into motion. Let's see, whose 30th birthday would that be?

April 24, 2010 Adam and Jake, eating at Mozza, with another friend. (Mozza, of course, is one of Austin's favorite places).

PEOPLE Magazine: "All eyes were on Jake Gyllenhaal as he walked into Osteria Mozza in L.A. with a guy friend after 11 p.m. The actor was greeted with a hug from Adam Levine (of Maroon 5), and the trio spent the night chatting and sipping cocktails. The next morning, a casually dressed Gyllenhaal stopped for breakfast at Blu Jam Café with another group of friends" They were laughing and looked like they were having a great time," says an onlooker of Gyllenhaal and his posse."

prairiegirl said...

Well said, M&M. You have to look at the past, routines and practices, and changes. To just look at one incident when it comes to Jake, it does not work.

I watched the video again this morning and Adam & Co. did a nice job for their friends. But their job was done when they left.

And they left Jake and Austin with the older gentleman. And the paps kept shooting until all 3 were in the vehicle. The photo op was all about Jake and Austin in the end.

prairiegirl said...

Looking at the video and pictures yet again, as I looked at Austin who was all relaxed and easygoing the entire time. Until.

Until he put on his sunglasses and began the stride behind Jake. And then you saw that look. That look that he gets when he becomes an entirely, almost unrecognizable Austin.

And I'm going to call that the Frank Farmer look because that's exactly who he makes me think of. And it's not just the physical look. It's about him being Jake's guy. And like Special says, you're going to have to get through him to get to Jake.

And by Jake's goofy grin when he's with Austin, it kind of looks like Jake prefers it that way.

Special K said...

Yup M&M it looks like their mutual friend Adam has been giving them cover to be able to be go out together. And yes! Austin's birthday! How could I forget that.

Special K said...

One thing about the People Star Track yesterday and the clue it gives.

Further evidence that the sushi thing was for Jake's benefit and resetting his image.

People is a PR conduit, and using the picture of Jake as the main focus tells you it was for Jake.

Notice how while they didn't use the picture of him and Austin together (yet), they didn't completely take him out of the picture, but they didn't try to dismiss the fact that Jake is out with guys, something we haven't seen in much of in past few years and didn't ship the whole Adam thing.

destiny said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a two-path strategy here; Jake with Austin in pictures out there on the internet, but not in "official" places like People, i.e., keeping it ambiguous.

And woo hoo, just read Ryan Murphy of Glee is making a movie out of The Normal Heart, and Matt Bomer is in the cast (along with Julia Roberts, Alec Baldwin and Jim Parsons).

Jason said...

That's an excellent point M&M, and the concept of the frontman makes sense to me too. Jake and Adam have been friends since childhood, yet they never used to be seen "bromancing" until after Reeke. The timing cannot be overlooked or underestimated. I had completely forgotten about Austin's 30th birthday, but do you guys remember how Austin made the point of being seen in LA, a few days later to make sure people knew he was in town? Of course, he had to take the beard with him, but the photo op was obviously planned to coincide with the speculation about whether Austin was in town or not. Like clockwork Jake flew directly into Los Angeles from Canada that weekend. Often, he flies down to NY, but tweets made sure to place Maggie, Peter and Ramona in New Orleans so no one would question why Jake didn't visit the fam.

As I recall Anne Hathaway was at the Blu Jam Café too. Another mutual friend Austin initially met during Brokeback days and probably became reacquainted with in Pittsburg when Jake and Anne were filming LAOD the previous Fall. Pittsburg, afterall, is not that far from Wilmington, NC.

Jake does not socialize with Anne, but somehow she just happened to show up the weekend of Austin's birthday, to join Jake and a number of other people at the Blu Jam Café for a social gathering. Like maybe a birthday celebration? Reminds me of another mutual Jake and Austin friend, Lance Armstrong, showing up in Marfa on April 24, 2011 even though Armstrong (who lives in Austin) could have just waited to see Mumford and Sons when they arrived there a day or so later. Some folks on this site mentioned that at the time too.