Monday, January 9, 2012

Texas Turn Up

DEADLINE.COM EXCLUSIVE: Not long after leaving his longtime manager, actor Jake Gyllenhaal has left his longtime agency. He grew up, so to speak, at CAA as one of Kim Hodgert’s first clients. I’m assured his departure is not because of anything she has done. “He needed to make a change after 15 years. He has enormous respect for CAA.” He will now be repped by WME’s Patrick Whitesell.

UPDATE: Jake has been named a presenter at this year's Golden Globes Awards happening this Sunday, January 15th.

Austin might have not shown up at the OTH screening, but he does show up in the new trailer for LOL.

Nora Dunn got a lot of the great lines on SNL, and here she's got the best line in the trailer:
"Since when do teachers look like that."

That rings a bell doesn't it.


destiny said...

Nothing like not losing my entire comment because I didn't save it--you usually don't change posts so early Special!

Well, no time now to rewrite it, will have to come back later.

prairiegirl said...

Oh man, I feel for you, Dest. A blogger's pain!!! lol

tweets said...

Shayna Proctor
Well, apparently Jake Gyllenhaal likes to hike and is polite. He stood to the side and let me and Jane pass him saying it was "no problem."
53 minutes ago

@shizayna Was he shaved by any chances?
43 minutes ago

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@shizayna Shayna Proctor
@mermon7 No, he was still "beardly" recognizable.
14 minutes ago via HTC Peep

So that wasn't Austin in the Leadville picture said...

Well I guess that trailer puts the final nail in the "Austin was with Jake at Leadville" coffin

Let me just highlight one quote from Special K.

"But for LOL he plays a teacher, he going to need to look older than the late teen/early 20 somethings in the movie playing high school kids, could that be explanation for the fuller beard and mustache? He finished filming on in Detroit on Thursday. This picture was taken on Friday."

But the trailer and the caps Special K posted show that the people making LOL did want him looking like a guy in his early 20's without much facial hair, unlike the guy in the Leadville picture . It's not even close. And like Special K said, the Leadville picture was taken less than a day after he finished filming LOL. So there's no way the guy in the Leadville picture is Austin.

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe Jake pulled aside because he was riding with someone who has lagged behind when they rode before.

Wow wifi at work today.

what others knew all along said...

Dun dun dun! Ta da!

Thanks for that 2:22.

hey troll said...

Keep talking to yourself troll. 2 years and you're still obsessing over Leadville. If it wasn't him you wouldn't still be trying to convince people it's not.

And stop talking to yourself.

prairiegirl said...

Better take some air out of your chest there, 14:22.

Look at the scruff on his face in those LOL movie screencaps, for crying out loud.

Does that look like dirt on his face to you?

LOL! That is Austin, bud. Sorry to tell you.

prairiegirl said...

You fear so badly that it is Austin, you are grasping and trying to hold onto paper straws.

He's not a werewolf said...

"Look at the scruff on his face in those LOL movie screencaps, for crying out loud.

Does that look like dirt on his face to you?"

Look at the Leadville picture. There's no way he could go from the bit of scruff on his face in the screencaps to the amount of hair he has on his face in Leadville in less than a day. It's not even debatable. It's more like a few weeks worth of growth. Just put any one of those screencaps next to the Leadville picture and try and say with a straight face that he could grow that much facial hair in a day.

prairiegirl said...

I don't have the Leadville picture on me here at work.

That is Austin at Leadville.

Blow that picture up to fill your screen and that is Austin.

You're so desperate.

eagle eye said...

Oh, come on. You know darn well that celebrities use disguises all the time so no one knows who they are. Both Jake and Peter had beards so blending in while hanging out in Leadville would mean Austin would need a beard too.

Austin wasn't supposed to be seen with Jake so he's going to try to avoid being spotted. If you know Austin, his ears give him away every time.

The fact this topic is still being debated a year and a half later says all I need to know about how nervous people get. Heaven forbid that Jake and Austin are together.

Link said...

"I don't have the Leadville picture on me here at work."

There's a link to the Leadville picture in the post made at 14:22.

Methodical Muser said...

Ever hear of Spirt Gum? Guess what? Actors have. Last time I checked Austin is an actor and has access to any number of costume accessories. Take a gander at that photo on Austin's Twitter Account of him and Soapy playacting at Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf at Halloween. Looks like Austin has Mutton Chops that day. Gee, how ever did he grow that amount of facial hair so quickly? Give me a break.

gg said...

Jake's got a job. Variety just announced he's one of the presenters for Sunday Night's Golden Globes.

prairiegirl said...

The fact that this Leadville picture just nags and nags at the poster, obviously causing loss of sleep to this day, reveals more than they know.

Obviously there is more at stake than merely being right or wrong.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, cool news, 15:33! Thank you!! That's great to hear.

Jason said...

Bingo, Methodical. I was just about to post about disguises and actors. Couldn't have said it better.

When you add in the reality that Austin is in the closet, the likelihood of a disguise to minimize being recognized becomes all the more probable. By the way, I don't know if I've ever chimed in about that Leadville photo before. It's definitely Austin. The ears don't lie!

Special K said...

Thanks everyone for bringing up so many great points about Austin at Leadville, couldn't have done a better job if I tried.

And yes the ears don't lie. One of my favorite things about Austin are those sweet monkey ears.

Don't know if people know this or not, but if you have a green card in the US, your picture must show one of your ears. Why? Because ears are extremely difficult to alter and are considered a distinguishing and identifying feature according to the US gov.

Special K said...

Love that we will get to see Jake in a tux again. The Golden Globes are going to be interesting with Ricky Gervais back as host.

He's not a werewolf said...

"Looks like Austin has Mutton Chops that day. Gee, how ever did he grow that amount of facial hair so quickly? Give me a break."

Oooh, I see. So the story now is that Austin is wearing a fake beard and a fake mustache and a little fake soul patch beneath his bottom lip in the Leadville picture? Well, that's some incredible work by Austin because the hair colors match perfectly and the way it sits on his skin is incredibly natural. It's not even a very thick beard, so not only wouldn't it provide much of a disguise but it would also make it virtually impossible to hide the handiwork required to attach it to his face in the first place. And he would need to have the whole thing constantly reapplied and retouched throughout the day.

And then he topped the whole thing off by getting his hair lengthened and straightened at the end so it no longer curls at the tips like it does in the screencaps, and also made it thicker too, especially at the front. And he did that in a day too.


hello said...

Don't even try 4:14. They've made their claim and they will never ever ever back down. Not even if a full front on view of that guy at Leadville emerged. IT'S AUSTIN DAMMIT!!!!!!!1122$$!!!

lol said...

There's more spinning going on here than in one of Jake's SoulCycle classes.

Spirit gum? LOLLL!

twitter said...

Fake Jake
J Gyllenhaal FanSite

yawn said...

4:14, 4:32, Hey Jack, stop talking to yourself.

Jersey Tom said...

Someone has OCD. Let it go. It is most definitely Austin.

Leadville Lovin' said...

Actors hide in plain sight all the time. They change the length of their hair, dye it, wear beards and mustaches, etc.

Some people (even those who believe Jake is gay) just can't stand the idea of these two guys together. What I would like to know is what's the big deal. Jake and Austin were out and about in late May, wanting to be photographed with that other disposable "beard" shoved into the background. Sending out a pretty powerful message that the guys are still together.

To be seen in Leadville only 3 months later would not be odd at all.

Special K said...

Talking about movies, Focus Films has a poll out for their 10th anniversary.

They want to know what your are your 10 favorite Focus Films.

Focus Features Movie Poll

Right now BBM is third behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Lost in Translation.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Leaves CAA for WMA

Special K said...


Thanks M&M!!

Jersey Tom said...

Wow hopefully Jake is blaming Evelyn and CAA for f ing up his life and his career. I am sure reeke was the worse two years of his life.

I wonder if Jake and Austin liked Colorado when they were together in Leadville.

Special K said...

I am still going WOW over Jake leaving CAA too.

There are a couple of comments over at Deadline about Patrick Whitesell is the best talent agent in town and that going to WME is huge for them(WME).

It makes sense now that he was in SF this weekend. He did that the weekend before the announcement about him leaving Evelyn. He probably did it Thursday or Friday.

destiny said...

Another WOW here, leaving CAA is HUGE. They're the most powerful agency in HW, partly because they have their finger in so many things.

Hopefully this will mean good things for Jake.

destiny said...

DIdn't realize WME is a merger of William Morris and Endeavor. Well, Patrick certainly has some big clients, including Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Jude Law and Denzel Washington, according to Wiki and a comment at Deadline.

Wondering said...

Good for Jake for finally dumping his management/PR team. How he even allowed himself to go along with their advice and took so long to dump them is amazing. He must either be really loyal or really a mama's boy to wait so long. But now that he's changed teams, does this mean that he's gotten his ambition to become super A list back? Because if he did, then that means the return of super hetro Jake and the blond girlfriends. Jake can't/won't come out ever because HW doesn't accept gay leading men.

destiny said...

Matt Damon and Denzel Washington rarely appear in pap photo opps and tabloids; I bet Patrick has different ideas about what actors need to do to be stars than CAA does.

Now who he really needs to cut loose is his publicist, who would have had a huge hand in all that tabloid nonsense.

the real m said...

From Gawker today. " "You probably saw lots of photos of celebrities on vacation over the holidays. For example, there were photos of this attractive acting couple, relaxing together, all cozy and kissy and handsy. Sweet, right? Well, the real gossip is in what the cameras didn't show you: the guy's real boyfriend (also an actor), who accompanied the couple on the vacation but managed to stay just out of camera range. Yes, the relationship you see in pretty pictures is just a professional bearding arrangement, desperately trying to look like a real relationship." So dont try to sell us about Jake and Austin not being seen together. Photos are manipulated for the general public and to preserve the client's career. Wake up and stop being naive.

Well, I am glad Jake changed, though disappointed that he just followed his sister. But if the new guy tells him the truth, that will be a step forward. I honestly think Jake's former staff was never honest with him. To Jake's detriment.

Special K said...

I bet Patrick has different ideas about what actors need to do to be stars than CAA does.

Great point Destiny about Damon and Washington and how WME seems to be letting the work speak for itself.

I wonder if Maggie knew Jake was going to take the jump and decided to go and switch when they were pitching Jake what they would do for him.

While you wonder why Jake didn't leave 360 and CAA at the same time, there must have been some reason for the move.

The announcement was a smart one in terms of timing too. It happens at the beginning of awards season when everyone will be in town the events, and the talk about Jake will be about his move, not about his "date".

prairiegirl said...

The announcement was a smart one in terms of timing too. It happens at the beginning of awards season when everyone will be in town the events, and the talk about Jake will be about his move, not about his "date".

Excellent point, Special.

prairiegirl said...

You know, someone earlier mentioned the fake Jake twitter account.

This person is running rampant on Twitter acting like he/she is Jake. And it's unbelievable how many people are tweeting at this account, believing that is really Jake.

You would think a celebrity would take action to ensure someone isn't impersonating them on a worldwide covering and utilized forum such as Twitter.

I cannot get over how many tweets this account is generating; it's obnoxious.

Jersey Tom said...

I got to say what is on my mind today. If all these changes are just for Jakes career and more of the status quo then I will be dissapppointed. For me the reason I still follow Jake is that I would really like to see him come out. I am happy that he is not bearding but still the #1 priority for me is his coming out. If Jake has a family that is nice but again my # 1 issue is I like to see Jake live his life a free man and for me that is all about coming out nothing else.

Jersey Tom said...

I wanted to add that I think the probability of Jake and Austin still being together is high although I would not fall apart if they were not. My wish is that I get to see Jake come out. That means a lot to me.

tweet said...

williamunrue William Hunter Unrue
Guy Geography Professor - "Who's seen Day After Tomorrow? You know with Jake Gyllenhaal...he's such a cutie."
1 hour ago

prairiegirl said...

If all these changes are just for Jakes career and more of the status quo then I will be dissapppointed.

I'm in a bit of conflict myself but it's totally impossible to tell right now with these changes just having taken place.

I hope the changes mean that Jake will be allowed to expose his husband and family instead of keeping them confined as they are now.

If it is just so he can do what Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are doing? I will have finally had it, I think. What those 2 guys are doing right now in order to get roles is just absolutely laughable.

prairiegirl said...

But it's silly to even go there at this point. I'll just hope that there are good things ahead.

Hey, it was a Progresso Soup lunch today!! What's on your plate today????

prairiegirl said...

Hmm. Apparently, everyone skipped lunch today.

LOLLLL!! Wow, talk about a lead balloon.