Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back to go forward

Will we see Jake trade in his go to warm wear for some cold weather gear and head to Sundance?

PopSugar hinted at the same thing, and it makes sense in getting back to the Jake he is.Jake started out a indie darling and had great success at Sundance with Donnie Darko and The Good Girl and with the indie feel of the upcoming EOW it looks he's getting back to his movie roots. So why not do a little career version of going home.
And with Austin not filming at the moment maybe the cinephile will go to Sundance, back to where he got discovered after crashing a party as a high school senior. And then it was Cali -forn-i-a for this tall Texan.

And because once is never enough.


Dear Ted said...

Dear Ted:

Toothy Tile and Grey Goose...on-again or off-again? Much love!

Dear Short and Sweet:

You know these two. One day they're hot ‘n' heavy, the next they're…anything but.

Special K said...

Interesting that Ted answers this after Jake and Austin get seen together and how he answers the question.

He doesn't say if they are on or off just hot and heavy. And remember Ted big complaint was they had gotten almost boring in their domesticity.

It could also be that Ted is giving a little hint of them being seen together and then not.

But the bottom line, from what Ted did not say, they are still together.

london tb said...

Forgive me being so late to the party! Just found out on the grapevine. Have a big Jake 'n' Austin smile on my face now :)

Special K said...

Hey London! Great to see you. Don't you love it, I think everyone's been grinning for days now.

prairiegirl said...

Hi London!! It's really wonderful to see you! These are exciting times to be sure.

Special K said...

PG,your Farmer avatar reminded me of Jake saying he sings The Bodyguard soundtrack when he plays Wii tennis.

prairiegirl said...

Oops, meant to change the avatar. Not that I don't love me some Frank Farmer though. The Bodyguard is one of my All-Time Fav-or-ite movies. I must have seen that thing a kazillion times in the movie theatre. That movie I spent many bucks on.

I still would love to see a m/m version of The Bodyguard with Austin playing Frank Farmer and Jake could play Rick Marron, of course the male version of Rachel Marron, lol.

Hey, if Jake could sing "And I'm Telling You...", I think he could belt out "I Will Always Love You". Or "I Have Nothing".

Oh man. It's just brain combusting.

prairiegirl said...

PG,your Farmer avatar reminded me of Jake saying he sings The Bodyguard soundtrack when he plays Wii tennis.


He did?! I missed that!!! Wow, that's a dream come true!!!

I wanna see, I wanna see!!!!!! we we weeeeeeee!! weeeeeee!.

lol. Sorry, it rhymed, so I had to do it.

You're kidding. That is awesome.

Hey, you know Austin, of course, wouldn't carry Jake like Frank Farmer does in the movie poster. But he could toss him over his shoulder. I could see that.


Special K said...

Here you go PG.

From last March.
OMG: Wii Divas Live!

prairiegirl said...

lol. Awwwwwww, I remember seeing the little Jake singing on the bed pictures. Lookit, he has Baby Flynn cheeks!!!! Don't you just want to squeeze those little knees? Soooooo cute. I can't stand it, can not stand it.

That is too much. I don't remember him saying The Bodyguard soundtrack. I remembered something about Whitney Houston songs, but not from one of my top favor-ite movies. Just awesome.

Thanks, Special!!! Great post. Again. lol


Methodical Muser said...

You know these two. One day they're hot ‘n' heavy, the next they're…anything but.

I agree with your interpretation of Ted's letter today, Special. The focus is on the concept of being hot 'n' heavy one moment, not on the question of whether Tooth and Goose are still together: "the next, they're...anything but." Ted uses the ellipsis as a dramatic pause for emphasis. Alluding to something significant that has caused this see-saw shifting to take place (bearding). His use of the phrase "Short and Sweet" may mean that he's a little bit positive about what we all saw on January 18th, even though the glimpse of Toothy and Goose was far too brief.

Short and Sweet: Something that is short in duration but still enjoyable and worthwhile.

OwlGirl said...

Looooong time no post here.

After seeing Jake at the GG I had a very strong feeling that he might finally, finally be thinking of coming out. So I decided to check in here.
NICE PHOTOS. So nice to see them together. (Austin is such a hot, hot man.)
I'm not as loyal a fan as many of you. I became increasingly put off that Jake and Austin were hiding their kid, and I admit, I QUIT THEM.

But I sincerely wish them the best and hope they do this thing. They need to do it for themselves, and for their kid(s). And Hollywood can handle it. It's 2012! Their careers can handle it. And their fans will support them!

Special K said...

Thanks OwlGirl for stopping by and yes I think people will support them.

tweet said...

Brittney Bosher
If Jake Gyllenhaal grew a mustache, he would kind of look like Marcel Proust. Or am I crazy?
34 minutes ago

Jake in LA said...

@clickalicious8Connie Hahn

Rarely do I get excited about celebrity sightings, but Jake Gyllenhall?! @jazballzz #giddylittlegirl
8 hours ago via Twitterrific

tweet said...

marloesb5 Marloes
I may or may not have died when I saw @AUS10NICHOLS now puts 'xoxo' in his dms. I mean, I know we girls use it all the time, but...
14 minutes ago

marloesb5 Marloes
...when MEN end random messages with 'xoxo', my heart flutters. A-dor-a-ble. (@AUS10NICHOLS)
15 minutes ago

Gay Literacy 101 said...

Men who use xoxo's = homo-sen-sa-tion-al

Jake in England? said...

englishcrumpettDonna Quinnell

Wow, Jake Gyllenhaal cycles and wears Rapha whilst doing so. He's a beau

34 minutes ago

CNN said...

Joe Paterno has passed away.

Jersey Tom said...

What a tragic ending to an amazing life and career. RIP Joe Paterno.

RIP Heath said...

And RIP Heath. It's been four years...still so sorely missed.

prairiegirl said...

It is very sad, Tom, that it all ended thew way it did. He had no time to enjoy a retirement with his family, which it would be nice if every person could do that.

And his coaching triumphs deserve praise, but I still feel bad for those boys who are forever scarred because no one spoke up for them. How difficult. Just an impossibly tough situation all the way around.

destiny said...

It sure is a tough situation PG, it's such a shame he didn't do the right thing and sullied his career. However I don't think he was the type who would have ever enjoyed retirement, and you got to wonder if he just didn't give up on some level after being forced to resign.

Odd to hear the news because yesterday sometime I saw headlines about his family denying he had died.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, you maybe right about his working ethic, Destiny. I mean, if he was 85 and still working, his work was his life. And you take that away, and his spirit was certainly affected.

My condolences to his family for they have lost a beloved member. Very tough.

You're right, I saw the news as well yesterday and then the retraction or correction, whichever it was.

Cloud 9 said...

Hi all,

I've had mixed feelings about this too - it seems to me Rick Paterno did his part by reporting the indicent(s) to his superiors; and then Penn State didn't do anything, much like another institution that shall remain nameless. The real persona at fault is Sandusky should the allegations be true, and ultimately Penn State. When everything came to light, then they took action. It's a shame for Rick Paterno to have to take the heat, IMO. Very sad.

Jersey Tom said...

Penn St football and Joe Paterno were a huge part of my life. I think about the monster that made this all happen and how all the heiracy at Penn St let him get away with it. I haven't been able to sort it all out in my mind. It is unimagineable what Sandusky did to those poor kids. I am so glad they spoke up and support them 100%.

Joe was a legend and maybe the greatest college football coach of all time. He helped make a lot of great men. His players loved him. But he made a huge mistake. He choose to not make sure this monster was brought to justice and punished. He didnt follow through and he knew it at the end. Sandusky still roamed free on campus until the scandal broke. He still had keys to campus facilities. Horrible!
Sandusky must be punished harshly and I hope the victims find peace of mind.

Joe was Penn St. Joe was Happy Valley. I sure he will also rest somewhere in Happy Valley.

RIP Jo Pa.

Still in L.A.? said...

quitmumbling Quit Mumbling
Jake Gyllenhaal was at our show last night.
46 minutes ago

Special K said...

Came home to see it here that Joe Pa had passed.
So Sad.

Everything connected to the Penn State story is tragic. Here is hoping that justice will be done for the crimes committed and that healing can come for all.

prairiegirl said...

Okay Special, when is your big game???? Tom, who are you rooting for now?

And will Dest switch over and root for the Giants?

And will the California twosome m and M&M be able to contain themselves for the 49ers???????

And is this Aaron Rogers guy going to be playing because if so, then I know I'm going to have to scroll past a kazillion 'Am I the only one who thinks Aaron Rogers looks like Jake Gyllenhaal?" tweets later on this evening? That will be pretty annoying.

I'm not rooting for anybody!!! LOLLLL!! No Chiefs? No me!!! But I will be hoping for a new Maxwell commercial during the Super Bowl.

Jersey Tom said...

Tom is a closet Niners fan.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

And I am so relieved. Finally, finally, finally gotten over my 12' high writing hurdle. It has been like drudging through mud trying to get through this rather pivotal part in my story.

Had to take the gloves and glasses off, hike up the pant legs, roll up the sleeves and just go in. Go in and meet it head on.

Rocky Dance at the top of the stairs!!!! Yeaaaa!!

prairiegirl said...

Ahhhhh, a closet 49er fan. Hmmm...the truth comes out!!!

Looks like the game's going to start soon, too. Could be a great time to step out and go shopping for a bit. LOLLLL!!!

Oh!!! Exciting news. Got the #TwoWheelTuesday tote bag ordered. I hope I don't get stiffed, lol. Nah, I'm sure it'll come.

I cannot wait. Austy, I'm going to promote your #TwoWheelTuesday,buddy even though I don't ride, lol. Maybe a few cents will go towards the Gyllenichols Tribes' college fund.

la tweets said...

quitmumbling Quit Mumbling
Jake Gyllenhaal was at our show last night.
1 hour ago

JnSchwartz891 Juliet Schwartz
Congratulations @BearSchwartz on selling out your first ever QM concert!...oh and for getting jake gyllenhaal to casually attend. So proud
1 hour ago

replies ↓

Ben Schwartz
@JnSchwartz891 best sister everrrr
33 minutes ago

Special K said...

Pats and Ravens are on right now!

GO PATS!!!!!

destiny said...

I'm rooting for the Giants, and sorry, have to root for the Ravens because as a Jets fan it's really really hard to root for the Pats. If the Giants weren't in the running I'd be for the 49ers.

prairiegirl said...

Hmmm, that Tom Brady guy is rather good looking, I must say...

Cloud 9 said...


Sorry, I just caught all the typos I made in my post above. First, I had better get the sport right. I rushed because I had to go out. Oh well.

I meant to say Joe Pa, RIP.

Watching the game(s) now