Friday, January 13, 2012

When (Stuffed ) Animals Attack

Voice Over: The animals in silent repose wait for the right moment to strike. Their target is unaware of the danger that lurks mere feet away.
Sensing something he knows to make no sudden movements.Trapped he begins to panic.Making one last cry he succumbs to his fate.
And it begins.
Together they overtake the elusive Sasquatch.Knowing they only have one chance.
It is over quickly, the prey is theirs.

Nic...stop playing around and pick up up the stuff before one of them wakes up.

A little story is not going to stop Jake. He showed off with a roar. Looking hot in a black t-shirt and sunglasses clean shaven and sporting a new haircut.

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

It was reported he was at the Dr.'s office, but it looks like he stopped at the bank too, from the marble facade behind him. And the black family truckster is back. Guess the grey (goose) one is still at home in the garage.

Happy Austin Friday.


O_o said...

Nic...stop playing around and pick up up the stuff before one of them wakes up.

Jake calls him "Nic" does he?

Quite the imagination.

ur the one that went there said...

How do you know Jake's the one calling him Nic?

destiny said...

Jake looks gorgeous in the new photos. I guess we have the Golden Globes to thank for that.

PG, that pig in the Geico commercial scares me a bit.

Jason said...

Am I too late to sing praise to our guys? As I catch up on all the news this Friday afternoon, I see that this has been an eventful week of emancipation. Jake and Austin apparently having Sushi in LA, Austin a no show, not once but twice, at two high profile CW gatherings, Jake now leaving CAA for good (Bearding Grand Central), the pond scum at CAA-360 Management rising to the surface to try and jab Jake one more time before he hits the stage on Sunday in all his glory, etc.

After all these tortuous years of watching Jake and Austin have to play the game, Jake suddenly appears looking as radiant as he has ever been, showing everyone with eyes to see that no living creature would turn now such temptation if offered a chance to express their adoration. Minka is a boob and a tool. You’re looking scrumptious Jake. Now, if we could only catch a glimpse of that hot, tall Texan of yours, life would be complete and I could die a happy man. :-)

And yes, for us old timers who have been around the block, or two, since the early days, Jake is known to call Austin “Nic.” Catch up, please.

O_o said...

How do you know Jake's the one calling him Nic?

First time at OMG is it?

Special K said...


He really looks gorgeous. I always wondered if the bushy beard and all of that was rebelling against 360 and CAA, a way to protest. Remember that interview where he said his people were concerned about him growing his beard? He seemed delighted with their uneasy reaction.

And now that he is free from them, I wonder if he said, that's I'm done, I don't need it anymore.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Jason! Great to see you - loved your comment.

PG, that pig in the Geico commercial scares me a bit.

LOLLLL!! His name is Maxwell, Dest. Maxwell the Geico pig and he has his own ringtone. I played it today at work for a few people and my big buddy & I, we were snickering like crazy over it. LOLLLLLL!!! I'll change my avatar pretty soon but right now, I just think he's so cute.

We We We Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


**kicks little hooves**

prairiegirl said...

Well, I about dropped dead at work when I saw the pictures.


He looks absolutely beautiful.

prairiegirl said...

Welcome back, Jake.

twitter said...

melaniepritch Melanie Pritchett
My new favorite spot- Beverly Hills Juice Bar! Jake Gyllenhaal held the door open for me :)
4 minutes ago

Methodical Muser said...

Beauty-- be not caused...It Is.
Chase it and it ceases--
Chase it not, and it abides--

E. Dickinson

Welcome home, Jake.

twitter said...

Jaaazzz ☂
Met Jake Gyllenhaal tonight!!!!woooo (@OliverOfficial)
7 minutes ago

US Weekly said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Shaves His Beard!

status update beard said...

He's not rebelling , the beard will be there again after the Oscars (or even in between the GG and the Oscars)

prairiegirl said...

And you would know this how?

Please let people discuss and speculate as they have a right to, gavel pounding free.

prairiegirl said...

Baby Flynn is back!!!!! Looking beautiful as ever on Just Jared!

Jersey Tom said...

Wow what a difference. Jake looks awesome without the beard. But the pic of Jake with the Red Sox cap and neatly trimmed beard is not too shabby.

Oh God I hope I never see him with the other kind of beard again.

the real m said...

Jake looks fabulous. Like a star. His new management needs to tell him that his job is 24/7. He needs to look sexy all the time, not just on the movie screen. By that time its too late. you have to entice the audience before the movie opens, not the day it opens.

Who is this idiot that drops in and makes these grand pronouncements. Like we would even belive his/her word for even a milisecond. No sale, but nice try.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, you really get a feel for how huge that Q7 is when you see Jake next to it. That thing is a monster.

And it has one of those really annoyingly intimidating big front grilles, lol. Man, I hate those things. They fill up your entire rear view mirror, looking like that downstairs furnace in Home Alone.

prairiegirl said...

Texas said...

Austin is still in Texas...Actually, he has been there for a week.

January 12, 2012 10:43 PM

Hmm. Well, the man has been spotted now. In L.A.

Someone posted on an OTH fansite that they spotted Austin walking in West Hollywood talking on his phone yesterday.

Texas said...

He arrived in LA yesterday...But, hey believe what you want! :)

H said...

Texas, you can't be surprised that some people might not believe you. You suddenly appear here and start posting information on Austin's whereabouts, that can't be verified. Why should anyone believe you more than the person on twitter who says they saw J and A having dinner?

Personally I am undecided on whether I think J and A still see each other, but you seem to be implying that they don't, which makes me wonder why you are spending time on this blog!

LA said said...

^^ because she is scared shitless her little Sophin fantasy may be a big lie. Go back to your other blog little girl:-)

Texas said...

First of all, I'm a guy. Seond of all, I never said Jake & Austin aren't friends and don't keep in touch anymore...And if you want to believe that tweet just like you believed it's Austin in the Leadville picture...fine by me!

H said...

I'm still not seeing any reason why we should believe you Texas or why we shouldn't believe that tweet.

You supposedly know intimate details about J and A's lives and yet you post about them on a blog with people you think are delusional. Why?

prairiegirl said...

Don't even come here criticizing those of us who know Austin when we see him, Texas.

Do not even go there.

prairiegirl said...

And so Austin is going to fly in from Texas yesterday, after a long time out of town and first thing he's going to do is walk down the sidewalk, smiling and talking on the phone as if it were just a sunny Saturday.

I bought my Girl Scout cookies already, sorry.

J and A said...

There is nothing that's changed in Jake's actions that makes me think Austin is out of his life. The months hiding out in NY, at the same time that Austin was filming One Tree Hill in NC, and then Jake heading out to LA the day Austin returned from Israel have convinced me these two are still a couple. Jake isn't taking roles for a reason. So I have to admit that he may very well have a growing family that takes up a lot of his time.

If that's the case, then he is having that family with someone. The last guy Jake has truly been attached too publicly is Austin. So I have no reason to think that Jake's not still with him. Why else would Jake do bike photo ops with Austin during Reeke, and then be seen at the gym with Austin in 2010, if he wasn't sending out signals of their endurance? Ted also continues to insist that they are together like when he talked about Jake, Busy and Rob Buckley enjoying Grey Goose popsicles in Palm Springs this past 4th of July.