Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giving the Bird

While Jake likes to show the bird on shirts.
Austin gives the bird on screen.

Sometimes subtleSometimes not

Smooth Ride for Two Wheel Tuesday.


twitter said...

Liz Barnet
Apparently I just missed Jake Gyllenhaal at the @diginn Un Sq. May cry into my delicious lunch. cc @MartaTopran @ksheashea @elainahfilauro
9 minutes ago

hollywoodlife.com said...

Austin Nichols tells us the dramatic story line is the type of ‘challenge’ he’s been waiting for.

We all knew the ninth season of One Tree Hill was going to be rough, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to see Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian’s (Austin Nichols) son Davis being carried off in a stretcher on last week’s episode. “It could happen with any parent,” Austin told HollywoodLife.com during our recent visit to the show’s North Carolina set, adding that “Julian really puts a lot of blame on himself for this thing that happens.”


Special K said...

I think Paul (Dan Scott) had a little fun making sure that Austin Nichols Wild Turkey was in the frame with Austin.

I wonder what little things Austin will do in the episode he directed.

Special K said...

Jake's still got the heat. He rounds out the top five of Heat(UK)Magazine's inaugural '101 Hottest Hunks in the World'.

David Beckham came in first followed by the Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds respectively) and Bradley Cooper in 4th.


Methodical Muser said...

The British have always welcomed Jake with open arms. The BAFTA being just one more warm embrace in recognition of his talents, as well as the man. They also seem to love his fashion sense. Good for Jake.

Jersey Tom said...

I loved that power blue tee shirt. It was my favorite. Never seen one like it anywhere. I want one:-)

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
OK, so I have a question about BVs in Hollywood's "Golden Age." Just like that Marine [Scotty Bowers] is doing with his recent X-rated tell-all about Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, do you think that someday when the Toothy Tiles and Judas Jack-Offs are dead and gone that their BVs will be revealed?

Dear Golden Oldies:
Sure, someone may eventually name names when it comes to H'wood's closeted elite, but I'm still holding out hope that Toothy will come out himself before he kicks the bucket. As for Judas? Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if someone let slip his secret long, long before he died.

another ted said...

Dear Ted:
Is Priscilla Desert finished with being everyone's go-to beard? Was Priscilla really in on the beard plan from the beginning or did she not realize she was bearding? I could see her being pretty naive. Thanks a bunch!

Dear Soaking Wet:
For the time being, yes, it looks like Prissy is done faking it. As for why she signed on for the bearding biz in the first place, let's just say Ms. Desert's hetero canoodling didn't go as well as planned. It actually went horribly badly, Beth.