Monday, January 30, 2012

Bubble Up

It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and how better to celebrate than Bubble Boy style.

Rocking the Bubbleor tanning the Bubble
Before heading out to

Or going for broke Vegas Bubble style
But you could end up a Very Dirty BubbleSo hot it might need a Beer Bubble or a Bubble Bath Which both could lead to getting some Bubble...


twitter said...

Matt Kulper
Jake Gyllenhaal sighting @ La Colombe Torrefaction
45 minutes ago

the real m said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I am pretty stiff and had a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep, but otherwise OK. It also helps to keep the stiff arm moving, much as it hurts to do so. I expect the soreness to last a couple more days.

Those pictures remind me of the free spirited Jake we used to know and love. I hope we see him again soon.

Short, but sweet said...

@JOHNKR4SINSKImr. jock hipster

jake gyllenhaal you're gay
1 hour ago

Special K said...

Wasn't Jake supposed to be at a casting today?

Evil Keith (@KeithyBangBang)
1/27/12 11:43 AM
Casting alongside some dude named Jake Gyllenhall on Monday. #HighFive

gyna l halel said...

xtoniiix Toni Wang
Did I just see Jake idea how to spell his name
9 minutes ago

Special K said...

Jake in Bubble Boy was so much fun. He said in the past he didn't want to take himself too seriously. I wonder if WME will present some smart comedies projects for him.

Seaweed said...

Jake in Bubble Boy was so refreshing, he was very engaging in his character... and then, when it came time for him to assist with the director's narrative it wasn't difficult to get a sense of his mindset. He has this special energy and offbeat sense of humour that's quite engaging. For me it was a great vehicle for him.

Guess its time to get my DVD out Special, and have a nice viewing. It's just So Much Fun !

Special K said...

Seaweed, I have been thinking about all the fun lines I still say from Bubble Boy. Sometimes I will say some one and some people will go WT..? and other will grin and say Bubble Boy.

Jake lunch said...

I was starstruck seeing jake gyllenhaal eating at my job and I was the one to take care of him!!
6 hours agovia Twitter for iPhone

lmao omg I was a mess I got so nervous wen I saw him I messed up his order like 10 times

“@StonerXGonzalez: @_ShesVINTAGE Lmao You Cool?”
6 hours ago

@_ShesVINTAGE Lmfao
6 hours ago

in reply to ↑

@StonerXGonzalez he had this wtf look on his face lmaoooo

Oh union square I fucking love you!
6 hours agovia Twitter for iPhone

@_ShesVINTAGE How does it feel? Is he intimidating?
2 hours ago

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@mermon7 no he's charming and super funny.
2 hours agovia Twitter for iPhone

sweet cheeks said...

maridelreyes Maridel Reyes
Jake Gyllenhaal spotting! Clean shaven now. At this point we are pretty much workout pals.
49 minutes ago

Double Entendre, Mr. Nichols? said...

@TonyLaRosaIlluminated Mind

BREAKING: Jake Gyllenhaal will reprise his role in the sequel about fallin in luv with a band member. the movie title is Nickleback Mountain

2 hours ago via web

the real m said...

Here is an interesting item from ONTD. Not about jake, but it illustrates PR tactics that we talk about all the time -"Following a serious relapse last week, this award-winning performer was secretly admitted to a well-known rehab facility. When word of her condition got out, her team – apparently caring more about PR than her recovery – pulled her out of the first facility, issued a denial that she was in rehab, waited a couple of hours, then put her into another facility. And that was just the beginning of their PR games.
They tried to knock the rehab story out of the headlines by planting a story about a breakup, but media outlets continued to carry the reh*b story. They promised a staged photo op to prove that she was fine, but failed to deliver her because the rehab facility wouldn’t let her leave in the middle of detox. They said that she was just hanging out at home, but when friends stopped by to see her, they were told that she had suddenly gone to visit a relative on the other side of the country. They tried to fake her participation in a live online interview, but fans cried foul when they noticed that dormant Twitter accounts were being used for the questions and that the answers sounded canned and phony." A long winded story but again, clear evidence of PR tactics, including using fake twitter accounts.