Monday, January 23, 2012

Lazy Sunday and Other Big Things

It could have gone a little like this:

Out gassing up the family truckster
Just an everyday thing, no big deal.
Need to celeb it up a bit, ok, turning to show off my sunglasses on a rainy day in LA.Now just to get the pump out and avoid one of those photos where they can make up captions for it.
Ohh crap, where's my wallet? Did I bring it?Look natural walking to pay. Don't let them know you can't find your wallet in the 17 pockets you've got. Just get in the store and then pick 'em.
Okkkkayy.....I'm on my way home, is there anything I need to bring home?
Slim Jims? Fritos? A couple of Taco Party Packs. Who's putting you up to this? Austin I hear you whispering in the background.
Pinkberry? Ok. Everyone can have Pinkberry.

Happy Year of the Dragon.
"The Year of the Dragon is one of the most revered years of the Chinese New Year calendar, and those born under the sign are regarded as innovative, passionate people who are colorful, confident and fearless.

The Manila Bulletin cites that the Dragon is sometimes called a "karmic sign." The Dragon is larger than life and its appearance means that big things are to come. The Year of the Dragon is a flowing river, not a stagnant lake, so things happen quickly earlier in the year. The Dragon marks progression, perseverance and auspiciousness. It may also bring about unpredictable events."

Here's to big things to come for everyone! Happy New Year!


AB said...

It is probably tenuous at best, given that the picture of Austin is not very clear and that it is quite possible for people to have the same sunglasses, but thought it might be of interest to point out that the sunglasses Austin is wearing in last week's pictures look very similar to the sunglasses Jake was wearing back in April to June of 2011.

Austin's glasses - January 2012:

Jake's glasses - April 2011:

the real m said...

Happy Chinese new year to all. I took the day off and am sipping champagne as I type.

I did not go back and compare the sunglasses but we've seen the guys share articles many times before. Have to laugh at Jake wearing those green pants to death.

Special K said...

Good eye. It does look the guys have similar if not the same pair of Ray Bans. They also have another pair of sunglasses alike, a pair tortoise shell framed ones.

Not sure if Austin could pull off Jake's Oakley's, though.

Yesssssssss said...

Washington Gay Marriage: Legislature Has Enough Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Special K said...

There is a great statement made by Washiongton state senator Mary Margaret Haugen, who's support for legislation legalizing gay marriage, who's support in the state senate will push it over the top to pass.

This is her statement:

To some degree, this is generational. Years ago I took exception to my parents' beliefs on certain social issues, and today my children take exception to some of mine. Times change, even if it makes us uncomfortable. I think we should all be uncomfortable sometime. None of us knows everything, and it's important to have our beliefs questioned. Only one being in this world is omniscient, and it's not me.

I have very strong Christian beliefs, and personally I have always said when I accepted the Lord, I became more tolerant of others. I stopped judging people and try to live by the Golden Rule. This is part of my decision. I do not believe it is my role to judge others, regardless of my personal beliefs. It's not always easy to do that. For me personally, I have always believed in traditional marriage between a man and a woman. That is what I believe, to this day.

But this issue isn't about just what I believe. It's about respecting others, including people who may believe differently than I. It's about whether everyone has the same opportunities for love and companionship and family and security that I have enjoyed.

For as long as I have been alive, living in my country has been about having the freedom to live according to our own personal and religious beliefs, and having people respect that freedom.

Not everyone will agree with my position. I understand and respect that. I also trust that people will remember that we need to respect each other's beliefs. All of us enjoy the benefits of being Americans, but none of us holds a monopoly on what it means to be an American. Ours is truly a big tent, and while the tent may grow and shrink according to the political winds of the day, it should never shrink when it comes to our rights as individuals.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Wow, that's quite an impressive statement by Senator Haugen. And I tell you, that is progress and it's being fair. Takes a lot of courage on her part only because she will face derision from many conservative peers.

You can't ask for much more than that.

prairiegirl said...

Jake looks like the Matrix Man in those fill-er up pictures.

The Matrix Man in GI Jake pants.

Okay, now I can put up my Matrix Man comment, lol.

They Get It Finally said...

But this issue isn't about just what I believe. It's about respecting others, including people who may believe differently than I. It's about whether everyone has the same opportunities for love and companionship and family and security that I have enjoyed.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
What the heck is up with Toothy Tile and Grey Goose? Should we expect surprisingly good changes in their lives?

Dear Off The Map:
Both the fellas are lying low lately. Like really, really, really low. So I wouldn't exactly say that you'll be surprised by either of these guys anytime soon. So boring, no?

destiny said...

Great news about Washington State.

Another none-answer from Ted.

tweet said...

ShtAngelenosSay Shit Angelenos Say
I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal up Runyon.
4 minutes ago

Jersey Tom said...

First letter I have sent in a really really long time. Not sure what he meant in his answer. He probably is not totally sure what they are up to which is why he put a question mark at the end. Maybe boring is good. Maybe he thinks the bearding is over. That would be good.

Seaweed said...

I was wondering if that was you pressing Ted for some more deets Tommy !

Nice to get an answer in any case.

Special K said...

Think your on to it Tom. Ted is once again is saying that the guys are not bearding.

prairiegirl said...

Pretty cool, Tom! I'll never forget when I had my one big published moment, lol. Uh...a couple yrs ago, I think.

You know, I don't for the LIFE of me, know why on earth Jake does not use a bluetooth. Austin as well. Why are these guys using this archaic method of holding that phone up to their ear. I think back to that scene of Jake smashed into the corner of that NYC city bench in his Vagabond beige pants and wow, talk about cramped arm. Get with it, guys, it is the way to go. You'll never go back, never.

I love my Bluetooth. You can do dishes, searh in your closet, go out to the garage, type on your computer with both hands; I mean, a whole new world awaits you. Course, you have to keep your phone close otherwise you'll get static but with my Plantronics one, it does better than my stupid, piece of crap Q Ant ones did.

I just can't believe as much as Jake is papped on the phone, he's always holding that thing. But looking good while doing it!!! No argument there, lol. Maybe both guys have tried them but don't like them or something.

prairiegirl said...

I always thought people kinda looked like they were showing off on their bluetooths but I see the wonders of them, lol. Oh my gosh, they are awesome. And they make them so small and light now. You can hear perfectly on them, it''s Amazing!

Tell you something else. My iPad has a better, clearer screen than my ol' laptop. I mean, I can see the actual texture of Jake's fill 'er up jacket. It's incredible. You can practically see every hair in his beard, lol. Never blew up a pic before but accidentally tapped on it last night and wow. There it was. So then started tapping on all the pictures. LoL.

Ok, that's all the nonsense from me.

prairiegirl said...

Hey new medical building pics of Jake on JJ this morning.

And he's holding his iPad!

And yes...........GI Jake pants, sorry!!!

Methodical Muser said...

I can't believe the guys don't use bluetooth earbuds or headsets when they are multitasking. Which given their active lifestyles would be a constant in their daily existence both inside and outside the home.

California is a car culture and we've had a law on the books since July 1, 2008 mandating that all drivers are prohibited from using handheld wireless telephones while operating a motor vehicle. But, then again, they probably have stereos with blue tooth technology so they don't actually have to use a physical device while driving.

I wouldn't be surprised if they avoid using earbuds when they are walking around because they want to be able to put the phone to their ears to make it obvious that they are preoccupied and not to be disturbed. There doesn't have to be anyone on the other side of the perceived conversation. It just gives the impression that there is. I have a few friends who use that technique whenever they see someone out and about that they don't want to talk to.

Methodical Muser said...

Congrats on the letter, Tom.

I agree about the subtext of Jake and Austin no longer bearding as being uninteresting from a BV perspective. Jake hasn't been fake dating anyone since December 2010 and Austin has not really done a true public display of fauxmancing since Adam Levine participated in that orchestrated Twitter announcement of Sophin sitting courtside at Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals on May 4. Yes, another beard photo op at a Lakers Game. How predictable was that one?

Of course, there was the The 24 Hour Plays event at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica on June 18, but it was already mighty apparent in the pics of them together that there was a cold shoulder chill in the air.

Essentially, Ted has a long history of equating domesticity with “boring”. That’s why I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since September 2011, Ted has discussed Jake within the framework of family life: “tying the knot,” Jakey-poo Jr., Jake’s ultra private life, babies, bundle of joy, papa patrol, changin’ diapers, “little things” in his life, “strolling”.

prairiegirl said...

lol, ahhhh, the ol' "I'm on the phone" ploy. I see how it is.

LOLLLLL!! I'll have to remember that one.

Very good point, well taken, M&M.

He does look pretty cute in the fill-er-up pics, even if he is all covered up.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake looks terrific, I agree.

Tile-Goose Family said...

Although I know the most argued aspect of Toothy Tile is the existence of a BT, I have to say that I’ve always thought there was a child born to them in 2007. Toothy has been a Superstar BV since Ted introduced him in 2005 so there was no reason for him to make up such a thing. And, no, I don’t believe someone fed Ted the story to discredit him either. Everyone knows that Toothy is Jake and Goose is Austin. So their people would have quietly put the kibosh to this rumor, if it weren’t true. Ted obviously likes Jake very much so he would have no reason to continue to associate him with such a controversial topic, if the heady content of the BV wasn't true.

Where I once parted ways with some here was the idea that Jake and Austin had more than one BT, mostly because Ted never talked about more than one. At least, not in any concrete sense. But after reviewing Ted's statements and reading different arguments in support of multiple BTs, I might as well now admit that I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Toothy and Goose have had more than one child over the past four years.

For instance, that whole multiple choice stuff Ted was writing about back in June 2008 was more than likely about expecting twins because later on Ted talked about pigs in blankets and then wrote about a manger. Ted has also said that Toothy has more than one “guilty pleasure”, which can easily mean being a father. On one occasion someone asked him if there was more than one BT, and Ted could have easily said, “No.” But, he didn’t. Instead he said: Dear Bundle of Joy: Their family is constantly expanding, in many ways.

So I’m taking the plunge today while on vacation that I have to admit, I do think Toothy and Goose have a large family. How large… I’m not sure. I guess some here even think that Jake recently had another baby while mysteriously hanging out in NY late last year. Certainly possible because once you open your mind to the possibility of several children, there are a lot of signs that lead in that direction. Oh, yeah and how can anyone ignore those two Audi Q7s? Just my opinion after being an only one BT believer for years, I finally have to confess, there probably is a bucketload of them.

possible said...

Jake sure has stopped working for years it seems. Compared to other male actors his age, he's hanging low like Ted suggests. Fatherhood could be a part of that mix.