Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some like it hot

and this time with wasabi....
Today my car got searched by the police, got a pkg tix, sat next to Jake Gyllenhall & Austin Nichols at dinner & had great sushi. Yay 2012? - twitter
While Austin is back on The Crazy Tree tonight (8pm EST), it doesn't even come close to him back in LA and having dinner with Jake.
Maybe Two Wheel Tuesday needs to be renamed to Two for Dinner Tuesday.

A saki bomb salute fellas!


oth said...

Check out Conan's Brand New Poster
Team Coco

Special K said...

Talking about OTH,New York Magazines' Vulture has done a quick review of all 8 seasons complete with time jumps.

Here's the lead to the article.

One Tree Hill begins its ninth and final season tonight, and even though it started as a relatively run-of-the-mill teen soap, it's become a lunatic fiesta that would make a daytime soap blush and makes the racier ABC Family dramas look like guidebooks to being Amish.

New York Magazine OTH review

Don't forget to check out the comments.

prairiegirl said...

I want one of these bags!!!

Wonder if Austin has seen these? These are cute!!! I use tote bags like crazy, always hauling stuff to work every day.

Two Wheel Tote Bag

I am going to have to order one of these, buddy.

Wow - just imagine. He inspired this tote bag. That's pretty cool.

AUS10 said...

The Final Season starts tonight. It would make me very happy if you all watched. We worked harder this season than any other.
2 minutes ago

Jersey Tom said...

I thought todays tweet would get more attention today from us. I guess we are realistic. One tweet is far from one photo.

They sure are in a panic over at WFT though. It is fun watching them trying to make it seem like there was no chance in hell Jake and Austin were together. Time will tell.

the real m said...

Holy crap. A sighting of Jake and Austin together. Maybe they wont wait for OTH to be over to go public. The show is in the can, not much more can be done to it at this point.

I did not realize Sophia Bush was on Craig Ferguson last night until I watched the tape this evening. Not one word about Austin. No mention of any boyfriend at all either. Talk about unpacking moving boxes, charity work, plans to make a documentary, being out of work, No hint she is in any way part of a couple.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, it got a lot of attention in the wee hours of the morning, Tom, believe me.

I was ecstatic. I had more time this evening and I looked back very far in that girl's twitter account and there was nothing that I saw which seemed to point towards any "agenda", any excessive celebrity tweeting. In fact, she hardly ever mentioned celebs at all but she did seem to be a Jason Mraz fan. Big whoo.

She lives in L.A. and in one tweet mentioned Venice, as if she might live around there. We know that the guys have both been seen there and Austin has even said something about running around naked or something in Venice. lol.

People can choose to believe it or not. I see no reason not to believe it. Funny how some have been quick to believe other tweets for more obscure reasons but this one? This one automatically became one to discount. Why? Because it involved Austin, that's why.

Let me tell you, this tweet was seen by more bloggists than you think. There are others who were worried and their hearts were pounding just a bit harder today.

They can snark and whisper and laugh at us all they want. In fact, I welcome it. For those who find a few OMGers loony, delusional, crazy and entertaining, they sure spent more time today being very aware of and concerned about something which they professed to find of no merit or worth. They spent more time scoffing, badmouthing, and ridiculing about this tweet than some of us spent on the blog celebrating it.

How ironic is that?

prairiegirl said...

and Austin has even said something about running around naked or something in Venice. lol.

To be a little more historically correct, uh - I think he said he would swim or run or do something naked if something happened.

Something like that.


Think I just made it worse. LOLLLLLLL!!!! C'mon, M&M, Special, help me out. What was it he said that one time?

He said something about Venice.

prairiegirl said...

Hey m!!!! Wow, for once I'm still up when you're on here. lol.

Well, our 50 degree weather went bye-bye today and there is a bit of a dusting of snow out there. What a drag. And it's cold, too.

m, I didn't stay up for the Late, Late Show but judging by a tweet that someone sent to Soapy, I gathered that she didn't mention Austin because the tweeter asked her why she didn't mention Austin. Gee, maybe because there was nothing to talk about, do you reckon?

Well, it was a very exciting, incredible day today. I'm a realist and I was and still am immensely blown away by that tweet. The pleasure and excitement has not worn off yet. And I reckon we'll know soon if the guys either have to or don't have to react to it.

We'll know.

prairiegirl said...

Okay m, check your email soon or in the morning.

I have got something awesome to share with you guys. You're going to get a big kick out of this.

Special K said...

Yes he did PG.

Back in June 2010 during the NBA finals he said:

I hereby solemnly swear that if the Celtics win, I will streak through the streets of Venice, to the pier, and perform an naked backflip 17 Jun 2010

oth tweet said...

So @AUS10NICHOLS holding a baby is cuteness at its BEST!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Ahh yes. So it was a streak and a backflip. juuuuuust a little outside with my recollection ability, lol.

Special K said...

With Jake being split as a Celtics and Laker fan (Really who can be both?!?)during that final, you wonder if that was a bet between with the one fella in the house who would take the Celtics in bet that would include getting naked.

prairiegirl said...

Name that movie - "juuuuuuust a little outside". Actually I think it's "juuuuuuuuust a bit outside" not a 'little' outside.

Name that movie and who said it.

prairiegirl said...

M&M don't even try - you wouldn't get it in a million years, lol.

Special K said...

Major League - Bob Uecker!

prairiegirl said...

Ding ding ding!!!!! We have a winner.

Lol. I love that part in the movie. Loved Bob U. In that movie.

Special K said...

Watched OTH last night. Austin was a pro with the babies and could see how much a natural he is with them, in little unscripted moments. He total nailed a sleep deprived dad. His delivery of "They Lie" when he as talking about how everyone says it gets better, was funny and point perfect.

The twins are adorable.

This season, Julian has purchased a soundstage for movies to come to Tree Hill for filming. (you think OTH was running out of production money?) But it looks like it might be rough going for the business for a bit.

And now that Julian is a married dad of two it's t-shirts and sleep pants. Those days of single Julian in just his black boxer briefs look like they've gone. :D

LOL! said...

katyump Kat Yumping
#OTH segment on E News! :) and they just called Austin Nichols - Sophia Bush's husband haha
5 hours ago

Tweet said...

@JamesonEyesCatfish Blairy

Jake Gyllenhaal = daddy

11 Jan via web

Dear Ted said...

Dear Ted:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are both presenting at the Golden Globes this year? Can we expect a run in between the two exes?

Dear Ex Wars:
A run-in? Definitely possible. But an awkward Brangelina-Jennifer Aniston-esque encounter? Don't count on it. Reese is happily married and beyond over her relaysh with Jake. Besides, the two were far less serious than everyone presumed.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
So which of your closeted Vice's beards is most likely to reach levels of fame in her own right? And do you think she might move on to an actual relationship if that happens?

Dear Fake It Till You Make It:
It's not just no-name chickies that play the beard game. Look at Shafterella Shoshstein, she was an A-list lady who was slumming it in tabloid oblivion until she linked up with a very good-looking and very in-the-closet gay guy. And to answer your next Q, good old Shafty left her loyal fakey BF in the lurch when she found an eligible, straight dude.

Special K said...

I caught E!News this morning. In the intro to the story was said but looking at the rest of piece that was talking about Austin directing Sophia's ex-husband. They refer to Austin as her boyfriend in the rest of the piece. You can see the how they could mix up the copy, particularly when Sophia has date 3 of her co-stars and married one of them in real life and another one on screen.

Special K said...

About Ted's answer to the question about Jake and Reese running into each other at the GG, he said "Besides, the two were far less serious than everyone presumed."

It's Ted basically saying that it is was fake.

And about his comments about Shafterella, it points out again that Reese dump Jake, and he's gay.

fb said...

Highlights off my day: seeing and talking to Jake Gyllenhaal about my dog xD ♥

yeahh xDD he went into the store i work at to buy his dog food xD lol

suuuupppeeerrr gorgeous xD and really nice x))