Thursday, October 4, 2012

Badges, no more stinkin' badges

It looks like Jake goes for the badge when it comes to his movie roles so  OMG is here to help out what else is out there for him for parts with badges and possible storylines

On a life long journey, it's a traveling EMT just looking out for others.
Think Highway to Heaven meets  Emergency!

Private Detective
A renegade Private Detective who solves impossible cases while breaking all the rule and staying one step ahead of creditors.   
Think  Die Hard meets Rockford Files.  (You were thinking Magnum weren't you ?)

Court Bailiff
A wise cracking court  bailiff who works for a nighttime TV Judge.
You got it - Judge Judy meets Night Court.

Corrections Officer
An intense drama, a sensitive officer facing the harsh realities of a women's prison.  Think Monster's Ball with Green Mile and WE TV's Snapped (Women in Prison stories) thrown in.

USDA Inspector
He has a badge and is looking out for the meat you eat.
Think Kojak meets Rocky when Rocky still worked in the meat market.

An introspective story of  fireman trapped for days. Just a man with a badge trying to solve an arson mystery before he get burned himself, and all he has a pair of big rubba boots  to keep him company.
It's Cast Away mixed with Backdraft and Austin's Big Rubba boots.

District Attorney
A DA who is on the hunt for the only suspect he can never catch is multiple personality who murders.
John Grishman meets An Enemy

Scout Leader
Not those kind of badges.  Well maybe.  The story of a goofy man boy who never grew up and has to earn all his badge to earn his father's company while somehow  becomes a leader to a group of rag tag kids and malcontents. (WAIT! Isn't that every Adam Sandler movie?)

Weights and measures inspector
He's got a badge and he's going undercover to make sure your scales are correct.   Think Larry the Cable's Health Inspector meets Susan Powter's Stop the Insanity.

and of course :

This guy


destiny said...

Saw EOW earlier this week but my internet has been down, and not going to write a review on my phone. Repairman is coming tomorrow. @

Special K said...

Did you like it Destiny?

destiny said...

Damn, just lost my whole post. Stupid blogger!!!!

I can't believe how hard it was going all week without my landline and internet service, even with a smartphone.

I liked EOW up until the last half hour, I'd say. It started out being a slice of life kind of movie, but then it turned out to have a story arc after all, and I think that kind of undercut what had come before, at least for me. For people who like more of a story they might disagree.

Jake and the other leads were really good, and it was nice to see Jake do something so different, and something where at times I could even forget it was him.

My girlfriend thought some of the bad guys were too cartoonish, and I kind of agree, again a lot of that was towards the end, and also seemed to be a departure from what I thought they were doing at first

It's a lot like a gritty Southland, although the camera work probably makes it something better to watch on a big screen rather than on a TV.

Despite all the things I liked about it, at the end of the day I don't think it's a particularly memorable movie, probably because I feel like I've seen it before on Southland and similar shows.

Special K said...

Orlando Cruz, professional boxer, has just become the first out gay man in the sport.

Says Cruz: “I’ve been fighting for more than 24 years and as I continue my ascendant career, I want to be true to myself. I want to try to be the best role model I can be for kids who might look into boxing as a sport and a professional career.”

well done said...

Orlando Cruz, professional boxer, has just become the first out gay man in the sport.

While still competing.

Emile Griffith came out before him albeit 18 years after he quit boxing.

Jersey Tom said...

Just read that. That is awesome. He may be in line for a championship fight. Orlando is in the prime of his career. I love it. Thanks Orlando for your courage.