Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love it up

..."Go to the window now. Or the roof. Or climb a tree.
It doesn’t matter.
Just get as high as you can and shout as loud as you can.
Whatever it is that you dream about.
Or whoever you love.
Yell it from the rooftops for all to hear.
And do it often.
And for Godsakes, do it at night.
Romance, people. Romance!!!”
Your faithful steed,

Sidewalks in the middle of the day in downtown Manhattan work well too. 

Go Austin Go!

Something for a Two Wheel Tuesday.


prairiegirl said...

oh tom said...
You do realize that was just a joke don't you?

No, they weren't joking around. Obviously, you didn't read the thread.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

We have been long overdue for a Safety Moment. And who can we always depend on to provide us display board material for an opportunity to improve our daily safety practices?

Now observe this instagram if you will.

more_AL ‏@AL_Sandoval_IV

Its Jake Gyllenhaal (End Watch, brokeback mountain) ! He ran right through the carpet. #jakegyllenhaal #jak Safety Always Comes First Even If We're a Little Excited
12:16 AM - 17 Sep 12 · Details

Now what do we see? Yes, he's very excited. This picture happens to be a favorite of mine because it is an honest moment. He's happy, maybe a little giddy looking. Wonderful, right? Of course!

But look!! No 3 point contact. To look at this just gives me the shudders. No, no, no. When ascending and descending stairs, especially long staircases such as this one, you should always keep one hand on the railing in case of a slip, trip or fall. Look at all of them!! No one is maintaining 3 point contact. What a safety opportunity for improvement here.

We get preached to about this all the time. Posters up on the walls, showing some poor fellow collapsed at the bottom of a staircase. And one of our managers was quite dinged up about a year ago, walking his dog on a leash and he tripped on the stairs w/o maintaining 3-point contact.

It's just a preventative step to take which could prevent a severe fall.

And that is our Safety Moment for the day. Actually, for the week, because that one is quite a doozy.

taking a poll said...

Has anyone here seen End of Watch yet?

Special K said...

Not yet the last two weekends have been crazy helping friends. Hoping this weekend.

Jersey Tom said...


Jersey Tom said...

I would think if Jake didn't have so much to hide he wouldn't need an arm fortress around him.

where? said...

What arm fortress?

Jersey Tom said...

There is a little thing called the first amendment which Jake has no control over so in reality it is about politeness but not everyone is polite.

Jersey Tom said...

Austin never tweeted me back. I am mad:-)