Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparation H

With a Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm coming you've gotta prep and surely Mr. Hypochondriac/Worry Wart Jake is in full on prep mode preparing for every scenario he can conjure up in this mind.

Austin no doubt has a little different approach.

Water for three day times number of people in the house
Back up Water
Back up Matches
Back up Lighter

Back up Candles
Back up Flashlights
Back up Batteries
Back up Cash
Back up Backpack

Back up Food
Back up Snacks
Back Up Drinks

Green Pants
Back up Green Pants
Grey T-shirt
Back up Grey T-shirt
Back up Hoodie

Black Yankees Hat
Back up Yankees Hat
Full Rain suit
Back up Rain suit

Back up Medicine
Games, Puzzles, Books, Magazines
Back up Games, Puzzles, Books, Magazines,
Life jackets
Back up Life Jackets

Life Boat
Back up Life Boat
Evacuation Plan
Back up Evacuation plan

Big Rubba Boots





prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha, that was a good one, Special. "Worry Wort". LOL!

I wouldn't be surprised if there hasn't been some small evacuations going on just to take it one big step further.

You know, Al Roker has posted some very clear, focused Instagram pictures of Delaware and New Jersey turnpike lanes which were very devoid of traffic and Stephanie Abrams was also talking about Delaware, I think it was, not taking any hurried steps to be prepared. They both seemed surprised at the lack of preparation. Now it could be different today but the maps continued to post cause for deep concern. This Sandy looked pretty massive to me last night.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't it funny how some people on Twitter seem fully capable of holding their cameras somewhat steady? Clear as a bell pictures. Even inside a summer vacation house with a family member. Clear!

But for some reason, those Instagrams of Jake trying to place him back in town and whatnot, blurry, dark, back of heads, side shots, blurry, fade outs, color blotched, blurry. Oh, and blurry.

Did I mention blurry? I was talking to someone about Instagram and asking questions about what was so great about it. She told me that people loved Instagram because you can do so much with it, edit in all kinds of ways, change and add to your image or subject. Uh huh, exactly. Kind of interesting I thought. Oh well! Kodak moment of pondering!

Jersey Tom said...

Wow Sandy is definitely on the way. It is a very gloomy morning in South NJ.

prairiegirl said...

Holy moly and now there's a tsunami warning for Maui. This is nuts!

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Love following Al. Thank goodness the tsunami warning has been cancelled for Hawaii.

Boy there is all kinds of crimson and red and yellow on the weather maps this morning. Lots of big bold type. Weather people crack me up. They're so passionate about their jobs and they get all excited during snowstorms and whatnot. Their body posture gets all stretched from head to toe, they're all arms and pointing fingers as they wave around the maps, and their diction gets very excited and pronounced. It's just kind of entertaining as well as informative.

Jersey Tom said...

I like watching them actually out in the storms PG. They really put themselves in danger sometimes. Glad I don't have that job:-)

prairiegirl said...

I know. Love all the film of them in high winds. I've seen a guy roll like a tumbleweed. Hilarious.

I know, I can have a sick sense of humor. ; D

the real m said...

Just my luck I have to fly to Cleveland today for a job interview tomorrow. Hopefully that is far enough west of the storm that I dont have too many weather problems. I feel pretty good about getting there but may get delayed coming back home.

Special K said...

I would check about Cleveland M, they are supposed to get snow out of this storm.

prairiegirl said...

And it's not necessarily where you may be flying into. My dog people are delayed getting home because of their connecting flight. I think they're waiting it out in N.C. because she doesn't want to go anywhere near the east coast. It could be several days before they got home so they're staying overnight where they are and coming in tomorrow. Their connecting plane today was coming in from Portland ME and was already way delayed.

So I'm here an additional night. Fun times! : )

Jersey Tom said...

Well it has started. Raining hard in Jersey. Hello Frankenstorm!

prairiegirl said...

Batten down the hatchets, Tom!!!!!!

destiny said...

Nothing in NYC yet. Stopped by the store this evening to pick up a few things, and some areas were wiped clean. Bread and milk does't surprise me, but snack foods of every kind were gone. Chips, ice cream, cookies, bananas. Oddly they were out of parsley and green onions, but not other vegetables. And I couldn't help notice when I passed it that the liquor store was doing a brisk business. Guess people are going to party since there's no work tomorrow for most people.