Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Voting Booth Review

This is not Jake

Now he might vote for Mitt you never know.

But Jake....

Well everyone knows the answer to that

Right Big Guy?

Let's review

Jake is not a fan of this Bush

But looks like he kinda is of this one

And the only Mitt he's going to get behind is this one.

 Extra credit points who find the secret connection to Tall Texans in this post.


prairiegirl said...

It’s kind of appropriate after the Presidential debate to bring up a brief but big twitter story which happened on Monday night, the 15th. Especially in light of our discussion over the past several days (and further back in the past) about the false impersonating @Jake_Gyllenhaal Twitter account. Imagine that.

And someone tried to bring it to all our attention on OMG on Monday, I apologize for not being sharp enough to pay attention. And then Sass mentioned it today.

Anyway, this ridiculous account had tweeted several tweets endorsing Mitt Romney. And I guess the Drudge Report RT’d one of the endorsing tweets and while it fooled some people, it caught the attention of a lot of others, who immediately questioned the validity of the claim. With Jake being known as quite the liberal and an Obama supporter, immediately people began tweeting with their doubts. And do you know what I found sooo fascinating about this unfolding story?

That so many people studied the profile of this account and many began tweeting two common observations: 1) That the account wasn’t verified. Why wasn’t it a verified account? And 2) That the profile stated it was a “fan site”. **snaps fingers** Just like that, upon first observation, these people who were looking at that account for the first time, noticed this right away.

And yet you have these followers like: @snowygirl7, @TiffyLau, @IL0veyank, @BDADLM who tweeted at that account on a regular basis. I could do an entire yay-long comment on that @BDADLM account alone, pointing out the suspicious, the patterns, the oddities and coincidences.

Here's a link to one of the stories about the fake Jake Gyllenhaal Twitter account fiasco.

Fake Jake Gyllenhaal Tweets Romney Endorsement

prairiegirl said...

Incredible, wasn't it? This tweet fiasco went viral. It was RT'd and tweeted about so much that I read Jake was trending on Twitter for awhile. So, a big story, right?

And so what happened? Well, Twitter suspended that account. Zip! Put in the corner, Time Out. Because what did Jake's people have to say about it, anyway?

From Deadline Hollywood.com via Nikki Finke. Hey Austin, did you see this, since you follow Ms. Finke?

One of the most well known liberals in Hollywood, Jake Gyllenhaal, is a hot retweet today in what seems to be a huge change of political partisanship. In fact, it’s yet another fake celebrity Twitter account:
Jake Gyllenhaal does not have a Twitter account, his reps tell Deadline. Given that Mitt Romney is having a tough time attracting with young voters, accusations may fly that this is some Republican conspiracy at work. Let’s see if other well known Hollywood progressives start making 180-degree turns to the GOP. Recently actresses Lindsay Lohan and Stacy Dash came out for Romney/Ryan – and that was real.

Jake's People Finally Speak Out on the Phony Jake Twitter Acct

What? Say what? Really, Jake’s Rep?

You missed the #StupidTeachers hashtag fiasco? You missed that Adolph Hitler tweet? You missed the tweet to Taylor Swift? You missed the ethnically critical tweets? You missed all of the foul language tweets?

You get upset over someone publishing about Jake's housing location? You get upset over Tighty Whiteys? And now you get upset over several Mitt Romney tweets enough to get the account suspended.

Come on, come sell me a Ford Pinto, I've got my wallet at the ready.

lol. No, no, no, no. How convenient was this? And how did Drudge Report happen upon this tweet? Has anyone heard how they received it? Because don't tell me that the Drudge Report had time to weed through all of the Romney tweet mentions and happened upon these 2 or 3 tweets. Or that they search Jake on Twitter.

I think Jake's people wanted to ditch this account and the whole thing was a set up.

prairiegirl said...

The next question that pops up for me is, Then what about the false Maggie twitter account?


Because this account tweeted back and forth with the phony Jake account in the first person, pretending to be Maggie. The whole brother and sister act.

So if that is the real Maggie, why was she tweeting at a fake Jake?


Know your trolls said...

minka troll - stop foaming at the mouth and grow a brain.

Know your trolls said...

my brain is grown

Not much evidence of that LOLLLLLL

RED said...

Monday is the release of Taylor’s new album. The whole album is about Jake. Any comments about the lyrics (virtual bearding PR for Jake) of the new four songs already released? They are: “Begin Again” (Jake is the bad relationship in this song and her trying to move on from him), “Red” (about loving Jake), “I knew you were trouble” (about Jake being a douche to her and a line saying he never loved anyone not Taylor neither ‘her’ referencing Reeke) and “State of Grace” (about Jake and her falling in love with 'in his bedroom' line).

prairiegirl said...

Wow. Lance Armstrong has stepped down as chairman of Livestrong. And Nike has dropped his contract.

Wouldn't Livestrong have been his own organization, though? Or not?

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I think Jake's people wanted to ditch this account and the whole thing was a set up.

I believe this statement is true. When you guys brought this topic up last year, I started watching the @Jake_Gyllenhaal account to see when it would start flooding the twitter-verse with searches on fake topics. This past year alone, mid-January, the second and third weeks of April, and the first two weeks of July were all examples of this. If you look back, some interesting things were happening during these times that related to Jake and Austin directly.

Also, there have been far more outrageous statements from this site, many of them politically right wing in nature, yet the account continued, even though it was clear the comments did not come from the real Jake Gyllenhaal. Basically, there would be no reason for the Mitt Romney tweet to go viral like it did unless PR was somehow involved. Trying to create a high profile pretext with The Drudge Report mention, which is notoriously ultra conservative. With their venomous desire to get rid of Barack Obama three weeks before the election, the Drudge Report is not going to be distracted/interested in discussing a fleeting and false tweet from an obvious outlier celebrity fansite impersonating a B-listed actor. No, I agree. Jake's people planted that tweet because they wanted the account shut down. It was becoming a liability, (had outlived it's purpose) particularly given the unwelcomed exposure it got this past weekend on OMG as a tool to assist Jake in his deceptions.

Suspend the account and you eliminate all the evidence as well as the accomplices names (the hired followers)so no one could go back and fact check. Almost like magic, the site vanished in an instance like it never existed.

Jersey Tom said...

I do think jakes. pr team is capable of anything.

layabouts said...

I do think jakes. pr team is capable of anything

Or nothing. He certainly doesn't get his money's worth with them.

prairiegirl said...

5 is a very big milestone number.

extra said...

10/17/12, 14:39

Tonight on @extratv my exclusive interview with Jake Gyllenhaal from backstage at his new Off Broadway show. Check your local listings!

destiny said...

Lance Armstrong may have started the organization, but it's run by the board of directors, and with all the horrendous stories out in the past few days there was no way he could have stayed the head. I don't see how the organization itself will survive all of this given how strongly it is associated with Lance.

The whole thing is truly awful and sad.