Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the (candy) bag

 I won't roll over and do some old tricks.

This is all the treat you're gonna get lady.


Methodical Muser said...

First off, Go Giants!!!
Secondly, how many times do sightings of Jake in Texas have to occur before it becomes pretty obvious that something keeps drawing him back there? There were flights still leaving LaGuardia on Sunday night, particularly if the airline in question was flying away from the storm. The Script tweet was posted on Monday morning at 6:14 a.m. CST. The gal is from Ireland so she is referring to Sunday night. Interestingly enough, The Script were going to be performing on Monday night in Dallas. This has been the fourth time in six months that Jake has been observed by civilians to be in Texas. Interestingly enough, Delta Air Lines is showing that its flights from Dallas/Fort Worth airport to LGA are still on-time as of today. No doubt tweets will appear placing Jake in NY on Sunday night as often happens when Jake is either in need of cover or is discovered where he is not supposed to be. And, Texas is definitely where he is not supposed to be.

Moreover, there would be no reason for this person to tweet that her Aunt had been on a flight with The Script AND Jake Gyllenhaal on Sunday if the event had not occurred. The poster is from Ireland so it’s not odd that her Aunt would recognize this popular Irish Indie group and we all know Jake is very popular in the UK. To my knowledge no one has ever associated Jake with this alternative band. There comes a time when coincidences become a pattern and even though it is always possible to argue or discount, consistent dismissal becomes a habit hard to break. I prefer to look at the big picture and not isolate and therefore minimize the mounting evidence that continues to associate Jake with the Lone Star State.

Jersey Tom said...

I find it hard to believe that Jake would fly to Texas for a concert only. I think Austin is living in Texas. Just like Austin mysteriously leaving Wrightstown/Wilmington every weekend Jake is leaving NYC a lot and most likely headed to Texas. It is crazy that we havent heard more about Austin pursuing his career. If he was he be much more visible and putting himself out there. I do believe Jake and Austin are still very much together.

prairiegirl said...

lol. He would not be there for a concert.

Oh my goodness. It's so hard sometimes living under the same roof with non-believers.........LOL.

The only reason Jake would do a total crazy like fly to Austin TX in the middle of a hurricane would not be because of a concert, nor a day off, nor even the Tall man himself but because he has children. Some of us believe he has children and Sandy was headed right for NYC. If that family lives where we think they do, Jake was going to get those little ones the heck out of there and get them out of harm's way because I think in that regard, Jake is probably like a mother lion who is going to protect its young.

No one else has to believe this. I'm not asking for anyone to. I posted this stuff and then had some fun with it. Why did I have some fun with it? Because it took work to dig up the concert date information just on the Script. It also took work to look up the feasibility of flights. Sure it sounds crazy.

But why is a girl from Ireland tweeting about her aunt seeing Jake for real during Hurricane Sandy? When was the last time we had a tweet of Jake physically on a flight? What does The Script have to do with Jake?

These were questions that popped into my head. But as soon as M&M looked up that The Script was to be performing in Houston TX on the night of the 30th, that immediately sent up all kinds of red flags.

prairiegirl said...

Then I had to look at where the Script was prior to the Houston date. Where were they? Lo and behold they had a date in Dallas on the 29th. There's more to it on the feasibility of these flights, having to do with hubs and stopover points but I'm not going into that. Let's just say it was very very possible looking at the end of his play on Sunday and time zones because you have to look at time zones of all involved as well, those of east coast, Central time and Ireland.

There was one sighting of Jake on Sunday night. Where? With who? Out to dinner with his sister/family. Didn't say where. Didn't say anything about Peter or Ramona. Someone else tweeted "family". Kind of funny already. That's all there is to go on with that.

Twitter has been full of TDAT references. If it isn't TDAT, it's still been ol' Tay references. Yet last night, I no sooner post about this Texas possibility and here comes a lone tweet spotting Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal out to dinner in Prospect Heights. Didn't mention Peter. Nor Ramona. Nor Mama. And where at? Upon further prodding, the tweeter reveals they were at R&D. R & D is a two star restaurant, known for being family friendly, small and serving lamb burgers, good Mac and cheese and donuts. Those items are what people liked most about R&D. Does that sound like Jake?

When things fall together like this, I go with my gut on these guys. But that's just me. I'm not here to convince anyone anymore, done with that.

I put that stuff up because I had fun with it. When you work to dig up a feasibility of something and it comes together, it's fun to post it.

I'm not arguing about it or trying to stir things up. Jake will most likely be there today for his matinee and that would be expected. But we'll never know for sure, will we, where he was these past two days. For someone like me, who believes he has five kids with Austin, my gut says he got those kids to Texas for safety. It wasn't for a concert. Wasn't because of Austin or himself.

It's all about those kids.

Jersey Tom said...

I just dont want to dicuss kids myself anymore. It is wrong if they have them. It is abusive.

Methodical Muser said...

It's all about those kids.

Exactly. If this was just about Jake and Austin, the latter could have easily met Jake somewhere up north to spend some time together on Monday (Jake's day off). Jake's the one working, after all. With no electricity and the prospect of a massive storm with an unpredictable outcome, someone with children five years and under, and with the financial resources to do so would definitely transport that kind of precious cargo out of harm's way. That's why he would fly to Texas.

Jersey Tom said...

There is a reason Jake runs to Texas just like there was a reason Austin left Wilmington.

I dont have a problem with anyone else doing it though. This is OMG not Gyllenbubbles or Dave Cowchips.

Jersey Tom said...

Last word on this for me. I think homebase is still in Texas.

prairiegirl said...

You could be right, Tom, not going to disagree on that. Jake is running to Texas a lot lately.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, it's Halloween!!!!

Listening to a scary station on Online Radio today. Just waiting for my first listen of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

That one and Ghostbusters. It's not right til I hear those 2 songs.

And brought the pumpkin today, stocked with the best candy bars. People already digging into it. My big buddy got 2 favorites and said "Babe Ruth - now that's what I'm talkin' about." lol

Got the Halloween socks and scarf on - we're rockin' it today. Even though I'm going to be working late and no fun tonight for PG on Halloween, it's all still good.

Ahhhh, "Werewolves of London". Good one!

Anonymous said...


Roll Call said...

Good to see Jack is okay; was beginning to get a little concerned.

Seaweed said...

Well, it's been a wild few days in terms of weather on the Eastern Seaboard and in the path of this wild Sandy Superstorm. Hope everyone around our circle of friends is safe and doing alright under the circumstances.

Up here in Nova Scotia we're getting a lot of wind and the temp's are pretty moderate for now, will have to wait and see what the result is as this massive storm looses wind yet blankets all of eastern Canada.

Lately I've been more concerned with family matters and the possibility of work, but still stay in touch with all things Jake and Austin. It's just more of the same from these guys for now... hopefully we'll get a bit of a plum somewhere along the line or they'll just give up with all the cloak and dagger hiding.

Take care everyone.

Seaweed said...

HOly Frig...

I totally forgot that it's HaLlOwEeN! Hope we can all enjoy the fun and foolishness of this in the current state of weather challenges and an up-coming election. Talk about Scary eh!

Happy Halloween everyone, my pumpkin is carved and out on the porch for the little darlins to see while they're out collecting their sweet loot tonight!

Reason said...

If Jake and Austin has children, they both should be arrested for child abuse (and / or) taking medication for their bipolar mental state. Therapy is deffinately needed for two grown men who go thru 5 surrogate baby situations then hide them and lie about it to the public.
You have the courage to go thru 5 surrogate preganancys, not 1, not 2, but 5? But not the courage to come out as gay or bi with children.

On that note, I don't believe Jake nor Austin would do something so insanely STUPID.

Whoever believes this wivestale / easop fabel / harliquin romance needs meds also.

Be a fan of the two, love them or hate them, but you need to give up this twisted idea of J/A raising 5 children. NOT Possible with the life they both live, and living it separate.

It's 2012 approaching 2013. It's not 2005 anymore and Ted is gone.

J/A gay, bi, who cares.

There are no children.
Anyone in the press would have found this out easily by now and the flood gates would have been open long ago......

There are NO Children!

Jersey Tom said...

I was also worried about Jack. I think about him all the time. I now also have a feeling Jack may
be a New Yorker.

Jersey Tom said...

I don't disagree with all you have said Reason. It is hard to believe they could pull this off and it is even harder that a sane person could do something like that. Saying that I don't think Jake and his family are exactly normal people. I am not ruling anything out. I see signs that tell me it is possible.

Reason said...

I would think going thru the challenges of surrogate pregnancys once or twice, let alone 5 times would give the person(s) Jake? / Austin? the courage to say to the world, look at my beautiful family, and, I'm or We're gay/bi accept it we love who I/we are.

Not happening! You don't have 5+ children in such a very special and challenging way then hide them like they have a contagious disease.
Sorry, don't believe it.

prairiegirl said...

Whoever believes this wivestale / easop fabel / harliquin romance needs meds also.

Be a fan of the two, love them or hate them, but you need to give up this twisted idea of J/A raising 5 children. NOT Possible with the life they both live, and living it separate.

It's 2012 approaching 2013. It's not 2005 anymore and Ted is gone.

Oh, set it to music, would you? Sick of your same old, same old rant. Just hit Rewind and then hit Play.

You need to get over it. You don't come here as a troll and tell some of us what we can talk about and what we can't. End of story.

I cannot wait for the day these 2 guys come out and it is disclosed what they have been hiding. There won't be a big enough table for everyone to sit and partake of a big bowl of crow.

reason said...

^^ hey PG lady I'll bring the silverware and the napkins and I know you'll supply all the crow needed if that happens.

I can own up to my being wrong.
Not a problem. The issuse is, can you own up to being wrong after say maybe 5 or 10 more years of J/A doing just what they are doing now. Which is denounces anything about being married to each other and having 5 children.

This works both ways. Can you eat crow also? I don't think so.

And by the way, your rationale has already been set to music. Played over and over and it's still not a #1 hit.
Sadly I think you may be playing it for the next 10 years.

Special K said...

Happy Halloween.

What could better than Twix and Mars Caramels for breakfast, black ensemble to wear and Halloweenie music for the day. Cream's Strange Brew? Bauhaus' Bella Lugosi's Dead? INXS Devil in Inside? Talking Head's Psycho Killer? Psychedelic Furs Ghost in You? KC and the Sunshine Band's Boogie Man?

Jersey Tom said...

Halloween has been canceled in NJ. Rescheduled for 1 week from today.

I am off today and tomorrow. No power in the sites that I work at down the shore.

Again I agree with you reason on the point that it would be very wrong for two people to do what some think Jake and Austin have done. Very wrong but I wouldnt put it past them.

Anonymous said...
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oh you're back said...

Nice try. If you've been following this blog for a long time you'd know there are no anonymous posts. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...
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tell me another one said...

Just sayin You've posted here before. And about Austin.

Anonymous said...
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destiny said...

Happy Halloween everyone.