Saturday, October 6, 2012

Working for on the weekend

illustration from The New Yorker
Despite two shows a day on the weekend,  Jake makes it looks like he is living for the weekends, out and about in the city.   

Last week it was a concert in Central Park, this weekend started off with a birthday party for Gwyneth, and seen back riding the rails.

Then after Sunday it's back to
schoolbusiness days, and it seems like he slips away somewhere then only seen at his shows.

It is definitely different from last fall when we saw Jake out in the city during the week and quiet on the weekends.

Hmmmm..... What's the dif

You know what they say ... location, location, location.   But it might not be his but the big guy sending love and KISS from NYC.


prairiegirl said...

Jake is juggling a lot right now, has been since TIFF. And since Austin tweeted his New York LOVE'in tweet earlier in the week, Jake virtually disappeared.

That is, until the @Jake_Gyllenhaal account began dominating Twitter. And has been tweeting for the last several days.

Now, it's not like thiat account throws out a few tweets. Oh no. "He" throws out questions which only encourage answers from those dimheaded girls out there who actually think that is the real Jake, despite him saying on television that he doesn't have a Twitter account.

He throws out a stupid tweet, encouraging his followers to answer. "Best replies get Retweeted". Well, and so what do you think is going to happen when you say something like that?

The other thing this account does is to distract which is what it has been doing for the past several days. It's tying up Twitter and (I believe) is engaging followers with a purpose of providing cover for Jake. And so while they are dominating Twitter, alot of the other repeat nonsense that you normally see on Twitter "mysteriously" disappear. Isn't that interesting

See, it's not that you believe everything you see on Twitter. In fact, with Jake, you study trends and patterns, not necessarily the repetitious content that has recently become the norm. And even in the trends and patterns of what look like falsely planted tweets, you can still study and learn. They don't have to be true tweets to be useful tools for searching for the real truth.

nbd said...

It's quite easy to weed out those tweets to and from the phony Jake twitter account, leaving you with actual sightings and news.

: / said...

Some make it a big deal to suit the conspiracy theory

prairiegirl said...

nbd said...
It's quite easy to weed out those tweets to and from the phony Jake twitter account, leaving you with actual sightings and news.

Mmm, you're right on one account. It is pretty easy to weed out the phony Jake acct tweets and his followers. And actually, I would not be surprised at all to find out that a few of 'his' airheaded Pied Pipers are paid followers, i.e. Snowygirl, Tiffylau, etc. That whole setup this past week of a "civilian" who just happened to get 3 pictures with Jake outside of stage door on 3 consecutive days followed by miraculously discovering the phony Jake twitter and the 2 parties began tweeting back and forth yesterday. The phony Jake humorously claiming to be stalked and the whole farce was so ridiculously staged that even another tweeter called them both out on it, laughing that it was obvious she knew 'him' and it had been a set up. It was that bad. And they suddenly dropped the public charade.

You have to ask yourself why does someone(plural) go to this much trouble and energy for such falsehood?

I don't care if you want to act like it's a pesky fly to just bat away. I'm smart enough to know when I see a horsefly and that account is a whopper.

Jake's people are behind that account. And he is totally oblivious to some of the atrocious things said in his name by the young person(s) employed to tweet from that account.

Anonymous said...
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don't think so said...

I have to disagree. I don't think that twitter account comes from Jake's camp at all. For one thing many of those tweets are done at a time when Jake is on stage or spotted out someplace else, (eating, riding the train). The person who tweets from that account doesn't even try to know where Jake is. I mean, if you're going to pretend to be someone on Twitter at least have an understanding of who the person is and what they do and where they are. For another thing, and I could be wrong, but I don't think I am, Jake doesn't use British idioms in everyday speech - "touch wood" being the most recent example. Most Americans use "knock on wood".

Also, if from Jake's camp why would they continue the charade if Jake himself actually said he doesn't have a twitter account as recently as two weeks ago while being interviewed on television?

No, that twitter account originates from someone living in Europe, probably Germany. Maybe England. But more inclined to believe it originates from the mainland.

twitter user said...

You have heard of the world wide web, haven't you? There is something odd about that account and I would not be surprised if it's a PR tool to bury other, legitimate tweets during when the need arises. Who cares if Jake says he doesn't have a twitter account. This kind of set up would come from the corporate side of the house anyway, not from Jake directly.

prairiegirl said...

Yes, I've caught that person using "whilst" and knew that they weren't American.

Doesn't matter at all. There's no law that says the false tweeter needs to live in America in order to pretend to be in America. I could put "Paris France" on my Twitter profile, be knowledgeable in French, throw in some twitpics from France that my aunt from France sent to me, upload them to Instagram/yfrog and yet actually live in America. No one is going to know.

And as for the people who tweet back, seemingly unaware of people who try to point out the account is false? #1, I'm sure most of them don't Search Jake on Twitter and see those warning tweets. #2 Nor do they probably know how to do a search for @___ in order to see who is tweeting at that account. #3 Like I said, some of the regulars, i.e. snowygirl, Tiffylau, are very possibly paid followers who regularly tweet back in order to make the account look credible. #4 Some people just want that person to be him badly enough, they ignore everything else.

All of this aside, I look at when this account revs up. It's all in the timing. And this account revs up their tweeting when Jake wants to lay low or when his people want distraction.

prairiegirl said...

And lastly.

The person who tweets from this account (and it's possible it's more than one) is prejudiced. They have put up twitpics for the purpose of poking fun involving people of ethnicity. This account also once put up an extremely disturbing tweet about Hitler, tweeting that there was good in everyone, even Hitler.

Just yesterday or the day before, this account spoke of Jake in the 1st person. They have put up a picture of Jake on a hotel balcony and tweet captioned in the 1st person. They have spoken about Heath in the 1st person. So there is no doubt this account is tweeting to pretend to be Jake himself.

So knowing that, I ask myself Why on earth do Jake's people threaten legal action against their client photo'd in tighty whiteys and yet not against a false twitter account which says there had to be good in Adolph Hitler? And that on top of Jake being Jewish? It's outrageous.

His people scope the internet on a daily basis. Heck, they camp out on OMG, monitoring what it is we're going to discover next. So I know that they see this account. Yet they do nothing about it.

And that has to be because they are behind it. Jake just has no idea what it's tweeting in his name.

destiny said...

I seriously doubt Jake's people would be behind an account that says something good about Hitler. That's the kind of stuff that can kill your careers (and rightly so). But it is strange that they don't go after it and get it closed down.

prairiegirl said...

10:48, you made excellent points. I had wondered for awhile myself like you. And it's obvious you have been a close observer of this account and probably Twitter as a whole.

Destiny, when an account has the number of tweets that @Jake_Gyllenhaal has accumulated, it is so easy for something to get missed or skimmed over. Look how many people missed the Hitler tweet.

Let me tell you about another tweet that idiot put up. The day that the account was going back & forth for 1 1/2 days with the fake Maggie Sarsgaard account, it tweeted an example of a wronged student and then hashtag'd #StupidTeachers.

And let me tell you, that one got noticed. And that account started catching it from union teachers. Then I read claims that the tweet had been taken down. Someone else argued that the account had never tweeted such a thing. Well, I was a witness that it did because I saw it. After this day, I won't be surprised if the Hitler tweet gets taken down if it's not already. I'm not going to go back and look. I know what I saw there as well.

I don't know much about movies. But I study Twitter and have studied/participated in Twitter for a good while now.. Enough to be able to know when there is something very fishy.

As a very smart person has told me, it's all about patterns of behavior. And that is so true.