Saturday, October 20, 2012

Making Something out of Nothing

A couple cups of coffee, some apples and an ice cream cone and bam you have a whole album.


Ohh artistic license huh, that's what you call it.

Well using artistic license the others could cash in on too:

 Like  Reese who could come out with a collectable plates with real faux gold trim like:
The Martha's Vineyard Summer Plate
The Italy Autumn piggyback plate
The Summer in Paris garden plate
The Spring who cares where plate

Maybe Sophia will go with a line of  origami animals made from all the print outs of recycled tweets, Zap2it, Just Jared posts and friends wedding plus one invitations. 



Sad haikus about shopping, soup and Joan's on 3rd


sass said...

I'm astounded at the amt of personal information I'm reading as I peruse the lyrics from TS's album Red, published on various sites, these last few days. Most lyric readers, myself included have decided she holds nothing personal about her relationships as. she writes about what she shared...and boy did she share! TMI...the entire album is about the 2-3 month relationship she had with Jake up to her still hurt feelings about him thinking her music inferior??? She becoming more and more pathological...and it sucks for her...album way too intimate...won't hurt...may help his appeal with women...will hurt her in long run but she won't understand how or why for a lonnnng time. Dayum!!

sass said...

Meant to tell you how much I despise Drudge. He was first to break the story of Clinton's affair with Monica. Recently he is frequently behind the story and can't catch up. So he got stuck in the Jake is one of us faux tweet, until he was informed, by one who knew the tweet was fake. Very humiliating for him...No Jake for U Drudge.arr

sass said...

Love Austin stripes especially his gorgeous socks. I envy you hanging out...10 of us went Gaga over Russell Gladiator Crowe and had the best time...have fun while I live vicariously:-) :-* Won't write this much again for a long long time.

destiny said...

I hope everything is okay Sass, thinking good thoughts for you.

AUS10 said...

Autocorrect just changed juventud to jive nuts.

9:51 PM - 20 Oct 12 ·

Special K said...

Go Pats!!

Methodical Muser said...

Taylor Swift is about as fake as they get. There was a recent "story" in The Daily Mail about how Harry Styles broke her heart too. Apparently, he asked her to wait for him while he went off to Australia and then he dumped her. LOL! Yeah, right. How anyone can believe this chick, at this point in her career, is truly hard to fathom. She aggressively exploits gay boys to the hilt, which is its own kind of perverse homophobia. Jake, no doubt, was a willing participant in this pathological exercise, but dragging in Harry Styles shows you how her people troll the waters for famous and hot gay guys who have their hands tied and their mouths gagged. That's the very definition of being a bully. Which I do think she is.

the real m said...

Poor Taylor. She is awfully needy. There is a new story that she really did buy a house across the street from that Kennedy boy. So she falls in love with everyone she "dates" immediately. Of course at no time has it ever been said that Jake was in love with her. And we know the reason for that. His heart was taken by Austin a long, long time ago.

Some people said...

Wasn't that Daily Mail story from them? They're notorious for making up stories. They don't have the Daily Fail moniker for nothing.

Methodical Muser said...

Wasn't that Daily Mail story from them?

Whose "them"?

Swift is pathetic said...

The Daily Fail gets their info from the PR teams of celebrities. They get paid to create the crap they post. I agree that Harry Styles had nothing to do with this. More than likely came from Swift's camp because she was in Los Angeles the same time Styles was earlier this year and all of a sudden here came the stories of how she was dating Harry. No wonder he ran off to Australia to be with boyfriend. Louis Tomlinson's a catch!

Methodical Muser said...

Louis Tomlinson's a catch!

LOL! That he is.

lol said...

The Daily Fail gets their info from the PR teams of celebrities

Some maybe. The majority they pull out of their asses. I've spent the better part of 15 years rolling my eyes at their "stories". Most people do the same. They're not to be taken seriously.

They all lie said...

None of the rags (and that includes entertainment shows as well), are to be taken seriously. They all get their "content" from PR teams and the larger agencies like CAA or WME. Their an empty vessel waiting to be filled by their masters. Doesn't matter if it's People or USA Today. They all cover up, lie, make up shit and dance to the tune of the entertainment business. Why do you think no A-List actor is out yet? Why do you think Taylor Swift as never been called out on her obvious bullshit? The Daily Fail is just one of many.