Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's up Big Guy?

Almost 2 weeks after the last time Austin popped up, it's back to "What's Austin up to?"

Why is the thought of  Austin circling the block on his bike is not out of the realm of possibility, be it NY or Austin.

Well.....If the suit fits.

Either that or he's doing retro movie marathons during nap time.

 Don't forget Jake will be on The Chew tomorrow. (Check local listings) Or check it out online at The


Special K said...

Jake - The Chew. 1:00pm EDT today.

A good guy said...

80th Anniversary Dinner Honoring Jake Gyllenhaal
Mon, October 29, 2012 7:00PM to 10:00PM (Eastern)
New Eyes for the Needy celebrates 80 years of empowering children and adults in the United States and overseas with the improved vision they need to pursue a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities.

Please join us in saluting Jake Gyllenhaal
as a lifelong supporter, ambassador and fundraiser for New Eyes.

Enjoy a comfortably-elegant dinner party at Colicchio & Sons.

Proceeds will purchase eyeglasses for underserved children, adults and seniors in the U.S.

Host Committee
Aziz Ansari
Mario Batali
Tom Colicchio
Elvis Costello
Bear Grylls
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Adam Levine
Peter Sarsgaard
Jessica Seinfeld
Alice Waters
Patrick Whitesell

prairiegirl said...

That is a great cause Jake supports and quite a honor to have bestowed upon one's self.

Special K said...

Congratulations to Jake, what a wonderful honor.

Jake has been a long time support of New Eyes and has been on their board. I think he gives more time and effort to them than we even realize.

Gotta love the bespectacled Elvis Costello being one of the hosts. And you can see the foodie part of Jake being represented too with three renowned chefs: Batali, Coccilio and Waters, and a cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld.

And Aziz Ansari? I wonder if Jake knows him through Rashida? (Aziz and Rashida work together on Parks & Recreation)

destiny said...

Nice to see Jake getting honored.

So funny that it's at Colicchio & Sons, that's where I went to lunch with M and Roma the day after the play. It's a great place.

Jersey Tom said...

Nice honor for Jake.

I wish Jake would have the courage to help the Gays kids who are contemplating suicide because of the bullying they go through every day. Shame on him.