Monday, October 29, 2012

Reel vs. Real

Ten years ago Jake and Austin were working

 on a  weather disaster movie  that was centered in New York.

Today its a real weather disaster  and New York is seriously feeling the effects.

 Cancellations, flooding stations, water in lower Manhattan, power outages all that is left is the wall of water and a boat.

Back then they were this talking about this

Now it's this

Causality of the weather:

New Eyes' evening event for Jake at Colicchio & Sons had to be rescheduled due to the Hurricane.


Special K said...

Sea Water flooding Ground Zero


Jersey Tom said...

I can't wait till daytime.

prairiegirl said...

Oh my heart goes out to New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island all those along the east coast waking up this morning to devastation.

Special K said...

Tom, Destiny, Roma and anyone else in the NY,NJ,PA, CT,RI, DE area, hope you are safe and check in when you can.

Special K said...

Sass - let us know if you're ok.

Jersey Tom said...

All is well but still no power.

Jersey Tom said...

Long windy noisy night.

the real m said...

Back home safe and sound. I consider myself very lucky. When I got to the airport yesterday for my flight home all but six flights were cancelled. My flight via Denver was one of the few still running. I hope all of you, Destiny, Tom, Roma and Special are all doing ok. That dangling crane is not too far from where we stayed while in NYC. We walked by it while sightseeing and knew exactly where it was when the news story came out.

destiny said...

We're fine. Luckily where we live on the Upper West Side wasn't affected by the water and we still have power. I haven't been out yet, I think the main damage in our area is trees down in the parks, which are still closed. Subways are still out, no word on when they'll be up, but bus service will start slowly rolling out this evening.

The power is out downtown, so Roma is without electricity, but is otherwise fine.

I guess this is going to be my day to catch up on the magazines that have been piling up.

Glad you made it home okay M, and glad to hear you're okay Special and Tom, and hoping for a quick return of your electricity.

Jersey Tom said...

Thank God. My power is back on. I am starting to see the images from the shore. Looks pretty bad. The storm was a killer. Looking forward to putting this behind us.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow! Just saw a video of that crane colapsing in NYC. That was scary. Just shows how hard those winds were blowing.

I hope you get yor power back soon Roma.

Glad to hear everyone else is ok.

Last night was so wierd without TV or internet. I am so dependent on them. I kept the phone off to avoid using up the power. The newer phones lose their charge so fast. Wound up going to bed at 8pm.
I was so happy to see daylight.

Jersey Tom said...

Damn 29 known storm related deaths. Not good.

So weird seeing the NYC subway flooded. Incredible.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow now over 39 storm related deaths:-(

Twitter said...

hepsebaah † (@thearenasacl0ck)
10/29/12, 6:14

My Aunt just came back from a flight from the States , sitting beside the Script and Jake Gyllenhaal . Like it's no big deal .

Where was the Script performing on Oct 29th? said...

Heather Coffee ‏@heathermaec17
Breakeven was AMAZING live last night, but truthfully, what part of seeing The Script live at the House of Blues wasn't amazing?! #past4days
10:19 AM - 30 Oct 12

Allison Guderian ‏@alliguderian
@tprettyman saw you play at house of blues last night with the script and then heard your song on the radio at the airport today!! #loveit
9:25 AM - 30 Oct 12

prairiegirl said...


Game Off said...

Roundabout Theatre ‏@RTC_NYC

WEATHER UPDATE: All our shows for Tue Oct 30 are now cancelled. Visit our website for more info
4:48 PM - 29 Oct 12

Jersey Tom said...

No Jake in Texas. Oh My!

Now wait for the tweets placing him somewhere else PG or excuses for Jake being there. Maybe he is trying still to get back with Talyor:-)

Game On! said...

Roundabout Theatre ‏@RTC_NYC

ALL Roundabout performances will go on tomorrow as scheduled! #Drood #IfThereIs #Cyrano #BadJews

5:56 PM - 30 Oct 12

The Script Tour Dates said...

October 27, 2012 - Aragon Ballroom (Chicago IL)

October 29 2012 - House of Blues (Dallas TX)

October 30, 2012 - Bayou Music Center (Houston TX)

Yawn said...

gwen niles ‏@gweniles

Just saw Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal eating in Prospect Heights

7:01 PM - 30 Oct 12 · Details

Jersey Tom said...

Looks like there are numerous flights from Austin, Texas to either NYC or Newark that connect in Dallas.

destiny said...

I'm not following the thinking on that tweet. For starters, the person talks about a flight back from the States? That makes it sound like an international flight.

Not to mention I'm pretty sure there were no flights yesterday in or out of the NYC area airports, and they may have started cutting back on Sunday night, I know they started shutting down all the trains then.

Plus they don't really expect flights to start up again until late tomorrow, entirely too late to make it back for the matinee show tomorrow.