Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dishy dishing

Jake was on The Chew today with old friend Mario Batali

 and cooking up the Daily Dish or more precisely a three-for Daily Dish.

Jake and Mario cooked up a triple threat of pasta and it let Jake use some of his chopping and  cooking skills but not as much as he would liked it looked like.

You can check the whole thing here.

While Jake appreciated the opportunity to talk about the play and his two charities, Edible Schoolyards and New Eyes, not sure he appreciated all the comments about his beard.  One Lincoln too many from Michael Simon.   (And besides - Austin is Lincoln - Lincoln Booth that is -- hey whatever happened to Pedestrian the movie, big guy?)

And Jake the pumpkin head?  Too easy.


Oh Tom said...

Tom said...

I wish Jake would have the courage to help the Gays kids who are contemplating suicide because of the bullying they go through every day. Shame on him.

Is that because there are no other celebrity voices lending their support to the cause or because ????

How many other celebrities are lending their name to New Eyes For The Needy or The Edible Schoolyard? In some circles those are just as important causes. Just because you don't think so is no cause to shame him.

the real m said...

How cool is it that Jake is being honored in the very restaurant we had lunch in the day after the play. I am thrilled that I've been there. The food and atmosphere were great so I can see why it was chosen.

Watched the chew and I find it disappointing that jake did not show his cooking skills but joked around. He did that on other occasions too. Just another sign that he does not reveal his true nature to the public.

Special K said...

The really don't have time for the guest to cook cook on the show. The Daily Dish segment is only given a 6-8 minute slot in the show. They usually prep most of the stuff and even Jake himself felt a little frustrated that he didn't get to do more.

Did anyone else notice that Mario said to Jake about squeezing out the tomato paste like you would squeeze out for 7?

7 is such an odd number to use for cooking - is it is usually 6 or 8 or and even number. Why 7?


prairiegirl said...

Oh nice catch, Special, I didn't hear that. I'll have to go back and watch for that. That would be very, very interesting. Sort of like that "too many asses" tweet to Austin from Matthew K Frost.

Yeah it was a little disappointing as far as actual cooking was concerned and Jake did look a bit frustrated a couple of times but that's television and that's 30 min. Or however long it was.

I don't know why there always has to be a "Brokeback moment" where a male host has to make a crack come-on to Jake and Jake acts turned off by the idea. Why is that necessary? It's not "funny", in fact it is bad high school humor.

I did enjoy it but wow, is Jake a skinny mini or what? His frame is narrow, narrow. Too much so. Too many cigs and coffee?

Hey they're saying this storm is going to be a biggie.

^^^ said...
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slip said...

Did anyone catch the gem in the latest radio interview promoting the play?

Noooooooo said...

Do share

Jersey Tom said...

I wish people would read what I actually say before they post a critism. You look foolish.

Jersey Tom said...

I will continue to speak my mind. I think any issue that Jake gets involved in to help others is great. Whether it is for adults or children. I just wish he would get involved more with issues that involve Gay kids. He has never even lent his support to "It Gets Better" as far as I know. I believe Jake is very deep in the closet and it consumes his life. If Jake was straight he would share every aspect of his life. Because I believe he is Gay he shares very very little.

Do what you can do to help said...

^^ So What!

Live your life and let Jake live his. Regardless of what his sexuality is.
Man, Get over it will you!
Leave the man alone.
Damn. Some people.

why do said...

And exactly why do you care 2:34

hmmm? said...
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the real m said...

Somebody is not very bright. We are here because we care. Why on earth would you bother to come here if you don't. Oh, that's right. Paid to monitor the site.

I guess I was a bit hard on Jake. You are right. They barely allowed time to do much of anything on the show. Still, everyone says he is a great cook yet I have not seen him demonstrate that on any show. Some things come second nature when you are a practiced cook. Like holding a knife like a professional. The show itself was pretty lame. Not one I would watch again and I usually like cooking shows.

Jersey Tom said...

Was that Adam Levine doing another interview for The Advocate m:-)

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder why Jake doesnt date?

prairiegirl said...

My sister and I have a neighbor who lives above us and she is a wonderful soul, a teacher and always has a laugh. She has the cutest dog and her girlfriend helped her move in. Her girlfriend was very nice. She was quiet for the longest time, didn't say a whole lot but as we saw them more and more, she would talk, very friendly and while she was very, very rough around the edges, she was beautiful.

She had a dog, too, such a friendly little dog, Bailey is her name. Our neighbor's dog is Tigger and they watched each other's dogs all the time and spent time constantly with each other. They were obviously a couple as I happened to see them in a kiss once and yet they didn't live together. The GF had her own apartment several apts down from ours.

We noticed that we hadn't seen the GF for about a week or less. I couldn't remember when I had last seen her or her car (she parked next to our space). I didn't think a whole lot about it as she sometimes traveled on business, I think. And we would talk whenever we saw each other and I always thought "I need to ask her her name." And I don't know how many times I thought that.

Then yesterday, my sister said, "Hey, I think C's GF moved out. Her apt is empty." And I said, What? You're kidding. Why would she leave C? And my sister said, "But you know, what's weird is C still has Bailey." And I thought that was even more weird. Several days ago, there was pink and black crepe paper wrapped around the pole of her car space and I just thought it was her birthday.

Well, tonight, my sister was talking to another neighbor (Molly's mom - Molly being a one-eyed rescue dog) and my sister just now emailed to tell me that C's GF committed suicide. That last weekend the police had to break down her door.

And I am just absolutely stunned. I feel terrible. Awful. Devastated. How terrible for our neighbor, her girlfriend.

And I sat here and wonder why I never made the time to ask her her name. I kept thinking 'next time', 'next time'. What could someone do to stop another person from doing this?

This is forever. That's it. There's no coming back, there's no waking up. You're done. I don't know the circumstances, don't know if depression was involved, doesn't matter right at the moment. That girl was soft-spoken, she was sweet when I talked to her. She had the sweetest dog. She went to work everyday just like the rest of us, got a new bright blue car last year. She loved the KU Jayhawks and Chiefs.

I'm dogsitting this weekend and there's just a real feeling of loss. I cannot imagine being directly related/involved with someone who you lose in this fashion. It's the most saddest thing ever.

Special K said...


How truly sad that is and how devastating it must be for her girlfriend and for her family and friends.

And it is so sad to think about how much pain someone had to be in when they choose to end their life as their only option.

Seaweed said...


So sorry to hear of your neighbour's passing like that, and difficult to understand what it takes to end things permanently in any way.

My thoughts are with you and in your pondering of the inevitable fragility that is life.


prairiegirl said...

I did some searching and found her obituary, being able to confirm by the funeral home obituary because her family had posted her picture and mentioned her dog. Reading the guest book it was so sad and then reading her father and mother's messages to her.

It is just heartbreaking. I'll never understand that act but like you said, it's impossible to get inside someone's head at that moment when the feeling of hopelessness reaches that point. It's the worst for those left behind.

I will visit our neighbor because she must be hurting just terribly. And you know, this happens all over the world every day. And each case is so unique, each person so special in their own way.

I don't know how He knows every one of us, but He does. How each one of us is made unlike anyone else and yet is known by name. It blows my mind and it's just unfathomable.

And our pets hurt, too. I'm sure Bailey wonders when her mama is going to come home. She took Bailey everywhere with her in the car.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Special and Seaweed. I miss seeing her in passing. We visited at length several times, always laughing at those dogs. They were so funny.

Anyway, not to bring the mood down. But an opportunity to pay homage to the passing of a fellow sister/brother in life.

I am watching Molly, Lucy, and wild Zack-y. Zacky is part Lab, part something - like some kind of pit bull or some kind of bull. He's a sweetie but wow, he's big and he's strong. I don't think I'm going to see their brother, rotten Little Jingles again. He seems to have found a home up north with her niece, who loves him to death.

Anyway, I guess he's wrecking havoc up there now. Peeing and pooping all over the place and climbing on her dining room table all the time. The mother got so tired of him peeing in the house, she started putting a diaper on him. LOLLLLLL!!!!