Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bun Warmer

All this talk about man buns or is it tiny buns?

And are they talking about this?

Or this?

Could be either

because it would never be these ....

now could it ; )


know your rolls said...

because it would never be these...

Well, no, because those are popovers. :-)

I want a bun too! said...

The beard returned to social media today after 6 day absence. Guess she was in LA visiting Jake seeing as its been almost a month... Welp... nope. Busted. one of her fans left a comment on beards instagram about meeting her while shopping in SoHo on Saturday. Wouldn't have thought it consequential 'cept... It was soon deleted. That's why celebs love instagram, you can delete comments you don't like. But it's not always the best idea when it's already been seen.....

Another witness said...

I saw that comment. The comment from a fan who asked for a photo but Alyssa Miller turned them down. The fan said they understood her answer but then expressed disappointment because Alyssa walked away without saying anything further.

prairiegirl said...

Today is a special day in LA. Happy Birthday to Number One offspring.

prairiegirl said...

And thank goodness the Shutdown is over, at least for now.

Now pay those people and get them some temp help to deal with the backlog!

don't think so said...

Guess she was in LA visiting Jake seeing as its been almost a month... Welp... nope. Busted.

How was she busted? Did she tweet she was in LA? Or post on IG she was in LA?

Croissant said...

Know your rolls.

Someone is very clever. Thanks for the smile!

london tb said...

Belated happy birthday to destiny - been away from the net for a while and am catching up now.

I quite like this look on Jake ...

destiny said...

Thanks London, nice to hear from you!

Very cute post today, and that picture of Jake crouching is very funny.

Special K said...

It's a double bun action shot.

Blind Gossip said...

Hugh and Jake at TIFF?

Warm Actor Versus Cold Actor
fire ice[Blind Gossip] This encounter happened last month at the foreign premiere of a film starring several big name actors and actresses.

The cast and crew of the film dined at a local restaurant prior to the premiere. Word quickly spread of their location, and several dozen fans and some local paparazzi gathered to wait outside the restaurant for the stars of the film to emerge.

There was great excitement when the two most famous actors from the film – who are more than ten years apart in age - walked out of the restaurant together. There was still a lot of time left before the premiere, and the two were sharing a car to the theater.

The younger actor looked around at the flashing bulbs and the people waving to him and calling out his name… and literally ran to the waiting SUV! He did not look at or acknowledge a single person. The crowd booed him.

The older actor, on the other hand, chose to do exactly the opposite. He could not have been more gracious with the fans. He took the time to greet every single person who was there, shaking hands, posing for photos, and signing magazines. He chatted with each one, thanking them for coming and asking them if they were going to see the movie. When the fans on one side began clamoring for his attention, he turned around and waved and reassured them “Don’t worry! I’ll be with you all soon!”

Needless to say, the fans were delighted with his warmth and kindness, and the crowd applauded him when he finally did depart. Yes, the younger actor stayed in the car the entire time. The next time each of these actors stars in a film, guess which one these fans will want to see?

Kudos to the Warm Actor for his conduct with the fans. And a thump on the head to Cold Actor, who really needs to learn how to be more gracious and thankful to the very people upon whom his success depends.

Warm Older Actor:

Cold younger Actor:



prairiegirl said...

wow. Well, the age difference fits. TIFF was last month. And I have seen plenty online to support this possible behavior from Jake.

Methodical Muser said...

Hope the boys are enjoying the day with their family. Six years is quite the milestone. I understand that Ms. PG found Jake out shopping this week, perhaps for a special birthday present.

prairiegirl said...

6 years would be a popular age to receive a first real 2-wheel bike.

Ginger Jennings (@ginger_lynn5)
10/14/13, 16:17

my uncle sold a bike to Jake Gyllenhaal & asked what he did for a living to make small talk not, nice going uncle frank ��

I would presume this was recent/real time

prairiegirl said...

Oh, and look who's in town for the no. 1 grandson's birthday.


Grandma's in town

the real m said...

Interesting photo. Everyone has their hand on their hip. We need a body language expert.

Jake looks so fragile - again- very effeminate. But then he's never been very macho in the first place.

Back home and dog tired from all day travel. I'll catch up this weekend, though we plan to see Gravity this weekend.

Florida Tom said...

That pic shows how much control that woman has over her son. You can just see it.

prairiegirl said...

That's from the 3025 photos of 10/16 filming on IHJ. She was on set.

In doing a little research a few days ago, I stumbled upon that old 2010 story where Mgmt was trying to float the Isabel Lucas buzzing with a lunch outing up in Canada. Remember that? And guess who was visiting up in Canada during that time and was also said to be meeting the possible beard-in-waiting? Ol' Mom.

That was in April 2010 and Tom, even 2 years ago, you were calling it:

Jersey Tom said...
I really do wonder why momma got her butt up to Montreal. I am convinced that she is in total control of Jakes public image. She can control Jake a whole lot more than she does Maggie. Momma knows the ways of HW and what it takes to make it big there. Momma may have smelled a good opportunity to hook her son up with a new beard. We all blamed reese for reeke. I blame momma more. Always have.
April 15, 2010 at 8:56 PM

I agree. When I go back and looked at some old comments on OMG from 2007 and the beginning of the whole Jonathan Jaxson controversy, it sounds like Jake wasn't hiding who he was not nearly as much. The Jonathan Jaxson baby story came out and soon, the closet began.

I'm beginning to blame Mrs. G now more than Mgmt. for the whole bearding schemes. She's been at the helm since the beginning and has enabled when 'needed' in appearing with photos w/ Jake and his beards.

I had forgotten about the whole Isabel Lucas nonsense (remember Jake saying Isabel who?) and when going back to look at it online, there was the familiar name who just happened to be up there visiting and was also said to be at lunch.