Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hats off!

 We know Jake we saw

 You might have faked 'em out

But we know the truth

After the whole year of wearing the Yankees in photos, Jake picks this one time to "officially" wear the Sox.  - Interesting isn't it.

Hey Jake,  Just do it.  Be who you want to be.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions


the real m said...

Congrats, Special. I imagine the whole city is celebrating! Even my husband bought a Boston cap to wear while watching the game!

prairiegirl said...

Congrats to the BoSox! That's terrific. As a Cub fan and American League fan, I am happy Boston took down those Cards.

I'm afraid I fell asleep early last night and missed everything. 4th Qtr is kicking my butt like nobody's business this year. Long night tonight as I anticipate working what will amount to be a double shift. No Great Pumpkin for this trick or treater, lol

destiny said...

Congrats Special on having your beloved Sox win.

Don't expect me to say the same if the Pats get lucky this year. :-D

Special K said...

The city is in the afterglow of this incredible season and win. After the game people didn't just go to Fenway Park but so many went to the Boston Marathon finish line to show some #BostonStrong!

Parade on Saturday!

Special K said...

I do find it extremely interesting the entire year when Jake got papped he was wearing a Yankees cap, but the one time when he was seen with Alyssa dog, he chose to wear his Red Sox cap. That was no coincidence. The question is why? What was message he was trying to send?

the real m said...

This is totally off topic but I read that Ewan McGregor has signed on to do a play at the Roundabout theater next year. Oct 2014 to Jan 2015. I'll definitely try to catch that. Great actor and he seems like such a nice person. I cant recall reading anything negative about him. It's a long way off but I'll check with you Destiny, and everyone else, to see if any of you want to meet up and go too.

destiny said...

That would be great M.