Thursday, October 3, 2013

Secret Agent Service Man

Parkland opens tomorrow in the US, and to celebrate how about a peek at that Tall Texan in action.

 Oh yeah.....

Looking every bit the upstanding Secret Service agent on duty.

But then again Austin works in every decade.



Thanks to Prairie Girl for the fab photo find of Secret Service Agent Nichols.


Seaweed said...

Maybe I'll be the first to chime in tonight as I relax and checkout our extra handsome Austy.

PG, you were right on the money with your observation on those pics from early today... my OH my! That Austin does things for me that should only be contemplated when alone. He is one fine, tall, sweet Texan.

His body of work is pretty damned impressive, and his joy for life and his friends and co-workers seems to be infectious, as he is so well regarded by many accounts.

Seaweed said...

I'll always love me some Austin... anytime...anywhere!

Thanks for the great photo montage Special.

Florida Tom said...

I will def see the movie this weekend. It looks great.

prairiegirl said...

Look forward to hearing the official Florida Tom review!
: )