Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium Tweeter

If it's Tuesday it's Austin Tweet day (has anyone else noticed the pattern?)

And what did the Texas Tweeter tweet today?

New super secret project airing three weeks from tonight. I'm not allowed to say anything yet. But I will soon. - AUS10

So Texas Tweeter you've earn a Top Ten List

Top Ten List of  Possible Secret Projects of Austin  that will be Airing

10. An episode of a forgotten Nichols storage locker on Storage Wars: Texas

9. As the Victim of the Week on the new show Brooklyn Nine-Nine

8. Some dirty laundry

7. Cameo on Sons of Anarchy

6. Subbing for buddy Adam on The Voice 

5. Letting lose on Snake Salvation on Nat Geo

4. Stopping by 19 Kids and Counting

3. Competing on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

2. On the celebrity version of Catfish, Austin discovers the all girls tweeting him are actually two guys studying Com Arts at Garden Grove Community College.

 and the #1  possible super secret project airing

That he's NOT the boyfriend on Agents of Shield


Anonymous said...
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the real m said...

Super secret project? Sounds great. At least he gave us a date so we are not in suspense forever. Sounds like a one time event though. Now if he was coming out, that would be a blockbuster.

covering for 12:47 said...

Anonymous said...

Of course he is going to be on Agents of Shield. That the explanation for the awkward pr hookup with that Chloe actress. All makes sense now.

Was hoping for a split second he meant Parenthood. I keep expecting Austin to show up as a guest star on that show - other Friday Night Lights guest stars have.

October 2, 2013 at 12:47 AM

prairiegirl said...

That would be something, wouldn't it, if it was Agents. That whole dating story was a mess. What in the heck was that about anyway, lol.

Looking at that sushi picture in Special's post, it's hard to believe that ever happened, isn't it? Berlinale, another hard to believe apparition.

Very, very sad state of affairs what exists now and not out of question for me to lift a prayer up for both of them.

prairiegirl said...

James Franco wrote quite a blog post on Prisoners, on Jake's performance in particular. I'll take his word for it. Even as one who hasn't seen the movie, I found James' writing entertaining with all his exclamation points and enthusiasm.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the Perfect Gumshoe Detective

I would re-post it in its entirety but it's got spoilers up the whazoo.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Okay, is the joke on me with his post?


My assessment of Prisoners said...

Spoiler Alert:

For those who have not seen this film.

I agree with James's assessment of the movie.
Except Jake role.
Hugh was great, actually too great for the script imo. Hugh brought the intensity and tension with his skills, to the point one could say he was "over acting". But I know it wasn't him, it was the script/directing that wasn't there for me and it left me hanging and wanting more.
All of those top notch actors were under Used or utilized for this film IMO.

I thought Jake was OK in the movie but I know he can do better with the right script and directing.
I really liked Jake in Source Code. I was surprised how much I liked his acting in it. It had more tension for Jake's character than what Prisners was supposed to have. JMO

Looking forward to An Enemy.

the real m said...

I'm wondering if Austin got another chance to direct something. Appearing in a cameo or even an episode does not sound like a project. But directing an episode of something might be. Though not sure why the need to keep it secret.