Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disappear into Thin Air

As he has been doing this month, Jake was filming earlier this week in LA, while the pictures were dated Oct 21, it looks like they might have been in the wee small hours of Monday, since Jake spent Monday evening at the Hollywood Film Awards.

 From this past week there have been a few more clues about Jake's role.  The characters name is Lou, his a videographer chasing stories across the night in LA, and it could be more likely that he is an independent reporter out chasing the story, to sell it back to news outlets.
 Definitely dramatic, Nightcrawler looks like a dark story of the even darker side of the night in City of Angels.  Lou, gaunt and thin, might be hungry for a story (and most definitely a sandwich) but there is more than hungry that is eating the man from the inside out.


Florida Tom said...

I guess real movie actors don't need to look good :-(

Special K said...

I'm not a big fan of this look for Jake, but I am waiting to see how it plays in the context of the film.

It not just tough to drop that much weight, but what's even harder is trying to maintain it throughout the shoot. I'm glad that this is a super short shoot.

the real m said...

There does not seem to be much info out about the script for this movie and this is a new director. I hope Jake knows what he's doing.