Friday, October 11, 2013

It's been a while...

It's that time of year again ... Austin City Limits

ACL is spread out over two weekends -  last weekend and this weekend with a line up that covers everything from Vampire Weekend, Depeche Mode, Questlove and Arctic Monkeys to Lionel Richie, Blind Boys of Alabama and Queens of the Stone Age.  And it wouldn't be ACL with Asleep at the Wheel.

Check out the whole line up  here.

So when this twitpic of the handsome Tall Texan at a show popped up today - it looked like he going home to raise ACL.

He was definitely rocking it out and looking fine.  And he makes totally makes curl up and die take on a whole new meaning.

That picture is of Austin... in Austin ... but it's not Austin City Limits.

While the multiple stages at Zinkler Park the site of ACL run on the two weekends, it doesn't stop Austin (the city) from having some late night fun. There are some late night shows during the week between the two weekends.

For an example here's the line up of the late night shows last night:

Thursday, October 10

Patty Griffin
@Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

with JD McPherson and Shakey Graves
@Emo’s Austin

with King Tuff and Jacuzzi Boys

Mord Fustang
with Jesse Rose

Whiskey Shivers
with Hello Wheels
@Stubb’s Indoors

The Autumn Defense and Desert Noises
with Blue Bear

So it kind of looked like Austin might have been at one of those show.

But the question isn't just where was the curly hair cutie with the VIP sticker in this picture but when?

Well... when you look closer at the VIP sticker you'll see a familiar color -
Maroon.  As in Maroon 5.

Are they playing ACL?  Nope.

But Austin did see them in Austin didn't he - back in Sept.

 Excited to watch my bros Maroon 5 rip it tonight in Austin, TX. - Sept 18

 My bros are shredding!! - Sept 18

And does the background and lighting look same as the new twitpic?  Yup

What a crazy coincidence huh? ; )

Happy Austin Sneaky Friday!


not wearing tinfoil said...

Why is it a coincidence? She didn't say the photo was from ACL or this weekend or whatever and if you read her TL you can see she, too, was at the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 gig last month.

Special K said...

If she was so excited about getting a picture with Austin why didn't she tweet that the same night as she did about Kelly Clarkson. It was the same show!

;) said...

poor delusional SK, bullshitting after 7 years and still going strong

Very perceptive said...

She ain't delusional. The post is brilliant. Now, we know why Austin went to that concert in mid-September. I've followed these two guys long enough to know that something is up. Twitter is about real time sightings. No one is going to wait three weeks to post a pic with a celebrity, yet it seems this person did. The question is why does Austin what to place himself in Texas this weekend. Maybe someone special's birthday? I wouldn't be surprise after this post that we'll get something else to try to place Austin somewhere outside of LA where Jake is supposed to be filming. That, or we'll get something with Jake mysteriously leaving to be in NY perhaps. Gosh these guys are predictable. Aren't they?

or maybe Nashville said...

cindy ‏@weyheycindy

I just talked with donnie darko / jack twist / officer taylor/ sam hill Jake gyllenhaal.

4:27 AM - 12 Oct 13

Funny how this tweet comes within one hour of the person above speculating about having a Jake sighting outside of Los Angeles sometime soon. This tweet was posted about 30 minutes ago. What stands out immediately is why would someone being talking to Jake at 4:27 a.m. in Nashville. Because the tweeter states that they just talked with him. Really? And then they decide to be clever and list 4 characters that Jake has played in the past? What casual person or fan is going to even bother doing that? By the way, it's Sam Hall, not Sam Hill. Jake needs to hire people who are better at looking up his previous character's names.

prairiegirl said...


1st of all, I woke up at 4 on the dot because my dog people's alarm clock was going off - this high-pitched, piercing noise that only intensified the longer it went on. I stumbled 1/2 asleep down the hallway and I remember wondering if it was their alarm system but it wasn't, it was a dumb alarm clock in their bedroom! LOL. Geez.

So I decide to check a few things since I couldn't go back to sleep and here's this post of Special's - and had I been in her general neighborhood, I would've knocked on her door and fed her grapes right then and there.

LOLLLLL!! That is one of the best posts yet.

prairiegirl said...

She didn't say the photo was from ACL or this weekend or whatever and if you read her TL you can see she, too, was at the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 gig last month.

Do you think we were born yesterday? Of course she meant to insinuate this was from ACL - her profile clearly states that she's in Austin TX. It's the weekend of ACL. 2 + 2 = 4.

Her only tweet from September 18, the night of the Maroon 5 concert, was this:

NinaGarcia ‏@nmgworm 18 Sep

@kelly_clarkson rocked #hondacivictour
8:53 PM - 18 Sep 13 · Details

Nor did she tweet at all on the 19th. By the 20th, she had moved on to tweeting with a friend.

You don't wait weeks to post about meeting a celebrity.

Just put down the cards, the game is over on this one.

prairiegirl said...

I was just noticing too that his beard was definitely heavier in the sandwich shop picture than it is here in the concert pic.

It's yet another great picture of Austin who is really looking incredible these days.

nashville smashville said...

the Nashville tweeter can't be serious - she's got pics of Jake all over her twitter. She's a fan. So that was a joke or she's having hallucinations :) which is entirely possible.

destiny said...

It's not very believable that someone would wait almost a month to post a picture like that with a celebrity.

the real m said...

Some people are so naive, its hard to imagine. And they jump to the defense in a heartbeat rather than even considering subterfuge.

I'm getting ready for another week on the road, hopefully the last until next year.

Florida Tom said...

The writing is on the wall on this one. Loud and clear. Great post SK!

Methodical Muser said...

I agree with the consensus that no way is a "fan" waiting 24 days to post that pic of Austin. Posting that photo on October 11th was an obvious attempt to make it seem like she just ran into Austin the night before. Especially, with ATX prominently displayed on the tweeter's Profile Summary.

Recently, Harry Styles was in the Malibu area and someone ran into him at a local surfboard shop. Not surprisingly, the person asked if she could have a photo with him. According to the young fan, he said, "Of course, but could you please wait three days before posting it online?" Which she did, happily.

That is the normal way a celebrity handles this kind of thing. Harry didn't want fans to know where he was in Southern California for whatever reason (maybe because he and Louis were there together for some "we" time). But, there was no attempt to manipulate a sighting to make it seem like it took place on a different day. Just Harry simply and politely asking the fan to keep his presence under wraps for three days until he left. In other words, just asking for a little privacy.

prairiegirl said...

That's a thinking man's way of doing things, M&M.

Jake's people & Mama G have to sit around a Flintstone's table and chisel out their master plan on a tablet. Because that's how archaic they think sometimes.

Special K said...

Texas beats Oklahoma and The Longhorns win the Golden Hat.

Austin's Hook'em Horns somewhere right now. ;)

clockwork subterfuge said...

The beard's posting goes silent while the real boyfriend posts a pic of the dog, with the obvious implication that the beard is out of town.

has happened again and again.

Florida Tom said...

Such a joke. The beard dumps this guy for Jake and the ex stills watches her dog when she goes out of town.. That is so funny :-)

the real m said...

There are some new pics of Jake on IHJ from a magazine. Had to laugh though, Jake is holding a magazine with Superman on the cover. Henry Cavill Superman. Henry Cavill, a reported lover during the POP filming. I suspect they photoshopped the magazine in later.