Monday, October 7, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Who doesn't have a list of errands on the weekends?

... yup even Jake and Austin.

Saturday someone on fb saw Jake buying 9 bags of ice.

That's not an ice run that's more of a bar rescue,  but whatever it is, it deserves a Top Ten List  or maybe that should be a Top Nine List

The Top Nine Reason Jake was buying 9 bags of ice

9. Setting up his own Dateline gotcha for an illegal LA kidney harvesting ring.

8. It was their turn to take care of the class penguins for the weekend.

7.  Austin said he wanted it on the rocks. Jake didn't realize he meant it was just his drink.

6. He's started his prep work for Everest. Next stop Don't Break the Ice.

5. He's not only the Producer on Nightcrawler he's also Craft Services.

4. Those Snoopy Snowcone Makers don't fill themselves.
 3.  After a late Friday night Taco Night Jake was going through to make Austin's drunken dream of World Largest Homemade Margarita come true.

2. He took "hold the ice" to a whole new meaning.

and the #1  reason

Somebody's got a Birthday!!! Parrrrty-time!

And it's not just Jake doing the running around.

Picking up some lunch there buddy?

You know Jake said he auditioned for  "Dude Where's My Car?"

Looks like he may have found it.  (Welcome Back Red Arrow)


prairiegirl said...

Ha ha, great Top 10, Special. 9 bags of ice. Hmm. Now what I find odd is why Jake was running out to get them. He needed his assistant to help push that little cart of groceries upon his splashy "return" to LA after the Fish Taco Tweet. I would have thought maybe 9 bags of ice might fall under assistant task category.

Now, that fan picture of Austin is a great one, isn't it? And what is that Red Arrow saying? That's that black Q7 of Jake's. Excuse me - of Jake and Austin's.

How about another Q7 picture to do a side by side? Here's a good one - from Jake leaving the Chateau Marmont, you remember this one. It's with the bald tires.

Exhibit A - Do Not Drive on Tires Like These

Looks like a dead ringer to me.

Makes sense that Austin would be parked in the front of the sandwich shop. He might want to think about parking behind a shrub next time.

prairiegirl said...

Let's see. Jake has driven Austin's biga** truck. We had a picture of that a time or two, didn't we?

Now we've got Austin driving the black Q7. (I'm going to lay a 20 on that one, btw)

BTW, upon reading up on that Q7, I found it interesting that while the Q7 will hold 3 or 4 children's car seats, it's just not a vehicle that many have found ergo friendly. It was funny to read a bunch of guys comparing notes on what kind of recommendations did others have. They wanted to avoid at all costs driving a mini van. LOLLLL!! Men hate driving family vans. They're just not cool. But the guys almost all seemed to come to the consensus that the Q7 just was not an easy vehicle to get into the 3rd row. Plus the doors on the Q7 are so big and this one guy said that he had to pull out of a parking spot, open the door and let people pile in and out safely. But in the process, this held up traffic. LOLLLL

Jake & Austin might want to take note that the Denali or Suburban were mentioned as more user friendly alternatives, but all in all, many said to just suck it up and get a mini van. When you need 4 car seats, it's time to just get the van.

Which could be why it sounds like there are two Q7's in the Gyllenichols compound garage. Geez, just like a train.
; )

eagle eye said...

That does look like a black Audi Q7 in the back of Austin. That is too funny.

Methodical Muser said...

That's a great catch, PG. Have you noticed how, since that pic went up on Sunday night, Austin's twitter account has been spewing out robot tweets all day yesterday? And then, suddenly, some bogus retweet of Jake being at the Pittsburg Pirates Playoff game also began to circulate. The two guys in LA at the same time, with Austin taking the family truckster out for a lunch run at the Simple Things Sandwich & Pie Shop was probably a bit awkward, I suspect.

F-I-N-E said...

Austin lookin FINE

Austin twitter said...

called this one

I will be on Marvel's AGENT'S OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Two weeks from tonight on ABC. Pretty excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe.

Special K said...

OMG had it on it's Top Ten.

But what a great thing for Austin to be on the biggest fall network hit!

Now we know why they were trying to pair them up. Oh those crazy publicists.

Still suspicious said...

Now we know why they were trying to pair them up. Oh those crazy publicists.

I agree with someone who said that what was highly suspicious about this out of nowhere pairing was how the "love" match went viral so quickly and was announced the day before Jake's movie opened in theaters. No way that was a coincidence.

prairiegirl said...

Not only that but what a rush job. That paintball picture was so photoshopped, it wasn't funny.

Now it looks all kinds of crazy because she went and denied it 3 or so weeks later. Now it turns out he's guest spotting on the show?

The whole thing was kind of Nick Jr. if you ask me.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
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too early to tell said...

the Austin / Chloe PR hookup might not be over. Stars do denials to build interest and grab more headlines. If Austin's appearance on the show picks up fan buzz we'll probably see more on them as a "couple."

prairiegirl said...

Ahh yes, the ol' Rendition ploy, 20:26. Yup, quite true.

prairiegirl said...


by the by......

Where's that Nissan Leaf, Austin?