Monday, October 28, 2013

Something to chew on

What if Jake's dramatic weight loss is less about Nightcrawling and more about mountain climbing?

Just take a moment and think about it.

 Remember the story of Everest is about two climbing groups who get stuck on Everest because of a freak storm and what happens up the world's tallest peak before they are saved. We know from the book that 8 members die. The conditions are not just harsh they are extreme x10. The climbers are already lean to attempt such a climb, and with a day or two in such conditions and with limited food when you need a high caloric diet to just maintain weight, you could see the dramatic effect it would have on a body.

With Everest set to start shoot next month,  Jake wouldn't have the time to get down to that dramatic weight loss that fast.  What they could be doing is shooting out of sequence and shooting the high mountain drama scenes and rescue first, and then work their way backwards.

With multiple locations all over the world for Everest it will be a long shoot with break in between as they relocate to various countries.  If they shot Jake at his thinnest first, then he can safely regain the weight on the breaks.

With a December 19, 2014 opening (yup Jake's birthday) they don't have a lot of time for Jake to get in the physical condition of being gaunt and left for dead because they have to get shooting. And  Jake knew he didn't have any time between Nightcrawler and Everest so he incorporated the look into storyline for Nightcrawler.  A two for one deal.


could be said...

Interesting theory. Lots of people are criticizing Jake for losing so much weight for no other reason than his perception that Lou, the reporter, is "literally and figuratively hungry".

If this explanation proves true about the real reason those pounds were shed for Nightcrawler, it shows once again that Jake's knee jerk reaction is to lie to the public, regardless of the topic, instead of just coming clean with the truth.

Florida Tom said...

Sad to say as much as I would love to see Jake come clean his career would be over if he did. That is just as fact.

destiny said...

I think you may be right about the weight Special.

Interesting article about the boy band member and the closet, thanks for posting it.

I don't know if you're right or not Tom about what would happen in Jake came out now. It probably doesn't help that I think Jake doesn't have much clout right now, he's not the "it" boy the way he was right after BBM.

Florida Tom said...

I think he choose not to be that "it" boy Destiny. He believed that in the long run being that Gay Cowboy God who was worshiped by many would not get him where he wanted to go. He used those who worshiped him for notoriety until he had no need for them anymore.

the real m said...

Good theory and it makes more sense than losing all that weight to play a photo journalist. Whoever said journalists have it that hard- especially if they work in the US, not some distressed foreign country. I read Into Thin Air a long time ago, right after it first came out, but don't recall that they were on the climb a long time. Of course you need to get there weeks ahead to acclimate to the altitude, and they would need to be of athletic build. So the weight loss can carry over.

I think you are right Tom that Jake chose the path he is on, while under pressure from family, friends and the studio. Ironically, I think had he come out, he would be way more famous and successful now. A leader rather than a follower. But he did not want to be a leader.