Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"I can see for Miles"

Will Marvels never cease! - The Texas Tweeter has another Tuesday Tweet and let's us in on what that secret project is all about.

Ok I can announce this new gig now. Stay Tuned. - AUS10

I will be on Marvel's AGENT'S OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Two weeks from tonight on ABC. Pretty excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe.   - AUS10

On our previous episode of Tuesday Texas Tweeter Austin tweeted:

New super secret project airing three weeks from tonight. I'm not allowed to say anything yet. But I will soon. - AUS10

And we gave that Big Tall Texan a Top Ten List of his own.  And it included:

 and the #1  possible super secret project airing

That he's NOT the boyfriend on Agents of Shield

Well... while he's not the bf in real life,  he might play one or an ex-one on TV.

 Austin is becoming a part of the Marvel Universe as Miles Lido on Episode 5 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A little about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Agent Phil Coulson  puts together a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases. Each case will test the team in cooperation and ingenuity as they try to work together figuring out newly emerging superhuman individuals in the world.

October 22 - Episode 5 “Girl in the Flower Dress” 

An elusive girl in a flower dress may hold the key to the mystery that brings Coulson and team to Asia to rescue a young man with an unusual and dangerous power; and Skye (Chloe Benet) has a secret that jeopardizes her relationship with the team right when they need her most.

 According to Marvel lore – the girl in the flower dress,  Raina (played by Ruth Negga) is part of the Saurid race and much like Homo sapiens they have a mutant branch within their society. Raina is part of the Hauk’ka who appear to be similar to the X-Men and is a Saurid counterpart to Beast as she is the powerhouse of the group as she is able to take down opponents such as T-Rexes twice her size. Raina resides in the Savage Land with the rest of her people. 

The young man with an unusual power that the agents are in Asia for is  Renshu Tseng (Louis Changchien).   So it looks like Miles (Austin) is the one connected to the secret that could jeopardize the new recruit and computer hacker's - Skye - relationship with the team.

What a huge feather in Austin's cap for this job!!  Agents is the hottest new show of the fall in the U.S., he becomes a part of the Marvel lore AND he get the opportunity to work with Joss Whedon.   
Austin has a great work reputation and it has been said over and over again on all of his projects that cast and crew always want to want to work with Austin again.  Hard worker, team player, always prepared,  Austin comes in ready to work and always respects and acknowledges everyone it takes to create screen magic from the everyone behind the camera and production to those in front.  And everyone seems to give the love and respect right back. 

And the chance to work with Joss could open the door to great things for Austin. 

Congrats, can't wait to see you Marvel Austy!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D can be seen on ABC, Tuesday nights at 8:00pm Eastern  in the U.S., check local listings in your area.


the real m said...

I have not watched that new show yet, but I guess I will have to now. Good for him that he landed a gig on a hit show. And Ray Donovan is a hit too, so maybe he is starting a winning streak.

Re the possible Birthday party, didn't we have reason to believe that Oct was the birth month. And I recall Jake turning down some recent offer saying the timing conflicted and it stuck out as odd. But here he is filming in his home town and where his family lives at just the right time.

prairiegirl said...

I wish I could agree that it's a winning streak. I don't think it is.

What it is about, is Austin is being rewarded for playing along with the Old Hollywood game. Both he and Jake are being rewarded for flexing their uber closeted muscles. That's what it's all about.

Now Austin is suddenly on ABC and there's also a release on the internet tonight that Austin is up for lead star for his own series, not sure what network or what country.

This is all why the probable shopping for a beard. This is why his Twitter is in the process of going to pot once again, a Hollywood tool for all that is archaic and digressing.

It's all becoming quite crystal clear now. I regret what I said earlier about the congrats.

prairiegirl said...

Looks like Management has likely dropped a hint on FB tonight that there's a 2 pg article on Jake and the beard coming up in People magazine.

Now that Twitter is on automatic pilot for the chief client, looks like Mgmt is possibly venturing into old familiar territory a la the Reeke days.

Methodical Muser said...

Funny how we are getting bombarded with so many "stories" about Austin and Jake tonight, when normally this would be just another tortoise-paced Tuesday. Wonder what brought all this on. Hmmm. Maybe something having to do with four wheels and a grill? ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Koji Uehara redeems himself, while the Boston Red Sox advance to the ALCS!

People magazine said...

I will call this like I see it. Jake and alyssa are going to announce an engagement, which will give a huge boost to his Oscar campaign and keep them in the news while they are very much apart during the filming of Nightcrawler and Everest. Doubt he will go through with it, but even a broken engagement will buy him years of freedom from bearding. .

Anonymous said...

I think the Facebook person was referring to the 2 page us weekly article that was published a couple weeks ago about Jake and Alyssa.

prairiegirl said...

Ohhhhh I see. That would make more sense since it was only Tuesday and so I was wondering how this person could be reading it already, hence the Mgmt chastisement.
That very well could be.

And you can't post as Anonymous on here.

Special K said...

Thanks Anonymous.

I will cover for you this time, but here at OMG we ask that you use a name for a comment. You can pick a new one every time, use the same for a day, a week or month, or pick on for good. Thanks, Special K

Covering for 3:08am
Anonymous said...

I think the Facebook person was referring to the 2 page us weekly article that was published a couple weeks ago about Jake and Alyssa.

October 9, 2013 at 3:08 AM

Special K said...

Methodical Muser said...

Koji Uehara redeems himself, while the Boston Red Sox advance to the ALCS!

Yessss GO SOX!!!!

prairiegirl said...

I'm going to give Tom and Seaweed a power boost to their day. This picture will knock their socks right off into next year.

Was led to this one from the AustinfromTexas Tumblr site. She does a great job posting news and pictures regarding Austin, if you ever want to check her site out:


Now here's the early afternoon snack for Tom and Seaweed. You're welcome, boys!!

Scooby Snacks got nothin' on the morsel on the left of your screen

prairiegirl said...

Those couple of thuds you hear will be the sounds of Tom and Seaweed hitting the floor. LOL.

One word: F.I.E.R.C.E.
Second word, of which I am shamelessly swiping: D.A.M.N.

Sorry for the swearing! There can be no substitutions on this one.

Congratulations to you and your team, Special!! Now we know not to try and contact Special when the BoSox are playing. Shhhhhhh...lol
Next year, maybe the Royals will challenge the Sox!

There are no 8 hour days in America, suck it up my friend said...

Charles McDonald ‏@CharlesMcD 2h

What happened to 8 hour days? #13hournight #nightwalker #JakeGyllenhaal

10:27 AM - 9 Oct 13 from Los Angeles, CA · Details

Florida Tom said...

Lordy Lordy the man has the perfect body type for me. I would love to nibble on the A man :-)

Thanks PG!!!!

Seaweed said...


Good Gawd Almighty... now I'm some research to do. This is really quite a find my dear girl, and I plan on enjoying all of it.

Muchas gracias...

Just what I needed!

Seaweed said...


Good Gawd Almighty... now I've some research to do. This is really quite a find my dear girl, and I plan on enjoying all of it.

Muchas gracias...

Just what I needed!