Saturday, October 19, 2013

Whose Side Does He Play For?

 "Bad ass" Austin action in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

It looks like Austin had a little beard magic done and I don't mean Chloe.

Was that a remote?

And let's play " Spot the Oops!"


prairiegirl said...

Okay, I'll talk. I've always got something I can bring to the table.

Everyone in Jake World seems to have developed a case of the turn-offs in addition to Halloween-itis and Crisp Weather-itis, lol. I know the feeling.

Anyway, here's a funny. Is this unexpected? Not at all. But is it any less head-shaking? Heck no. Not when it comes to Jake and his people.

Remember that blind that was posted here just last week and a lot of people were guessing Hugh J and Jake? I mean, alot of people were guessing them.

And they were saying Hugh was the warm one and well, that left Jake to be the cold one.

Well, guess what happened following the posting of this blind? lol. This is funny.

prairiegirl said...

Candace Smith (@candacesmith007)
7/18/13, 13:45

On set with Jake Gyllenhaal for @EndOfWatchMovie #TBT #Grateful
Warm? Cold?

Madelein Krugell (@MadeleinKrugell)
6/17/13, 7:24

@MissSundstrom #Rendition with Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon me and Jake Gyllenhaal in make-up trailer.They had to go back to Reeke days for this one

Kayla Tuckerman (@ktuck96)
6/13/13, 10:52

Also #tbt to the time I saw jake Gyllenhaal....with a beard Think Warm

michelle brewer (@michiebrew)
9/6/13, 20:06

just highfived Hugh Jackman and selfied with Jake Gyllenhaal... At this point, I just had to BWAH!!

BBC Radio 1 (@BBCR1)
9/26/13, 11:12

On next, the verrry cool Jake Gyllenhaal! He has lady time with Greg, talk about #WreckingBall & lots more!Even with DJ's he's warm

Irish (@IrishHornyLad)
10/20/13, 6:40

2 reasons to go see Prisoners! Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman!
Oh look, they're both warm here

prairiegirl said...

See the dates on those tweets? They're all pre-dated. That's because these were all retweets of old tweets. And they all came, with the exception of the last one, on the 18th because that's when I sent them to the girls.

BWAHAHHH!!! See what they were doing? They were combatting that the blind was about Jake.

Killed me. Don't tell me that's not what they were doing because it was. That's how they operate. I've seen it enough times on Twitter. His people are constantly reacting.

I had a Hug(h)e laugh as soon as I realized what that was about.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

And of course they came right on the tail end of just about my favorite tweet of all time:

☯bitch pudding☯ (@olossondro)
10/15/13, 2:22

i just want to put my tiny baby jake gyllenhaal into my pocket and feed him leftovers so he can grow big and strong love you little guy

: )

don't think it's Jake said...

I don't know what you're talking about PG. there's loads of video and photos of Jake and Hugh outside the theatre in Toronto prior to Prisoners premiere where Jake is signing and taking pics with lots of people.

Prairie Girl on her cellphone at her mom's w/ no internet said...

#1 If I don't know you, my name is not PG to you.

#2 and foremost, my point wasn't about whether or not the answer to the blind is Jake as The Cold One. My point was about Jake's mgmt reacting, irregardless whether it's him or not. Why are they reacting?

#3 The blind was about a specific event, not the entire festival's duration.

the real m said...

Loads of pictures? That comment must be from the same person who claimed there were lots of photos of Jake and Reese too when they were barely seen together. One walk with 40 pictures of each footstep is not a lot.

Jake's no neck said...
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you cant change history said...

Barely seen together. Were you living in a cave

norwegian girl said...

i have to agree With pg, jake and halloween? not -unexpected at all! when it comes to jake and hugh, i felt it was an icefront between them, judging from the photos i`ve seen. no chemistry at all. i remember very well the bi pg mentioned, and if it``s true, i think it might very well be jake and hugh. i think hugh sometimes can be too hughable. he knows the rules very well and play by them. jake, well... sometimes i think his ego shoud stop growing. i think he sometimes can be an arrogant asshole.

PG on her cell at House O' Mom who has no internet said...

7 and 0 !!!

Florida Tom said...

Some amazing games today.

I wonder if Jake and his new gf are engaged yet?

prairiegirl said...

1034 messages in a Deleted Box. That's pretty bad, isn't it? lol

Tom, I haven't hardly watched NFL in the last several years. Now I watched about 1/2 of the Chiefs game today and for the most part, it was pretty fun like old times, lots of yelling and stuff, lol.

prairiegirl said...

This is def. the most interesting obit I've ever read. I don't even know this man. A friend RT'd it and the title of the tweet caught my eye. This thing is something else. (if you click on the link, you can see a picture of the ol' rascal)

His name was Bill Brown

Bill Brown
1922 - 2013
Bill Brown (a/k/a William C. Brown) finally stopped bugging everybody on Tuesday, October 15, 2013. Right to the end, at age 91, he would do things like pushing fist bumps at perfect strangers, playing boogie woogie and other foot- tapping piano right in front of innocent people, and racing to beat other oldsters to empty chairs (which is how he tripped and broke his hip, leading eventually to his well-earned demise). Bill was born June 6, 1922 in St. Joseph, MO, to Edmond Benedict and Bertha Mae Rigney Brown, and they and his two brothers moved to present day Roeland Park in 1930. He caused trouble at St. Agnes grade school, Shawnee Mission Rural (now North) High School, and Rockhurst College, where he graduated in 1944. He enlisted to shake things up as an officer in the US Navy, and even bothered the other side when his ship helped capture a German submarine. Martha "Ruth" Walker began putting up with him when they married in 1945. They lived in Des Moines when he was trying to scare the neighbor kids by acting like a barking dog when he threw open the front door, only to find himself barking at the Avon lady. They moved to Overland Park in 1952 and raised eight afflicted children. Through all the years they were part of a 24-family group of terrific people called the "Poker Bridge Club" -- you guys know who you are -- in which Bill was a key instigator and rabblerouser. Bill harassed people into buying insurance for 20 years, then became the Financial Aid director at Rockhurst College, where he played a key role in many students spiraling down into becoming educated citizens. In his last years he plagued his fellow retirement residents at Overland Park Place, giving them little respite from his dangerous music and raillery. There was always a deeply serious side to Bill's provocations. He pestered his children and others until they suffered by thinking and feeling deeply about others and all kinds of meaningful things. They still haven't recovered. Ruth admittedly did this too, until she died in 2009. The picture shows Bill tormenting a grandchild into hysterics with his extra-vigorous "This Is The Way The Ladies Ride". Few within his reach -- children or adults -- escaped without a similar fate. He is survived by his most grateful children: Katherine McNaughton, Seattle, WA, Barbara Giordano, Santa Rosa, CA, Rebecca ("Beckie"), Mission Viejo, CA, Mary Ellen Legay, Kona, HI, Bernard, Westwood, KS, Phillip, Lynwood, WA, Charles, and Molly, Albany, CA, 12 grateful grandchildren, and 5 grateful nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount St. Joseph, They put up with Bill and all a long time, and have too little for their retirement.
published in KC Star on 10/20/13.

Just thought I'd share that. So many interesting people in this world.

destiny said...

Thanks for sharing that obit PG. I like to read about unusual people and like unusual obituaries--and my sister in particular loves to obituaries that are out of the ordinary, so I'll be passing this on.

destiny said...

Yep, damage control with those tweets, regardless of whether the blind item is really Jake.