Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Picking Up the Pieces

In the span of less that two weeks, Austin will be seen portraying two roles that can't be more radically different. In The Informers, he is Martin, debauched, indulged, and sexually ambiguous. Who sleeps with whomever seems to be interesting, his friend Graham's girlfriend Christie, Graham's mom Susan, and with Graham himself. Martin it is all about the sex, the drugs, and the scene. Losing a friend is another day in LA, the party just continues.

Check out the newest NSFW trailer for The Informers at Austin Nichols Journal (Spooky's)

Then there is Edward in Prayers for Bobby. Ed Griffith is so far the opposite you could get whiplash from the about face. Portraying a character that was raised with a fundamentalist background and struggles with the fact of his brother's homosexuality, believing it is a sin and keeping his brother's secret until Bobby attempted suicide. As Martin would drink more to dull the feelings, Ed choose faith and religion. A character who's faith comes to question just as his mother's and the rest of the family, when Bobby does succeed in ending his pain and struggle between his upbringing and his true identity, Ed finds resolution with new a understanding and acceptance still based in faith in a loving caring God. The Prayers for Bobby Trailer trailer

Talk about as different as you can get. But both of these roles are chances to showcase incredible skills as an actor, playing such extremes and taking risks for the parts picked. Neither is the starring role but strong supporting ones and never secondary. His choices seem to come from a very artistic and personal viewpoint, what looks interesting, thought provoking, changing. Not just for the audience, but for him as an actor. Austin takes on both roles getting into the character and giving them his fullest commitment. It seems to be Austin's approach to acting, as in the lessons learned from one of his mentor's Markus Flanagan and his book One Less Bitter Actor, focus on the job, and give the best performance you can give for each role you have.

This month, the forces from wherever have pulled together these two roles in such a way in such that it really showcases Austin's talent, craft, and growth as an actor over the past few years. Will it mean more people will take notice ? Let's hope so.

Photographs/Austin Nichols Journal


Special K said...

"The more trailers I see for Informers, the better it looks."

We knew it get ya Wicked. ; )

Actually Informers is getting a lot of mentions from film blogs as THE movie of this year's Sundance.

Hope is eternal - as much as I would love to see Jake as Sundance, I don't think he will be there. And its nothing to do with bearding, and everything to do with wanting Austin to have that full moment in spotlight. Every bit of it.

prairiegirl said...

Wicked, can you check your email when you get a chance?
I'm getting excited!!!!!

destiny said...

The new trailer will have to wait until tonight, but if that screencap is any indication, I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy it.

I always thought this movie sounded like a lot of fun, and hopefully it will be a good one too.

Special K said...

Want to go back and rent Less Than Zero, haven't seen it ages. RDJ as Julian, who in fact is referred to in The Informers (at least in the story).

Want to see what kind of a difference between BEE's 80's movie made in the 80's and one that is made 20 years later.

And come on you know the soundtracks gonna be circa 80-83, I'm just wondering if they but a little Billy in it. ; )

destiny said...

I'm hoping for New Order and Depche Mode.

hopeful tb said...

The Informers trailer looks fantastic. I hope the film is successful and will at least hit the festival circuit here in Europe. Austin is really showcasing his talent this month.

Special K said...

I'm hoping for New Order and Depoche Mode.

Maybe Erasure, Yaz, Human League. (very much early 80's) Would love Romeo Void's Never Say Never in it. The reason I said Billy was because in the book Martin was going to a Billy Idol show at the Coliseum. I know they change the name for the movie, but maybe just maybe they will still throw a little early Billy in as a nod.

tall bouffant said...

That hair in the first pic.. LOL

jj said...

Jake Gyllenhaal goes out for another morning run with his his personal trainer on Wednesdfay in Santa Monica, Calif.

Is the 28-year-old actor training for something or just staying in shape?

At Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, Jake introduced the film clip for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was one of the contenders for “Best Motion Picture - Drama.” Slumdog Millionaire picked up the honors.

can it get any gayer?! said...


Happy Feet


adidas said...

Good to see Jake out by himself with the PT running partner. No Austin but better thab pics with that other thing. Hope she fell in a gopher hole to China.

music lovah said...

Maybe Erasure, Yaz, Human League. (very much early 80's) Would love Romeo Void's Never Say Never in it.

Gah, I haven't heard Never Say Never in 100 years! I loved Yaz adn Alison Moyet too, and The Smiths, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Psychedelic Furs, Soft Cell, The Cure, Souxie and The Banshees, The Blue Nile, The The, Roxy Music (sigh!)Mission of Burma, The November Group, The Motels with Martha Davis and her just-about-to-cry voice, and of course DePeche Mode and New Order . . . it goes on and on. :)

destiny said...

I agree Adidas, although I am a bit suspicious of the need to call out the paps every single day. Still seems like overkill.

snaps said...

Look at 2005, and 2006 Jake was out and papped all the time.

destiny said...

I'll look tonight Snaps when I have time. My memory could be wrong, but I just don't think we got them almost every day like this. And in 2006 there was still a lot of buzz from BBM, and all the rumors swirling around. I do think some of the attention back then from the paps was genuine, in part because I think they wanted to see who he was hanging with.

I will admit it, rightly or wrongly, I've gotten to be a real cynic when it comes to Jake and the paps. I haven't looked at todays photos, but I'm assuming Jake is in the same park in Santa Monica. I've been to that park many a time over the years, it is not a place that paps hang out. Despite the great views of the ocean, the park is a bit seedy and is full of homeless people, not exactly a star magnet.

:) said...

I haven't looked at todays photos, but I'm assuming Jake is in the same park in Santa Monica.

Photos: FlynetOnline

destiny said...


Jersey Tom said...

That trailer justs gives me goosebumps. It looks like an amazing movie.

Jersey Tom said...

^^The trailer for Prayers for Bobby

Jersey Tom said...

Sundance: must-see movies 2009

3 of 16
'I Love You Phillip Morris'

(Directors and screenwriters: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa) — The true story about con artist and imposter Steven Jay Russell, a married father whose exploits land him in the Texas criminal justice system. Based on the novel by Houston Chronicle crime reporter Steve McVicker. Cast: Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro.

Why? Arguably the biggest star in the fest this year (Jim Carrey) in a love story that resonates with one of the year’s biggest controversies (California’s Proposition 8) screening in a state that’s a major hotspot in the debate? We have to see this.

Jersey Tom said...

I am so happy and grateful to Austin Nichols that he is taking part in Prayers for Bobby. There is a lot of people that know that Austin is GG and it shows guts that he wanted to do this movie. I cant wait to see it.

damn you Tom said...

That trailer justs gives me goosebumps. It looks like an amazing movie.

Thought you meant Austins trailer a rockin with Jake in it and a sex tape. Got me all ecxited.

Special K said...

Rattler - got to read the article about Warhol and queer cowboys, and makes me wonder if Warhol influence Herb Ritts a little bit. He went out to capture the American West, the results were definitely different but can see Ritts wanting to find the cowboy too. Of course look at he Ritts picture you can see the where Ennis' look came from.

Special K said...

Watch with Kristen on E!

Is OTH Safe?


Star Sophia Bush tells me, "We don't know [if we'll be back for another season]. The network keeps saying it's up to the cast, but no one has offered us another season, so we'll see. There are a lot of variables that would have to work out properly for people, but as long as there are good stories to tell, I think we're up to continuing to tell them. We're having a great time. We have such great guest stars on our show right now—Austin Nichols is one of my dearest friends. We actually went on, like, four dates after I split up from you know who, years and years ago, and we've been, like, the best of friends ever since. We're a big family at this point."

Predicted Response to One Tree Hill Cancellation: 8.8 on the fan Richter scale

Chances of Renewal: Even. The fans are always down for more One Tree Hill, but the cast, the writers, the studio and the network have plenty of financial, contractual and creative issues to work out before a new season is a sure thing. The good news for OTH fans is that executive producer Mark Schwahn is no longer attached to the CW's new Melrose Place retread, so until further notice, he is free to focus on your Tree Hill faves!

Watch with Kristen

double dates with J and K? said...

"We actually went on, like, four dates"

Jersey Tom said...

damn you Tom said...
That trailer justs gives me goosebumps. It looks like an amazing movie.

Thought you meant Austins trailer a rockin with Jake in it and a sex tape. Got me all ecxited

That gives me more than goosebumps.

Jersey Tom said...

Whoa Prison Break has been canceled. It will be interesting to see what Wentworth does now. Would he be willing to come out or go even further back into the closet to get a new gig.

flf said...

Good luck to Austin on both his films. I really hope his career takes off. From what I know of him, I like him a lot.

The jogging pics: Are we doomed to see Jake jogging for the rest of the year almost everyday or what? And what's with the techni-color outfits?
Why are we getting jogging photo ops almost daily? Isn't the beard willing to do the coffee/shopping ops with him every day? Jake seems to need the photo ops more than the her.

You know, someone at work said something I'd like to repeat here. He said, "it's not being negative, it's being a realist"

flf said...

That gives me more than goosebumps.

Me too, Tom. me too!

another engagement rumor said...

Janet Carlton's Hollywood

Austy said...

I give Jakey goosebums.

Special K said...

I am not complaining! And he's showing off some more leg again. Woo hoo!

I don't mind seeing Jake after all this time in London/Morocco, and its even better that he is doing stuff on his own - he can run jump bike - hell dance in the middle of the road - don't care - just nice to see him by "himself" relaxed and little glimpses of his grins.

seen on Jared site LOL said...

"Yeah where is his his beard Reese lately? Eating pickles and ice cream and getting ready for that wedding that’s happening any day now?"

destiny said...

I love that line about being a realist flf. I'm going to commit that one to memory.

Boy is Austin hot in that trailer, and I agree Tom about his doing Prayers for Bobby.

prairiegirl said...

I thought Jake looked great in his tux and he looked adorable outside of Peet's.

But I can't even seem to get excited about seeing him alone jogging. Something must be wrong with me?

Destiny, if you're rather cynical, then I've become alot cynical and I can't pretend to feel otherwise.

And it may not be his idea to have the paps following him every single morning while he jogs. But I felt suspicious after seeing the last set. I mean, how many pictures does one need of somebody jogging? You seen one; you seen 250. And one word: FLYNET. Flynet says it all to me.

And the other thing I am getting really suspicious about all these jogging pictures? That he's a walking Tiger Woods billboard. That's what has always irritated me about Tiger Woods is every time he sits down to a press conference, he's got to have Nike plastered over everything he is wearing. Like Simon Cowell & Randy touting the Coca Cola logos. Don't get me started on free advertising. Of all business tactics, that one really rankles me. Although, gotta say Jake not only touts Adidas, he's got to tout Nike as well.

He apparently values name labels very much.

Special K said...

Jake has always love sneakers he has tons of Nikes and he loved Livestrong stuff when he biked. This is a long standing thing with him.

It is interesting that that he's gone back to wearing Adidas stuff. Which he wore lots of when he was Kiki. If you go back and look at all the picture from 2003-2006 you will see how much Jake loves sports gear, that Adidas and Nike stuff. What I find interesting is he wearing New Balance running shoes - which I bet he's trainer suggested since that's what the trainer wears.

prairiegirl said...

Special, I wear nothing but New Balance now. My PCP said that New Balance is the best shoe out there for people with feet problems, especially arch problems. And I love my New Balances.

I know I'm not as schooled on all his past history. I do know he's always worn Nike and that he has had oodles of various sneakers. I dunno. By this 3rd or 4th set of jogging pics, it's just reminding me of Tiger Woods is all.

It looks to me like he's doing some heavyduty weightlifting. No one gets oversculpted calves, knees, & thighs like that by jogging. Jogger's legs are alot less defined. That and the thickness of his neck make me leery of any kind of outside help in maintaining the muscle mass. I hope not. Hopefully, it's just from alot of weightwork.

I think alllll the endless, shameless photo ops for the past 1 1/2 years are having a negative effect on me. Because I don't really know who I'm seeing anymore. And what I mean by that is, Is this the old, real Jake? Or is this Reeke Jake? And if it's Reeke Jake, is that the real Jake that exists now? Don't even know anymore.

But all that aside & I'll leave it be now, this thus far week of "solitude" is pretty interesting. So we had 3 straight weeks of a Total Reeke Blietzkrieg and was it all for the Golden Globes? Was it to help keep Reese in the news for just a bit more, milk out a few more $$$ for 4C's?

Did both Jake & Reese earn a "military leave" & are being allowed to live their private lives for a few days?

Seems to me there was a big reason for Ava & Deacon not being seen since Ava's pagaent. When was that? Just before Christmas? While the Reeke Blitzkrieg was going on, I think the kids were put in the bomb shelter. That's my theory, anyway.

And that's all I have to say tonight. Sorry it's negative so I'll get off for the night. As you can tell, I'm having all kinds of struggles right now.

Everyone have a good rest of the evening.

destiny said...

I have some theories about the kiddies that don't involve bomb shelters (lol), but, well, you know, pr is probably listening in.

All the shoes and work-out gear does seem more like Jake being himself. He does seem to have a thing for those shoes.

destiny said...

I saw that a coalition of over 50 unions, including SAG, have filed a brief in support of striking down Prop. 8. It's great to see that, although the bit about SAG really struck me as ironic, given that most actors can't even come out of the closet, let alone marry even if the law allowed it. Seems to me SAG should be agitating to get more openly gay actors work if they really want to help change things.

prairiegirl said...

I know, Destiny. I almost didn't say anything about the kids. But you know what? I went ahead & laid it out there now because it has been 3 weeks now and they can put the kids out there all they want now. Seems to stand out quite significantly that they were not anywhere to be seen during all the PDA attempts.

Now they can go ahead & prove me wrong by putting the whole little family together @ Disney World with Jake stroking her hair on Magic Mountain and doing another kisscam, kiss-sham right in front of the kids. But that's going to come after the fact now and I beat them to the punch. So go ahead, PR. And I'd like 15%, please.

destiny said...

Just looked at JJ. Funny how the latest Jake jogging story is followed by one about Jessica Biel.

Rattler said...

Of course look at he Ritts picture you can see the where Ennis' look came from.

Which one are you talking about, Special K?

Jake loves sports gear, that Adidas and Nike stuff.

... and Macbooks :)

Rattler said...

And, yes, Special K, I enjoyed watching those Markus Flanagan interviews once again. I often wonder how mundane commerce and pure art can co-exist at the same time in the world of film-making.

m said...

Austin looks good in the trailer, in particular the shot of him in the bathing trunks. There is that super long torso again.

I watched the Spectacle interview with Rufus this evening. A couple interesting comments. Re his being openly gay and still reasonably successful as a singer/composer, Elvis said its not the same in acting. Rufus said yes, "for actors its a disaster". He also said he knew he was gay very early. When he was in boarding school in upstate NY, most boys were outdoors playing sports, he was wearing pearls.

At the gg pre party, when Jake looked pissed, it looked like he had reached the end. He jumped in the car and let R clambor through a sea of paps and open the door for herself. No surprise that they had to take a break from each other. If not, we would be witness to Jake strangling her photographed in entirety by the paps.

LOL said...

M and who wants to bet the paps would help him?!

m said...

I clicked on that engagement rumor story out of curiosity. Let's see. There are what 350 pics of Reeke at the lakers game, but not a single one of her showing a ring to someone. I guess the pap's batteries happened to go dead at just that moment. PR must be trying to find other ways to keep the story going besides coffee, shopping and jogging pics.

Meg said...

Spooky has a new OTH trailer and screencaps. Needless to say, Austin is looking better then ever. There's also a silly hat bit, wonder who's idea that was.

Also nice to have confirmed that Sophia Bush is a really good friend. Didn't she say that she was keen on someone after her marriage broke down until she realised he was as gay as glitter. Wonder who she was referring to eh?

hopeful tb said...

That was Lainey's gossip (the gay as glitter comment).

"And while I know it stings like a bitch right now, to find out that the object of your affection turned out to be an asshole, it is nothing compared to the complete devastation you will feel when you find out that your next object of affection is gayer than glitter. It is every urban woman's rite of passage. And the pain will subside, I promise."

flf said...

oh no, not Lainey!
Was that the same source who told her Jake was accepting Heath's award?!
And that Reeke are soooo real?

Special K said...

"alllll the endless, shameless photo ops for the past 1 1/2 years are having a negative effect on me."

The Photo ops have been like a blitzkrieg. Short burst of bombings and then silence, not really endless. When you look at IHJ you will see long stretches of nothing. But when you look back at 2004, 05, 06 you will see loads of photos and files, day after day, Jake just out doing stuff, shopping for a juice, jogging, working out at the track, shopping, picking up dry cleaning.

This past week - this is the old kind of Jake pictures - busy, but more relaxed. These are the pictures I missed. Maybe a lot of you can dump on him for them, but these are not the Reeke kind of stuff. This is a lot of old Jake, the stuff that you guys used to like to see.

And if you look at all the pictures from all these year, you know how much he runs too. And he's talked about running in interviews.

$$$ said...

Jake is running with a PT in all these jogging pics, most likely keeping in shape for Pop re-shoots, a lot dif then the tedious pap shots from 2004-2006, theae look like work not fun.

Sure he wore Addidas and Nike before, but here it looks calculated and not casual, he knows he will be papped.

I think he is being paid to wear that stuff, like an endorsement. Maggie had an endorsement with Reebock.

A lot of Livestrong stuff too, shirts, etc. before he just wore the bracelet.

Also, he looks like hell.

destiny said...

Special, are you saying some of us have turned into whiny pessimists? :-D. I know that shoe sure fits me right now. I wish I could just enjoy the pictures, but it is hard for me because the look on his face haunts me, and because - can't help but feel these are all pr-approved because hey, we all know Reese really can't run, and he's running in Santa Monica and not the HW hills where he used to prun.