Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ohhhhh.... Oscar

Getting ready for Oscars may mean hours of blood sweat and tears for the nominees in the days leading up to awards, but for Jake presenting it looks like a little off the top and time in some cuddly cashmere in West Hollywood.

Jake's becoming quite the pro as presenter. This year he's presenting with Amy Adams.

Thinking about last year's Oscar it's a little bit of a deja vu all over again, single after a split from a high profile fauxmance with a famous blonde. Wonder this time if he's going to introduce Amy as the mother of his child to the friend walking in with them like he did with Rachel last year. (Hmmm let's see that was in February and ...Austin was twitpic when? August)2006


Now how will they introduce Jake and Amy as they announce Best Documentary Short Subject and Best Live Action Short Film?

He was the Prince of Persia and she was Enchanted's princess.

He was in all about Love and Other Drugs and she was Fighter for the man she loved.

She was a Junebug and he's likes to be naked as a Jaybird.

Who's want them to skip all the witty banter and just break out into "That's How You Know (He Loves You)" from Enchanted. Sing out Louise Jake.

Jake may make the rounds at a party or two tonight including an appearance at Annual Night Before the Oscars Party.
Night before the Oscars 2008

And Jake's first time to the Academy's big night?


"It's like this mind-blowingly intense situation. And, yet, at the same time, oddly normal, which makes it even more strange. I remember George Clooney shaking my hand at one point as I was walking to my seat, and not believing it. And I remember so many — a sea of famous people's faces, I remember that." - AP

Looks like he gotten over that.

Maybe his friends helped.

VF Oscar Post Party 2005

LA Confidential Magazine Pre Oscar Party 2006

Pre Oscar Party 2010

Little Oscar Trivia:

Official Name: Academy Award® of Merit

Height: 13½ inches

Weight: 8½ pounds

Design: A knight holding a crusader’s sword, standing on a reel of film. The film reel features five spokes, signifying the five original branches of the Academy (actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers).


OwlGirl said...

Just posted my first comment on WFT2. It may be my last, though.

That one was easy to figure out, but
PG, where is T2? (from your comment yesterday).

OwlGirl said...

Clearly, I am on the Austinmania bandwagon :)

destiny said...

So those girls deserve a lot better treatment and more bang for their buck than a phony sideshow.

ITA PG. it's bad enough when an actor beards and lies, but when you do it when your audience is largely young girls who are not savvy enough to see what is going on, and you milk that fauxmance because it stirs up the fangirls, then it is doubly wrong.

destiny said...

I saw the trailer for SC on the big screen this morning--it looks a lot better than it does just on the computer.

I went and saw Drive Angry, which I really liked. It's not a movie that I would recommend to everyone, and I know it's gotten mixed reviews, but If you're a fan of grind house movies, I recommend it highly. It looked great, the 3D special effects were not too much, it had a fun stupid plot, and the acting was good, even from Nicholas Cage. Amber Heard was a lot of fun in it too, and I have to admit, looked great in 3D.

prairiegirl said...

Hi OwlGirl! T2 is the same thing. It's WFT2 - I just get lazy sometimes and can't seem to type the whole thing out, lol.

**sigh**. Colin Firth reigns in my avatar this weekend as I root for him to win Best Actor.

prairiegirl said...

LOL - Dest, so you wore the 3D glasses?

Wow - I just saw a commercial for a new 4G phone and you can watch YouTube videos on it. That thing looks awesome. I want an upgrade!!!

Hey, that Oscar isn't a lightweight. 8 lbs? Dang, that thing is heavy!

Special K said...

Jake's looking good with the short 'do, and with a clean close shave and tuxed up he will be deadly on the red carpet. But the cashmere is not bad either. ; )

And the song from Enchanted? Like Jake hasn't sung that song three or four or half a dozen times. : )

Thought it was interesting in hindsight at Jake joking around that Rachel was the mother of his child. If they were expecting again they knew before the Oscars.

Jake had pretty much been MIA after the Rome thing with Reeke back in 2007, the first glimpse of we got him was The Night Before the Oscars party with 2008 with David Arquette and he looked like a pooped Papa.

And Austin is no stranger to Oscar festivities. Knowing that he was at the VF party with Jake (and their dates)in 2005, you know Jake made sure he was there for 2006. And then getting a glimpse of him again last year at a party that Jake was at.

Special K said...

More pictures of Jake over at IHJ

Prince of Persia Portraits - London
(Is that a grin?)

More pictures from his hair appt.

Jake and the Family Wagon

check your eyes said...

Jake had pretty much been MIA after the Rome thing with Reeke back in 2007, the first glimpse of we got him was The Night Before the Oscars party with 2008 with David Arquette and he looked like a pooped Papa.

What? What the hell are you talking about. He wasn't MIA. Go back and look at all the pap pics on IHJ post-10/22/07. Geez, way to try and rewrite history there, Special.

Special K said...

AFTER he got back he pretty much was not after that - go back and look at November and December and January - you didn't see him. And people who were around then remember they didn't see him until he turned up at that party with the night before the Oscars party.

the real m said...

Wow, that's a pretty short haircut. Personally I like his hair a bit longer but its not a bad cut either. Less hair pulls by toddlers that way.

PG speaking of youtube, you can now watch youtube videos on DirectTV. When you search a subject or name, you have the option for a selection from shows or youtube. Cool.

tweet said...

Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon had a big confab last night at an Oscar party. Their topic: Jake Gyllenhaal, standing right there! about 2 hours ago via TwitBird

I weep for your stupidity said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DUN DUN DUN said...

December and January - you didn't see him

He was filming a movie in New Mexico then you feckin idiot. You are something else.

OR WAS HE??? C'mon OMG! Time for another conspiracy theory!

Special K said...

Yeah he was filming Brothers, remember how Jim Sheridan mentioned Jake up with the baby.

Special K said...

On the Food Network, The Best Thing I Ever Ate is on, and chef Rocco Despirito was just on talking about the pot roast at Jar. And Jar's chef shared how she makes it tastes so amazing It made me think of Jake, 1) Jar is a fav restaurant and 2) Maggie and Peter have talked about him making a good pot roast. Wonder if he got his secrets for success from Jar.

lol said...

go back and look at November and December and January - you didn't see him

November 2007 - 9 instances of pap pics on IHJ
December 2007 - 4 instances of pap pics on IHJ
January 2008 - 7 instances of pap pics on IHJ

So what you're saying is that nobody saw Jake from November through January until he showed up at some pre-Oscar party in late February? Ummm...okay.

prairiegirl said...

That insulting comment at 21:26 is absolutely uncalled for; I don't care if they did purposely misspell that word. Special, I don't ask this often, but that thing needs to please come down. Don't let people talk to you that way; this is your blog.

You know what, ugliness is as ugliness does. I tell you something; somebody is awfully worked up. Has been worked up all week on both blogs.

This party not only gets a Jessica Fletcher shake of the head, they're going to get one from Seth, Amos Tupper and Mort.

prairiegirl said...

What a great, fun night.

And this is kinda funny. We were at Foster's Grille having one of THE best cheeseburgers and when we walked in, there were black balloons, the guy was wearing a black Johnny Cash T shirt and there was a Johnny Cash figurine on the bar.

It's Johnny Cash's birthday!!! And so we got birthday cake!! One of the best birthday cakes - he said it was from Sam's Club. Man, that thing rocked.

I've been drinking so much Celestial Seasonings tea all week, I had a Coke Zero/Coke Classic concoction tonight and that thing about scorched my throat!! LOL. Boy sometimes, you just have to have the real thing - Coke Classic. That stuff will just burn your esophagus up, you know.

prairiegirl said...

But we did not hear Ring of Fire. Heard Boy Named Sue twice the whole time we were there. It was a Johnny Cash soundtrack night - nothing but Johnny Cash music. LOL.

Gotta hear Ring of Fire, don't you think? That thing's a classic!

And it burns, burns, burns,
The Ring of Fire,
The Ring of Fire

LOL - that was the Coke Classic going down my throat!!

destiny said...

Like your avatar PG, very appropriate.