Monday, February 28, 2011

Shining Bright

Jake might now have walked the red carpet but he wow'd them last night wherever he went. Looking devastating handsome, the G-man cleans up good and works the hell of a tuxedo. But it wasn't just what he was wearing, but the whole package. He looks confident, relaxed and a wee bit mischievous last night. It's the Jake we all love. Clearly he was having a good time and it showed.

What you didn't get to see:

5 p.m.: With 30 minutes to showtime, Gwyneth Paltrow crosses paths with Jake Gyllenhaal. "Hey, I'm sitting right behind you," he tells her. "Oh good, I'll throw up on you then," says Paltrow, who will perform the nominated song from "Country Strong."


5:07 p.m.: There's major mingling inside the theater now. On one side, Colin Firth kisses Amy Adams on the cheek. In the center, Hugh Jackman is shown to his front-row seat before bouncing away. On the other side, Jake Gyllenhaal greets Marisa Tomei and Hilary Swank. "We're sitting next to each other," Swank excitedly tell Gyllenhaal.

Washington Examiner

Soon it is time for Jake to do what he came for and looks like the shorts didn't come up short during the telecast, it was one of the high points of the show.

E! had nothing to but good things to say about when Jake and Amy and the dude who picked up the statue with them.

Jake & Amy: The charming duo introduced the short subjects with the kind of humor and wit you'd expect for a long-form award.

Luke Matheny: Never heard of him? You will, as the Live Action Short Subject winner charmed the fancy pants off the audience.

Best Star-Making Performance: Luke Matheny's vibrant, funny speech for Live Action Short Film was not only a jolt of energy for the show, but it made us want to watch whatever he does next. And really if you're going to be charming, it's probably not a bad idea to do it in a roomful of film executives.

Speaking of Best Performances by a twitter

Mr. Nichols. For his own brand of humor that was beating out the show's writers.

I was just thrown off the red carpet by security. They are putting Geoffrey Rush in my seat.

I'm going around back to see if I can sneak in. Just saw Banksy tagging a wall. Stay tuned..
OK I GOT IN!!! I yelled, "Natalie's water broke!". Everybody looked left, I went right and slipped in the door. Now I have to find a seat.

Its true. I had to put on a waiter's uniform. I am walking around passing out rolls. Waiting for Mark Walberg to go pee so I can sit down.

Just bumped into McConaughey backstage. He slipped me a flask and said, "Austin, take a pull baby." No lie.

And then I passed the flask to Coleen Atwood. Oops!!

And no Fop for him it was Dapper Dan all the way .

Where exactly was Mr. Nichols? Know he wasn't watching with his co-star, who tweeted she was watching with two girl friends. He even had OTH fans asking her how come he got to go to the Oscars and she stayed in NC.

Hey he's been to all the parties before - and Jake with no date? Austin would never let that happen. And who better to help with those pre-presenting jitters than your hot hubs telling you how handsome you look and how you're going to kill it on stage. Not to mention a kiss for good luck.

Then again, the biggest thing he might have done to help, was to keep the not so tall ones off Papa's made to measure Ferragamo tux before he left for the show.

And what festivities without some fun, fun with pictures that is.Jakey, you don't say. This reminds you of your dress from SNL?
And yes you looked better in yours than Jimmy Franco in that pink thing.

So do you use a two in one shampoo and conditioner to get
that manageable curl or do you use curl gel?
I'm not asking for myself but for someone else who's curl is coming back .

So if we look serious you think they'll buy it?

I've got cheerios and a juice box in my pocket
if you need a snack now that it's over.

Don't tell Busy, but I am going grab those earrings.

Those blue butterflies are too much Busy.
Hmmm wonder if I could get it in a ring.

Even the lights flicker when he arrives.

Promise we can do a duo of Candy Shop if they have Karaoke?

You do have to wonder who Jake is introducing 50 to.

Mary you have the best legs in Hollywood.
Well Jake now that I'm retiring from ET, I'm passing that title on to you.

No Oscar yet for Jake but that's not to say he didn't get something golden when he got home.


prairiegirl said...

Wow, I didn't recognize Mary Hart at all.

Nice post, Special - well done.

Will have to say it again that Jake looked great and he looked pretty bubbly/enthusiastic to be there.

That guy with the wild hair - he was funny the way he was so animated and all over the place. Who would have known that was going to be the bright spot in such a dull Oscars?

prairiegirl said...

Man, after reading all of the spaghetti noodles that Charlie Sheen squirted out this morning on the morning shows, Jake & Austin ought to feel like their issues are the joint size of a roly poly.

Unbelievable. If I was CBS and that Chuck Lorre, I wouldn't even dignify any of his nonsense with one miniscule word.

Charlie Sheen is about to make himself the laughing stock of night time monologues, SNL and blog message boards everywhere.

Not only that, but I would go so far as to say his career might be toast because he has just made himself out to be a humongous insurance risk. Who would hire him after he rakes his employer up & down and his self-serving, self-absorbed attitude?

Tough Words said...

DVD review said...
"Love and Other Drugs" crumbles as a film because of an underwhelming lead performance by Jake Gyllenhaal and a poorly written script.

Gyllenhaal plays Jamie Randall, a Pfizer pharmaceutical representative. Jamie is able to charm everyone and sleep with anyone he wants. Really, Jamie is not much different than the Tom Cruise character in "Rain Man," a slick salesman who develops a soul. But Gyllenhaal can't match the charisma of a young Tom Cruise, and the character falls flat. It's not believable that he could woo women into his bed or doctors to switch to the prescriptions he's hawking. Tom Cruise or George Clooney could have killed this part, instead Gyllenhaal kills the movie.

Hathaway can often come off as whiny and annoying, but her performance is the highlight of the film, and some of her best work.

Eventually Jamie becomes the rep for Viagra (the film is set in 1996 when the drug begins to hit the market) and we are treated to unfunny jokes from 15-years ago. Writer/director Edward Zwick also seems bent on critiquing the drug industry, but he doesn't have anything fresh or interesting to say about it. While the film is not unwatchable, "Love and Other Drugs" isn't funny and Gyllenhaal isn't talented enough to make us care about the drama.

Seaweed said...

Jake looked "White HOT" last night and it will be interesting to see what pictures and stories surface over the next while.

I have to admit being very smitten with Anne and Mr. Franco last night, but have been hearing some negative feedback on their efforts which kind of surpises me. Michelle and Busy both looked amazing. Special, you did a wonderful job on today's post!

Enjoyed Austin's rambling tweets also, so what's not to like. Still feel twinges of sadness thinking of how Brokeback was denied the "biggie" just a few short years ago.... *sigh*

destiny said...

I've seen lots of negative press for Franco too, I didn't mind him, so not sure why all the fuss about his not being enough into the whole thing.

LAOD had a lot of problems, but Jake was not one of them. He was great in it.

destiny said...

I saw an article about Sheen talking about how he has a long history of mistreating women, and how that didn't bother the powers that be, that it was only when they attacked the creator of the show, who himself has a lot of hits under his belt, that CBS cared.

It is mind-boggling that it is okay to mistreat women, and be abusive in general, but that being gay is a big no-no.

It is seriously fucked up.

Special K said...

Jake looked incredible last night. I think he has a shot at one of the best dress men of the evening on a lot of the Oscar fashion lists. You think there's not much you can do when you have to wear a tux, but Jake knows the number one thing to knock it out of the park, impeccable tailoring and that smile does hurt either.

There are tons of great photos of Jake from last night over at IHJ.
Check them out if you get the chance.

Special K said...

Gawker asks the question.

Was James Franco Stoned When He Hosted the Oscars?

Jersey Tom said...

Jake looked great last night. I agree with SK Jake sure can do something for a Tux that outshines most other men. I thought Anne and James were good. Not sure why most have been critical of the job they did.

I sure am curious about the way Austin stopped tweeting at a certain point last night. Seemed like he had somewhere to go. I have put PG on the case. Lets see if she can solve the mystery. After Leadville we all know what she is capable of:-)

I was pretty harsh when I said that I had given up on Jake and Austin ever coming out. It is hard for me to be a fan of either guys career when I believe it is the only reason neither will come out.

The promo campaign sure has begun for Sorce Code. I have seen several TV ads the last week. It looks very interesting. I hope it does well.

eonline said...

Jake Gyllenhaal & 50 Cent
And thus, a new hip-hop posse is formed.

Perez said...

Swiftenhaal's Awkward Oscar Run-In!

Uh-oh! This couldn't have been comfortable!

Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly looked as though he was in the dog house last night at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, when sources spotted him deep in conversation with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift outside of the bathrooms, having unexpectedly run in to her at the event!

The insider reveals:

"They were outside near the restroom having a discussion. It seemed a bit more serious – it certainly wasn't a 'Hi, how are you?' talk. It seemed like they were catching up, sorting something out."

Eek! So much for that amicable break up!

Sounds as though gurlfriend wanted some answers, and wasn't taking no for answer!

More power to her! Hopefully they resolved whatever the problem was though, and can move on!


prairiegirl said...

Uh, thoughts.

Okay, I think I'm back on the DWTS bandwagon. What a lineup!

Ralph Macchio (I always thought he was cute), Kendra Wilkinson, Kirstie Alley and Sugar Ray Leonard. Should be great!

Tom, I will do some sleuthing.

tweet said...

jake gyllenhaal has nice moobs. half a minute ago via web

PEOPLE said...

When exes Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal bumped into each other at one of the Oscars's most exclusive afterparties, it didn't look like they were engaging in idle party chatter.

"They were outside near the restroom having a discussion," a guest at the Vanity Fair bash tells PEOPLE. "It seemed a bit more serious – it certainly wasn't a 'Hi, how are you?' talk."

The musician, 21, and the actor, 30, started dating last fall but broke up in December.

On Sunday night, Gyllenhaal and Swift were back together for a short visit at the party, and while there was no overt affection between the two. "It seemed like they were catching up," says the source, "sorting something out."

Soon after their chat, Gyllenhaal headed out while Swift stayed and partied with two girlfriends. "They completely kept to themselves," says the guest. "She couldn't be bothered by anyone."

the real m said...

ONTD posted info about Swift and Jake running into each other and the few comments I read were ripping him a new one. Actually the post itself was titled using Toothy and Squints in the headline.

I saw a few clips of some of the Oscars and must admit James looked flat to me. He can be quite charming when he smiles but he wasn't his usual self.

Party photos will surface over the next few days. J & A are smart enough to keep apart with cameras everywhere, so look for the telltale ears in the crowd. They may take a month or more to surface, but surface they will.

Anonymous said...
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