Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Drop in the Bucket

Jake's Summer Job Bucket List

Line Cook


Hand model

Bowling shoe attendant

Kale Farmer


 Intern at Martha Stewart

Playground tester

Guy on the back of the recycling truck

Instagram Photographer

Glow in the dark Yo-Yo salesman in the subway


prairiegirl said...

Ha! That's a great and ironic post title, Special, considering the latest headline for the Biebs and his latest little out-of-the-playpen headline seeking incident.

Or perhaps it's appropriate, take your choice, lol.

Harry Nilsson said...

"The only real friend he had was his dog, Arrow."

Lainey said...

Jake Gyllenhaal walks Alyssa Miller's dog

Jakey walks her dog
July 11, 2013 Posted at 4:03 PM
Posted by Lainey

Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed walking his dog yesterday. That’s what the photo agency is saying. But that dog looks a lot like Charlie, Alyssa Miller’s dog. Alyssa Miller is the Sports Illustrated model he’s dating – click here for a refresher. Click here to see shots of Alyssa with Charlie. So he’s walking his girlfriend’s dog. They’ve been loving each other all over NYC this summer, most recently out on their bikes, kissing and hugging. Seems like a proper relationship now. And Jakey, like Leonardo DiCaprio, is now having to manage his privacy while romancing in the era of the social network.

Alyssa celebrated her 24th birthday on July 4th. Yesterday she posted a photo of what appear to be birthday gifts, beautifully wrapped, on Instagram with the caption “spoiled”: (photo)

That’s a nice looking hand. A man’s hand. With a pinky ring. You know who’s been known to wear a (ugh) pinky ring? Jake Gyllenhaal.


SuckAPuck said...

People announced George Clooney's split this week, so I foresee pictures of Jake and Alyssa on next week's cover. I bet she wil be wearing his baseball cap (please, Jake's people, please get her to wear his baseball cap on the pictures, please please please).

Alyssa is taking her job very seriously. I like that she twitted not one but two pictures of her dog so that we could make the connection. But I hated the picture with the gift boxes -a bit tacky for my taste (how funny would it be if the boxes were empty). I have to say that I love their Instagram photoshoots. I like to imagine them planning Jake's strategic poses and Alyssa's weird angles... and then laughing histerically every time somebody hearts the picture. Maybe it is because I am in a funny mood today or because I feel that I am in on the joke, but I am finding the whole thing hilarious. It's like a big secret that eveybody knows yet we are happy to play dumb because it's funny to see an A-Lister make such an effort. He is such a weird person... even Barack Obama has a Twitter but no, Jake Gyllenhaal won't lower himself to that level except through grainy pictures via his beard's account.

I too am curious about Atticus and Boo Radley, though I am sure they are being well looked after by Jake's husband in the magical apartment (apartment 9 3/4?)

Maggie posted a picture of Heathrow immigration, so she is in London as we speak. How convenient that Jake is due to go there soon, too. And how lucky is Alyssa? she can stay in NYC with her real boyfriend and on top of that she gets a nice holiday in Europe every once in a while. I cannot wait for the artsy pictures of 3/4 of the Eiffel tower on her Instagram.

Adam Levine is nasty. He didn't stop at denying he is gay, but also "outed" his brother in the process. Now that is a lucky thing to have, an brother who is unknown to the public and happy to "beard" for you. Adam Levine spotted at gay club! No, that's my brother, he's gay and you are being mean! Adam Levine seen fondling man! Again, that's my brother, we look like twins! And so on.

Kismet said...

I thought the pinky ring instagram was bad. The setup pap shots of Jake just standing and sitting on a concrete sidewalk with her dog are so much worse. Embarrassing. Pathetic.

Though the pap shots were clearly the pawn his team needed to get chatter of this relationship onto the gossip pages in a week where Clooney has a breakup, Halle has a wedding and we're awaiting a royal spawn. There was just enough (unsubtle) social media sharing from the escape on MV to be able to litter the comment thread on JJ with "that's Alyssa's dog!" comments.

And here we are. Bearding, full-on, once again.

I understood the bearding motivation with LaOD. The whole movie was about hetero sex. It was a chick flick and Jake's 'relationship' with Taylor no doubt brought in a younger audience to Jake fandom at taht time.

I don't understand the need to do this for Prisoners, unless, as some have suggested, it will serve to thwart gay speculation with Jake and Hugh Jackman during the promo tour, when they will of course be side by side a lot. Or maybe it is Disney.

awwwww said...

Janna Laverdi√®re ‏@ohnoitsjanna 1m

Just watched jake gyllenhaal and his sports illustrated gf walking in Tribeca.. tehehehe. Can't get passed me with that Boston cap!

Know your paps said...

FYI, the pap that took the new photo set of Jake is Elder Ordonez with INF, the pap that the Gyllenhaals regularly work with including family pics, the Yom Kippur day, the first pics of Gloria etc.,,20363110_20364200_20773792,00.html

etc etc etc

Special K said...

Great catch "know your paps"!

destiny said...

I find this whole thing pretty funny and pathetic too. They think they're being so clever playing it low key and rolling it out like this. I predict we won't see any tabloid spreads for the oh so private Jake.

I'm sure Jake doesn't have twitter because he doesn't want all the heat from people asking him questions that PR would find inappropriate, like "are you gay".

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

That's a sharp eye, know your paps. Very interesting.

And it lets you know how small the G-Haal circle can be. A trusted pap.

And look at a few of those photo ops he was involved with. Pretty telling.

Boy, where do these evenings go, anyway? Look at that. It's time to start winding down.

: (

But.........tomorrow is........FRIDAYYYYY!!!! TGIF and all that! Man, I love Fridays.

prairiegirl said...

Bwah!!! **heavy sigh**

Welllll, I had to fix my comment because somebodyyyyy was pronouncing it as Ghaal, as though it were "Gaul", i.e. Dying Gaul.

No, no, no, no!!! It's G-Haal. As in U-Haul.


prairiegirl said...

I cannot be bothered with the 'yllen' anymore. lol

Hence, the Merriam Webster's pronunciation tool.

(personal pronoun: G-Haal pronounced as 'haul') verb to G-Haalenize - to be G-Haal'd
adj. G-Haal'y - to be in the state of G-Haal-ing)

Digging himself in deeper said...

LOL! That's funny. Jake in transitive verb form. Given this laughable "bearding" hoax, I'm sure G-haaling has something to do with compost or maybe manure shoveling. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

Really disturbing story today regarding Apple and their collusion on e-book pricing. I didn't care for that at all. If I didn't love my IPad so much.....grrr.

And if you ever want some good laughs, just look at tweets whenever WalMart is trending. Wal Mart is trending right now and there are always some really good ones on there.