Monday, July 1, 2013

Successful Start and Surfs

 Congratulations to Austin on the terrific premiere of Ray Donovan.

It looks to be a hit and Austin has made a great group of friends with the rest of the cast and found someone to catch a set.

 And it wasn't just Austin tweeting last night during the show, surf buddy and lead Liev was too.  Liev tweeted that it was no contest  that Austin is the better surfer of the two when asked.

And Austin answered a tweet about what he and Liev get up to on set with "We work hard. But mostly just try to figure out when the next swell is coming."  Austin did say that he will be back in episodes 2 and 9.

Austin also asked the twitterverse if anyone could name some of his previous co-stars and what was the first response?  Jake and TDAT, 

After all these years, it's like there's some long term connection there, isn't there. ; )

A few pictures of their days filming Canada

Which is appropriate for Canada Day.

To all our friends from the Great White North

Happy Canada Day!


prairiegirl said...

"How can u tell how old the newpaper is? U must have super eyes. Which would be cool to have."

He had the paper folded enough so that you could see part of the headline of the article. Never underestimate the wily ways of those who have learned to always be suspicious of Mr GHaal, lol. And Google is an OMGer's best friend.

Like I said, isn't it interesting that IHJ is dating those Knaan pictures the 29th but that article is from a NY Times of the normally doesn't carry around a day old newspaper and the one that Jake is flapping around looks to be in pretty mint condition, just sayin.

BWAH! It reminds me of that time he was carrying the bouquet of flowers in November or Dec 2009 and he was clutching those flowers with a death grip, lol. Kind of cracked me up.

Great news btw, Jess, on your advancement. Best of luck to you!!

prairiegirl said...

The pictures also made me wonder what has happened to Mr Hottie of Tony's 2013? Looks like Jake had to give old friend Knanan a call.

Whatever happened with Mr Hottie, the man of the hour whom the entire Twitter and FB world was calling Jake's latest boyfriend?

See how that whole little roundup played out? Now that the dust has settled a bit and some of us have shared thoughts, it's interesting to look back on that night and try to see what Jake and his people were up to. Because that was all about something.

And that thing has kind of blown up in WME and Jake's faces. Because if Jake was going to be that out in the open with his boyfriend, I.e. taking a mini step out (lol yeah right), he never would have started this Alyssa charade.

And the Alyssa charade started within days of the Tony's, shoving him back into the closet. See what I'm saying? Like Tom said, somebody didn't like that whole Tony's dog and pony show because that was a pretty abrupt about face.

So now you have Mr Hugh Jackman going on record once again on how he's not gay, stop thinking he's gay, and he and his wife are just all about each other.,12919376,1

Sorry for the Fisher Price link but I'm running short on time. Mr Jackman seems awfully paranoid, doesn't he? And what if Mr Jackman had somehow gotten wind of his co-star's stunt from the Tony's and with Prisoner's coming out soon and promo beginning, er.......that may have not gone over very well.

Just speculating.

prairiegirl said...

That whole Tony's dog and pony show was for Jaustin'ers, people.

That's who that was for. They want to shake us off so bad, it hurts. That's how desperate they are getting.

But this time, it backfired big time.

Ok, I'm off! Gotta go.

just saying said...

That whole Tony's dog and pony show was for Jaustin'ers, people.

Maybe it was for all the Cavaals (Henry & Jake) on Datalounge?

Chris' farm said...

Maybe Mr. Hottie at the Tonys wasn't a date but just a friend going along as a joke for shit and giggles Jake knows the assclowns on fn and Twitter would go in a tizzy lol! Speaking of twiiter Jake is in MV. I like that Jake is friends eith Ka'Kaan cool singer.

prairiegirl said...

LOL, yeah right. There is no 'there' with that, you're wasting your time.

Oh no, this time there is no denying what was being done that night. They screwed up. Big time.

prairiegirl said...

Bwah!, here come the 'reasons'. lol. You can count on it.

A 'joke'. No, you don't play a joke like that at the Tony's for grins.

Ok, gotta get going again.

Alyssa s beautiful body said...

Lol! Everything is a joke and its all on you. Maggie , Mom, Alyssa, Chris all active on Twitter, hmmmm. And Mr. Hottie from WME an assistant by profession , wonder what Jake and his team are really up to.

Seaweed said...

Thanks for the Canadian Shout-out for yesterday's festivities up here Special!

We've had a wet and dreary weekend save for the holiday and celebrations yesterday. Canadians aren't usually ones to wave the flag, but July 1st is always the exception.

Looking forward to celebrating with our U.S. visitors and relatives on Thursday for the 4th of July.

destiny said...

Wow Tom, that was fast. So jealous that you're taking the leisure route and getting out of Dodge.

I always thought IHJ just used the date they were posting or were given access to the pictures, and not the date they were taken.

prairiegirl said...

Well, on the post, you have two dates. You have "June 30" under each picture heading. In the headline itself of the post, you have "Home > Paparazzi Photos > 2013 > June 29 - Out & About In The West Village, NYC"

So it looks to me like they're pretty certain in saying the Out and About took place on June 29 - on this particular set of pictures anyway.

prairiegirl said...

My point is made; it's not a critical issue as far as something significant happening. But when you falsify on the little things in life? That's a big indication that there are even bigger ones going on.

Big thanks go out to 19:19 for being unable to keep their silence any longer and disclose that they are someone who knew something that no one else seemed to know. You figure eventually somebody's going to be unable to resist and yup, they couldn't help themselves.

Thanks for that bit of information!! ; )

Gosh, I just love laying down the bait sometimes, whether it's intentional or unintentional.

the real m said...

Undone crosswords, friends at major hard to get ticket events. Here we go with the ready excuses, any excuses. Typical sky is green, not blue reaction to any hint that he is gay.

Beastly hot out west. I have relatives coming to visit in a few days so we will drive to somewhere cooler for sightseeing.

destiny said...

I didn't realize IHJ posted multiple dates, I have to admit I never really looked at the dates and descriptions, and just rely on posts here for that information. So it looks like they're been spoon fed dates then.