Tuesday, July 16, 2013

T Cubed

What's Austin been up to?

Hopping in bed

Getting wet


Telling people what to do.

But as the caption  says

"swear this is not a porno"

Say hello to indie film making

and Austin's trifecta - Writing, Directing and Acting

 And he's not doing it alone, his got a producer Houston Hill and a crew that is making it happen.

Working on Props

On location today at Pennybacker Bridge

It sounds like everyone is having a great time working on this project.  Now Austy how about letting is in on the name of it.


the real m said...

Hey Tom, congrats on the move to FL. But I sure hope you will still be able to join us for any Jake events, if there are any, in the future.

I had to turn the TV off to read all the comments. Excellent analysis. Odd that the Jake is straight roll out coincides with Henry Cavill's failed effort and Hugh Jackman's I'm not gay campaign. A lead up to the Prisoners marketing campaign I think. But as usual lies cant be sustained and photoshop errors surface. Discrepencies are noticed and noone gets fooled, ultimately. Its a whole new world with most of us on the internet for hours and so many familiar with the basics of photoshop.

Now that I work from home, I get to lounge around in yoga attire most of the time, but I got all dressed up today thinking I had a hair appointment later. Just as I was about to walk out the door, I double checked the appointment card and realized its next week, not today. At least I did not drive all the way over there before I discovered my error. What a ninny.

Do we know if Austin's directorial effort is for TV, movies or what? Maybe he is making a film and will try to sell it later.

prairiegirl said...

Looks like there was some midnight oil working last night. **wink**

Not meaning you though, m!
: )

destiny said...

Jake has no problem having fans snap his photos now that he's campaigning with his beard. So yes, things have changed. He's all for those fan photos when he's working the relationship charade, but not when he's actually working on movies or a play, or when he's just going about his life in NY.

Special K said...

Gay marriage is now legal in Great Britain after Queen Elizabeth II gave it royal approval.

Congratulations UK!!

Special K said...


You could be Flo-Toma like hip hop artist Flo-Rida. LOL!

Cute said...

You could be Flo-Toma like hip hop artist Flo-Rida.

LOL! I love it. Best wishes, Tom!

Methodical Muser said...

That's wonderful news about the last hurdle to legalize UK same-sex marriages. News reports indicate that the first weddings can begin to occur next Summer.

The law also...enables gay couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies in England and Wales, although the Church of England is barred from conducting same-sex unions. It also will allow couples who had previously entered into civil partnerships — which carry similar rights and responsibilities to marriage — to convert their relationships to marriage.

destiny said...

Great news about the UK.

IMG Models said...

Another reason for the overkill RE the relationship rollout this weekend?

IMG Models ‏@IMGModels
We are so pleased to announce that we now represent Alyssa Miller @luvalyssamiller world wide! pic.twitter.com/D5uoXWOj9w

destiny said...

Modeling has become a tougher business to break through and become known, you don't get all those supermodels anymore, not like in the 80s. I remember reading an article about that awhile back. So yeah, I think they've seen other models get better work because of their relationship with celebrities.

pic with the beard yesterday said...

Erin Lasser ‏@hakunamatitties

Stalking my prey #bby #jakegyllenhaal #yesterday #froyo #idied http://instagram.com/p/b4cYlRAJCw/

dinner with beard yesterday said...

Kyke Navarro ‏@KykeNavarro 6h
Night to remember.Dinner next to Jake Gylenhaal &Alyssa Miller then partying at the Darby with Justin Bieber .I guess thats why NYC is NYC!!

20 hours ago · Balthazar Restaurant
Saw Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC tonight! I wish I could have gotten a better picture but he had security everywhere �� #NoBigDeal #NewYorkCity #Balthazar #JakeGyllenhaal

prairiegirl said...

Oh my dog. They really are trying to pass 2 out of those 3 photos along as legit? Seriously?

This isn't even funny because I'm embarrassed as hell for them. Come on, PR, for Pete's sake, get your couple out there for a decent picture. You know, one where Jake's face is at least somewhat clear.

Until then, please. Don't bother.

2 out of 3 of those photos are an absolute joke.

prairiegirl said...

Ha! And one that first one hash tagged #yesterday.

I'm sitting back. Let them just knock themselves out silly.

What a poor exhibition we've seen thus far. Missing arms, clean eggs in the hen nest, missing right leg, arms coming out of vending machines, backs of heads, bragging of uncontrollable passion yet not one single shred of evidence captured on film despite all the witnesses, ball caps obscuring faces, spot clear Instagrams of all the food you could ever eat and now unsteady cameras despite the subjects being right up close at a checkout stand.

Even Reese and Taylor did a better job than this.

Kismet said...

My opinion is that most of these instagrams are real. They look real to me, anyway. At least, All of my iPhone photos are that blurry, LOL.

IMO Jake and Alyssa's body language looks like two people who are friends. So far, they haven't stepped it up for the prying phone cameras.

I think this bearding relationship is in full swing right now and Jake is putting in a real effort to be out and about with her in highly-public places where they'll be and tweeted and instagrammed and noticed. The places they're going are quite telling. Barnes and Noble by NYU. 16 Handles. Balthazar which is not intimate and where tourists go hoping to see celebrities.

I also doubt Jake would be with Austin right now while Austin is directing his indie movie.

The pap photo that was clearly chopped up was likely a botched attempt to create a photo where Jake and Alyssa looked to be having an intimate moment, but her arm would have to be the size of a toothpick and have an extra elbow joint to be tucked under Jake's arm enough to be out of site.

Kismet said...

I had to give the side-eye to Alyssa's instagram from the doctor's office. First, ewe. Over-share. But even worse, what little signal is she trying to put out there? Trying to start rumors already that she could be pregnant? Or maybe to give peeps the impression that she has a case of the honeymoon cystitis?


It can be whatever you want it to be said...

Did she say what sort of doctor it was? How about allergist? Or dermatologist? Or orthopedist?

prairiegirl said...

I also doubt Jake would be with Austin right now while Austin is directing his indie movie.

I'm not necessarily saying he is physically where Austin is right now - not at the moment. In fact, I think Jake very well is somewhere else with the kids and Austin will join when he is finished working. That's my theory.

I'll have to disagree with regard to the pics, Kismet. These photos, along with the two Washington Sq. park bench ones are all kinds of off looking. 5 photos and only 1 is halfway decent. That's a pretty bad average.

I am not convinced whatsoever. But maybe they'll go out again tomorrow for another world tour and we'll get something clearer and without doubt.

There's no doubt they're in full swing. What I'm doing is chastising his people for their totally poor execution and presentation.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

WOW - are you guys seeing the news that the word is Jake might not be doing Into the Woods.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, Twitter is all kinds of activity with him.

The word is he has exited Into the Woods and is doing Nightcrawler because they are conflicting.

The other news is that he is in talks to do Everest, based on a true story of Mt Everest climbers.

Talk about stunning news.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Guess it's official. Okay so maybe Jake isn't with the kids right (or hasn't been) because maybe that sighting in the UK was about the ties being severed between him and Into The Woods, however that went down.

destiny said...

Wow, I was really looking forward to that. You'd think Jake would really want to do a musical, I haven't heard about the other two projects at all, so wasn't he already signed up for Into The Woods first?

NYC is wall to wall tourists this time of year, especially in the Village. I think those photos are the real deal, just people trying to sneak in photos. I agree with Kismet, all you have to do is send them out to a place where they're most likely to get photographed, like Washington Square where a lot of students and young people hang out. Balthazar is indeed the kind of place that attracts celebs, but isn't so hard to get into that you don't get a lot of tourists too. Usually celebs go there for weekday morning breakfast.

prairiegirl said...

The beard is already taking her liberties posting that doctor's office photo.

She doesn't say anything about feeling under the weather, all of a sudden she is taking a picture of herself in the mirror, obviously sitting atop the exam table.

And of course, one of her comments says "Ob/Gyn?"

A real classless move, with her knowing about Jake's family situation.

So typical of a beard to start taking advantage.

Jersey Tom said...

That is totally weird that a woman would take a picture of herself at any doctors office alone at a ob/gyn doctor. Totally weird. Maybe Jakey is going to finally start his family even if it belongs to her real bf. Would someone take this that far.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

The beard didn't say it was the ob/gyn. It was one of the comments on the Instagram that said, "Ob/Gyn?"

But the insinuation is there. She knew what she was doing. Trust me.

The body doesn't lie said...

IMO Jake and Alyssa's body language looks like two people who are friends.

Jake looks all kinds of awkward in these photos over the past few weeks. Nothing like with Kirsten Dunst or even with Reese where you could tell he knew them and felt comfortable smiling and even conversing back and forth. I bet Jake hardly even knows this chick. Which would make sense since she was practically dropped from the sky in mid-June.

Jersey Tom said...

Still very weird that a person would take a selfie at a Drs office. Sick if they did that purposely to start those baby rumors. Sick shit if true.

prairiegirl said...

I agree, Tom. What do you think about this dropping out of Into The Woods news?

Jersey Tom said...

Really surprised. Def thought that was behind this recent shit. Maybe a musical was too Gay for him

prairiegirl said...

As this thing unfolded this afternoon/evening, it just looks so unbelievable. It makes absolutely no sense that he would turn down this role in what seems to be a sure-bet film, to do Nightcrawler instead.

And now in the just released post on Just Jaraed, it suddenly says Jake was to be Rapunzel's prince. What happened to him being Cinderella's prince?

What is Going On, Really?