Monday, July 15, 2013

Make out Map

To: Jake

From: Management

Re: PDA plan

As previously determined PDA will be engaged at the Barnes & Noble (you both will receive a 20% friends and family discount on anything purchased)  Location is key. While maximizing visibility, the right location is crucial. Remember: Location, Location, Location

Women's Studies is not kind of women studies we want you making out by, we want more like the variety of magazines with women on the front that men say they are buying for the articles.

It is risky can alienate women, men and even your date.

No PDA near SI competitors that includes FHM, and Maxim.  Good for selling the faux, but risky if the model on the front is a competitor/prettier/skinnier/blonder/etc than your date.

Avoid the self help section, gender studies, and how-to books - Rife for snark.

Think again about the romance section because while it might fit well, it can make it look like a giant pink anvil hitting people over the head.  The mystery section should be avoided because of the potential subliminal suggestion about you hiding something.

Classical literature is a good choice, but no Doctor Faustus.

 Military history and Automobile sections are more acceptable areas for public displays of affection.   Spirituality - ok, making out near religious texts - no.  Health and Fitness - good, Home Decorating - no. Cooking and baking are a push.

General interest magazines, new releases, and best sellers best bets with high foot traffic and visibility.

Sections completely off limits are:
LGBT literature
Children's section
Family planning
and the book, DVD, or CD of Free to Be You and Me.

Instore Starbucks doesn't count. - You're not even trying to put any effort into it. 

Please text the office when you arrive and then text again when you begin your PDA so our "shoppers" will be alerted to look and tweet.

Jakey you could just avoid all of this and go to Borders (with a tall Texan).   Then you could make out anywhere you want, no one would mind. 

 Not one bit.


Best sellers said...

Love this! Hilarious. This beats maple lattes.

Page Six said...

Body by Jake
Posted: 12:17 AM, July 16, 2013
Jake Gyllenhaal and his new girlfriend, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Alyssa Miller, are going strong. On Friday, the genetically gifted pair was spotted breaking a sweat together at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca. “They looked like they were having fun,” says a spy. On Sunday, the couple was seen holding hands on their way to brunch at Hudson Clearwater with Gyllenhaal’s mom, Naomi Foner, and Miller’s dog, a Boston terrier named Charlie.

Page Six

Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend sweat it out at Barry's Boot Camp
The couple that sweats together stays together!
Jake Gyllenhaal and rumored new girlfriend Alyssa Miller recently took a class together at the famously hard-core Barry's Boot Camp TriBeCa, which she frequents.
According to a spy, Gylenhaal really "hit it hard."
"They left dripping in sweat," said the witness of the 32-year-old actor and the 24-year-old model.
Gyllenhaal reportedly met his previous gal pal, sexy Sports Illustrated model Emily DiDonato, at SoulCycle's Union Square location, where he is a regular.


PR said...

the beard posted a pic of their Sunday morning breakfast at home together:

From Gossipcenter:
"...Sharing a photo of her beloved pooch that day, the 24-year-old brunette beauty tweeted, "Brunch Time."
However, it seems Ms. Miller had to endure her new beau chowing down on tasty treats while she opted for fruit and granola. Posting a pic of leftover pizza and bacon frying in a pan along with her bowl of healthy food, Alyssa wrote, "Guess which one I'm eating this morning?"..."


The instagram pic: luvalyssamiller

the real m said...

Terrific post. Very clever. And theres that lovely smile reserved for Austin.

I like d listeds "beard of the moment" tag. Poor Jakey is not fooling anyone, as usual. Except the very young and naive.

the real m said...

Holy crap. I did not bother to look at all the photos until someone here mentioned the missing arm, then went to JJ to check it out. Were they all photoshopped like the thanksgiving photos? That is the wierdest thing I've ever seen. Takes his shopped photos to a new level. A missing shoe is one thing but a whole arm is quite a rookie error.

PR for dummies said...

I think what makes it so obvious this relationship is publicity oriented is how fast it was established and how public it is from the very beginning, with every single detail of their relationship out there available online. I mean, it’s been only a month since they were first seen together. Friday June 14 was the day when she appeared out of nowhere (on a twitter pic of them walking taken from behind) and then the following days two more sets of them together were released (Fat Radish on facebook and vine video at Prune with Naomi there too) and only a day later it was all over the news that they were a hot couple with her identified by name and the confirmation it was real. From then on, we have daily sightings of them together, several pics, her twitter-instagram explicitly sharing details of their lives together in-sync with the news, Hamptoms, Martha’s Vineyard and many news article (mostly Page Six and the likes) informing us of everything (PDA, moving, gyms, restaurants,the dog), culminating July 13 with paparazzi pics of them together with Jake’s mom to give ‘credibility’, domesticity and a clear message that they are established as a serious committed couple and not just a fling (it’s what every single gossip site is pointing in their articles with the pics). This is so unlike Jake’s behavior from the past. It’s a new type of bearding. He is not playing the privacy card this time. It’s worth pointing that this new Jake willing to show his “private” life on the beard’s twitter comes at the same time that Maggie and Naomi are active on twitter. It’s obvious the former “privacy obsessed” Gyllenhaals are very happy to share their lives with the public now.
I think that even if you believe this relationship is for real, you have to see the publicity machine behind them. Every single detail of their daily lives together is out there available and explicit.

prairiegirl said...

Did everyone take their antacid last night before they went to bed???? lol
Good for them, I say. They had to do it - it was time. Doesn't mean it was smart. Doesn't mean it was believable. And it doesn't make it true.

And you know what? With time, many unknowns become clearer. Although already this morning, I am more & more convinced that those 2 Washington Sq twitpics were all kinds of manipulated.

Notice how several of the sites are saying the stroll w/ Mama G-Haal took place on Sunday. Even Pop Sugar, the rag with the 'exclusive' release, said it took place on Sunday. No, it didn't.

I don't care if they supposedly did the world tour on Sunday. "NBD", "OMG" and "He's shorter than I thought" are a dime a dozen. Those 2 pictures (and one of them not released until last night no less from her cell phone) are not enough to convince me, sorry! lol

I think Jake was long gone by Sunday.

prairiegirl said...

For those who are going to argue about "all the tweets", I saw them. Someone tell me why Pop Sugar (the originator of the story) says that photo op took place on Sunday when IHJ published those on Sunday early in the day and it's not like they went up as soon as they hit the email or however it is IHJ receives them.

This was a big roll out. It was timed and planned. You don't just decide to do something like this over breakfast quiche and mineral water.

There is so much fakery and manipulation on Twitter with both Jake and Austin, it isn't funny. Robot tweets and fake accounts up the ying yang.

And yes, Austin had a bunch of fake accounts congratulating him on his Sunday evening tweet. I'm not sure what that means when you have to show overwhelming support and congrats by faking it like that, but wow. lol. I know what I'm used to seeing, have been watching for multiple years now. And that was all kinds of false.

I'm still scratching my head on that one. I don't get it.

Celebitchy said...

Jake Gyllenhaal makes his public debut with his new model girlfriend, Alyssa Miller

I don’t think we’ve covered Jake Gyllenhaal’s new relationship at all. Maybe we’ve included it in some links here and there, but whenever I came upon any news of Jake and his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller, I always just rolled my eyes and thought, “Sure, Jake. No one’s buying.” Jake and Alyssa were first rumored to be dating a little more than a month ago. She’s a model. She’s been in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and she’s got some high-profile modeling gigs, but nothing A-list. Maybe Jake can help with that…?

So, after a month, Jake and Alyssa decided to do a genuine “roll-out” for their couple status. These are new photos of Jake, Alyssa and Jake’s mom Naomi Foner out and about in Tribeca yesterday. That’s Alyssa’s dog! You know what’s weird? This “girlfriend roll-out” is SO MUCH better than whatever Henry Cavill was trying to do with Kaley Cuoco. I guess Jake had to learn from experience – he got burned by the whole PR clusterwhoops with Taylor Swift. Remember that? That was like the original Kaley Cuoco-Henry Cavill situation. The roll-out was too fast, and Swifty was much too young and the whole thing was a disaster.

Let’s see… what else? Alyssa is 24 years old. Jake is 32. Not a huge age difference. She’s actually the second model Jake has “dated” so far this year – earlier this year he was seen out and about with Emily DiDonato. Is Jake trying to be like Leonardo? Does Jake only do leggy models now? Are the model-girlfriends expected to make conversation with Jake’s mom? Because that’s how Leo rolls too. And that’s how Bradley Cooper rolls. All of those men have close relationships with their mothers, and all of those men seem to put their moms ahead of any romantic relationship, often to the detriment of their romantic lives. Is Jake part of that club? We should give it a name… The Motherboy Club.


bearding PDA said...

"...Jake, who was affectionately kissing Alyssa's hand from time to time, went to eat at Hudson Clearwater for brunch."

Pic: SocialiteLife

Jersey Tom said...

I think the public is starting to catch to how phony these closet queens are. Becoming much too obvious. Laughable actually. But I guess to those who want to believe it works.

Jersey Tom said...

Well I guess I am going to have to change my blogger ID to FloridaTom. I am now an official resident of Florida. Lot of work over the last few months. I can't believe how much stuff I sold and donated. Threw a lot out also. Still had a lot I brought down stuffed into my car. It was crazy. Now in the process of unloading and getting organized.

Gay Men and Their Mothers: Is There a Special Closeness? said...

All of those men have close relationships with their mothers, and all of those men seem to put their moms ahead of any romantic relationship, often to the detriment of their romantic lives.

See also: Alexander McQueen

Jersey Tom said...

As far as Jake's new me str8 gimmick.. I don't put much time, effort or emotion into such ridiculous gimmicks anymore. Sad for Jake though. I do find it self centered and un caring.

prairiegirl said...

Bwah! Kissing her hand. Is that how they're trying to explain why her left arm disappeared? That's pretty old-fashioned and gallant, don'tcha think? And doing it with their backs to the camera on that one. And yet we have all these tweets, Facebook postings and gossip blog posts that bellow out to us how they cannot maintain control from making out all over the place - on their bikes, in Washington Square and in Barnes & Noble. Yet when it comes to kissing her hand, he has to do it with their backs to the camera? Gee, I thought he & the Goose were brazen enough to have some hanky panky in the back of an SUV in a parking lot. Don't shy out on us now, buddy.

prairiegirl said...

I must say that bearding has come a ways even from 2007-2009 when Reeke was in full swing. Look how this latest business partnership is most likely cashing in on their show:

Good Eggs ‏@GoodEggs 5h
Jake Gyllenhaal wearing his Good Eggs pride @goodeggsnyc
1:31 PM - 15 Jul 13 · Details

^^^ See that? He was wearing a Good Eggs T shirt during the stepping out. Well, what happens afterwards? There are several tweets trumpeting this fact. Cha-Ching! And now we have Bootcamp? Another name-dropping? Cha-Ching.

This is followed by some place called Hudson Clearwater getting mentions in I don't know how many online articles thus far. I'm sorry, but I just don't think this is done as some kind of free bone to NYC's commerce.


prairiegirl said...

And the wagons continue to circle. Peter Sarsgaard has joined twitter.

Suddenly, all at once, they're compelled to share their inner thoughts and opinions via social media.

SuckAPuck said...

According to Photoforensics, the image IS photoshopped. You can go to the Tutorial area of the website for more info, but if you cannot access it, here's my analysis:

- There is a white border around Jake and Alyssa. This is an obvous sign of something which has been cut and pasted onto an existing picture.
- Alyssa's Skirt and handbag have the same ELA value (intensity of whiteness) as the "Socialite Life" logo (the website who owns the copyright to the image). This means that they have both been added on top of the original picture. Also note how Jaek's right ear is super white, they probably cut off the original and played with the new layer.

Though to be honestdo you really need a photo orensics site to tell you this picture is photoshopped? lol

and the tutorial which explains everything

prairiegirl said...

Well, I know that her arm is missing. Not sure why anyone would need to wipe out her arm but it's gone.

Of course, the two pictures I'm talking about are the ones in tweets that someone brought over in Fisher Price links. The ones where they're sitting on the park bench in Washington Square. One was tweeted on Sunday and then the other wasn't tweeted until late yesterday from the tweeter's phone. Jake looks all kinds of bizarre in both pictures.

prairiegirl said...

SuckaPuck, I have assembled a small variety of mentions which I'll post in awhile. I know I don't have all but I had to switch gears and start searching from the last page back in my Sent Box. That was starting at 300+ pages. LOL! So you can understand while I kind of got off track from completing my search. lol

There are some pretty good ones.

Money makes the world go round said...

Excellent observations, SuckAPuck. Thanks for the scientific touch. These fauxmances are one big fat joke and so are the celebs who participate to the degree that Jake has over the years. He is the only actor I know who continues to come off as a complete buffoon.

And, yes, the Cha-Ching gives everyone a vested interested in maintaining this draconian bearding system. The paps, tabloids, celebrity sites, studios, agencies, entertainment shows are all in on it.

Selling your soul is a cheap commodity these days, if you're a closet case and career climber.

having it both ways? said...

There is so much fakery and manipulation on Twitter with both Jake and Austin, it isn't funny.

^^ hummm yeah, Unless there are tweets about Jake being seen with Austin, tweets about Jake or Austin seen (around some child)lol, tweets about a supposed person personally knowing Jake and Austin living together and or being married, tweets about how Jake or Austin's presence around any woman seem or looks fake, etc. etc. etc..
Of course these types of tweets are not fake, right?

See where I'm going?

prairiegirl said...

You are really going to go there, 20:17?

LOL! The big difference is Jake & Austin bend over backwards to make it look like they're not in the same city, all at the command of whichever has been at the helm - CAA or WME.

One of the best examples ever of having gotten caught? When Jake got caught at the Ritz Club Lounge with his daughter on May 31st and all hell broke loose, culminating with that outrageous baggage carousel roundabout field trip to LAX to make it look like he was just arriving in L.A.

You're going to have to talk to the hand on that one.

That's an easy one said...

Why would someone fake a tweet about Austin and Jake being together? Or, Jake being with his "niece". Or, seeing Jake in Austin, Texas or Los Angeles when PR is working overtime to place him in NY. Or Jake having brunch with Liev Schreiber. That's the BIG difference. Jake's people want to squash, scrub and scribble over anything that puts them together. Selling Jake as straight, however, is a cottage industry with lots of hands in the pot facilitating the lie and fabricating lies.

prairiegirl said...

Leadville, anyone?? Bwah!!! Don't even.

Okay, this is for SuckaPuck. Now I'm not posting all that I had found because what's the point. But these are some of the more entertaining. Here's to bitchy or Kodak resistant Jake! lol

taio cruz ‏@spiderbambi 4h
remember last summer when jake gyllenhaal was on my campus and he caught my friends and i taking photos of him secretly and got angry

1:47 PM - 21 May 13 • Details


Nadia Cantin ‏@lavaloise
@Steve_s2001 No... he was waiting in line and it was he didn't seem open to picts... He tried to be there incognito... No a huge success...
6:03 AM - 6 Jul 12 via web


(same person)
Nadia Cantin ‏@lavaloise
@Steve_s2001 Very jaleous... Good for you though! Was he nice? He seemed a bit defensive when I saw him...
6:50 AM - 13 Jul 12 via web


From FB:
Colin JonesVerified account ‏@colinjones 30m
@jimbradysp He scowled at me once in a SoHo sandwich shop.
8:28 PM - 3 Jul 13


Hands ‏@handssounds 5h
"Jake Gyllenhaal needs to lighten up" is still the best thing I've heard all night
5:13 AM - 26 May 13 • Details


From Broadway blog thread:

jake gyllenhaal stage door
Posted: 10/13/12 at 11:15pm

Just got this note from a friend. He saw the show 2 weeks ago but wasn't able to go to stage door after matinee so he went today. This was his experience: Gyllenhall was a ******.. I had a casual pose.. Guy (stage door Nazi) said he would only sign 1. So I kept the casual nothing shot. Jake got to me and said , " did you see the play?" Walked right by me took my marker tho.. Signed only playbills.. Wouldn't take pix. Handed me back my pen. Come on Jake, even Hugh Jackman and Daniel Radcliffe take time for the fans!


prairiegirl said...

Now you can understand someone being upset by being photo'd secretly. I'm not condoning that, lol. But I still found that one interesting.

I understand how being filmed could be irritating. When we had our strike at work, someone was pointing a video camera at me as I walked into the plant from their position across the street at the picket line. I was all kinds of hacked and to this day, I'm afraid that person and I are not speaking to one another. So, like I said - I can understand.

One more. This one was all kinds of intriguing. This occurred in NYC and the young girl's father DM'd her from his phone.

Oh, and sadly this girl's twitter account no longer exists. She tweeted a picture of her dad's DM. Luckily I had written out what it said. I think it was so cute how her dad spelled his name.

kathleen ‏@kathleenperrry
My dad just met Jake Gyllenhaal and made a Taylor swift joke to him oh my god
4:06 PM - 14 Nov 12

hi kathleen!Just met Jake Jill en haul (sp) and he is
a total JERK! After being a snob to these 2 young
tourist girls that were with their family (he said no
to a photo with them or autograph and one of them
had tears). I was so pissed I said is it true you two
are never ever getting back together ? Or is that
the other one? He gave this creepy smile and
pointed at me like ""good one". This is a picture
of the creep in my salad place in my building.

•kathleen ‏@kathleenperrry
Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't have a twitter but if he did I would ask him why he was sassy to my dad at the salad restaurant today #askjake

4:18 PM - 14 Nov 12 • Details

prairiegirl said...

Now there has been all kinds of indications on how private and guarded Jake has become in the last several years and there are tweets and blog comments to support that. During the filming of an Enemy, remember there were several pictures that were posted of Jake and were very quickly taken down. The one of him smoking by the stairs and one of him leaning over an upper railing. They didn't last long on the internet.

During that filming, there was also the grip (I think his name was Terry) who got "moved" to another film set after it was discovered he was yakking too much on Twitter.

And after this kind of stuff, the set locked down. When they moved to filming indoors, there were all kinds of tweets from the student extras that Jake was getting all kinds of hacked over cellphone cameras.

We also have the long blog post from someone who was involved with the If There Is play, who had some real negative reaction to his behavior.

The following aren't negative, but they are indicative of how cocooned/unapproachable Jake has become:

Robert Scott Bean (@ILNY83)
6/11/13, 1:57

When I met Jake Gyllenhaal, he had almost as many security guards as there were fans. lol Madonna doesn't even have that much security.


Greg Dowe
May 23
I cant believe that i saw Jake Gyllenhaal today! Too bad they didnt let me keep the pic i took of him! :( At least i got a "Hey hows it going buddy" from him! So awesome!!!


Ria ‏@RoastedKeyboard
@mermon7 He isn't supposed to be there every day and they don't let students near him!
Hide conversation
27 June 12 11:30am


Ralphie Aversa ‏@ralphieaversa 31m
Lastly, almost literally ran in to Jake Gyllenhaal. He was about to answer my question, but his publicist yanked him away. #TonyAwards

7:07 PM - 9 Jun 13 • Details

New York Mag said...

July 16 2013 at 1:08 PM

To Discuss: Jake Gyllenhaal, Alyssa Miller, and the Gym Date Phase

By Charlotte Cowles

On Friday, Jake Gyllenhaal and his new girlfriend, model Alyssa Miller, went to Barry's Bootcamp together. This was notable for several reasons: Not only was it their first "public" appearance as a couple, but the "gym date" signifies a certain level of seriousness (also known as "phase two" of a relationship, usually characterized by frequent sex and fewer formal dates).

To explain: It's rare for couples in the early phases of a dating to work out together, usually because they don't want to sweat and grunt and wear unflattering clothes in front of the person they're trying to impress. Others just understand that going to the gym with a buddy can be nice, but not a great way to get to know someone (two exceptions: couples who meet each other at the gym, and couples who go on hiking or other cute exercise-related-activity dates).

So, where does the gym date fall on the relationship timeline? It's safe to assume that couples who go to the gym together have already had sex, and have thus crossed the threshold of seeing one another panting, smelly, and unshowered. They might keep a change of clothes at each other's houses. They have spent enough time doing "real date" things (the ones that involve conversation) that they're cool with more mundane, non-talking activities. The gym date is roughly equivalent to shopping for groceries together, and falls somewhere after friend introductions and before family introductions.

Also of note: Unlike SoulCycle, where you can sweat with the dignity and privacy of dim lighting (and where Gyllenhaal used to go with his previous model girlfriend, Emily DiDonato), Barry's Bootcamp is unmercifully well-lit and has two mirrored walls. This isn't just a "hey, wanna come to the gym with me?" date, this is an all-out "watch my ass from multiple angles while I do power squats" date — not for the faint of heart or the weak of gluteus.

Which brings us back to Alyssa and Jake: Just three days after their Barry's Bootcamp outing, he introduced her to his mom, "Page Six" reports. It's love! Or at least the beginning of a well-publicized relationship.

Jake & Alyssa get in shape [NYP/Page Six]

Now it's about the Boxing

seek and ye shall find said...
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destiny said...

LOL, very funny post today Special.

ROMA said...

The young lady seems so generic. And what is with his Mom constantly having to be on the scene? Jake, please, grow up already. Let Mom baby sit her grandkids, not you.

destiny said...

Clusterwhoops and the Motherboy Club? Love it, especially clusterwhoops.

AUS10 said...

I hope everybody in the UK loved Ray Donovan. Let me know what you thought.

7:20 PM - 16 Jul 13

Adam Levine engaged to his ex girlfriend said...


Get lost troll. said...

@Shakes head

prairiegirl said...

Hmmm, must have struck some nerves tonight. lol **shrugs** Not my problem.

Then you spread it as some truth?

You are wrong-o on one point, buster. I am claiming it right here on OMG. You are coming here. I am not going to where you are, spreading the word.

Quit your lying. I will call you out on it every time.

Now you're the one who needs to chill out and go home. Adios.

People are catching on said...

Interesting, that after Jake's big roll out of his SI model and plenty of snarky comments about Leo and Levine on the Internet yesterday, as well as his close "gay" association with Jake, it's funny that Levine's new 3 week girlfriend (Nina Agdal)is dumped for a sudden engagement to an old one. Too funny.

prairiegirl said...

Hi Roma!

Isn't that Adam Levine story all kinds of odd? What the heck?

That engagement comes out of nowhere, doesn't it? And I thought he wasn't looking to get married for awhile?

LOL. Man, things are going haywire all around, aren't they?

destiny said...

Rebound engagements never last.

Are they really trying to explain away the lack of an arm by saying Jake was kissing her hand? Do they think we're dumb? Her elbow is below where her sleeve ends, so given the angle of the sleeve you would have to see her bent elbow even if you didn't see her lower arm.

Maybe Jake changed his mind said...

Adam Levine: "I Want To Probably Be Married at Some Point"
Celebrity News June 1, 2013 AT 1:10PM By Brittany Galla

Adam Levine talks about marriage on "Oprah's Next Chapter," airing Sunday, June 2. Adam Levine talks about marriage on "Oprah's Next Chapter," airing Sunday, June 2. Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Marriage is not out of the question for Adam Levine just yet. In a new interview on Oprah's Next Chapter that airs Sunday, June 2, the Maroon 5 frontman opened up about his rockstar lifestyle and his plans to settle down.

Joined by his fellow Voice mentor and friend, Blake Shelton, the 33-year old revealed that marriage is on his radar -- especially while seeing how successful Shelton's two-year marriage is to his singer wife, Miranda Lambert.

"Hearing Blake talk about [marriage], it's great," he explained. "I'm a fan of marriage. People think that I keep pooh-poohing marriage, but I love it."

In fact, the "Love Somebody" singer says he hopes to tie the knot in the future.

"I want to probably be married at some point," he said, noting that he's not in a big rush.

He continued, "I don't feel pressure to get married. I think that when it's time, it's going to be obvious and I'm going to do it and I'm going to really enjoy it."

PHOTOS: The Voice mentors, then and now

Linked to a slew of models in the past, Levine's comments come just after Us Weekly exclusively revealed that he's indeed dating another beauty, 21-year-old supermodel Nina Agdal. But sources tells Us that it's not serious…yet.

"It's still new," a source explained.

Before Agdal, the singer dated Victoria's Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo since May 2012. Before that, he was in a two-year relationship with yet another Victoria's Secret stunner, Anne Vyalitsyna. They split in April 2012.

VIDEO: How Levine fell for Behati Prinsloo

Levine's new thoughts on marriage reveal a slight change of heart for the singer, who revealed he was cautious about marriage in a April 2013 interview with Nylon Guys.

"If you don't get married, you can't get divorced," he said. "Why couldn't we learn from the devastatingly low percentage of successful marriages that our last generation went through?"

Oprah's Next Chapter airs Sunday, June 2, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

Read more:
Follow us: @usweekly on Twitter | usweekly on Facebook

my VOTE... said...

I've been studying twitter a lot lately. I think someone else here also considers herself a student of that platform? I've noticed some things hiding in plain site right there on her twitter feed. Shame she's not as good a student as she claims to be.

I vote that comments meant to intimidate / threaten or indicate that regular commenters are being stalked elsewhere on the internet get removed.

Seaweed said...

Special... loved today's post girl, you hit this one out of the park !

All the dating, picture taking, PDA witnessed shit is all for shits and giggles for those of us who know better and have seen this pattern and others over the years.

Still watching with great interest and enjoying the entertainment values on the rise.

Best of luck with the unpacking Tom, will be in touch one of these days.

Cheers everyone!

product placement said...

The product placement in the bearding photo op is not only Jake’s “good eggs” t-shirt and the place they were eating but Alyssa’s clothes too. From Just Jared's post:

“FYI: Alyssa is wearing a Reformation skirt”