Monday, July 29, 2013

East Coast vs. West Coast - Bike Edition


When Jake cycles LA,  he dresses like this:

When Jake take the bike out in NYC  he wears this:

You gotta wonder,  why?  Has Bloomberg banned spandex too?


thecyclist said...

Exercise vs. transportation.

You don't use a bike to "get around" LA, you usually drive somewhere in your SUV, unload your bike and cycle a route.

In NYC most people use a bike to get around short distances instead of a car, like to ride to lunch or the store.

the real m said...

And you also want to look hot when with your boyfriend, not the beard

the real m said...

There is a blind on ENT lawyer about a closeted actor who really wants to come out- so bad that he attempted suicide about 18 mos ago. Many are guessing Jake, which is really sad. Sad that it could be true, though the blind says he's been handed an actress as a beard, not a model. Many still think it might be Jake, model beard or not. How can someone let their career be so important that they would give their life for it rather than come out. It makes me very sad to read whether it is Jake or someone else.

Crazy Days and Nights said...

Today's Blind Items - He Wants It To End

This actor used to be almost A list. Mostly movies. He is probably a B- list now because he has not done much since the big one. The one big thing that made his career. One of his best friends said the actor tried to commit suicide about 18 months ago. That one would have been the be all and end all of untimely celebrity deaths. People would have talked about that one for decades. All the books would have speculated about his sexuality until his one or two very reticent male lovers would have poked their heads out and spoken. He wants so much to be out. There is not a man out there in the entertainment business who wants to be out more and cannot. He thought if his last project had been successful he could have, but it was not, so everyone advised him against it. That led to the attempt to kill himself. Now he is back where he has been so many times before. A woman handed to him on a silver platter. Make nice for social media. You are having the best time. The actress they chose for him this time is having a great time. She loves the attention and thinks this will be great for her career. The actor has been through it and done it and just wants to be himself. He just wants it all to end. Either by coming out or by ending his life. He just is tired of living the lie.

Posted by ent lawyer at 10:10 AM

Methodical Muser said...

That is certainly a disturbing blind and I can see why people would think it might be about Jake, but the timeline doesn't fit.

Eighteen months ago would have been around January 2012 and back then, Jake was on top of the world and looked great. Austin had just ended his bearding assignment with Soapy and Jake was transitioning to WME for what looked like a fresh start. That was also the month he and Austin were seen together on video with their Sushi date, and the following month they went to the Berlinale together in February.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I hope it is not Jake. So much of that blind fits though - can you count how many ways it fits? And I think the writer could fudge over a technicality like actress vs. model just to throw people off a bit because if the blind did say model, it really would point the finger. Very, very scary and disturbing no matter who it is. Nothing is worth taking your life over when you have your health, family and friends.

I will say that Jake did not look too good in that last photo op with the beard. He looked like he could have been sick and it was enough to make me take notice. He really didn't look like he wanted to take those pictures at all.

And who knows who or what this bearding is for. It sure wasn't for Into the Woods and it's certainly not for Nightcrawler. If he's going through this for Austin so that Austin can continue to get work, I would about have to spit. After all, according to Ted's lore, it was GG who told Toothy that they could have it all. It was GG who didn't want to come out, unlike Toothy did want to. At least, according to Ted.

And Austin is the one who looks great - he's never looked better. Look at all the small projects he's been working on and now he's had the Ray Donovan stint. He looks incredible. While Jake? Jake has born the brunt of the spotlight bearding. Jake is the one who physically shows the wear and tear of the deceptive lifestyle.

There's so much of this that fits Jake and I don't think it's Taylor Lautner like quite a few guess. Taylor Lautner hasn't been around that long and he wouldn't be one to be talked about for decades.

Some of Enty's blinds are so wild and some of them I think are cover for the celebrities involved. So it's impossible to say but it did bring up a sore point that had been bugging me lately which was the Austin vs. Jake angle and how each one outwardly looks to be handling the closeted lifestyle. It does make me wonder.

Methodical Muser said...

Well back in October 2009, Ted did indicate that Jake was cracking under the strain of bearding. And, the article does mention about 18 months ago so that does provide some wiggle room for discussion. There is no doubt Jake started showing his age and anger when he came back from Berlinale. What seemed so promising in early 2012 somehow went downhill fast, along with his once colorful and stylish appearance and his engaging personality.

Kismet said...

I think the blind is totally Taylor Lautner, and it is heart breaking. It disgusts me that after a suicide attempt his stagedad of a father and other 10 percenters would still force him into the closet, and to beard!

For one thing, Enty doesn't fudge on factual details like actress vs model in his blinds. Also, this fits with other blinds about Taylor - he has wanted to come out and resisted the closet and bearding very forcefully, but his Dad and Summit Films wouldn't hear of it. He also has a tendency to act out, "rebel" as Ted put it. Perhaps the suicide attempt was a cry for help, but he sure didn't get it. Lastly, Taylor's death would have been "untimely" because the third Twilight movie had just been released and the fourth was not out yet.

I do think Jake suffers from some type of depression (who wouldn't in his situation) and it shows, but I also believe that if Jake wanted to come out at this point in his life, he'd just friggin come out. He's not a child anymore. He doesn't have a long-term studio contract to answer to (they way Taylor L did, the way so many actors of old Hollywood did). He's in the closet simply because he wants to be and he values what that brings him over what being out and proud would bring him.

not likely said...

Lautner has never been even close to A List and his last big project was in 2012 and a huge box office hit: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Taylor Lautner is not close to A-List said...

For one thing, Enty doesn't fudge on factual details like actress vs model in his blinds.

I think Entertainment Layer does embellish and fudge at times. He has also played the game.

Another Opinion said...

I do think Jake suffers from some type of depression (who wouldn't in his situation) and it shows, but I also believe that if Jake wanted to come out at this point in his life, he'd just friggin come out.

Jake looks miserable with his new beard. He hardly looks like someone ready, willing and able to participate in more fauxmancing. It seem like he would love to come out, but feels it would ruin not only his career, but Austin's, his mother and father's, Peter and Maggie's, etc. Blackballing is most effective when its reach is long.

Kismet said...

Lautner has never been even close to A List

Um, yeah. Whatever.

Kismet said...

I think Entertainment Layer does embellish and fudge at times. He has also played the game.

Repeating PR-fed blinds (or playing the game) and deliberately changing a person's occupation in a blind are two very different things. As a daily CDAN reader, I am saying with certainty that Enty does not deliberately fudge important identifying details about a person, ever. In fact, he's extremely precise when giving such details (for example he will say something like "mostly movies now but got his start on television") and his regular readers know this.

not likely said...

Lautner still ain't A-List. You have to work long and hard and been given huge opportunities to break-out as a leading man. Which he has not. He's known for a crappy vampire franchise in which his performance has been laughed at repeatedly. His film career is actually a joke.

Kismet said...

The blind specifically says "used to be almost Alist, is probably B- list now."

Jake is totally Alist, now and has been for years.

Whatever, I am not arguing this when I don't even know who I am talking to. I am quite confident this is about Taylor, and am certain it is not about Jake for the reasons I have already stated. Those are my analytical thoughts and opinions, take them or leave them.

Ugh said...

Aww look...the Twihards are on OMG.