Friday, July 26, 2013

Wild West Way Back

It's been a while since Deadwood Austin, so here's a blast from the past.

 Getting ready

 Grabbing the gun
 The Earp Brothers

Don't just want to give them a laurel and hardy handshake?

Happy Austin Friday.


inside out said...

kailafearey ‏@kailafearey 2h
Btw his shirt was inside out, he don't give a fuckkkk

Special K said...

Funny there is no Chilmark Farmers Market.

West Tisbury Farmers Market/Saturday

West Tisbury Grange Hall, State Road, West Tisbury
9:00 am - 12:00 pm, Saturday June 8 to October 5; Wednesday. June 19 to August 28, 2013, 2:30 to 5:30pm

Saturday and Wednesday
9:00am to 12:00pm
06/08 to 10/05

West Tisbury is the only farmers market on Saturday in MV.

You can look up all the farmers markets in MA here.

Find A Market

Try Chilmark for yourself and you will get nothing.

predictable stuff said...

^Those are two separate tweets by the way. The first one about the Chilmark Farmers Market was sent at 11:34 a.m. and then we are to believe that the tweeter sent another message about his shirt being inside out thirteen minutes later. Gee, I wonder what she was trying to imply? #made up shit

kailafearey ‏@kailafearey

Btw his shirt was inside out, he don't give a fuckkkk
11:47 AM - 27 Jul 1

Farmer in the Dell said...

West Tisbury is the only farmers market on Saturday in MV.

Jake's people need to pick better researches before they start tweeting out "sightings".

tweets said...

There is another ‘sighting’ at the non-existent farmers market:

Brendan Conroy @tefIoncon 3h
At a farm market on MV and who do I run into? Jake Gyllenhaal (however you spell it) #smallworld

and this one from yesterday:

Drew Stamp™ ‏
@stamp_d 23h
Just passed my boy Jake Gyllenhaal on the Vineyard. Running in the rain Life of luxury

nbd said...

Funny there is no Chilmark Farmers Market.


It's right next to West Tis, it's part of Up-Island and tweeter is probably a summer tourist. What do they know from town boundaries anyway.

Special K said...

Reading a map and trying to use the lingo doesn't make you know the island.

It is know as the West Tisbury Market, in West Tisbury, it is not Chilmark, and those on the Island know will call it the Tisbury market. They know it is not Chilmark, just like it's not Menemsha either.

And for the "tourist" it is posted when going into West Tisbury on a sign what day the market is. Check you map again and you will see there are only a couple of main roads, it's not like you came in the back way and missed the sign.

Special K said...

And by the way The Grange has a sign on it that says West Tisbury, so you know you are in West Tisbury.

Methodical Muser said...

Right. So the tweeter is observant and precise enough to come back and tell us exactly how Jake is wearing his t-shirt, but not perceptive enough to notice the West Tisbury signage.

wikileaks said...

Map of Martha's Vineyard

destiny said...

LOL, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Google says:

Chilmark Community Church hosts the Chilmark Flea Market during the summer. The Flea Market is open from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Wednesdays and Saturdays,June 26-August 31.

Paranoid Schizo said...

And if you search Chilmark Farmers market it brings up West Tisbury. Jake was and is there, get over it. Probably just being on the beach with Alyssa and friends.

Jake is that you? said...

Do you know the difference between a Flea and a Farmer? LOL!

Can't help yourself, can you? said...

And if you search Chilmark Farmers market it brings up West Tisbury.

Nope. You are wrong. There is only one Farmers Market and it is, West Tisbury. Special is 100% correct.

And you think that Jake is on the beach with the beard and friends? I think we know your agenda.

PS said...

"And you think that Jake is on the beach with the beard and friends? I think we know your agenda."

Wow I hope you don't play with knives. You might hurt yourself. Go ahead google Chillmark Farmers Market, I dare ya.

trolls are exploding said...

Melt down in aisle 6.

PS said...

speak of melt down,here ya go:

trolls are exploding said...

Photoshopped. And, please catch up that "pic" is from July 23.

Highly amused said...

Chilmark is not W. Tisbury. Even someone from off the island would know that. Good catch you guys.

The tweeter made it even worse, when they came back over ten minutes later just to tell us all that Jake's T-shirt was inside out. The implication they were going for was obvious.

prairiegirl said...

I dare ya?? Is that a double dog dare ya?

What in the heck? What is this, 3rd grade?

WOW. Boy, somebody is really upset. Blog's been dead quiet for a day and 1/2. After a few "casual" observances about this one farmers market tweet and boy, somebody is blowing a huge fuse. they bring that one lone concert photo with the Cosmo Kramer arm as if that's supposed to make us go fetal? That photo can be summed up in one word - suspect. So no - you're not going to get us to "melt down" or go fetal. Quite the opposite. If that's the best you've got, you've got big troubles, buster.

destiny said...

If what you are looking for doesn't exist, say a particular kind of store in a particular place, Google will bring up nearby stores, so the fact it brings up Tisdale when you search on Chilmark is meaningless.

Some assistance said...

I'm sure Destiny meant West Tisbury (not Tisdale).

Social Times said...

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by Cameron Scott, July 1, 2013

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Barracuda researchers first purchased fake followers and then observed their behavior using Twitter’s API.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is how you do it

destiny said...

Oops, yes, thanks Some Assistance.

Special K said...

Thinking Jake's at the beach? More like going to Larsen's for dinner.

Ainsley Freeman (@ainsalbot2711)
7/27/13, 17:01

In Larsen's Fish Market with Jake Gyllenhaal.....

Larsen's isn't just a fish market but you can buy take out fish and seafood dinners right there. And they are known for the lobster dinners. Right on the water in Menemsha, locals and summer residents go to Larsen's and buy their dinners and then go sit on the beach that's right there, have dinner and watch the sunset.

There are scads of people who do this and it's a popular thing to do especially on such a beautiful night like tonight.

the real m said...

Love those pictures of Austin from Deadwood. I was so disappointed that they cancelled that show. It got too expensive but it would have been a star maker for Austin in that part.

Heading out tomorrow for a business trip but will try to keep up with the posts. Back on Friday.

Martha's Vineyard fan said...
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prairiegirl said...

^^^^^ BWAHAH!! Now we're the ones in the closet. LOLLL

Let me tell you, 20:38. Being gay or straight places no hindrance in being able to use your brain, nor not having the ability and integrity to be able to tell the truth.

Being gay or straight doesn't make any difference in being able to detect those haven't been Jake in those bench pictures from Washington Square or that Miller was missing an arm in the street stroll picture.

Being gay or straight doesn't come into play in finding it laughable that someone suddenly recalls they saw a celebrity like Jake Gyllenhaal nearly 48 hours ago at a concert and decide to tweet about it.

Being gay or straight doesn't come into play in finding it head scratching that someone saw Jake riding his bike on the street, told their girlfriend "OMG! It's Jake Gyllenhaal!" yet didn't tweet at it at the time or even on the same day, but decided to do it one or two days later.

Being gay or straight doesn't come into play in knowing what the name of the farmers market you're at on such a small island as Martha's Vineyard.

Being gay or straight doesn't come into play in realizing this fauxmance shot out of the blocks before the gun even sounded.

Face it. You're not hacked at us. You're hacked at Jake's people because they're still not showing that they're ready for Prime Time with their bearding plan for him. You're hacked because there have been gaps and caverns wide enough to direct a vessel through.

Don't blame us for his people's ineptitude and Jake's inability to carry out his acting part for this charade.

prairiegirl said...

Sure he could be there. Nobody here is saying he isn't. The weekend isn't yet over so chill.

But to not use your eyes and brain when seeing the unlikely's and the inconsistencies when they're staring you in the face is as good as reading a book while the parade goes right on by. You may as well just call it a day because you're not even punched in.

an Observation said...
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the real m said...

Poor 12:25. Can't make an effective argument so has to resort to name calling. He can't spell either.

lol said...
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Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Some really cruel people. I wonder even if Jake and Austin would be as cruel if they made a comment on OMG. They are actually the ones who have been criticized here and rightfully so I believe. We know Austin has visited the blog but I doubt he felt that cruelty that a few who post here do.