Sunday, July 14, 2013

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is new to the country music scene. He has no management, no label, but who is making a name for himself, while being himself. Today's Out Spotlight is country singer Steve Grand.

Steve Grand was raised in Catholic family in the US Midwest. He was sent to "straight therapy" for several years shortly after discovering his sexuality at 13.   "I felt like I was a shame to my parents. And I felt there was no way i could make them proud. And I felt like I was a constant disappointment."

The Chicago resident doesn’t have a manager or a record label or any sort of funding or support other than the money he makes playing piano at The Joynt, a jazz lounge in downtown.

He self-financed his music video with $7,000 from saved and credit cards, and according to the Chicago Sun-Times, his job experience "has run the gamut from modeling to supplying music for Catholic church events."

He unveiled his debut video, "All-American Boy," a song about unrequited love, less than two weeks ago. It has since racked up more than 1.3 million YouTube views, making it a viral sensation.

He wrote and produced the song because he believed it was his song to sing and his message to share. The day Grand debuted his video, he wrote on his Facebook page, "I fought with who I was for most of my life. In every way a young person can fight with himself, but starting today… I’m laying it out there. I’m done playing it safe.”

“I’m nervous/excited/horrified/anxious about the implications all of the choices I am making (and have made throughout my journey of discovering myself as a man and as an artist) will have on my future."

“But then I remind myself I never really had a choice. This is the story I’ve been aching to tell my most of my life… it is what I hold dearest to me.”

After the viral success of his video he heard from his mother who told him she was proud of him and what he has done.

In a genre with a demographic that is predominantly assumed to be conservative, he signifies the growth in country music to a much more varied audience. He believes his voice will speak for so many country music fan who have struggled with their own sexual identity.


very simple actually said...

You know what I love? lol. I love how all of a sudden, everyone on Twitter knows the beard as his "girlfriend".


my pov said...

I disagree because several of the commenters do not text about seeing any PDA at all. Which they would if they saw it.

his girlfriend said...

If you say "with his girlfriend" you say it for a reason and the reason is obvious

If any1's wondering what happened to Jake gyllenhal, he's sporting a graying beard,muscle T & making out w/a hot model type at Barnes&noble

destiny said...

I'd read about Steve Grand but hadn't watched the video until now. Not a genre of music I like, but it's a great song and video. I hope he gets a good career out of this.

destiny said...

I agree that Jake is just as culpable as Alyssa or any beard when it comes to these arrangements. He's doing it for the same reason she is, to get publicity and to get the money and fame that comes with taking certain parts. In fact I'd argue it's worse, because he is already known, and can get work without all of this. She's a nobody and can probably really benefit from all the new attention.

I wish there was an equivalent term to beard for what Jake is doing because I'd use it. I use beard because I can never remember the name of all these different women he's supposedly involved with. Using "beard" has nothing to do with sexism, and I equally disrespect both of them for doing it.

PR said...

PopSugar got the exclusive...

Lainey bought just one photo, so they must have been expensive.

Popsugar said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal Steps Out With His New Love, Alyssa Miller!"


Lainey said...

Jakey, the model, and mom
July 15, 2013 Posted at 7:12 PM
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Although fans have creeped Twitter photos of Jake Gyllenhall and his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller together before, these are the first good pap shots of the couple, and they're holding hands, and they're with his mother.
Last week I wrote about Alyssa's birthday and photos that she'd posted on her Twitter of the gifts she'd received and Jake walking her dog -- click here for a refresher. So...all that, plus weekend outings with his ma...
Jake's in a proper relationship! His first since...Reese Witherspoon?

omg yahoo said...

First Pics! See Jake Gyllenhaal Hold Hands With New Girlfriend Alyssa Miller
By Taryn Ryder | omg! – 14 minutes ago

Jake Gyllenhaal gets handsy with his new girlfriend, model Alyssa Miller (Splash News)Welcome to the model-izer club, Jake Gyllenhaal!

After weeks of speculation that the 32-year-old actor was getting serious with Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller, the first PDA photos of the new couple together have emerged. Gyllenhaal and Miller were snapped strolling hand-in-hand on Saturday on their way to brunch in New York City.

Guess who else was in tow?

Jake's mother, Naomi!

If Alyssa is spending time with the actors' mom already, it looks like this is probably more than just a summer fling.

In mid-June, omg! was the first to report that the "End of Watch" actor was spotted making out with the 23-year-old beauty at the Cold Process coffee shop at Pier 57 along the Hudson River.

There's one other added bonus to this new relationship: Alyssa is friends with Adam Levine's new girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal. Jake and Adam have been very close buds for years.

So close, in fact, that Adam's spoken up about Jake's romantic inclinations before.
Back in 2010, "The Voice" mentor very publicly slammed reports that Gyllenhaal was gay.

"Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy — it has to be because of Brokeback, right? He's one of my oldest friends, and it's very weird that they have this — it's very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation," Levine told Out magazine, referring to widespread media speculation.

Before Alyssa Miller, Jake was briefly linked to another Sports Illustrated model, Emily DiDonto.

PR said...

The National Enquirer story linked up.

ROMA said...

Hi all! I imagine everyone saw this all over the internet today. Imagine it will be on ET and Extra this evening.

prairiegirl said...

Anonymous his girlfriend said...

If you say "with his girlfriend" you say it for a reason and the reason is obvious

Oh please. lol. Man, take that to your local library story hour, would you?

CDAN said...

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is about to take a break was on the receiving end of attention from a SI Swimsuit model not named Kate Upton. The model, who was wearing a top that was kept closed by one simple button at the bottom told the actor that she had worn the top just for him and invited him to reach inside and see if he liked what she had to offer. He took her up on the touching, but that was about it and moved on with his friends like what had happened was a normal occurrence.

Model: Alyssa Miller
A+ List Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Location: May 5, 2013 The Great Gatsby Premiere

On the Prowl At the Great Gatsby Premiere

Looks like Leo went with Toni Garrn instead, and B List Jake got A+ Leo’s leftovers:

At least the article mentions Leo’s boyfriend Lukas Haas

prairiegirl said...

Isn't that lovely.

Well, will be interesting/entertaining to watch the reactions as both of these individuals seek attention.

I have noticed Michael K's written tone growing more and more cynical/bitter with each post that he's done on Jake. Today? Jake doesn't even rate a post, but merely an afternoon crumb. Pretty fitting. Way to go, MichaelK.

And just like the last post he did, MichaelK doesn't even try to hide anything anymore. He clearly calls Jake's companion out for what she is - his beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal and his beard-of-the-moment are holding hands, but all I see is her razor sharp eyebrow situation – Lainey Gossip

the real m said...

Being with mom means nothing special in Jake's world as mom is almost always around him. The beard does not have a traditional model's body. They usually have long torsos and long legs, so she must need the publicity and help to get work. Shall we start taking bets on the tenure of this one?

I saw a write up on the spotlight earlier this week. Not my style of music either but good for him writing from his heart. One of the sites had photos of him from his modeling days but I don't recall where. Hot, hot. An underwear model. Now he is Jake's true type.

get your facts straight said...

Too bad that leo has never been at that party!

Check your sources

page six said...


He is left alone!

Just Jared said...

Crazy commenter accuses anyone who suggests Jakey G ain't straight as an arrow of being PrarieGirl. If that is this lone person's tactic to erode the pervasive opinion that Jakey G is gay, it will backfire and only serve to send more hits to this blog and let people see for themselves!

Slutty Alyssa said...

Too bad that leo has never been at that party!

Don't play stupid. Of course, Leo was at the GG premiere. No doubt they both went to several parties that night. The Blind Item sounds real to me. Look how she hooked up with Jake once she knew she had no chance with Leo. The timeline fits...along with the one simple button, falling out of her top description.

E! said...

Almost no one now thinks that Jake is gay-

people are not stupid or blind
and the era of social nobody needs of those liars like ted

prairiegirl said...
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I'm really enjoying it! said...
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Plenty of people think Jake is gay said...

Anonymous @ 07/15/2013 at 4:15 pm
So he’s dumped Emily Didonato.
Adam Levine, Leo Dicaprio , who would have thought Jake would complete the trio?

Doh @ 07/15/2013 at 4:59 pm
No wonder he chose her for bearding over feminine Emily Didonato. Easier to pretend he’s making out with a dude….girl looks manly!

Isabel @ 07/15/2013 at 5:01 pm
I’m still not convinced he’s actually into females.

Austin @ 07/15/2013 at 5:18 pm
LOVE Jake’s new “girlfriend.” She made us bacon for breakfast – yum!

Rose @ 07/15/2013 at 5:21 pm
I miss him and Austin together. Don’t care about any of these lame ass beards…they are all the same. Random models who are desperate for fame.

Rose @ 07/15/2013 at 5:53 pm
LOL! Jake won’t get married. At least not to a random nobody like this Alyssa chic. And personally I don’t care who he’s dating, I just wish his PR team would stop trying to convince everyone he’s straight.
Danielle @ 07/15/2013 at 6:09 pm
I really do think he’s gay, but can’t come out bc it would hurt his movie career. I don’t personally care but there are STILL lots of people out there that think being gay is wrong. A list actors have to be careful and really live 2 separate lives to keep their careers going. Sad but true.

Paul @ 07/15/2013 at 6:51 pm
Who is this lame “6 commenters” person who keeps coming on talking about people we don’t even know? If you work for Jake give it up. Plenty of people know about Toothy and Goose and Jake being gay. We remember his boyfriend, Austin Nichols too, who is currently on Showtime’s Ray Donovan.. I have little doubt these two actors are still together, deep in the closet. I see Jake is still hanging around with his controlling, looney mother as well.

hmm @ 07/15/2013 at 7:07 pm
I guess that she signed the bearding contract, then.

trump @ 07/15/2013 at 7:12 pm
@Paul: @boring: Yeah just like they figured out Rock Hudson. He was straight too.

kk @ 07/15/2013 at 8:07 pm
Weird how posts about Jake bring out the crazies. That or his publicist REALLY wants to sell this hookup so people will finally stop referring to his last girlfriend as Taylor Swift!

BORING @ 07/15/2013 at 8:28 pm
Now it’s gonna be the model hook-ups for Jakey. Bleeaahhh…..

destiny said...

Love how Yahoo brings up Levine and the gay rumors.

PG copy/paste from US Weekly said...

...(edit) The pair were joined by Gyllenhaal's mother, director Naomi Foner, and Miller's dog, Charlie.

That same weekend, the new loves were spotted being affectionate near New York University. "They were sharing dessert off a plate as they were walking down the street," an onlooker tells Us Weekly. "He held the plate and she fed him a bite -- it was adorable!"

Bwah!!Eating dessert off the plate while walking down the sidewalk?

That's awesome. But I have to say...sounds like it could be another possible safety moment in the making. Remember, eye on path, eye on task.

Methodical Muser said...

That rehashing of Adam Levine's comment about "the gay" reminds me of the Hugh Jackman approach to denial. Bring up the rumors even though the topic is out of place and then readers or viewers will surely think that person can't be gay. It's a common technique. And, a cowardly one.

prairiegirl said...

So you can tell, right? That both men are represented by WME.

I find it hilarious that people are noticing the one specific picture on Just Jared where the beard is noticeably missing her left arm in the picture taken from behind. The left arm is Pfft! Gone.

LOLLLL! And if you go to IHJ, that picture is quickly gaining in views which means people are hearing about the appendage erasure.

Weird, isn't it? Why would someone tamper with that picture? No reason to.

Why are there always some odd pictures when it comes to Jake?

Kind of like those two Washington Square pictures.........those two are all kinds of strange. Too large of manhand. Missing right leg. Finger poking in the temple. Total blotch breakout in the facial beard on Jake. Slumped posture. He looks to be asleep.

Yeah, those two pics showing up on Twitter from that park are just kind of strange, I dunno.........

WS said...

another pic with the beard from Sunday:

Corey Rosen ‏@corey_rosen 4h

Just me, Jake Gyllenhaal (and his girlfriend) in Washington Sq. park