Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Fella!

Speaking of January and February 2012

What a happy fella!

yup a real happy fella...


That's one happy fella!


prairiegirl said...

Oh brother, that is too funny. Notice how PR is planting tweets and FB about Jake "turning down" pictures in some amateurish way of trying to convince us the sighting must be legit. Good Pete, give it a rest.

Looks like PR came down the chimney last night after the LA tweet was posted and crop dusted their ridiculous, junior high crap all over the blog. BWAH!!! Geez louise, look at them spin. I can't even be bothered with all of that waste of energy.

And April August, I'm sorry, but I cannot address your worries any longer. I'm becoming highly suspect and if you're going to come here with this constant 'I think they could be for real?', well, you are totally on the wrong blog. No mas, simple as that.

Patience is gone and mis-trust has taken its place. The timing of visits and posting of Instagrams/FB's, followed by what is supposed to be 'earnest doubting of could they be' is starting to stick out like a sore thumb to me.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, does anyone else think Jake looks a bit like one of those Baldwin boys? LOL.

I can't be bothered with all of that. That is all just so obvious, so contrived, it's embarrassing.

I'm embarrassed for Jake. What a joke his public life has become. He and Austin do their kids shame, no other words can express.

All right, well, that was kind of funny to wake up to. Looks like my work here has been done, lol. Time to hit the salt mines and the real world.

Special K said...

Congratulations to Minnesota and Rhode Island officially becoming the 12th and 13th U.S. states to recognize same-sex marriage.

April August said...

I am sorry PG. I guess I question everything. It drives my family crazy. I know that this "relationship" is fake. There are so many things about this relationship that makes it unbelievable. Like for example the trip to MV. I knew that sometime this week there was going to be an article. She would not go down to MV 2 times and not have the media know about it. The beard is enjoying this "relationship". I like many others want to know WHY?
The reason why I can not post regularly is because I am working many nocs and going to school part time. I hope my previous posts did not make anyone upset. I really do enjoy this blog. Some of the comments make me laugh, and the way my life has been going lately, this blog brings a little sunshine.

prairiegirl said...

That is great news on Minnesota and Rhode Island.

I hate beardings said...

I posted the pics of Jake with the beard in the previous thread. The reason why I posted them is because I think it’s very interesting to discuss the bearding and the PR strategies, and for that to happen we have to see every aspect of it. There are very intelligent people here who always have very wise observations when we throw all the material in the table to discuss it (as not all the posters have the time or patience to look through twitter, google, tumblr, facebook, etc) and I believe we are better when we discuss the ideas together, but if the photos or articles about the beard are not welcome here and you consider better to do the searches for PR plants, sightings, pics and tabloids articles individually, then I am very happy to stop posting about it and keep with the rules. I’ve been here from day one, love the site and I absolutely hate beardings. Please Special K, I’d be grateful if you could tell us the position of your blog about bearding-related material so that we know what to avoid posting if it’s not allowed. Thanks and everybody have a great day! :)

Kismet said...

I don't know what I don't know.

I will speculate but only to a point - I try to keep myself from seeing something that isn't there and filling in the gaps. However, I also see what IS there and know it is often not what it seems when it comes to celebrities. There is real life, and there is public identity. And this distinction doesn't just exist for closeted gay celebs, though it is much, much more separated for them - those two lives.

And I know when I'm looking at PR theatre.

The NYC sightings of last night seem legit to me, and very calculated. Jake and Alyssa went out to be seen, to be photographed and facebooked and tweeted and instagrammed. No better place for that than a train in NYC.

After all, Jake is presumably under contract. That's what this level of bearding is. There was a slip-up with the LA twitter sighting, which compromised the narrative of a Martha's Vineyard trip this past weekend, a getaway that there's already been one story about in print (possibly with more to come). Not cool. Alyssa is also under contract, by the way. Her twitter and instagram are a key tool of this bearding campaign, probably even written into the contract.

April, you imply that Alyssa is just a famewhore or something for enjoying this "relationship." Well, I'm going to take up for her by looking at this through her perspective. Alyssa is working. Alyssa just risked her whole career by moving to IMG, probably on the premise that it was a risk worth taking because Elite wasn't doing anything for her. In the modeling world, Alyssa is very much stuck on a middle rung of the ladder, I'd say much more so than Jake is in the acting world. To be a successful model these days (and the money is in contracts like Victoria's Secret or a big cosmetics company, not in magazine editorial work - that's literally just coffee money) you have to be popular. You have to self-promote. Alyssa probably wants to be a rung or two up the ladder, and she's already 24. Look at her instagram following (~22K) compared to Victoria's Secret girls like Nina (190k) or Behati Prinsloo (215k) or Kate Upton on twitter (over a million). Alyssa is not popular. And she wasn't going to suddenly get popular staying in her cozy relationship with her photographer boyfriend posting instagrams of her dog and her smoothies. (Alyssa also needs a personality overhaul to be a VS girl, but that's another story.) This isn't rocket science, it is PR. So why is IMG going to take her on? Because they had a project for her that would help out their friend's client and hopefully boost her career at the same time. Without a high-profile relationship, Alyssa was a sinking ship.

What I am speculating is that IMG basically told her, if we take you on, you need a PR-worthy relationship.

For a whole bunch of reasons, the bearding with Jake has not amounted to much for her. Part of it is the competition for gossip space this summer, with the royal baby and Cory Monteith's death, etc, and even =Jake's buddy Adam Levine's fake engagement. But there's more to it than that. Alyssa is a household name among dedicated Jake fans now, but that's about it. I think Jake's tabloid appeal has always been more about who he is with than about him. It's been over a month and Alyssa has added only about 3000 followers. That isn't anything to get excited about. She's put in her time, done all her instagramming, embarrassed her real boyfriend... for 3000 followers that are mostly Jake fan girls. I actually feel a bit bad for her.

I just think it's too easy to shit on the beard, and as a woman myself I'm not going to do it.

I'm rambling, I have to go...

Celebitchy said...

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller are cuddlefesting in Martha’s Vineyard:

"A few weeks ago, we had the first “couple photos” of Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend of some-odd two months, Alyssa Miller. Personally, I’m not buying it, but I learned something from that post: no matter what, people have really strong feelings about Jake’s alleged sexuality."

...... oh there is more

SuckAPuck said...

Why is it that as soon as somebody comments about something suspicious, a hundred pictures of Jalyssa are posted on social networks? With that being said, Jake looks remarkably handsome in the "fan" pictures (maybe because he was pepared for them? I mean you can clearly see him look straight into the camera in most of them).

Somebody mentioned Naomi as the hand that rocks the craddle and I could not agree more. If you look at Maggie she even had her hair cut like Naomi's. She obviously has a lot of power and influence over her children. And they both look miserable.

Jersey Tom said...

Jake's girly friend looks preggers in that pic.Would they go as far as her being pregnant with her real bf baby and pawning it off as Jakes. Wouldn't put it past them. They staged that fake moving out of bf apartment building.

prairiegirl said...

Please don't put words in my mouth. I/we have welcomed outside input although it's too bad it's the bearding that draws people to comment.

Apology extended for any offense - none was intended. But do you see where I'm coming from? Honestly, I couldn't tell what the angle was by all the postings.

My beef is putting it all up. I hate to see OMG turn into a promo board for what PR is pushing and making Miller the focus of the blog.

That's my opinion but it has no bearing. You guys know me, I'm frank and I like to just spit it out. No bad feelings intended - I know of no other way to speak. At least you know where I stand. BWAH!!!!

I don't think Jake's been in NYC at all this week. That bus picture of solo Jake could have been taken anytime. The others? In only one of them do I think it remotely looks like him. And why do you never see her face?

I want to know why every time Jake's face has to be facing downward, he's slumped and his chin/jawline is always blurry. Every single doggone time. And like SuckaPuck said, notice when these pictures came out. It's all in the timing of things.

There's a reason why his face is blurry and at bad angles. No, I'm not sold at all.

Kismet said...

RE: the case of the missing peach kelli pop tweets...

they are archived here. The "Gyllenhal" one is gone though, she must have deleted it manually. Maybe she then freaked out that it wasn't really gone so she found @tweet_delete.


unfortunately for her this crappy 3rd party service oh so inconveniently auto-tweeted the fact:

peach kelli pop
I just activated @Tweet_Delete on my account to automatically delete my old tweets (!
4 days ago


my thoughts said...

The beard is a famewhore. I read somewhere she enen wants to get into acting too. She is not doing her assignment out of the goodness of her heart. She is doing it because WME is powerful and her "modeling" career was going nowhere other than to Fizzleville in a few years. Jake is the one who looks miserable. Not the beard. That tells me all I need to know. She shouldn't even bother. If her acting skills are reflected in her poses and her stupid instagramming she ain't going anywhere in that professional either.

Bearding tweets said...

Jake and Miller aren't in NY. Those pics are photoshopped. Their heads are placed on other people's bodies. Look at the man boobs and the thick thighs that do not match her body.

All I have to say about the posting of stupid bearding tweets, is that they are useless. We all know that Jake's people photoshop and we all know they lie. How many times were there tweets of Jake being somewhere, when it was later found out he actually was somewhere else? Let's just say too often to count. I thought the Silver Lake tweet and it's disappearance was a huge find. Yet, no one even discussed it. Bearding tweets are phony by their very nature so who really cares, except of course PR who loves that people are falling for these planted sightings.

prairiegirl said...


Those are photoshopped.

Please. Use your computers and your eyes in the way they can be used and blow those things up.

Those are mish-mashes and they are not real.

PR - get the heck out of here and get yourself a better photoshopper. OMG is smarter than the average internet surfer.

PR reacts when holes are found said...

The NYC sightings of last night seem legit to me

How do you explain the California tweet from Sunday then? Those photos on the subway look odd to me and they shown up out of nowhere after several people pointed out inconsistencies and oddities.