Thursday, July 25, 2013

Poster "Protest"

Could you imagine the conference call after the new poster for Prisoners came out?

Denis:  How do you like the new poster?

Hugh: What do you think?!?!?! How could you Denis?!?!!!

Denis:  Now Hugh, you and Jake are the main characters it makes sense that you both appear on the poster.

Hugh:  Not like that! It's too man on man.  I'm going to have to do interviews for Family Circle, Better Homes & Garden, and Ladies Home Journal.

Jake: So hard for you Hugh and no O Magazine?  And what about me?  I will never get away from the Jake on bottom talk on DL.

Hugh:  Well .....

Jake:  Once on screen and they never let it go.

Hugh: Well....

Jake:  Enough! Why is Denis getting off the hook for this?

Hugh: That's right. Denis, man, what do you have to say for yourself.

Denis: There's a line!  See the shading! There were meetings about the width of the line between you two.  Look how much of Jake's hair we had to lose.  Do you really think staring in each other's eye would have been better?

Hugh: He's got a point, mate.

Jake: Spoken like the guy on top.  


prairiegirl said...

Boy, that could almost have been a real conversation, Special, that's what is so sad! Because unfortunately, Jake seems to be following right behind in Uncle Hugh's paranoid, Stop-Thinking-I'm-Gay! footsteps. Otherwise, clever post!

The fact that this kind of tweet appears more than 24 hrs after the event for no reason whatsoever other than to create a tweet about a concert sighting when there had only previously been about one, is already too suspicious and funny for words. Another one of those Oh yeah, I completely forgot but let me tweet about it now almost 48 hrs later, kind of deals. Because you know, that's what Twitter is all about proclaiming - those random, memory blocked recollections which you are compelled to hark because of their life impact.

anerestrebor (@anerestrebor)
7/25/13, 21:57

The fact that I made eye contact with what I now know for sure was jake gylenhal at the Edward sharpe concert is blowing my mind

LOL. Nice touch with the name misspelling too, PR. That was a real deal breaker. Not.

PR needs to stop applying the White Out and applying the grout and sealer on the rough patches. It only draws further attention to the blip.

Fonzie said...
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prairiegirl said...

And speaking of White-Out, Elmer's, and Duct Tape, looks like the table is being set for a weekend of "Let's have a do-over".

Looking forward to a complete second try of creating the ideal romantic MV weekend. Because that's what this is going to be all about, isn't it - redoing that first time with the iffy, lamea** pictures. Maybe even have a revisit to where it all began at the island general store with the vending machine rocking and a better picture this time. Make up and Wardrobe, get ready.
; )

prairiegirl said...

I love it when PR lets us know when a nail has been hit square on the head.

Methodical Muser said...

Besides the obvious trend of another secret associated with Jake when it comes to that supposed impromptu show in Manhattan, there is also another Mumford tie in because Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero's participated in the infamous revival train tour in 2011. Funny how all things connect.

prairiegirl said...

These are not coincidences.

Page Six said...

Sightings . . .
Last Updated: 12:37 AM, July 25, 2013

JASON Sudeikis, Adrian Grenier and Jake Gyllenhaal seeing Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros play the Solar One Green Energy, Arts & Education Center at Stuyvesant Cove Park

Page Six

oy vey said...

because Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero's participated in the infamous revival train tour in 2011. Funny how all things connect.

Who didn't know that?? Even if you were only paying a little bit of attention you'd know the connection.

snark will get you nothing said...

Ah, snark again from the troll. If everyone knew about Edward Sharpe, then why didn't someone else mention it? For instance, I had no idea that these guys were on that train trip a few years back. I think that is a very interesting. Jake uses people he knows over and over again to cover for him. So once again, here comes the Mumford connection.

Another thing, wasn't there also some kind of secret show in Tenn. and that's supposedly how Mulligan met Mumford? I agree. Too many secrets surrounding Jake to qualify as the normal course of events. And, yet somehow all these secrets somehow mysteriously leak out to the public. I agree with Prairie Girl, after all these years there are no coincidences when it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal. Everything about him is tightly controlled and much is prearranged to project the heterosexual image he is desperate to maintain.

prairiegirl said...

Exactly, Snark. 11:07 is letting us know that we're on the money with our suspicion. They just can't lay off.

He wasn't there. I don't care what Page 6 says. Page 6 gives tthe exact same name lineup that the FB poster gave. They're PR-friendly tools, just like E!Online, Perez, Lamey and US Weekly. The G-Haals and one A. Nichols are getting their protection now, why? Because they're playing the game. They've cashed in their chips for the Old Hollywood witness protection program for who knows how long, probably the rest of their lives.

They've caved in just like everybody else neck-deep in the closet, the Travoltas, the Rock Hudsons, the Hugh Jackmans. I no longer am holding any hope out for Jake and Austin.

They've gone so far back into the closet, there is no coming back, I'm sorry. They can't come out for decades with this nonsense they're doing. They would look like idiots and these beards aren't going to let them. Who knows what WME has told them, obviously promised the world on a platter, waved those green bills and the lure of awards, the world at their feet.

What's going on with both men is not for the faint of heart, the weak of stomach. It's truly stuff fit for the compost bucket. But it's their lives - I'm just watching.

And am I going to let go like Austin wants us all to do? Sorry, Mr. Nichols. No letting go. Gonna watch this train's journey....see where it goes.

the only way said...

The only way Jake is coming out is if he is outed, and that's quite unlikely to happen. cant think of a recent case where it HAS happened to an actor. It would be a violation of the most sacred code of Hollywood. To get traction on a story about a celebrity whether it is infidelity, drug use, diva behavior or being gay, you need a platform that will tell your story. TMZ, US Weekly, Star etc will run all of the above with enough evidence, except the gay. The only reason The Enquirer went after John Travolta was because his issues extended beyond gay sex to harassment and a possible civil or criminal lawsuit. Even gossip pages that run blind items and sometimes reveal them will never reveal the gay ones. You can recover from nearly anything in Hollywood (see Robert Downey Jr for drugs, Sean Penn for domestic assault etc etc) but if you want to be a leading man, there is no recovery from being gay. It is cinematic suicide (at least assumed so until proven otherwise and it is as of yet untested), and so outing is simply not done.

Special K said...

Another example of how twitter is a tool of Public Relations.

Let's say it's all about burritos. Or Mittens13

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