Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pitch Away

With Jake going for projects that have something familiar about them - characters (cops, former soldiers)  or settings/locations (LA, Iceland) is he doing art imitating life kind of a thing, or maybe just working from his wheelhouse?  Well noting that, OMG has a pitch for a future project.

A new twist on The Fugitive

An actor rumored to be less than straight, must find a date to prove the studios wrong, while being the target of an prearranged international paparazzi manhunt.

And finds himself running into the one arm model. 


prairiegirl said...

Oh brother, well if that's supposed to be the beard standing with him on the street corner, she's gained a bit more in the caboose, hasn't she? And again, with the back of the head nonsense.

Nope, not sold at all that's her. It's even a faraway shot of him. That just looks like some random girl.

I think too many 'civilian' pictures of them so far have got some kind of kink in them. Sorry, but it's not working for me. Don't insult my intelligence with fuzzy, smudged, back-of-the-head or plain & simple - manipulated / altered nonsense.

Again, I go back to those two park bench pictures. You're not selling me at all on those. Jake needs to man up and take his bearding seriously. Flaunt it and work it like all the others, he knows how. And so far, with this one, he's doing a half-assed effort.

Who knows, the D rated effort could have been one thing that had Disney nervous or unhappy and got him taken out of Into The Woods.

prairiegirl said...

The one-armed model. LOL

You know, what gets me is that Just Jared even published that thing.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Special,
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a wonderful day today, Special!!!

SuckAPuck said...

I'm dying at these posts! The writing is excellent :)

The Fear, I just checked IHJ, googled the area and found out what went on in less than 5 minutes (sorry you spent the entire day searching for hidden masonic symbols). The pictures start by Amelia's at Varick St. Jake then cycles down and turns right on Spring St, where the bunch of girls are standing by Trump Soho (none of which, by the way, has taken to instagram to report the sighting.) The sunspots are probably caused by the reflection on the windows of the car following him, not because a paparazzi was sitting down by a window hoping a random celebrity would show up (this theory is just comical).

Now don't get me wrong. I couldn't careless if Jake has a deal with the paps. In fact, most celebrities do (easier to let them take your pic for 10 minutes than have them following you around all day). It's the fact that they are so badly staged that eerks me.

prairiegirl said...

Well and you know what else is strange, SuckAPuck, is that a girl RTd one of the pictures because she said she discovered she was in one of them, right? Even carried on a twitter convo with a friend about it.

But if you go date back through her tweets, she had never tweeted one word about seeing him.

SuckAPuck said...

Prairiegirl - I did not see that one at all! Mind posting a link to it? So we are supposed to believe that a group of TEENAGE tourists were hanging out on the streets, saw what looked like a PHOTOSHOOT and did nothing about it? Not even a single mention on TWITTER??? hah hah

Also, BeyondSushi just twitted that Jake was there. Funny how NYC businesses always tweet about visits from Jake. I guess they do not mind losing his custom? The one with the estate agent was particularly bad.

SuckAPuck said...
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Choir said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh, you can see the edge of his hand but you should be able to see something of her elbow. Either that or she's double jointed and her arm is all kinds of bent.

Prairiegirl - I did not see that one at all! Mind posting a link to it?

I don't think I have it, to be honest. I just finished going through my Sent file on both the desktop & the IPad and I don't think I ever sent it because I was on the phone with M&M when I told her about it.

I know that the girl was talking to a friend and they were reliving how when she saw him, she was 'like OMG!' and so now she saw herself in a paparazzi photo. **eye roll** Funny, she forgot to OMG! at the time that she saw him.

The Fear said...

The Fear, I just checked IHJ, googled the area and found out what went on in less than 5 minutes (sorry you spent the entire day searching for hidden masonic symbols)

You can't have read my message too well because I already said it only took me four minutes to find the location thanks to a huge phone number shown on a billboard in one of the pictures.

The sunspots are probably caused by the reflection on the windows of the car following him

What car following him? Do you think a pap in a car followed him? That makes no sense. Jake rode north on the Varick Street sidewalk. A car couldn't follow him because Varick Street is a one way street where the traffic is southbound. The pictures all come from the same stationary spot on the same corner, hardly indicative of pictures been taken from a vehicle following Jake. And surely a paparazzi in a car would just roll the windows down?

not because a paparazzi was sitting down by a window hoping a random celebrity would show up (this theory is just comical)

You're right, that theory is comical, so it's a good thing that that isn't my theory. My theory was that since there is a Starbucks on the opposite corner, it kind of makes more sense that at amateur in there took the pictures through the large windows facing Jake.

Anyway, I'm glad that you independently reached the same conclusion about Jake's location in those pictures and also concluded that the sunspots are caused by reflections from a window.

not there said...

Oh by the way. Her arm is not missing they are probably holding hands or she has his arm and Jake has brought his hand up to his face. You can see where his hand is.

That still doesn't explain the lack/absence of an arm. There's no way her arm is there. There would be an elbow or at least part of the elbow showing.

Floating it out there said...

Funny how Jake recently said that he is all about his career and work and that is his sole focus in the future. Yet, since January 1, 2013, Jake has been involved in only one indie movie project. Let's count that again. One movie project. Supposedly, Prisoners started filming in late January and then, by the end of March, the film was a wrap.

Last August, Jake tried to get us to believe he was going to do Mississippi Grind. Yet, somehow, eleven months later we are told that, "Oh, sorry. Ryan Reynolds will do the part." At the very same time, when learn that he is also not going to do Into The Woods either.

So what, at first sight, appeared to be career driven Jake, with lots of projects in the hopper is now revealed to be, hardly ever works Jake. Or, hiatus Jake.

Let's say he does begin filming Nightcrawler in late October as advertised, that means that not only is Jake unemployed the entire summer, but by October he will have only worked eight weeks out of the entire year. And, that isn't even a continuous eight weeks because there were lots of breaks during the Prisoners movie shoot because of Jackman's awards schedule.

Just a thought, but this may be another reason why Jake needed a beard this summer. He had no intention of working, but needed cover for his lengthy vacation. Make it seem like he's in NY when he really isn't. If that's the case, the question is why? Could it be because he does have children and this is a sneaky way to make Jake look like he's in demand and constantly working, when he's actually giving his attention to his own family and not working at all?

Matching clothes said...

The beard posted a pic of herself wearing the same clothes than the woman in the photo with Jake yesterday:

SuckAPuck said...

That was not me @ July 21, 2013 at 7:49 AM

SuckAPuck said...

Right. I do not know what happened there. To be honest I had been copying comments from Twitter etc so I could have copied and pasted something into this blog by mistake. To avoid confusion, from now on I will be commenting from my Google account (SuckAPuck @ google).

With regards to the arm, I posted a link to foto forensics which detailed how the photo had been photoshopped.

tweets said...

Sightings with beard from Friday:

Ayka Aksu @aykaaksu
I had lunch sitting across from Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend today. It was no big deal really. #fb
19 Jul 13

Stephen @kingshortz
I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. In. Real. Life.
@Marie_Burgi walking up 9th ave, fresh from the gym. Gym shorts, t shirt, hat, beard and with a hot brunette. Sadly, the brunette wasn't us.
19 Jul 13

point of view about armless woman said...

There is no left arm because if we are to believe that Jake is kissing the beard's hand (rolls eyes and coughs), the bottom material of her short sleeve would be sweeping/pushed forward with the motion. Yet the sleeve hangs down like there is no motion occurring at all.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you SuckAPuck for clarifying. Look at how far these people are going. What does this tell you, everyone? Look at how low & devious they are reaching?

And get out of here with 'that is the Beard on that street corner with who is also supposed to be Jake because she's wearing the same clothes blah blah blah.'

That is not her. Not even close; I'll leave it up to everyone else to point out the issues.

PR is getting caught now. You know what, they better quit with all this fakery. It's amateurish. It's embarrassing. And all it does is point towards the hiding of a scam.

I'm done with this nonsense. They seriously need to go back to the locker room, regroup, and decide how they can get their prime client to get his little heiney back into town to be serious about this whole bearding and do a credible job.

Otherwise, it just looks like a grade school play production.

To My Eyes said...

The beard posted a pic of herself wearing the same clothes than the woman in the photo with Jake yesterday:

Oh, you're right. Jake's people are all kinds of desperate. That woman weighs a lot more and even has different colored hair than Jake's new phony GF. She's a lot shorter too. If that is even Jake in that pic. Because the resembles him, but that's about it.

To My Eyes said...

Because he resembles him, but that's about it.

prairiegirl said...

I'll even go so far as to say I think they've got a Jake doppelganger doing these pictures.

It's not Jake. It's someone who is close. But it's not him. How hard is it to get someone to wear a black cap, wear cargo shorts, a grey T shirt, etc. and throw on some sunglasses?

And that is why these pictures are all fuzzy, at a distance, and screwed up.

The guy in the 2 park bench pictures are not him and that yogurt picture does not look like his physique. This guy on the street corner? I'm not convinced that's him either.

Every time, there's just enough fuzziiness/unclarity to muddy the picture so that I cannot say 100% it's him.

Methodical Muser said...

Excellent observations, everyone. In that Instagram, matching clothes nonsense, The Beard is very tan as well. The woman with the Jake impersonator is blindingly pale. And, I'm glad the issue of Jake's "workload" has come up. He hardly works at all. But, the smoke and mirrors machine make it seem like he is not only always in demand, but constantly lining up project after project. Just like a single, unattached man might do. Of course, as has been pointed out, Jake hardly follows through on any of these so-called roles he is lined up to do. When the deceptions are peeled away, however, the facts show something entirely different. In truth, Jake has actually only worked less two months this year. If that.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPECIAL. Hope you are staying cool and maybe enjoying one of those Boston Red Sox games. They are really playing well this year. I even heard they were trying to steal away my Timmy boy. All I can say is, "Back off, bitches!"

destiny said...

Happy Birthday Special!!! Hope you're out having a good time.

destiny said...

The fact that the photos are in front of the Trump Soho makes the lack of any vehicles even more glaring. Most hotels have cabs in front of them, dropping off people, lining up to pick up tourists, etc. One trick of living in the city is if you can't find a cab, head to a hotel if one is nearby.

Here's a picture of what a hotel like that would normally look like--and in fact you've got to wonder if that crowd of people on the sidewalk aren't out there to get in line for a cab.

Soho Grand

Also, Varick is a major north/south street in lower Manhattan, there is always traffic on it on a week day especially.

Methodical Muser said...

Great points, Destiny. Thanks for the photos and the New Yorker point of view.

prairiegirl said...

It's all a bunch of kicked up dust, isn't it, M&M? And once the dust settles, you see the real picture.

You know, I don't want to constantly be beating up on these guys. I'd rather be on here being excited about Ray Donovan or Austin's new project.

But I'm not - not while those great things are being overshadowed and tainted by the porn-tinged tweets surrounding Austin's account and this deception going on with Jake and the beard.

Why don't they just stop it. Just go underground. Mind their own business and live their lives. Because who is watching? Who are they doing this for? A few fangirls/fan guys? Is that who this is for? Is it to taunt and play a round of Gary's Tavern vs. Sam's Cheers bar with OMG? They're wasting their time. We're not budging and we're not going anywhere. This kind of photo play is just making things look worse.

They need to just stop it. Just stop all of this lying.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks Destiny, for that information regarding activity in the particular area of Trump SoHo.

Well, I'm off to hopefully go book a place for vacation. I'm starting to get a little concerned - so many places are booked up.

And guess where I am going???????

Jackson Wyoming!!! Moose Wyoming!!!! Grand Tetons!!!!

The home of my story!!!!!! I am so excited, I can't stand it. Airfare is made. Car is reserved.'s the place to stay that's kind of getting a little challenging. lol.

But we'll find something - it just won't be as nice as what it could have been. I've learned my lesson on waiting til the last minute, that's for sure.

Similar clothes, different woman said...

Bearding attire

Not the same woman

Some visual assistance said...

Sorry. I meant to reverse the links up there. The "Not the same woman" is the pic of the beard. The "Bearding attire" is the woman who is definitely just a civilian.

You can tell that PR had Miller dress up in similar clothes and then had someone take a photo of her. As already mentioned, I do find it amusing how photos of Jake are invariably blurring/fuzzy, but boy A. Miller's pic is clear as a bell. Busted!

SuckAPuck said...

By the way, Happy Birthday Special!

Prairiegirl - I find it strange that they pretended to be me. Unless of course I hit the nail on the head about something and they wanted to discredit me?

Moving on, thank you everybody who has explained the existence of Fake Alyssa. The problem with using a model is that it is almost impossible to find a double! Yes, Fake Alyssa is tall, but she has terrible posture (if there is something that ALL models have in common is that they carry themselves in a certain "modelesque" way), and dare I say, is a bit curvier. I mean, look at the other woman in the picture who is not a model yet is not too dissimilar from Fake Alyssa. And the guy next to Fake Alyssa is wearing a cap, sunglasses and a beard. He could be just about anybody!

A Mexican Disney actor has just posted on his Twitter that he is "at the restaurant with Jake Gyllenhaal"

Sighting with the beard last night said...

Jack Latulippe ‏@jack_latulippe 2h
Walking across #JakeGyllenhaal on the street #onlyinnyc

@jack_latulippe for real?! WOW !!! U didn't take any pic?

@lemichelcaron il etait 12h30 hier soir Et il etait avec une fille. Ca aurait ete bizzard. (Translation: It was 12:30 last night. He was with a girl. It would have been weird)

The Fear said...

The fact that the photos are in front of the Trump Soho makes the lack of any vehicles even more glaring.

It's a closely cropped picture of Jake riding a bicycle on a one way street. Unless there was a car parked precisely behind him (as we look at him) you wouldn't be able to see a car.

Most hotels have cabs in front of them, dropping off people, lining up to pick up tourists, etc

The link to Trump SoHo I posted before shows that cabs park further down from where the picture was taken.

Also, Varick is a major north/south street in lower Manhattan, there is always traffic on it on a week day especially.

Which is why there is lots of traffic in the picture of Jake on the sidewalk of Varick Street. Thanks for verifying that Destiny.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Birthday SK. Enjoy your day and many many more.

This is actually the first time I have seen pictures of this girl. I don't think the two with Jake are the same girl as the the other girl. I do also have my doubts is that guy standing with her in the first pics is Jake. The guy seems to have a longer neck. Jake has a very short neck.

SuckAPuck said...

TheFear -

"How did I figure it all out? Well, a magician never reveals their tricks. However I will say that if any of you had looked at the pictures on IHJ Media you might have spotted something that may have helped pin down Jake's location. Not something obvious like a billboard with a phone number on it though..." - July 20, 2013 at 6:26 PM
and then
"I already said it only took me four minutes to find the location thanks to a huge phone number shown on a billboard in one of the pictures." - July 21, 2013 at 8:22 AM
I am going to quote Mark Twain here: “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”

"The pictures all come from the same stationary spot on the same corner". July 21, 2013 at 8:22 AM
The pictures were taken in two different places: one by Amelia's and one by Trump Tower. It takes a short Google Maps search to see that these are two different spots located 0.2 miles away from each other.

"Finally, as for those "giant sun spots and streaks" I'd guess that they are reflections caused by an amateur hurriedly taking pictures through the window of a Starbucks as the celebrity they spotted on the corner of the street rode past them." - July 20, 2013 at 6:26 PM
The pictures are copyrighted SplashNews. Let's say that you are right the pictures by Trump Soho and they were indeed taken by a civillian who happened to be having a coffee at his local Starbucks with his professional camera in hand, ready to take pictures of somebody cycling down as fast as they can in order to run away from the paparazzi that just took his photo. Who took the pictures by Amelia's? The only explanation would be that the agency put both sets together and sold them as a single one. In which case, the pictures would have to be taken by two people working together, because there is not way Splash would pay for two different sets of absolutely insanely BORING pictures of Jake riding a bike down the road.

Why are you so obsessed with trying to prove that these two sets of pictures where taken "from the same stationary spot on the same corner"? Why do you feel so threatened by posts about the pictures? I have already said that I see nothing wrong in having a deal with the paparazzi; the public knows celebrities have deals with paparazzis; noboy is going to stop buying the magazines after reading my post. So who are you?

I am going to go as far as posting another quote: “Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself.”

Congrats said...

Wow, SuckAPuck!!! I'm so glad you have joined the research team here at OMG. I've been reading for years. There are some pretty smart people who have exposed many "secrets". You are rapidly joining the ranks of over achievers and truth tellers. Impressive stuff.

destiny said...

Wow, caught in the act. That woman with Jake does not have the legs of a model, and her skin is a pasty white color. Plus her hair is frizzy instead of straight and sleek. It is so obvious it's not Alyssa when you compare the two pictures.

Special K said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Even the weather cooperated and it was beautiful day here.

Special K said...

Thanks for the information about the area Jake was photographed in SuckAPunch and Destiny.

And great job SuckAPunch breaking down the comments about the pictures.

And yes it doesn't seem that the person they were trying to claim is Alyssa is actually her.

Special K said...

Congratulations go out to Jesse Tyler Ferguson who married his longtime love Justin Mikita in New York City on Saturday. Playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner officiated the ceremony.

destiny said...

Awww, that's great about Jesse and Justin.

prairiegirl said...

Great news about Jesse Ferguson. I didn't know his boyfriend was a longtime one.

Guess WHAT?!!! We have a place to stay, we have a place to stay!!!

I'm Wyoming bound!!!! The Tetons!! Jackson & Moose!!!!! This is happening, I'm really going!!!!

I think I'm going to cry.

the real m said...

Happy Birthday, Special. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Sounds like a great vacation plan, PG. The original Jack and Ennis discussed the Tetons, but never made it.

The photoshopped elbow cracks me up. And the defender seemed to forget that arms come with bones. They dont bend at will, just where there is a joint. Plus her arm and body is actually a bit behind Jake's, all the more reason the elbow would be visible even if the arm was raised. But no point beating a dead horse. We can all see photoshopping in use.

As for Jake not working, it is their pattern that when one works, the other minds the home. And its been Austin's turn to work this year. Cant wait for another Donovan episode tonight, even if Austin wont be in it.

The Fear said...


I am going to quote Mark Twain here: “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”

1) realize that when I said that I hadn't find the location because of something obvious like a billboard with a phone number on it I was being sarcastic, right? I mean, that must be obvious since I actually did get the location from a billboard with a phone number on it and actually said I got it from a billboard with a phone number on it.

2) "The pictures were taken in two different places: one by Amelia's and one by Trump Tower." Completely wrong The large billboard and the sign for Amelia's is way off in the distance behind Jake in the top left corner of the picture You can also see the lower edge of the base of that modern art-type piece in the same picture a few feet away from Jake. All of which places Jake on the corner of Varick and Spring.

3) Again, because all the pictures clearly come from the same corner there was no "putting two sets together", so your argument falls apart there.

And at no point did I say that these pictures couldn't be taken by a pap. I just pointed out that a car couldn't follow Jake the wrong way on Varick street and a pap would probably roll the window down before taking a picture. Given that and other factors it seems more likely it was an amateur, but it's also possible it could have been a professional.

Special K said...

Those pictures were not by an amateur. They were taken by a pap and sold by a photo agency.

his niece or a baby tile? said...

Robyn Mayekawa ‏@robynmayekawa 19 Jul
nice morning chit chat with a 2 year old and @AUS10NICHOLS the little girl was just too entertaining #juiceland

Twitpic or bearded guy and "Alyssa" said...

This could be Alyssa in this twitpic. Alyssa is not skinny, her body is more athletic - not a typical runway models' body. The photo is poor quality, in any case. Lots of noise in the photo. As for the color, you can't compare an unfiltered photo with an instagrammed filtered one (like the selfie she posted with the same outfit.) The tone of the photos are entirely different.

As for bearded guy... I don't recall ever seeing those low-top sneakers on Jake.

destiny said...

I don't think anyone is disputing where the photos are posed. But there is still something off about them, especially the one being discussed. It looks photoshopped to me, and I don't say that about many of Jake's photos.

norwegian girl said...

thats one weird photo. a little part of her arm should have showed. fake, well, at least we knew ;) today is july 22. two years ago 77 People got killed by one of Our own a gun. most of them teenagers. i have seen photos of many of them after dead. hugging eachothers in Groups. a sight i will never forget! i hate guns. like i hate bombs, that killed so many People in boston. i just had to speak my mind. love <3

Not Alyssa said...

That is not Alyssa. Shoulders are too broad. Too thick around the waist. Lots of junk in her trunk. And the hair and height are off. Along with the untanned skin because Miller is very tanned right now. Other than that, I guess it could be!

Jersey Tom said...

That is not the body of a SI model. No way.

prairiegirl said...

21:25, that is the same photo we've been discussing and that is not the beard in that street corner photo. It's not.

SuckAPuck, here's the twitter conversation; I went back and found it. So she tweets about seeing Jake riding his bike in this tweet, but if you go back through her tweets, she never said anything about seeing him on the 16th.

sarah denunzio ‏@demilovatolover 18 Jul

When you randomly see Jake Gyllenhaal biking in Soho and you end up in the back of a paparazzi pic >>> It didn't make an impact on me until I saw myself in the pap photo!
6:20 PM - 18 Jul 13 · Details

@LovatoNYC lillie was screaming "THAT'S JAKE GYLLENHAAL" and i was like WHAT THE F***
6:28 PM - 18 Jul 13

Cat † ☕ ‏@LovatoNYC 18 Jul
@demilovatolover lol your face though!
6:26 PM - 18 Jul 13 · Details

Cat † ☕ ‏@LovatoNYC 18 Jul
@demilovatolover lmfao! Priceless
6:28 PM - 18 Jul 13 · Details

Seaweed said...

Sorry I'm a bit late with the greeting and good wishes but Happy Birthday to our Special, Special.

Hope you've had a great day and continue to enjoy the next year... our "Princess of the Posts"

PR said...

the beard posted a pic with Jake's shoes in the frame:

Jakesshoes said...


Time to dance!

Also, one might ascertain that ohmeohmy1 on Instagram is Naomi (oohmee) but the account is private. The Beard is tight with Ma G, it seems.

April August said...

How do you that is Ma G's Instagram ?

prairiegirl said...

You know, unless those 2 can each grow some cajones and dare to clearly show their faces together in a real time photo, I don't see the need to even give her Instamatics the time of day.

Think about it. The only people going to pay attention and notice the shoes are his very limited online followers. So who are they doing this for? That same limited audience. Ask yourself 'why'.

They're taunting people.

prairiegirl said...

Hiatus Jake. I like that. For all the chatter he did about his acting being his primary focus now, he's really not putting his money where his mouth is.

One movie so far in 2013. He's been on personal hiatus now for how long and won't start filming Nightcrawler til when, Fall? When did he finish Prisoners? Forever ago it seems like.

Hmmmm. Doesn't seem to be as busy as his peers, does he? And he's not supposed to have anything in his personal life holding him back and yet here he is riding his bike and hanging at MV and sitting on the curb outside of Spotted Pig. Supposedly, anyway, huh?

I'm not getting what he was talking about, I have to say.

sightings with the beard said...

Sighting with the beard in Soho and Saturday night at the JT concert:

♕Paulinka ‏@linkaxo 4h
Just saw Jake Gyllenhall walking with his girlfriend in Soho as I drove by in my car wahhhhh

Kerry ‏@kay_gorbsss 4h
@linkaxo omg I saw him with her at the JT concert last night!! Lmaoo

and the beard gave us the heads up she was getting dressed for a concert:

prairiegirl said...

Anyway, interesting points brought up by 09:25 this morning

prairiegirl said...

PR, take it somewhere else.

April August said...

I think this all calculated move on her part. She wants to make sure everybody knows who she is dating. Media is watching. Look at . Esp the first week when this all start. She was wearing his hat. What I like to know is how do you know that is Jake' s mom Instagram.

PR said...

"one might ascertain that ohmeohmy1 on Instagram is Naomi (oohmee) but the account is private."

From the beard's instagram:

luvalyssamiller 1 day ago: What's appropriate to wear to a concert in 100* weather?.... Was told I look like I'm straight out of a Jane Fonda exercise video. Clearly made the right choice.

ohmeohmy1: Whoever told you that was old! :)

luvalyssamiller: @ohmeohmy1 your son! ��

PR said...

the hats, the pinky ring, the shoes, these are details that are there for the fans to notice but also for the media to post later and spin them as "subtle details that give a sense of credibility" (yeah right) and make this relationship seem real. OMGYahoo and Lainey posted about the hats and the pinky ring, the shoes are there for a reason too. and the homemade cake. She is making it seem Jake made it for her, like her birthday cake on the July 4th post with the caption "feeling love". Notice the cakes are similar.

Anonymous said...

All I see here is a girl who desperately wants to make it big in the modeling world before she gets too old. Doing what ever it takes to get not only her name out in the media but also her face. I find it so hard to believe that Jake would go so low. I really thought he was smarter than that. It really makes me sad to think that an intelligent man thinks he needs to date a model for the only soul purpose to also get his name out in the media. That photo op with his mom and this model last week Saturday is not only fake but almost embarresing for all parties involved. I mean they had to bring the dog! I hope for Jake's sake that he wakes up and truely finds what makes him happy.

Anonymous said...

I do have one question. What is the point of Jake and this model to be out and about in NYC when there is no photo op organized. Are they hoping that people will talk about the sighting on twitter and facebook. And are they also hoping that someone will take there picture on their camera phone in the hope it will be on twitter or facebook? I don't really understand this. Would you not want another photo op from a papperazzi to take your picture so it is in a magazine. I was just wondering about this. Because there were sightings on twitter and facebook again about seeing these two walking in Soho.